toni asked 7 years ago

ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate Verification

I found your website. Thanks for the information. But I have a question. Why I haven’t found your name in ITIL® accredited website like Axelos, APMG International, as ITIL® passer, how will the company know you have ITIL® certificate no.

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Edward Chung Staff answered 7 years ago

That’s indeed a very good question.
As Axelos has outsourced the certification administration to a number of certification companies, the verification responsibilities lie with the certification companies themselves. 
As I took the ITIL® Foundation v3 Exam through PeopleCert,I have obtained the ITIL® v3 Foundation Certificate through PeopleCert which bears both the logos of PeopleCert and Axelos. You can check my ITIL® certification status here (with Certificate No. of GR750108239CC):