PM StudyCoach vs PM PrepCast – Why You Need Both for PMP Self-Study

PM StudyCoach vs PM PrepCast

Are you thinking of taking the self-study route to your PMP certification success but you are just not disciplined enough? PM StudyCoach and PM PrepCast™ are your answer. The PM PrepCast™ provides the contents for your PMP exam study while the PM StudyCoach gives the schedule and timeline to cover all the PM PrepCast™ materials.

PM StudyCoach vs PM PrepCast™

Both the PM PrepCast™ and the PM StudyCoach are produced by Cornelius Fichtner, PMP, who is a seasoned project manager and project management educator.

The PM PrepCast™ covers all the PMP Exam syllabus. It will give you the required 35 contact hours for you to qualify for the PMP exam as the producer of PM PrepCast™ is a global PMI Authorized Training Partner (registered education provider). Once purchased, you can download all the lessons of the PM PrepCast™ onto your intelligent mobile devices so that you can watch the lessons whenever you go. Upon finishing all the lessons, you will be able to take the “final exam” and get the contact hour certificate immediate upon pass.

It is a common misconception that the PMP exam is about the PMBOK® Guide. Yet, the reality is the PMBOK® Guide only covers around 90% of all the materials to be tested on the PMP exam. The PMP Exam Content Outline suggests PMP candidates to read more modern project management titles in order to learn all that are required. The author of the PM PrepCast™ has done all the hard work to help you extra all that are required for the PMP exam in one concise course. It is generally agreed that in addition to the PMBOK® Guide, another PMP prep course like the PM PrepCast™ is essential for your PMP success.

The PM StudyCoach, on the other hand, is a time-tested study plan for the PMP exam. Students following the plan closely would be able to pass the PMP exam with ten weeks of study. You will get new instructions and materials to study week by week through a podcast subscription. Cornelius Fichtner will let you know what to study during each week and keep you focused during your PMP journey. It will also give you assignments to complete during the week. And you are not alone in this journey as Cornelius will walk with you one topic at a time. He has already helped over 30,000 students to get PMP and he knows the best plan to study. He is like your private study coach urging you finish your study assignment and get your PMP title during the 10 weeks. You will also be able to get in touch with him on the exclusive PMP exam forum during your preparation.

In short, the PM StudyCoach provides the all-important success-guaranteed “Project Management Plan” for your PMP Exam project. Saving you the hassles of having to formulate your own PMP study plan.

The PM StudyCoach does not provide all the details of the various topics of the PMP exam. That’s why you will also need to purchase another PMP exam prep course like the PM PrepCast™ in order to fully prepare for your exam.

The PM StudyCoach tells you how to study while the PM PrepCast™ gives you what to study.

Do PM StudyCoach and PM PrepCast™ Need to be Purchased Together?

You don’t have to purchase these two products together. Each product can be used in combination with other PMP exam prep guides/courses. But when using these two products together, they work hand in hand to help you pass the PMP exam faster and easier.

Though the PM StudyCoach tells you (with the Take Action Worksheet) like: “During this week, please read chapter X in the PMBOK® Guide, watch videos X of the PM PrepCast™ and read chapters X in your PMP exam study guide”,  you can replace the PM PrepCast™ video with any other PMP exam prep lessons for the same PMBOK® Guide chapter.

How much are PM StudyCoach and PM PrepCast™?

PM PrepCast™ sells for US$179.99 while the PM StudyCoach US$49.99. In total, the two PMP exam prep courses costs you a little less than US$230. This figure is way way lower than the average PMP bootcamps which charges north of US$1000.

If you enjoy the flexibility of online project management studies and you prefer the close guidance of a PMP coach, the PM StudyCoach and the PM PrepCast™ is your definite resources for your PMP success! These two will help you tremendously in your PMP self-study journey.

To learn more about PM StudyCoach, please click here. To learn more about PM PrepCast™, please click here.

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