PMP Exam, PMI-ACP Agile, ITIL v3 Foundation, PRINCE2 Foundation Certification: Free Study Notes & Tips 2018 — through Online Self Study for Working Professionals

Updated for the new PMP Exam 2018: I have painstakingly updated the free study notes as well as other learning guides for the PMP Exam for the new PMP Exam from 26th March 2018 onwards. Wish you PMP success!
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The Agile Team - teamwork and team space

PMI-ACP Study Notes: The Agile Team

[PMI-ACP® Exam Study Notes] The Agile team differs greatly from traditional project teams in terms of organization, management and decision making. This is an important topic for the PMI-ACP® Exam. The characteristics of the Agile team is listed below. Self-organization Self-organizing teams are the foundation for Agile project management traditional...

Project Justification

PMI-ACP Study Notes: Project Justification

[PMI-ACP® Exam Study Notes] Project justification looks at how to determine whether a project would be carried out or not while chartering is the formal begin of any projects. These processes apply to both traditional waterfall project management and Agile project management. Project Justification The following are a number of...

pmp / pmbok guide faq 1

PMP / PMBOK Guide FAQ 2 – Contact Hours for PMP Certification

The Project Management Institute (PMI) requires PMP® Certification aspirants to have accumulated at least 35 contact hours (not PDU) at the time of PMP® application in order to qualify for the PMP® exam. However, as PMI allows great flexibilities in choosing the education providers for obtaining the contact hours, this has...

pmp exam prep website feedback

Feedback For Edward’s PMP Exam Journey Website

It is totally beyond my imagination that my PMP® Exam journey website would be visited by so much people around the world. When I first uploaded the blog posts about my PMP® Exam journey, it was my humble wish that the posts can be of use to PMP® aspirants so that...

PMBOK Guide Alone Enough for the PMP Exam?

PMBOK Guide Alone Enough for the PMP Exam?

Is studying the PMBOK® Guide alone enough to pass the PMP® Exam? The answer really depends on how familiar you are with the PMBOK® Guide. Some say that around 80 – 90% of the PMP® Exam questions are covered in the PMBOK® Guide. However, it is clear that the PMP®...



Recently, I received the following questions regarding the PMBOK® Guide / PMP® Exam which may be useful for fellow PMP® aspirants. The questions and answers are published in full here with a view to helping fellow PMP® students with similar queries. If you have any questions on PMBOK® Guide and...

PMP Certification Candidates Need 35 Contact Hours or 35 PDU?

PMP Certification Candidates Need 35 Contact Hours or 35 PDU?

For those who want to apply to the PMP® Certification Exam and get the PMP® title, “35 Contact Hours” (of formal education in project management) are what you will need, NOT 35 PDU. The PDU (the professional development unit) system is for those who are already PMP® certified. Are PMP®...

PMI-ACP exam: what is agile?

PMI-ACP Study Notes: What is Agile?

[PMI-ACP® exam study notes] Traditionally, project management follows the waterfall approach, i.e. a project management plan is created at the very beginning to guide the project to completion. Agile project management, which comes into being in the mid 1990s, represents a shift in paradigm in the world of project management from...

PMI-ACP 21 Contact Hours Online

How to Earn PMI-ACP 21 Contact Hours Online?

In order to be eligible for the PMI-ACP® exam, PMI-ACP® candidates need to obtain at least 21 contact hours of project management training or education in Agile methodologies. This blog post will introduce you the easiest yet most effective way to obtain the 21 PMI-ACP® contact hours – through an online...