ITIL 4 Foundation Certification Notes: 4 Dimensions of Service Management

[ITIL® 4 Foundation Study Notes] This chapter provides an overview of “Dimensions of Service Management” for ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam which accounts for 2 questions on the exam.

ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam Syllabus

Learning Outcome Assessment Criteria ITIL® Book References Bloom’s Level No. marks

3. Understand the four dimensions of service management

3.1 Describe the four dimensions of service management (3):

  1. a) Organizations and people (3.1)
  2. b) Information and technology (3.2)
  3. c) Partners and suppliers (3.3)
  4. d) Value streams and processes (3.4-3.4.2)

3, 3.1-3.4.2



4 Dimensions of Service Management

Need to consider all of the 4 dimensions of service management in order to deliver services that offer high quality or efficiency successfully

  • Organizations and People – The complexity of organizations is growing, and it is important to ensure that the way an organization is structured and managed, as well as its roles, responsibilities, and systems of authority and communication, is well defined and supports its overall strategy and operating model.
    • including structure, culture (shared values, trust, transparency, leadership styles, coordination), staffing/competencies and roles and responsibilities
  • Information and Technology – what info is managed/supported by which technology and whether enough knowledge to deliver the services, how information is stored, managed, protected, archived and disposed of
    • information management includes: availability, reliability, accessibility, timeliness, accuracy and relevance
  • Partners and Suppliers – encompasses an organization’s relationships (working and contractual) with other organizations that are involved in the service creation and support/improvement
    • Service integration and management (SIAM) – a management methodology that uses a service integrator role to coordinate service relationships across all suppliers
    • factors affecting supplier strategy: strategic focus, corporate culture, resource scarcity, cost concerns, subject matter expertise, external constraints and demand patterns
  • Value Streams and Processes – concerned with how the various parts of the organization work in an integrated and coordinated way to enable value creation through products and services by focusing on what activities the organization undertakes and how they are organized as well as how the organization ensures that it is enabling value creation for all stakeholders
    • Value Stream – a series of steps an organization undertakes to create and deliver products and services to consumers
    • Process – a set of inter-related activities that transform inputs into outputs

Conclusion: What’s needed for the ITIL® 4 Foundation Exam

This ITIL® 4 Foundation study note includes:

  • an overview of the four dimensions of service management including:
    • Organizations and people
    • Information and technology
    • Partners and suppliers
    • Value streams and processes


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