FREE 6 PMP PDU + 4 PMI-ACP PDU for Attending PMI Information Systems Technology Symposium 2015 (available till 30 Dec, 2015)

6 Free PMP PDU + 4 Free PMI-ACP PDU — PDUs will be reported automatically to PMI by simply watching the recorded webinars from beginning to finish

PMI Information Systems Technology Symposium 2015

Another great opportunity to earn PDU for your PMP re-certification for FREE! From now on until 30 December, 2015, the PMI Information Systems Technology Symposium is available as on-demand streaming videos for you to watch and earn up to 6 PMP PDU for Category A (which has no upper limit).

6 PDU for FREE at PMI Information Systems Technology Symposium

The PMI Information Systems Technology Symposium 2015 was held on 30th, Sep 2015, you can still watch recorded webinars to get FREE PDU for your re-certification. Contents of the Symposium include:

  • Opening Address & Opening Remarks
  • Opening Keynote Address: The Project Manager’s Role in DevOps & the SDLC
    • Software development is changing – the project manager’s role in software projects is changing too. DevOps, or developer operations, integrates developers with testers and with traditional IT staff, which completely changes the culture and priorities of the team. This session will talk about the changes to the SDLC (software development lifecycle) landscape, covering DevOps, agile methodologies and other emerging trends, and offer practical suggestions as to how project managers can thrive and add new value to today’s software projects — and maybe even be hailed as a hero.
  • Technology Trends Impacting Your Projects
    • Technology has permeated our lives so much that it has altered human behaviors around how we react to change, assimilate information, and communicate. It has inflated our expectations around responsiveness, ease of adding functionality, and time to delivery. In this session we’ll identify technology trends that are impacting your projects around areas such as scope, time, communication, and user adoption. We’ll discuss how behaviors are influenced by technology and, most importantly, what to do about it so that we are leveraging technology trends to our advantage. And finally, we’ll share some practical tips to increase effectiveness and productivity.
  • Mobile App Case Study: Fake It Before You Make It – Scheduling ‘Failure’ Into Your Project
    • This presentation is a case study of the mobile app “Red e App.” “Red e App” is an employee communication app that allows companies to digitally connect with their staff. This presentation looks at lessons learned and emphasizes the importance of continual user feedback during the entire process of development. See how simplicity and speed can save more than just time; it can save significant money, and gain insights for how tech start-up companies build and ship features and products, and how to help stakeholders understand the importance and value of failure.
  • PMP and Security: A Necessary Union?
    • Who hasn’t heard of all the data breaches recently? Do you think Project Management played a role in them or was it just IT? We’re Project Managers — how much do we need to know about security? That’s what the Security staff is for, right? As Project Managers, it’s our role to understand and manage all project risks, including information security. As such, it’s everyone’s responsibility to think about security and know who to engage and when. This session discusses the key components of how to incorporate security into the PM Lifecycle. You will learn why security is important, basic security for project managers, and how to embed security best practices into the PM Lifecycle.
  • Event Driven Foundations – Projects at the Speed of Change
    • We are in a defining moment in technology. Software monoliths developed during the waterfall days are not long for the world. Understanding why requires foundational knowledge of the latest development technologies, agile philosophies, and user expectations. Designing and deploying software at the speed of change is the desired, if not expected, norm. How will projects keep up if continuous change dominates the future? This presentation codifies and explains the developer-speak, process, and technology required to keep pace and maybe even outpace on this new delivery autobahn.
  • Closing Keynote: 3D Printing Applications for Project Management
    • 3D printing has garnered a tremendous amount of attention in recent years, but does it have a place in project management? What are the real benefits and the real risks of it? What do project managers and IT professionals need to know about 3D Printing? In this presentation, you will learn how 3D printing plays in the world of project management (and where it doesn’t), the unique value it can add, and the challenges it still faces. See how various industries are utilizing this technology and explore the closely related hot technologies of 3D scanning and Virtual Reality. This session will help you understand why you need to know about 3D printing and help you determine whether it currently fits into your business.
  • Closing Remarks

PDU for PMI-ACP® Certification Holders

The following are the courses that would allow PMI-ACP® Certification holders to earn PDUs to renew their PMI-ACP® credentials:

  • 3D Printing Applications for Project Management: 0.50 PDU
  • Event Driven Foundations – Projects at the Speed of Change: 1.00 PDU
  • PMP and Security: A Necessary Union?: 0.50 PDU
  • The Project Manager’s Role in DevOps and the SDLWC : 1.00 PDU
  • Technology Trends Impacting Your Projects: 0.50 PDU

How to report PDU for attending PMI Information Systems Technology Symposium?

No reporting is necessary.

The professional development units (PDUs) for all sessions viewed during the PMI Information Systems Technology Symposium will be reported on your behalf by PMI. This includes sessions that were watched live, as well as those accessed on demand. It would take 14 – 21 business days for the PDUs to be uploaded to the PMI online dashboard on which you will be able to see the PDUs reported automatically.

Note that the PDUs will be uploaded in batches. For example, if you earned 6.5 PDUs, you may not see the full amount reported to your transcript for 14 – 21 business days, you could see 1 PDU in 5 days and the full amount in 14 days.

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