Free online training courses for ITIL Foundation v3 Certification 2011?


Free IITL Training Courses: Good or Bad?

Since there is no an official training required for the ITIL® Foundation Certification Exam, many websites have tried provided free training courses (as they are not required to pay the fee for accreditation). A random search through Google for “free ITIL® foundation course” would yield the following results, to name but a few:

Before investing your efforts into these free ITIL® Foundation resources, you should at least first ask the following questions:

  • Are the training materials based on the most current version of ITIL® Foundation exam? 
    There are 4 versions of ITIL® (ITIL® v1, ITIL® v2, ITIL® v3 and ITIL® v3 2011), the study materials must be based on the latest version ITIL® v3 2011 in order to really help you with passing the exam. Note that most of the free ITIL® Foundation Training courses online may be based on ITIL® v3. Though the changes from ITIL® v3 to ITIL® v3 2011 may not be considered drastic, there are a number of important changes such that if you base your education on the obsolete version, you will get quite a number of questions WRONG in the new ITIL® 4 Foundation exam.
  • Do the ITIL® free training courses free from errors?
    Unlike professional training courses provided by leading training institutes, the free training courses are often written by a single instructor — there is a high chance for careless errors and typos. For more serious trainers, they will have their course materials proofread by a team of professionals in order to ensure it to be as free from error as possible. In professional exam, a typo in the training materials may mean a pass or fail!
  • Do they provide quality learning aids (e.g. flashcards, summary notes, etc.) and mock ITIL® Foundation exams?
    Anyone having taken a professional exam would know, one of the most important study resources for the exam is mock exams. ITIL® Foundation is no exception. Finding free training courses is important, but finding quality training courses is even more important for the ITIL® Foundation Exam. You would need want to save a few dollars for the ITIL® Foundation exam prep only to find that you need to re-take the ITIL® Foundation exam for another US$250.

I personally would not trust free online ITIL® Foundation training courses unless they are backed by a lot of testimonials (though testimonial may be made up……). If budget permits, I would search for quality ITIL® Foundation training to really ensure that the exam prep materials can really help me to pass the ITIL® Foundation Certification the first try.

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