How long does PMI take to approve my PMP Exam application?


Since the PMP® is one of the most recognized and rigorous industry certification, PMI takes every application very seriously. PMI will need to inspect every PMP® application individually for completeness by a dedicated staff member. Therefore the timeframe for processing the PMP® application differs for different channels of submission:

  • online submission through PMI website: 5 days (applicants will receive emails from PMI regarding their submission)
  • paper submission: 10 days for individuals; 20 days for corporate submission

If the application is not complete in PMI’s eyes, they will contact the applicants through email or mail to request them to re-submit the whole or parts of the application package (the part that mostly likely required to be rewritten is the descriptions for working experience). The re-submission may be through email or mail.

Tips: There are guidelines for Aspirants to follow on how to compose the experience descriptions that PMI would love to approve (from the experience of Aspirants who were requested to re-submit that part). Details can be found here.

Only after PMI has received and reviewed the supplementary info the PMP® application would be approved. This may take another several days. Then you will receive an email from PMI asking you to settle the exam fee.

However, the confirmation from PMI for PMP® application is not an indication of not requiring a PMI audit. PMI will notify candidates for PMP® audit once the payment for the PMP® exam has been made.

In the unfortunate event of being requested an audit, Aspirants will need to take several weeks or even months to have PMI to give a go to the audit (PMI has placed a limit of 90 days for Aspirants to respond to the audit. It really takes time to ask your former or current supervisors to sign the experience verification forms for you and you need to mail the audit package back to PMI.

Once the audit is approved, Aspirants will then be able to actually schedule their PMP® Exam dates.

So, the short answer is that it takes around 5 days for PMI to approve PMP® applications. 

However, for the worst case scenario, it may take up to 3 months to clear the application process.


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