Top Reason for NOT Getting PMP Certified: Procrastinate

Top Reason for NOT Getting PMP Certified: Procrastinate

Just as the image above shows, everyone is given the choice to decide whether getting PMP® Certification NOW or LATER. Everyday the PMP® Aspirant is again given the same choice. And according to unofficial statistics of PMP® training courses (whether online or in person), the top reason for the PMP® Certification Aspirants not getting PMP® certified is NOT failing the exam but procrastinating.

(If you have read that some PMP® training institutes stating that the passing rate for the PMP® Exam of their students is over 90%, read carefully. They ONLY include those who have made it through the course to writing the PMP® Exam. Those who dropped out of the training course / have not yet applied for the PMP® Exam owing to procrastination is NOT counted. The actually passing rate is lower than 50% if those are included!)

Why Procrastinate from Getting PMP® Certified?

My boss has just given me a mega project to handle~ I cannot find the time to study~ The PMP® Certification credential is not useful for me now~ I just got promoted~ I have just welcomed my baby~ I don’t have the money~ I still have time to get PMP® Certified later when I have more experience~ I heard that the PMP® Exam is too difficult for me right now~ ……

Yes, we are busy. We have lots of obligations. And getting PMP® Certified is such an arduous task to overcome. The most logical way to handle such a task is procrastinate. We choose LATER rather than NOW.

And some of us may have already signed up for an online PMP® training course. Yet during the course, a new condition has spurred up and we cannot afford the time to go on with the study. We choose LATER rather than NOW.

But do you know that getting PMP® Certified LATER is more difficult?

Why is it More Difficult to Get PMP® Certification Later

  1. The PMP® Exam is changing in 2018 (probably in January)
    • New exam syllabus, new PMBOK® Guide, new study books, new training courses, new mock exam questions…… new things to panic about.
    • It is often recommended to take professional exams that is in the 2nd year or more of running as PMP® Certification Aspirants can learn from the experience of early exam takers. Also the study guides, books and resources are more readily available at that time.
    • Implication: It is getting more difficult to pass the PMP® Exam later.
  2. The PMP® Exam Fee is expected to increase
  3. The PMP® Exam training courses are getting more expensive year by year
    • According to experience, the increase in PMP® Exam training course fees (whether online training or classroom training) is around 10% or above year by year as a result of inflation and new resources are being added.
    • Implication: It is getting more expensive to get PMP® Certified later.
  4. You are getting busier and busier
    • As you progress through the career ladder, you are tasked with more and more responsibilities that would make finding the time to study PMP® Certification Exam more difficult. Some PMP® Certification Aspirants may need to take a whole week’s leave before the PMP® Exam to be well prepared.
    • Also, you may be getting married or having children (if not yet) as you get older. You are obliged to take care of your family needs and obligations. And this is my own story and that’s why I took a PMP® online training course instead of studying in a classroom.
    • Implication: It is getting more difficult to find the time to prepare for PMP® Certification later.

Recommendation: Begin Your PMP® Journey Today

In Chinese, we have:

a thousand miles begins with a single step

Do not procrastinate, begin your PMP® journey now! If  you have made up your mind to get PMP® Certified, you will be able to finish the preparation and pass the exam in first try with 2-3 hours’ studying every day for around 2 months — that’s my very experience while having to take care of my full-time job and family.

If you need some references to help you getting started with your PMP® preparation, you are welcome to take a look at my detailed account of PMP® Journey. I have included lots of free study resources, my PMP® study notes, list of free PMP® mock exam questions, my recommended PMP® online training course and more (bottom line: the 35 contact hours are valid forever, we can apply for the PMP® Exam anytime later if you decided to procrastinate after taking the course~).

I can’t wait to hear your good news in two months’ time or less!


Wish you PMP® success in 2017!

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Edward Chung

Edward Chung aspires to become a full-stack web developer and project manager. In the quest to become a more competent professional, Edward studied for and passed the PMP Certification, ITIL v3 Foundation Certification, PMI-ACP Certification and Zend PHP Certification. Edward shares his certification experience and resources here in the hope of helping others who are pursuing these certification exams to achieve exam success.

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