What is the passing mark of ITIL Foundation Exam?


For the ITIL® Foundation Exam, candidates will need to get 26 answers correct from a total of 40 questions (i.e. 65%) in order to pass the exam and get the ITIL® Foundation Certificate. This is a remarkably low passing mark compared to other international certifications.

The low entry threshold allows more IT practitioners to begin their journey in the ITIL® Certification and make use of ITIL® best practices in their daily work in order to promote the adoption of ITIL® around the world. ITIL® Foundation Certificate holders are not expected to be able to adopt ITIL® best practices in organizations without additional help.

As a reference, the passing mark for ITIL® Intermediate Exam or above has been increased to 70% as the requirements for the ITIL® Intermediate Exam or above are more stringent. Holders of ITIL® Intermediate Certificates or above are expected to be able to help the adoption of ITIL® best practices in organization with little or no help.

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