Debjit asked 7 years ago

Time management for writing the PMP Exam

How did you manage your total 4 hrs examination time for the PMP Exam? I mean whether any trick to distribute the time in different question areas?

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Edward Chung Staff answered 7 years ago

Time management for the PMP Exam really depends on individual’s preferences and need. There is NO a single best time management planning for writing the PMP Exam.

My plan for writing the PMP Exam is quite simple indeed, I just plan to have all the 200 questions to be answered with 3 hours (i.e. around 50 seconds for each question), adding two toilet breaks of 10 minutes in-between and after finishing all questions. The rest 40 minutes would be spent on reviewing all the questions from beginning to end with emphasis on the marked questions. I also put a hard limit on the maximum time to be spent on a single question (i.e. 100 seconds) after which I would guess an answer, mark it for review and move on.

As there is no way to know which are the pre-test questions and which questions are for which project management areas, I did not have any plan for dividing the exam time for each area.

But I have known Aspirants who are not confident to tackle PMP Maths questions to guess all the calculation questions immediately without reading the question and mark them up for review later and move on.

And my advice is to try at least 2 PMP mock exams in full (200 questions for 4 hours continuously) in the week before the actual PMP Exam in order to understand the best time management plan for you. Taking an exam for 4 hours is quite exhausting indeed. There are also Aspirants who take only one toilet break or 3 breaks. Just formulate the best time management exam plan for you and you will feel most confident in passing the PMP Exam in first try!

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Wish you PMP success!

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