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[Fully Updated] Excellent PMP mock exam with 2100 unique questions — highly recommended for all PMP Aspirants.

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FREE PMP mock exam questions for the PMP Exam 2021!

Summary: If you are aiming at taking the PMP Exam in 2021, here is a piece of good news for you. The renowned PMP Exam Simulator by OSP International LLC (a PMI Authorized Training Partner which is also the publisher of the renowned PM PrepCast™) for the PMP Exam up to 2020 has been upgraded to 2021 and it is offering a 7-day free trial for all Aspirants!

Go to the PMP Exam Simulator 2021 website for the 7-day free trial!

The PMP Exam Simulator 2021 has way more exam questions and question types than the previous version (31% more to be exact) and many enhancements Aspirants have longed for. If you are to take the PMP Exam in 2021 and beyond, this new PMP Exam Simulator is the one you would not want to miss.

The new Free PMP Exam Simulator 2021 offers the same overall features as the paid version of the PMP Exam Simulator 2021. Aspirants may take advantage of the free trial to try all the simulator features for a week before purchase. And as the questions have all been updated to the latest 2021 PMP Exam version, even if you are not going to buy it, you can still get a realistic feel of how the PMP Exam 2021 will look like for FREE!

If later on you find the PMP Exam Simulator 2021 useful and would like to make the purchase, you can still rest assured that the mock exam offers no-question 15 days FULL refund. The only condition is that you have started a maximum of 1 Full Mock Exams (fair enough for Aspirants to get a hands-on try of the question quality). The 90-day access period begins only when one takes the first exam in the simulator (NOT on the date of purchase). If you find the 90-day access period not enough, the access period can actually be extended at a discount.


What You’ll Get by Signing Up for the Free Trial of PMP Exam Simulator 2021

  1. A total of 3 exams with 23 questions each
  2. You can try out the PMP Exam Simulator for FREE for 7 days
  3. 24/7 access online
  4. Each question is followed by detailed explanations on why each answer choice is correct/incorrect
  5. Live Feedback™ feature which allows you to ask a PMP holder of any queries about the mock exam question you have
  6. Can be used on PC, Tablet or Phone
  7. Bonus Item #1: Basic Strategies for Taking The PMP Exam — a 4-part email course on important multiple-choice test-taking strategies.
  8. Bonus Item #2: PMP Exam Simulator Comparison Worksheet — assisting Aspirants to compare different PMP Exam Simulators and make an informed choice
  9. Bonus Item #3: Weekly PMP Exam Tips Newsletter — FREE newsletter on PMP Exam tips, tricks, study approaches, best practices, articles and recommended study materials



  1. It’s completely FREE.
  2. A good way to get a feel of how the new PMP Exam 2021 exam questions would look like.
  3. Mock exam questions in this free trial have been updated to the latest exam outline of the PMP Exam 2021.
  4. A group of PMPs are behind this exam simulator to ensure the questions are very close to the real PMP Exam.



  1. I can think of none. Why not give it a try as you have nothing to lose!

Try the FREE PMP Exam Simulator 2021



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