Sanjana Jangeed asked 2 years ago

Tips for working mother attempting PMP Exam for the 2nd Time

Hi Edward,

I am a working mother. And want to move into management, and I have given the PMP® exam last year, but could not make it. So what is the preparation tip? Also is it beneficial to become a member?

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Edward Chung Staff answered 2 years ago

I understand that begin a working mum, your time is very tight and you are under a lot of pressure from both your work and family. I especially respect working mum like you who try hard to raise their family while providing the financial resources. It is very hard to be a working mum nowadays.
I am sorry to hear about not making it the previous try. But with perseverance, you are now better positioned to pass the PMP® Exam than ever! Firstly, I would highly recommend you to be a PMI member (just the member, the local chapter fee is optional if you do not have the time to join their activities). You will get savings for the PMP® Exam fee and you can get free PDUs for your PMP® renewal once you have passed the PMP® Exam. I have been a PMI member for over 4 years and I am still renewing my membership. More about the benefits of becoming a PMI member:

After you have received the report card of your previous PMP® Exam, you would understand your performance on the various domains of the PMP® Exam. I would encourage you to begin your studies again from the weak areas (areas that are below proficient). You can re-read your PMP® Exam reference books, study notes, etc. on those areas and you may attempt PMP® mock questions in those areas.
Try to work as hard as you can (I know it is very hard when your kids demand your attention, I feel that too). That would mean a few late nights or day offs from work. Try to achieve at least 75% to 80% in the PMP® mock exams. Here is a list of free PMP® Exam questions for your reference:

More PMP® study tips can be found here:

Wish you PMP® success!