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Updated for the new PMP Exam: I have painstakingly updated the free study notes as well as other learning guides for the PMP Exam for the new PMP Exam in 2019. Wish you PMP success!
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PMI-ACP Exam: Agile Methodologies

PMI-ACP Study Notes: Agile Methodologies for PMI-ACP Exam

[PMI-ACP® exam study notes] Agile Methodologies is a very important topic for the PMI-ACP® exam. Methodologies describe the ways how the project is to be carried out (unlike traditional project management with plans to describe what to be carried out). This article briefly touches upon the essences of different Agile methodologies....

PMI-ACP Mock Exams

400+ FREE PMI-ACP Sample Exam Questions with Answers

Perhaps one of the most useful reference materials for the PMI-ACP® exam is sample exam questions.  Here is a collection of the best PMI-ACP® sample exam questions found on the internet. The best part is many of these sample exams are free. PMI-ACP® Sample Exam Questions The questions to appear on the PMI-ACP®...

pmp / pmbok guide faq 1

PMP / PMBOK Guide FAQ 10 – About PM PrepCast

I prepared and passed the PMP® Certification Exam by using PM PrepCast™, that’s why I recommend the PM PrepCast™ PMP® Exam Prep study material to fellow PMP® aspirants as a way to get the required PMI 35 contact hours as well as to be fully prepared for the actual PMP® exam....

pmp / pmbok guide faq 1

PMP / PMBOK Guide FAQ 8 – How to Plan for the PMP Exam?

While there are many websites on the internet teaching PMP® aspirants how to get PMP® certified, most of them contain information that are either incomplete or disorganized. A PMP® aspirants emailed me recently expressing the frustrations he had while searching for useful PMP® Certification Exam information. Tips for the PMP®...

pmp exam prep website feedback

PMP Certification Preparation – A Reader’s Question

Recently, I got an email enquiry about the PMP® Certification Examination and how to prepare for the PMP® Exam. As the answers would be useful to other PMP® aspirants, the Q&A are published below with a view to helping other people aiming to get PMP® certified with the same queries....

A Short History of the PMBOK Guide Published by PMI

A Short History of the PMBOK Guide Published by PMI

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) is a publication by the Project Management Institute (PMI) which documents the standards and best practices for the field of project management. Currently in the fifth edition, the PMBOK® Guide is considered one of the most important exam prep...

PMP Exam Language Aids

Using PMP Exam Language Aids for the PMP Certification

The PMI PMP® Certification Exam is administered in English only (the official PMP® Exam Language). For those whose mother tongue is not English, including me, answering an English exam paper may require more time. We are at a disadvantaged position as the final result of the exam would need to be...

The Agile Team - teamwork and team space

PMI-ACP Study Notes: The Agile Team

[PMI-ACP® Exam Study Notes] The Agile team differs greatly from traditional project teams in terms of organization, management and decision making. This is an important topic for the PMI-ACP® Exam. The characteristics of the Agile team is listed below. Self-organization Self-organizing teams are the foundation for Agile project management traditional...

Project Justification

PMI-ACP Study Notes: Project Justification

[PMI-ACP® Exam Study Notes] Project justification looks at how to determine whether a project would be carried out or not while chartering is the formal begin of any projects. These processes apply to both traditional waterfall project management and Agile project management. Project Justification The following are a number of...