bhaswati Paul asked 1 year ago

How to prepare for the PMP Exam after failing the first try?

I am an aspirant of PMP® and couldn’t clear PMP® at first attempt. Although I thoroughly studied PMBOK® Guide and practiced a lot of mock questions e.g. Scordo and others. I think real PMP® questions are more complex and difficult in nature these days. I need your help in this regards.

Note: Recently PMI has changed questions patterns and I got questions only in risks, quality, communication, procurement, stakeholders management but not other. Most questions are 2 probable answers. Please guide how can I crack PMP®. There is no question on PMI code and ethics.

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Edward Chung Staff answered 1 year ago

I am sorry to learn that you have failed the PMP® Exam the first try. However, you stand a much higher chance to pass the PMP® Exam now than ever.

You have already studied the PMBOK® Guide from cover to cover right? Have you also studied some recommended PMP® Exam study reference books / guides as the PMBOK® Guide does not cover everything needed for the PMP® Exam.

Also you have practised a lot of mock PMP® Exam from Scordo. Have you tried the list of free PMP® Exam questions here? It is highly recommended you expose to different style of questions from different vendors. And the free PMP® Exam listed in the page are still very relevant to the current PMP® Exam question styles and format as many recent PMP® exam takers have reflected.

Yes, as suggested by many PMP® exam takers, questions are more focused on risks, quality, communication, procurement and stakeholders management these days. It makes sense to study harder in those areas. But as the distribution of questions is random in nature, it is highly possible than you would get more questions in other areas in your 2nd attempt.

My advise is to do more practice exams, understand why you have got it right or wrong and sign up for another PMP® Exam try (click here for a more detailed step-by-step guide on what to do after failing the first PMP® Exam attempt). Wish you PMP® success!

For your reference, below is the lessons learned of another PMP® Aspirant who passed the PMP® Exam the second try: