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PMI-ACP Agile Certification Journey - My PMI-ACP Training and Exam Preparation

My experience sharing on passing the PMI-ACP Certification Exam — including FREE Study Notes and Cost Saving Tips to help PMI-ACP aspirants to pass the exam in first attempt.

PMI-ACP Exam Syllabus

Hi, I am Edward Chung. I passed the PMI-ACP exam with proficient in both "Agile Tools and Technique" and "Agile Knowledge and Skills" on 20 April 2015. "Proficient" is the best grade given by PMI indicating the domain knowledge is above the average level. I am also PMP certified.

On this website, I try to summarize my PMI-ACP Certification Exam process. It is hoped that my blog will be able to remove some roadblocks for fellow PMI-ACP aspirants in the quest of the PMI-ACP Certification (as 'correct' information on PMI-ACP is difficult to find on the internet).

Wish you PMI-ACP success!

Edward Chung, PMP, PMI-ACP, ITIL Foundation, ZCE

Note: Though the PMI-ACP exam content outline is updated on July 2015, most of the exam content remains the same. According to many experienced PMI-ACP Exam instructors and trainers, the 2015 July update to the PMI-ACP exam content outline is considered a minor change. When questioned about the relevancy of his most popular PMI-ACP Exam Prep book - PMI-ACP Exam Prep Premier Edition, the author Mike Griffith answered: “Yes, my book is still valid; it is based on the exam content outline that has not changed since the exam’s introduction. There are some minor changes coming July 15, but they are small and the book still covers the material.”.


Getting PMI-ACP Certified in 5 Steps (applicable to 2015 July onwards)

The requirements to achieve the PMI-ACP Certification are listed below:

  1. Working Experience in Projects (2000 hours - waived if PMP certified) and Working Experience in Agile Projects (1500 hours)
  2. Obtain 21 Contact Hours of Agile Education
    - I achieved the 21 Contact Hours using online PMI-ACP Exam prep course Agile PrepCast which is reasonably priced but excellent in quality. As a bonus, the Agile PrepCast also gives me 37 PMP PDU for my PMP re-certification!
  3. Fill the online PMI﹣ACP Certifcation application form and schedule the PMI﹣ACP Exam
  4. Study for the PMI﹣ACP Exam
  5. Take and pass the PMI﹣ACP Exam

You may refer to The Whats and Whys of the PMI-ACP Certification to understand in greater details of the PMI﹣ACP Certification requirements, application process and more.

Many Agile certification aspirants would have the question: how much does it cost to get PMI-ACP Agile certified? For my case the PMI-ACP Certification cost is around US$800, including all the courses and study materials. Refer to PMI-ACP Agile Certification Cost for details.

In the sections below, I will include all of my PMI-ACP Exam prep study resources and exam tips. I will also share my experience at passing the PMI audit for my PMP Certification application.


Resources for the New PMI-ACP Exam Preparation

Below are the most useful PMI-ACP Agile Certification resources I have used. Hope these would help fellow PMI-ACP Aspirants to get fully prepared for the PMI-ACP Exam:

  1. 21 Contact Hours using online PMI-ACP Exam prep course Agile PrepCast (Updated Agile PrepCast Discount Coupon Code)
  2. Best PMI-ACP Book: PMI-ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffiths
  3. [Updated] The PMI-ACP Exam Syllabus Explained in Details
  4. My PMI﹣ACP Exam Study Notes - updated for the NEW PMI-ACP Exam syllabus, available for FREE
  5. 600+ FREE PMI-ACP Sample Exam Questions

Important: Please note that the new PMI-ACP Exam consists mostly of situational questions which would describe a situation and ask you to pick the best next course of action. Do be prepared to find two or more feasible choices but only one is the best.

A Little About Myself

After getting PMP certified, I begin my journey in Agile project management as it is considered by many to be the best way to run IT and web projects. I also try to look for an Agile certification that helps me to understand Agile better, among these are CSM and PMI-ACP. I chose PMI-ACP as it is a 'general' certification on Agile rather than a specific Agile methodology (i.e. Scrum, etc.) and I believe that the Agile knowledge gained through PMI-ACP study would be way more useful to me as Agile projects emphases on adaptation - I can adapt practices from various Agile methodologies to best suit the project I am handling.


PMI-ACP Exam Journey - From Application, Studying to Passing the PMI-ACP Exam

Below is my PMI-ACP Certification journey - from the selection of PMI-ACP Agile training course, application procedures (including the PMI audit process) to studying for the PMI-ACP Exam. Wish you PMI-ACP success!


PMI-ACP Agile Training and Application

There is not an "official" way of getting the required Agile education (21 Contact Hours), it will help you a lot if you would choose an Agile course that ALSO helps you to prepare for and pass the PMI-ACP Exam!


PMI-ACP Exam Prep - My Study Notes

My study notes for the PMI-ACP Agile Certification include not only what are describe in the PMI-ACP Exam syllabus of the PMI-ACP Handbook. Since I am coming from the traditional waterfall project management world, several pieces of notes have been dedicated to describing the differences between Agile and water project management and the key concepts PMP would need to know for the PMI-ACP Agile Certification.

PMI-ACP Exam Notes on Agile Domain of Practices

Speical PMI-ACP Exam Notes for PMP / Traditional Project Managers

I am coming from the traditional waterfall project management world. A comparison between Agile project management and traditional project management would be very useful to help me as well as fellow PMPs to learn about Agile. Below are the articles that are written with this purpose in mind by mapping Agile processes to the traditional project management lifecycle:


Passing the PMI-ACP Exam

Like any other exams, it takes dedication, practice and a little bit of luck to pass the PMI-ACP Exam. I am try hard to study for the PMI-ACP at the moment. Will keep you posted on my progress.


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