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Still considering whether PM PrepCast is for you? Here you will find most of your questions about PM PrepCast answered.

PM PrepCast FAQ

Selecting the most effective exam prep course for PMP® Exam preparation is a daunting task in itself, let alone the time and money to be lost if an inappropriate course was used. From time to time, I receive a lot of questions on the PM PrepCast™ podcast exam prep course. If you are considering whether the PM PrepCast™ is for you, this article on PM PrepCast™ FAQ may help you to make an informed choice.

I made use of the PM PrepCast™ to help me pass the exam in first try with 4P and 1MP. Please click here to read my PM PrepCast™ review.

PM PrepCast™ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Will watching these videos really help me to understand the concept needed to pass course?
    • It really depends. The major benefit of PM PrepCast™ is to provide you with 35 contact hours for meeting the eligibility requirements of PMP® Exam on the go so that you do not need to take time off to attend the PMP® lectures in person. You can download all the eExam prep lessons onto your smart phone to listen/watch anywhere you like.
    • If you have already got the 35 contact hours, then the question will be whether you are a visual learner or you are comfortable reading PMP® Exam prep books alone? For me, the PM PrepCast™ helped me a lot to remember the materials for the exam, yet I still needed to study the PMBOK® Guide and other PMP® Exam prep books afterwards.
    • In short, the PM PrepCast™ does help. But you will need to work hard!
  2. Q: When will I be able to get the 35 Contact Hours Certificate from PM PrepCast™?
    • You will need to pass the “Final Exam” which will be available after two weeks of purchase of PM PrepCast™. There are 25 questions only in the Final Exam and you can try answering it unlimited times. Once passing the exam (with 60% or above correct), you will immediately be able to download the “35 Contact Hours Certificate”.
    • That means, the shortest time to get the 35 Contact Hours Certificate is 2 weeks only.
    • Since PM PrepCast™ producer is a PMI Authorized Training Partner, the 35 Contact Hours Certificate is pre-approved to meet the requirements of the PMP® Exam. I just printed the e-certificate out and hand in to PMI when requested an audit for my PMP® application. I passed the audit immediately without any questions.
  3. Q: Is the PM PrepCast™ the cheapest way to get the 35 Contact Hours Certificate available on the market?
    • No.
    • But there is no free lunch. Being a R.E.P. would require the publisher to pay annual fee for quality assurance expenditures, so the price of exam prep products qualifying as 35 contact hours must not be too cheap.
      • I had once come across a “35 hour online course” for US$35 only. However, after further investigation, it charges for around US$100 for the “35 Contact Hours Certificate”. Though I have not tried the US$35 online course, the quality of the course is doubtful with such dubious marketing tactics.
    • Also, remember that the re-examination fee is not cheap. Why save a hundred dollars here to give up the useful resources that will be able to help you pass the exam (such as PM PrepCast™)?
  4. Q: Are there payment options for the PM PrepCast™ available?
    • No payment options are provided by the PM PrepCast™ company currently. You can pay the course fee by credit card or Paypal. You may try to contact PM PrepCast™ or your credit card company for payment options.
  5. Q: Does the PM PrepCast™ include sample exam questions?
    • Yes, there are around 200 sample questions included in the PM PrepCast™ standard course. But in case you need the full 200-questions simulated exams, you are advised to purchase the PM PrepCast™ Elite bundle (which includes the PM Exam Simulator) for additional 1800 quality exam sample questions. You can save 18% off the retail prices for the PM PrepCast™ and the PM Exam Simulator.
    • You are also advised to check out these FREE tried-and-tested sample questions.
  6. Q: Will I have permanent access to the PM PrepCast™ materials after purchase?
    • The question is a bit tricky: both yes and no.
      • Yes, you can keep the downloaded materials forever which are indeed video files and PDF documents.
      • No, once the version of the exam has changed, you will no longer be able to download the files again from the website (except you make the purchase within 1/2 years of the PMP® Exam change).
  7. Q: If I were to devote one hour daily, how long would it take for an average person to complete the PM PrepCast™ course?
    • The PM PrepCast™ lasts for about 50 hours. You will also be required to read the PMBOK® Guide alongside the online course to reap the best benefits from the prep course. That would be around 65 hours (in my case).
  8. Q: I was thinking of scheduling the exam date 3 months away from today and start with the PM PrepCast™. Is that a good idea?
    • 3 months is surely enough if you devote an hour or so per day. But:
      • you are advised to practice at least one 4-hour full length mock exam before the real exam in order to understand your stamina and need for breaks. So you may need to add at least additional 4 hours.
      • you are also advised to finish the PM PrepCast™ a bit earlier in order to obtain the necessary 35 contact hours certificate for your certification application. There are chances that you will be requested for an audit and thus it would take additional 3 weeks for passing the application alone. The beauty of the PM PrepCast™ is that you can download the video files onto your smart phone and listen/watch them while you are on the go. I mostly listen to the lessons while taking the metro.
  9. Q: If I get the 35 contact hours for my certification based on the current version of the PM PrepCast™, do I need to get the 35 contact hours based on the new version after the PMP® exam has changed?
    • The good news is: “35 contact hours” is valid forever. You can apply for the Certification Exam anytime after you have got the 35 contact hours of project management education without any need to “update” your contact hours.
  10. Q: If I don’t have much experience in project management, will the PM PrepCast™ help me to pass the Exam?
    • I would say that though many of the questions on the Exam are situational questions, candidates will need to answer the questions based on the PMBOK® Guide perspectives, not from actual working experiences. You will need to study hard and do many practice exam questions in order to learn the PMI ways of doing project management. I also didn’t have much experiences in procurements and risk management aspects when I took the PMP® Exam but I could answer the questions correctly.
  11. Q: In addition to the PM PrepCast™ standard, there are the PM PrepCast™ Elite and the PM PrepCast™ Executive. What are they?
    • The PM PrepCast™ standard is the PM PrepCast™ online course as it is, just a rename.
    • The PM PrepCast™ Elite is the bundle with PM PrepCast™ and the PM Exam Simulator (1800 practices questions).
    • The PM PrepCast™ Executive is the PM PrepCast™ Elite plus private coaching sessions with an exam tutor.
  12. Q: Can I make multiple copies of the download PM PrepCast™ files so that I can watch on my desktop as well as my phone?
    • Yes, once downloaded, you can copy the files (mainly .mp4 files) onto all of your devices so that you can prepare for your exam anywhere. For your info, the total file size of all high-resolution PM PrepCast™ lessons is approximately 11.13 gigabytes.
  13. Q: I understand there are some changes for the PMP® Exam in January 2016. Does the PM PrepCast™ cover these changes?
    • Yes, as a general principle, the PM PrepCast™ will provide students with all the updates to help you best prepared for the new and changed exam contents for FREE if you make the purchase within 1/2 year of the change.
    • And since PM PrepCast™ producer is a PMI Authorized Training Partner, its courses must be aligned with the latest examination syllabus as required.

Purchase the PM PrepCast™

35000+ aspirants and I have purchased PM PrepCast™ to help with our exam prep. I am confident that you will not regret choosing PM PrepCast™.

The retail price for the PM PrepCast™ is US$199. You can purchase PM PrepCast™ online with credit card or Paypal. Once purchased, you will be able to download all the course materials immediately:


Saving tips: PM PrepCast™ may release discount coupons from time to time, do check out this page: discount code page for PM PrepCast™.

For the peace of mind, You can always get a FULL refund if you are not 100% satisfied with PM PrepCast™ within 90 days of purchase. The only condition is that you have not attempted the final exam for the certificate.

Hope this PM PrepCast FAQ can help you to select the best online project management course for the PMP® Certification exam. Should you have any queries over PM PrepCast™, I am more than happy to answer them at [email protected].

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4 Responses

  1. Riccardo Lagana says:

    Dear Edward,
    I found your article just today, while I’m trying to get more information about the PMP Certificate that I would like to get.
    I can’t find the PM Prepcast course ($199, nothing even close) to purchase on their website. Only regular online courses (about $ 2.000). Is that product not available anymore?
    Thank you so much for your help!

    • Sorry about that. Yes, the product is no longer available as PMI (the owner of PMP Certification) has put down new requirements for PMP Exam Prep courses. Pre-recorded online courses are no longer accepted. That’s why the highly acclaimed PM PrepCast is gone…

      Anyway, wish you PMP success!

  2. Lori says:

    Unfortunately, the PM Prepcast’s site does not say that you’ve had to of purchased their program within 1/2 year of change, they way their website reads: If you’ve purchased the prepcast based on the 5th edition of the PMBOK then you’ll receive the files (for free), however, I’ve yet to receive automatic updates via itunes or their nanacast site, or I cannot confirm updated files (all my lessons still ready 2014), pretty disappointing. I’ve contacted their help desk, but they’ve not been especially helpful or at least their proposed solution has not worked.

    • I am sorry to hear that. But actually the current version of the PM PrepCast should be suffice to help you pass the new PMP Exam as the changes are minimal. It is still based on PMBOK Guide 5th edition.

      At the time I make the purchase, I have read somewhere on the website that if I purchase the PM PrepCast now and PMI makes changes to the PMP Exam within 1/2 year, I would get the update for free. Otherwise I would need to make the purchase again.

      Wish you PMP success!