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PMP Exam Study Plan

One of the most difficult aspect of getting PMP certified is preparing a “Project Plan” for your PMP exam study project after you have successfully applied for taking the PMP exam. I remember goolging the web for countless hours to make sense of how to study for the PMP exam. A new product (the PM StudyCoach) from the producer of the acclaimed PMP exam prep PM PrepCast™ gives you an edge over other PMP aspirants as it will guide you throughout the whole PMP study period by letting you know exactly what to learn and revise during each week of your study. At US$49.99, the PM StudyCoach a real bargain for busy project managers aiming to achieve the Project Management Professional title.

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A Summary of PM StudyCoach Product

  • A verified, workable study plan for your PMP exam
  • 14 coaching video sessions to help you cover all the PMP syllabus in 10 weeks
  • Additional study materials to brush up your PMP knowledge
  • As a companion to your other PMP exam prep materials
  • Created by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, CSM who has helped over 30,000 students to pass the PMP exam
  • A one-off fee at US$49.99

What is PM StudyCoach?

The PM StudyCoach is a companion coaching course for PMP aspirants who are preparing for the PMP exam through self-study. It focuses on guiding PMP aspirants on “what, how much and when to study“. It is produced by Cornelius Fichtner, a fruitful PMP exam instructors who have helped over 30,000 students to prepare and pass the PMP exam.

The PM StudyCoach is a 10-week long coaching course detailing what one should study week by week for the PMP exam. It is modeled after the success plan of thousands of students who have passed the PMP exam by making use of Cornelius Fichtner’s PMP exam prep materials. If you follow the course and do your revisions and assignment, you will be much better positioned than most of others to pass the PMP exam as the PM StudyCoach gives you tangible targets for each week of your PMP studies so that you can keep your study focus and you can be assured that you are on track to receiving your PMP title. You can download the coaching videos as podcast videos to your iPhone/Andriod phone, computer or iPad/tablets and watch the lessons whenever you go.

How to Pass the PMP Exam in 10 Weeks?

Every week, students of the PM StudyCoach will get a new recorded session (about an hour’s length) discussing the areas that need to be studied during the week. Exam tips, tricks as well as lessons learned from successful PMP exam takers are also included as appropriate. Supplementary study materials such as worksheets, articles, video lessons and assignments will also be sent to you to help reinforcing your knowledge about the topics of the week.

If you follow the PM StudyCoach schedule closely, by the end of the 10th week, you will be able to take and pass the PMP exam without much difficulties as you have already studied and revised all the materials for the PMP exam. The aim of the PM StudyCoach is to prepare you well for the PMP exam by having a virtual coach to lead you through the road to your PMP success.

What You Will Get?

  • 3 Coaching Video Sessions immediately upon purchase and 1 or more Weekly Coaching Session for 9 weeks to come (14 coaching videos in total)
    • The coaching sessions will form the basin of your PMP study plan by telling you what you should study in the week to follow
    • You will be assured that you have covered all the required materials for the PMP exam by following the coaching lessons
    • Help you to get PMP certified in 10 weeks
  • Weekly Take Action Checklists
    • Act as a checklist to evaluate whether you have completed all the required studies of the week
    • Remind you to catch up if you fall behind the schedule
  • Additional PMP prep materials to help you prepare
    • These complementary materials are chosen to help you better prepared for difficult or commonly confused topics
    • Built on the experiences of 30,000+ students of Cornelius Fichtner
  • Free Bonus Items:
    • 210 Sample PMP Exam Practice Questions – the only way you will get to know whether you have correctly understood all the exam topics is by practicing PMP mock exam questions, these 210 sample questions come with detailed explanations
    • The PMP Study Secrets Email Course –  these contain the 14 lessons learned from people who have passed the PMP exam with study tips, first-hand reports from the exam room, tips on structuring study and exam time and much more
    • Access to Exam Discussion Forums – where Cornelius Fichtner and other PMP aspirants will answer whatever questions you may have regarding your PMP study
    • Subscription to the PMP Exam Tips Newsletter – the PMP Exam Tips Newsletter is a weekly e-newsletter giving you PMP exam tips, the latest lessons learned from PMP students, additional study materials, free exam practice questions and more

How is PM StudyCoach Different from Other PMP Exam Prep?

There are tons of PMP Exam Prep materials  (e.g. Exam Prep Courses, PMP Exam Reference Books, PMP Practice Exam Simulators, etc.) on the market which help you prepare well for the PMP exam. However, these prep materials are only useful if you have already known how to make use of these materials to cover the syllabus of the PMP exam. The PM StudyCoach is unique in that it is the only PMP exam prep material on the market to offer you a study plan for your PMP exam. It guides you on how to make good use of all PMP exam prep materials.

If you have already obtained/purchased other PMP Exam Prep materials (e.g. PM PrepCast™, the PMBOK® Guide, etc.), you will still need PM StudyCoach to help you make the best use of them. Preparing the study plan for your PMP exam is often considered one of the most difficult tasks, the PM StudyCoach is the study plan you are missing.

PM StudyCoach Review: Pros

  1. The PM StudyCoach gives you a ready-to-use and achievable study plan for the PMP exam.
  2. It is based on the experience of over 30,000 PMP students and the plan should suit most of us. That means you can get a fail-proof plan to follow.
  3. You will just like to have a personal PMP coach to guide you through the PMP exam.
  4. You can view the lessons on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can virtually take the lessons whenever you go.
  5. The PM StudyCoach will remind you to stay focused during the exam preparation.
  6. It will help you avoid commonly confused topics for the PMP exam.
  7. Following the plan, you can pass the PMP exam in 10 weeks only.

PM StudyCoach Review: Cons

  1. All the videos lasts for over 11 hours, let alone the supplementary study materials and assignments. You will need to spend more time if you follow the PM StudyCoach [of course, the extra time is not wasted as it will help you remember the PMP stuff better].
  2. It costs extra money (US$49.99) [but just think about how much you need to pay for the examination fee, this fee is not a big deal].
  3. No transcript included. That means you really need to watch and listen to the videos.

My Recommendation to Aspirants

If you are the type of people who always want to go your own way, this product may not be suitable for you.

But for the rest of us, the PM StudyCoach is a bliss. You can just purchase it and follow the lessons and, before you know it, you will pass the PMP exam easily! It takes out all the hard work of researching the best way to prepare for the PMP, make use of the PMP exam prep materials, evaluating your understanding of the PMP materials and your readiness for the real exam as well as to also constantly remind yourself to stay focused.

I really wish I had the PM StudyCoach with me while I was preparing for my PMP exam!

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Disclosure: The link above is an affiliate link, purchases made through this link will help fund the running of this website, thanks!


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