What is ITIL v5.5 Foundation Exam?


I have received a number of enquires stating that some ITIL® training providers would indicate that they have training courses for the ITIL® v5.5 Foundation Exam. Many Aspirants are confused with the versions of the ITIL® exams and training courses, fearing that they are not taking the most updated and correct version. To them, the most important info to help them get started with the ITIL® Foundation Exam is the correct ITIL® version.

To clear any doubts, the latest and most current ITIL® Foundation Certification Exam version is ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam 2011. The ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam 2011 is based on the the 3rd version of ITIL® (i.e. v3) published in 2007 with updates made in 2011 (and hence the 2011 at the end).

Why the ITIL® v5.5?

The version 5.5 is somewhat a misleading term when used in the “ITIL® v5.5 Foundation Exam” exam. The current version of the exam syllabus for the ITIL® Foundation Certification Exam (The ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management SYLLABUS) is v5.5 as can be read online on the Axelos website, this only indicates that version of the exam syllabus (NOT the version of ITIL® it is based on) for the ITIL® Foundation Certification Exam.

And Axelos may make small amendments to the ITIL® exam syllabus from time to time to correct any typos or clarify any confusion. And a version or sub-version may be added (e.g. v5.4, v5.5, etc.). But the exact exam syllabus, which is based on the ITIL® v3 2011, rarely sees huge changes when the ITIL® does change.

Therefore, if you are preparing for the ITIL® Foundation Exam now, you should base your studies on the v3 2011 version of ITIL® (not ITIL® v5.5 which is yet to be published in the distant future). After the publication of the ITIL® v3 2011, ITIL® has not made any announcements on the review and update of the ITIL® to version 4 and beyond. It is now safe to begin ITIL® preparation based on this version.

All the online courses that are based on ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam 2011 is still applicable for your exam studies.


Wish you ITIL® success!

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