[Updated Review] GreyCampus Online PMP Certification Course for New PMP Exam 2020

This PMP Exam prep online course offers you the required 35 contact hours which is a pre-requisite for the PMP Certification application. It has been updated to the latest 2018 PMP Exam Content Outline.

GreyCampus ITIL Foundation online course with Exam Fee

At a Glance

The NEW GreyCampus Online PMP Course (a.k.a. Without Bootcamp) has been completely rebuilt from the grounds up in collaboration with seasoned PMP Exam instructor Jim Owens. The online exam prep package allows you to gain access to the following resources (for the price of a single course):

  • 35 Contact Hours Certificate (GreyCampus is a PMI Authorized Training Partner)
  • Fully transcripted recorded video lectures covering the whole PMP Exam syllabus (broken into 81 segments of around 10-20 minutes each)
  • Downloadable presentation slides (in PDF format)
  • End of module quizzes + practice questions by topics
  • 3 simulated PMP mock exams (200 questions each)
  • 400+ e-Flashcards
  • Downloadable PMP ITTO cheatsheet + online ITTO interactive game
  • Additional downloadable PMP cheatsheet, PMP Maths formulas cheatsheet and CPM (critical path method) cheatsheets — these are topics Aspirants found most difficult to understand
  • Dashboard and statistics to track your study progress

After trying out both the new and previous GreyCampus PMP courses, I would definitely recommend this version as it is not just an update but a quantum leap in quality and study resources.  I wish I had this version during my PMP Exam prep! I would highly recommend this version of GreyCampus PMP online course to fellow Aspirants! If you are a bit low on budget but would like to have the best exam prep materials, GreyCampus PMP online course is for you!

Note: If you consider the GreyCampus PMP Certification online course, remember to use the latest GreyCampus coupon code to get discount. You will save a lot off the suggested retail price of the course on GreyCampus website.

First Things First: Is the PMP Online Course (Without Bootcamp) a Quality One?

Is the PMP Trainer for this Online Course Qualified?

This GreyCampus online PMP course has been completely rebuilt from grounds up in partnership with renowned PMP Exam trainer Jim Owens who has been PMP certified for over 20 years. He has been delivering PMP courses from the early days of PMP Exam (which is based on PMBOK® Guide 2nd edition and all the way through 3rd, 4th, 5th and the most updated PMBOK® Guide 6th edition).

Is GreyCampus a Trusted Training Provider?

I would definitely say yes. GreyCampus is one of the leading training institutes providing online and classroom courses in ITIL®, PMP, PMI-ACP® and other professional certification. Over 30,000 professionals globally have attended training courses by GreyCampus. The passing rate for certification exams of GreyCampus students is well over 97%. I have personally tried the GreyCampus PMP online course for my PMP Exam as well as ITIL® Exam. The quality is just excellent.

GreyCampus has gone through a lot of assessments by PMI in order to be able to be named PMI Authorized Training Partner (Registered Education Provider). With such a recognition, you can be assured that the PMP training delivered by GreyCampus will be of high qualities and always be updated to the latest exam syllabus. The Contact Hour Certificate earned through this course has been pre-approved by PMI to satisfy the PMP Exam education pre-requisite.

What is Included in GreyCampus Online PMP Certification Course?

The GreyCampus Online PMP Certification Course includes most of the resources Aspirants to need to get well prepared for the PMP Exam (of course, it is highly recommended to read another PMP Exam prep book in order to expose to different styles of wording that you may find on the real exam):

  • 1-year Access to the Online Course area— the extra long access period allows you to plan ahead for your PMP Exam preparation by giving you extra flexibility, in fact, changes do happen in life and it took me almost a year from determining to get PMP certified to actually certified owing to my family obligations (unfortunately, other PMP online courses give you 1 month or 3 months to finish it and you need to pay quite a lot for extension of the access period)

    1-year Access to the Online PMP Course area

    1-year Access to the Online Course area

  • The 35 Contact Hours Certificate for project management education upon completion of the course — as said before, GreyCampus is a PMI Authorized Training Partner, you can be assured that this Contact Hour Certificate will pass the PMI audit readily!
  • Video Lectures (broken into 81 segments of around 10-20 minutes each)— covers all you need to know for the latest PMP Certification Exam, what’s more, all the video lectures are presented by Jim Owens with full captions/transcription that you can download! Additionally, you can write notes and flag the topics within the online interface for your reference.
    Seasoned PMP Instructor Jim Owens delivering the lectures

    Seasoned PMP Instructor Jim Owens delivering the lectures

    • Introduction
    • Foundational Elements
    • Environments in which Projects Operate
    • The Role of the Project manager
    • Project Integration management
    • Project Scope Management
    • Project Schedule Management
    • Project Cost Management
    • Project Quality Management
    • Project Resource Management
    • Project Communications Management
    • Project Risk Management
    • Project Procurement Management
    • Project Stakeholder Engagement Management
    • Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • 3 Full Realistic PMP Simulated Exams, End-of-module Quizzes, Practice Questions— This course comes with access to simulated exams that mimic the real thing, followed by exam analytics to spot and work on your weaknesses. Taking simulated exams is almost the most efficient way to assess whether you have fully understood the concepts taught and understand your PMP exam readiness. You are highly advised to attempt all end-of-module quizzes and understand why you get the answers right/wrong. There are 3 full-length simulated exams (200 PMP mock exam questions each) included in the online course in a realistic setting (i.e. with a clock counting). All questions are fully explained to help students to understand the “whys” behind each correct/wrong answer, and this is vital to your exam success!
    Mock PMP Exams/Quizzes

    Mock PMP Exams/Quizzes

    Mock PMP Exams/Quizzes

  • Progress Dashboard and Statistics — to track your study progress and your readiness for the real PMP Exam, after all, we do treat the “PMP Exam Prep” as a project

    Mock Exam performance

    Mock Exam performance

  • Downloadable ITTOs cheatsheet + an online interactive ITTOs game — to help you learn important ITTOs in a visual and fun way, and understanding/learning ITTOs is often referred to as one of the most difficult parts of the preparation
    ITTO game

    ITTO game – All the Project Management Processes

    ITTO game

    Playing the ITTO game

  • Video Lecture Powerpoint Files (in PDF format) + Lecture Transcription — all the powerpoint files can be downloaded so that students will not need to type their own study notes as they go through the lectures.
  • 400+ e-Flashcards — an interactive way to test your understanding of 400+ important project management terms/concepts
    PMP Flashcard

    PMP Flashcard

    PMP Flashcard

    PMP Flashcard

  • Study Plan – From tutorial videos and gamified learning modules to keep you engaged with the study material and study material for offline use, take the path of least resistance to acing the exam.
  • Mentorship – From interactive exam-solving sessions, employing tricks and strategies, and acing the exam. Additionally, you can request assistance with the application process from GreyCampus experts.
  • Support System – Get access to the dedicated instructor helpline and clear all your subject-related doubts. For other queries, our customer support team is available round the clock.

How to Make Most out of GreyCampus Online Course

  • If you do not have the 35 Contact Hours Certificate already, you are highly advised to go through the online lectures as fast as possible in order to get the certificate in the shortest period to begin your PMP Exam application.
  • Afterwards, review and re-watch those topics you find confusing or difficult whenever you have time (the 1-year access period is a big plus here allowing you to chew on the study resources as long as you like).
  • Try to assess your understanding by taking the practice questions/quizzes/mock exams and pay attention to the online analytics for your mock exam performance to understand your strengthens and weaknesses. You know where to focus in order to help you pass the exam!
  • The online PMP e-Flashcard and the extra resources (ITTO game and cheat sheets) are there to help you remember key terms/explanations/concepts for the exam. Researchers have shown that making use of interactive tools will help speed up your understanding and retaining the concepts/facts much longer.

In this way, you will be able to be fully prepared to pass the PMP Exam in first try!

Special Note: This GreyCampus all-in-one PMP Exam preparation package will definitely help you to get well prepared. However, in order to really get PMP Certified, Aspirants will need to purchase/pay these at their own expense:

  • PMI Membership Fee and PMP Exam Fee (compulsory)
  • The PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition (optional, but most PMP Exam takers will go through the PMBOK® Guide at least once during their PMP preparation and PMI members can download the PMBOK® Guide for free to read on computers/mobile phones)
  • An additional PMP Exam Prep Book (optional but highly recommended, to help you gain more confidence by exposing you to different styles of explaining the project management concepts)

Pros of GreyCampus Online PMP Certification Course

  • GreyCampus PMP Certification Online Course provides a structured learning experience for PMP Aspirants, each topic area of the PMP Exam is introduced through a combination of video lectures and End of Module Tests.
  • The instructor, Jim Owens is such a seasoned instructor (all the way teaching PMP Exam prep from PMBOK® Guide 2nd edition to the current 6th edition) who can explain the concepts in such an easy and interesting way. He knows well where most Aspirants found confusing and offers additional assistance/explanation in those areas.
  • The online learning portal of GreyCampus website provides a dashboard with statistics on the progress/performance of individual topics as well as the current progress of the PMP Exam prep to allow students to understand their knowledge gaps and which topics to focus on.
  • Students will be able to get the FULL refund for the online course provided that the refund is requested within 3 days of purchase and the progress on the course is less than 30% (remember NOT to download any of the offline materials or attempt the mock exams during the 3-day period). In this way, you can actually try out the course for FREE.
  • Unlike the PM PrepCast™ downloadable exam prep course, the presentation files used in the course can be downloaded to be used as lecture notes so that Aspirants will be able to concentrate on the lectures without the need to write down everything they have heard. And the transcriptions of the lectures can also be downloaded for your easy reference/learning.
  • A total of 3 full-length mock PMP practise exams (completely updated for the new PMP Exam with 200 questions each) are included — there is no need to separately purchase another PMP exam simulator which may cost US$50 or more.
  • The inclusion of online interactive “ITTO games” is a big plus for this PMP Certification Course as many studies have pointed out that games are a useful tool to help students remember many things (i.e. the ITTOs) in a short time.
  • Many additional downloadable PMP “cheat sheets” are also included to help Aspirants to clear up on more difficult concepts/parts of the exam!
  • The course area is made with the latest website technology “responsive design” so that learners will be able to have optimized viewing experience both on the computer or on mobile phones.

Cons of GreyCampus Online PMP Certification Course

  • Students of this GreyCampus PMP online course must watch the videos and take the mock exams through GreyCampus website while online as the course videos cannot be downloaded. If you would like to view the courses on your mobile phone, you will need an WIFI in order to save your bandwidth costs (note: the PM PrepCast™ is currently the only downloadable online PMP Exam prep course on the market which allows you to download all the video lectures and you can watch the courses offline).
  • Originally, the price tag for this PMP online course is a bit high — luckily we have found a limited 50% discount coupon code, making it one of the most affordable PMP online course on the market.
  • The explanation of the online mock exams is not detailed enough (just several lines compared to some paid mock exams which explain each individual answer choices whether it is right or wrong). But I would say the explanation is deep enough to allow me to understand why the answer choice is correct.

Comparision of Online PMP Exam Prep Courses

Most Popular Online PMP Exam Prep Course
Supplier Product Cost Remarks
PM Training On-Demand PMP Class $598.00
(additional mock exams for $50 more)
90-day access, 35+ hours of video lessons, 1 simulated exam,
downloadable e-book
SimpliLearn PMP Online Training Course  $499.00 29 hours of video lessons for online viewing and
6 hands-on projects, 7 simulation test, accessible for 180 days after purchase
OSP International LLC The Project Management PrepCast
US$279 downloadable video lessons,
own the downloaded files forever, no mock exams included
GreyCampus PMP Online Training Course %%%%GreyCampusPricePM%%%% video lessons for online viewing and
3 simulated exams and chapter quizzes, 400+ e-flashcards, accessible for 365 days after purchase

(Reference: A comprehensive comparison of 5 most popular PMP online training course for the new PMP Exam)

As you can see, GreyCampus is among the cheapest online PMP course on the market. But let not the low cost deceive you into thinking GreyCampus PMP course is of poor quality. On the contrast, GreyCampus PMP online course is of great quality!

My Recommendation: GreyCampus PMP Online Course is Great

The GreyCampus PMP Certification Exam Online Course has been completed updated for the PMBOK® Guide 6th edition Exam to provide required 35 Contact Hours to fellow Aspirants at a low cost compared to PMP boot camps (possibly among the cheapest way to get the 35 Contact Hours Certificate).

The mock exams and the e-flashcards included are very useful to help Aspirants with little or no experience in doing project management the PMI’s way. There are a number of chapter quizzes at the end of/within each topic included which allow Aspirants to assess their level of understanding of the topic areas.

In particular, the extra long access period (possibly the longest access period offered for any online PMP course on the market) allows Aspirants to reschedule their PMP Exam dates if needed (who knows if you are on to a extra large project or have other personal engagements after the purchase).

If you consider the GreyCampus PMP Certification online course, remember to use the latest GreyCampus coupon code to get a heavy discount

In addition to this online pre-recorded only course, you may also choose the bootcamp option of the GreyCampus PMP course (formerly known as the Live Online class) to gain access to live online courses delivered by seasoned PMP instructors online. This way, you can have your queries immediately solved during the lessons.

Wish you PMP success!

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