Project Team: Develop vs Manage for PMP Exam

Project Team: Develop vs Manage for PMP Exam

[this post is obsolete for the new PMP® Exam as the scope of Project Human Resource Management has been enlarged and renamed as Project Resource Management]

In Project Human Resource Management, there are four processes, namely, Plan Human Resource Management, Acquire Project Team, Develop Project Team and Manage Project Team. The latter two are somewhat confusing as they both are related to the management of the project team in our everyday language.

Develop Project Team vs Manage Project Team

  • Develop Project Team: Develop Project Team is a process under Project Human Resource Management in which the project manager tries to improve the competencies, environment and interaction of team member interaction with a view to enhance project performance.
    • The core aim of this process is to provide the suitable training and environment for the team member to flourish.
    • Major tools and techniques to be employed include:
      • training
      • colocation
      • reward scheme
      • team building (note: forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning)
      • ground rules
    • A performing team can be expected when the project manager is doing a good job in Develop Project Team.
  • Manage Project Team: Manage Project Team is a process under Project Human Resource Management in which the project manager tries to track the team member performance, provide feedback and resolve issues with a view to to optimize project performance.
    • The core aim of manage project team is to track performance, resolve issues and conflicts (e.g. performance issues and interpersonal conflicts).
    • Major tools and techniques to be employed include:
      • performance tracking
      • appraisals
      • conflict management
      • conversation and dialogue
    • If soft skills are not useful, disciplinary actions (including termination of employment) may need to be taken to control the damage to the overall performance of the team.
    • Manage Project Team is more difficult than Develop Project Team as the project manager is required to deal with the most difficult factor of project success — i.e. human. The interpersonal soft skill of the project manager is put to test when dealing with conflicts and issues.

Mock Exam Question

  1. You are now working on a project to create a new software as a service (SaaS) platform as the project manager. There are 10 analyst programmers working in the project team. However, one programmer is always late for work and taking sick leaves often. His behaviour affects the morale of other team members and the performance of the whole project team suffers. You need to talk with him in the hope of resolving the issue. You are working in the process of:
    1. Acquire Project Team
    2. Manage Project Team
    3. Develop Project Team
    4. Control Project Team
    Solution: B
    Through the meeting with the programmer, you aim to resolve the issue of underperforming (owing to not being punctual to work/often taking sick leaves) with him. This is considered “Manage Project Team”.


After acquiring the project team, the project manager is responsible for both develop and manage the project team:

  • Develop is to bring out the best of the project team (as a team and individually) through training and better environment;
  • Manage is to resolve issues and conflicts that impede the performance of the team through interpersonal skills and appraisals.
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    I dont believe this is the correct answer anymore in PMBOK 6th. As i understand it the manage resource is now an Execution process dealing more with physical resources not people. This would fall under develop team. What do you think?