Simon Poge asked 2 years ago

Simplilearn Mock PMP Exam Question Difficulty

Hi Edward, hope you’re well.

Great site, I have been making particular use of your study notes section which has been really helpful so far.

I’m starting to look at exam questions and I’ve done one of the five I received as part of my Simplilearn training package (The $199 version). I found this really difficult compared to the exam questions on the head first paper and I wondered what your thoughts were about the difficulty levels of both and how they compare to the real thing.

Would be good to hear from you if you can spare 5 minutes to reply.


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Edward Chung Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your question. At the time of my studying with Simplilearn PMP® online course, the level of difficulty of the mock questions were quite similar to the other quality PMP® mock exams found on the internet. I did not find them to be particular difficult. How are the questions compared to other free PMP® mock questions? (The headFirst mock exam is quite a different breed (the same as its PMP® reference book).)
Many Aspirants tell me that the Simplilearn mock exams are quite similar to the real PMP® Exam and found them to be quite helpful. If you can score anything higher than 75%, you should be quite well prepared for the exam. I do hope that you will find the mock exams useful too!
Wish you PMP® success!