Karpagam asked 2 years ago

PMP Exam Prep Tips for Busy Professionals


I am a PMP® Aspirant but completely tied in professional and personal commitments, can you share tip how to time manage and complete the certifications.



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Edward Chung Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Karpagam,
As the bread winner of my family with 3 kids, I totally understand that you are completely tied in professional and personal commitments. It’s like having a full time job day and *night*. Time is definitely not enough, in particular your target is to prepare and pass the PMP® Exam which is such a difficult certification. That was my thoughts when I was about to abandon my dream of getting PMP® Certified.
But wait. I can do it and you can definitely do it too! Don’t give up so soon. With proper planning and determination, you too can get PMP® Certificate in due course.
The very first step is to find out whether PMP® Exam is for you:

I said “Yes” to all the above several years ago. That gave me the determination to pursue PMP® even though I did not have enough time. And that brings us to the second question: Where to find time to prepare for the PMP® Exam?

  • Your transit time to and from work?
  • Your lunch time?
  • Your dinner time?
  • Your annual leaves from work?
  • Your spouse or relative to take care of your family for a few weekends?
  • Late nights?
  • Early mornings?

From a survey, the average Aspirants would need around 180 hours to be well prepared for the PMP® Exam. Can you squeeze enough time from the above?
Seems “Yes”? It is wonderful to know how much time we can squeeze out from out already fully engaged schedule for a little while. Trust me, the PMP® Exam is difficult but not impossible. With proper exam preparation steps and tips, you can do it with the available time too!
You may ask how can you find the time to take the PMP® Exam preparation courses (for the 35 Contact Hours as well as exam study) with such time slots available? I took an online PMP® Exam prep course!
Yes, PMI accepts online courses as a way to get the required 35 Contact Hours. I took the PM PrepCast™ online PMP® training which is a downloadable video course which you can download all the video lesson files to your mobile phone and watch any time when you are free. I got my PMP® application selected for the PMI audit and PMI accepts the course completion certificate of the PM PrepCast™ readily (that’s because PM PrepCast™ is produced by a company which is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) — the courses by PMI R.E.P. are pre-approved by PMI to satisfy the education requirements of the Certifications).
The exam prep process is certainly not easy nor comfortable. But with determination, I did it and so can you! It feels really great if you can “accomplish the impossible” with all your professional and personal obligations. And you will be grateful when you look back a few years later you have made the right choice of beginning your PMP® Exam journey right away!
I have written my tips on PMP® Exam prep time management at the following post which describes the steps towards your PMP® Certification. Hope you will find it useful.

Wish you PMP® success! 
P.S. Do let me know if you have further queries and I will try my best to answer them.