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website missing in google search records

Website Suddenly Disappears from Google Search

Introduction: Recently a website of mine suddenly disappears from Google search result pages. I followed a course of actions to find out the possible causes and make changes to the website with the hope to get out of the Google penalty. Today, the website suddenly resurfaces with the original search result...

SEO for multipage post in WordPress

SEO for WordPress Pagination (Multiple Page Pages / Posts)

Introduction: Out of the box, support for SEO (search engine optimization) of WordPress is poor. With the help of WordPress SEO like Yoast WordPress SEO, the WordPress website can be configured to behave in a search engine friendly way. However, custom tweaking is required for WordPress pagination in order to avoid...

2 Ways to Have Free Web Hosting

2 Ways to Have Free Web Hosting

Introduction: There are two different ways to get free web hosting. One simple approach is to find a free service by a web hosting company, but you will have to be very careful here as you might have to pay much more at the end of the day. The other...

teach you to build your own website in 3 easy steps

3 Steps to Build Your Own Website

Introduction: This tutorial will help you to build your own website including personal and SME websites in 3 easy-to-follow steps, namely: 1) sign up for a domain and hosting, 2) install WordPress, 3) add a few pages of contents. This website creation tutorial is intended for learners with little or no...

$_SERVER[‘user-agent’] to check for IE (including IE 11)

$_SERVER[‘user-agent’] to check for IE (including IE 11)

Summary: The user agent for IE 11 does not contain MSIE any more, which is a tactic deliberately set by Microsoft IE team. Although browser sniffing is NOT considered as a best practice for web development, it is sometimes a must owing to various practical reasons. Recently, I need to...

free and paid wordpress hosting

WordPress Hosting: Free WordPress Hosting vs Paid Web Hosting

Introduction: WordPress is renowned for its ease of use and abundance of free resources found on the internet. If you are new to creating websites, 99% of time you would be recommended to set up a WordPress powered website. The very first thing to consider when setting up a website is...

Where is the WordPress Login Page for Admin?

Where is the WordPress Login Page for Admin?

Introduction: From time to time, WordPress may automatically log you out of the admin status and you will need to log in again to edit the website. However, many websites nowadays do not put the login link on every page of the website. And you are at a loss of...

Adsense for Responsive Websites: Responsive Adsense Codes

Adsense for Responsive Websites: Responsive Adsense Codes

Introduction: To responsive website owners: if you use Google Adsense on your responsive layout, you might want to check immediately whether your Adsense advertisements extrude outside your beautiful responsive website and devastate the layout. This article suggests a method to work around the problem – responsive Adsense code. Google Adsense allows your...

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