Is it worth to purchase PM PrepCast Executive?


PM PrepCast™ Executive has a price tag of US$1199.99, which is way much expensive than the PM PrepCast™ Standard and the PM PrepCast™ Elite. Though there is a 28% discount applied to the sum of all products included in the PM PrepCast™ Executive, many would wonder is it worth to invested almost 3 times more than the PM PrepCast™ Elite which is already a great PMP® Exam Prep course and question bank.

What are included in PM PrepCast™ Executive

The PM PrepCast™ Executive is the package of the PM PrepCast™ Elite plus a few more:

  • PM PrepCast™ – the highly acclaimed online PMP® Exam Prep course providing 35 contact hours to qualify for the PMP® Exam (US$199.99)
  • PM Exam Simulator – access to 1800 PMP® mock exam questions to be written in an environment that resembles the real PMP® Exam interface
  • 12 hours of live personal (one-to-one) coaching (US$89.99 per hour * 12 = US$1079.88)
  • 5 hours of live group coaching sessions (US$49.99 per hour * 5 = US$249.95)
  • PMP® Formula Study Guide –  which includes the Formula study guide, Formula brain dump / cheat sheet and 105 formula sample questions (US$29.99 value)
  • Premium eBook Bundle – which includes the PMP® Essentials Study Guide, ITTO Memory Jogger and PMI Exam Audit Kit) (US$29.97)

What are the PMP® Live Coaching?

PMP® live coaching will offer you the chance to work with a PMP® coach during  your PMP® Exam preparation through an internet connection in order to maximize your opportunity to pass the PMP® Exam in first try. PMP® live coaching is also the most time-efficient way to prepare for your PMP® Exam as you can get immediate advices from an experience PMP® Exam Coach who will help you to formulate a tailor-made study plan that suit your schedule and style of learning. I still remember I have to “google” hundreds of blogs and webpages in order to understand how to plan for my PMP® Exam and carry out the study.

You will work with the PMP® Exam Coach during your PMP® Exam Prep journey, usually once a week or at a schedule that suits you, all the way from the very beginning of planning the study plan, answer your queries, assess your knowledge gaps and help you to determine whether you are ready for the real PMP® Exam.

Since the PMP® Exam Coach has profound experience in helping PMP® aspirants to study and pass the PMP® Exam, he can offer you valuable tips and tricks to help you attain the PMP® Certification in the shortest time possible.

As the name implies, “Personal Coaching” will allow you to meet one on one with the Coach, all the time is dedicated for you. You can present your case and the Coach will give you personalized advices. You can book the timeslots that are most convenient to you.

On the other hand, in “Group Coaching”, you will join other PMP® aspirants every week at the same time to discuss the common PMP® Exam topics such as:

  • Project management framework
  • Earned Value calculation / PMP® Formulas
  • PMP® practice questions / sample questions review

You will gain the benefits of peer discussion.

Other than the fact that the Coach will meet you through an internet connection instead of meeting you face to face, the PMP® Live Coaching service will offer you all the benefits of PMP® Exam bootcamps.

Who is the PMP® Coach?

The coach is Dan Ryan, MBA, PMP®, who has over 20 years experience in the IT and project management industry. Dan has been delivering face-to-face and virtual PMP® Exam prep courses since 2011. He has pioneered a unique, blended learning solution to tailor to the needs of every individual PMP® aspirant. Dan currently lives in the United States.

Is the PM PrepCast™ Executive Worth the High Price Tag?

Online learning, just like the PM PrepCast™ Standard, offers a cost-effective way to prepare for studying and preparing for the PMP® Exam. However, online courses require you to have excellent disciplines and probably more time as you will need to do researches into the difficult topics yourself. You may also have to waste some time to search for accurate information on the internet. If that describes you, then you are an ideal candidate for the PM PrepCast™ Standard/Elite.

But, if you flourish with the help of an instructor or if you are too busy to do researches on your own, the PM PrepCast™ Executive is the most suitable PMP® Exam prep for your among the different PM PrepCast™ products. The PMP® Coach will assist you all the way from your planning to tackling PMP® practice questions to confirming your readiness to attempt the real PMP® Exam. Try to think of the time saved and the possibility of not having to re-take the PMP® Exam owing to failed attempt, the high price tag is not really that expensive.

In addition, normal PMP® bootcamps will have dozens of PMP® aspirants studying together with you. This means that the course instructor will have to divide his/her attention among all the students in the class. For the Live Personal Coach, you will have the FULL attention of the PMP® Exam Coach for 12 hours! The time should be enough to answer your every questions about the PMP® Exam!


Below is a simple chart to help you understand the various PM PrepCast™ products on sale in the market:

  • PM PrepCast™ Standard = PM PrepCast™
  • PM PrepCast™ Elite = PM PrepCast™ Standard + PM Exam Simulator
  • PM PrepCast™ Executive = PM PrepCast™ Elite + Coaching + Formula Study Guide + Premium eBook Bundle

The PM PrepCast™ Elite is the most popular PMP® Exam Prep package providing both the required 35 contact hours certificate and lots of good PMP® Exam practice questions.

If you have the time to navigation through the planning processes for your PMP® study through trial and error and discipline to stick to your study plan, I would highly recommend the PM PrepCast™ Elite which is both cost effective and high in quality.

I would like the interactive nature of PMP® Exam Study bootcamps (where you can talk directly to the instructor on any queries you have and have the instructor assist you to plan your study) but there is none around you or  you are too busy to take 5 days off to attend the bootcamp, the PM PrepCast™ Executive would be perfect for you as you can prepare for the PMP® Exam at the comfort of your room or office without the need to travel a lot.

Wish you PMP® success!


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