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Online PMP Exam Prep course package - video lessons, e-book, simulated exams

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An online PMP course for gaining 35 contact hours AND getting well prepared for the PMP Exam, including e-book and simulated exams in 1 package — recommended for all PMP Aspirants.

Simplilearn Online PMP Course Review

Summary: The Simplilearn online PMP course provides an all-in-one exam prep package helping Aspirants to be well prepared to sit for the exam. Once purchased, you will be able to access hours of online lectures, an e-book, full-length PMP mock exams and more. The online learning platform has been re-designed to help students progress through a specially designed “focus” learning dashboard. Best of all, after finishing the online course by passing the end-of-course assessment, students will be able to immediately get the 35 Contact Hours certificate which allow them to meet the project management education for Application. I have first-hand experience with this Simplilearn online course and find out that the quality is excellent — fulfil Aspirants’ needs and help them get PMP certified.

In short, the Simplilearn online course is best for busy professionals who enjoy the flexibility of online learning yet prefer extra help to keep them on study schedule. 


Currently over 40,000 Aspirants have already chosen Simplilearn courses to help them prepare and pass the exam. Most of them are now PMP certified as the overall passing rate of the students is a staggering 98.6%! Though there is no guarantee for passing the exam, the course materials should provide all that necessary to help Aspirants to get certified without any issues.




The Simplilearn online PMP course is a comprehensive all-in-one exam preparation package which provides the students with all the materials and resources for preparing well for the exam. Once purchased, students will have 180 days to watch the lessons, attempt the mock and practice PMP exams and download the e-book. Since most Aspirants would take around 6-8 weeks to complete the exam preparation and pass it, the 180-day access period is considered well enough.

The online course is developed with a hands-on learning approach — not ordinary passive learning. Students will be able to understand the course materials well and retain the knowledge for clearing the exam.

Some students even claimed that they relied just on the Simplilearn online course only to pass the exam without even reading the PMBOK® Guide once. Though it is highly recommended to read the PMBOK® Guide, those students’ achievements indicate that the Simplilearn online course do cover all the important topics of the PMBOK® Guide.

About Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the world’s largest online learning platform featuring a large variety of online self-learning as well as classroom teaching courses in more than 150 countries around the world. More importantly, the online course has been pre-approved by PMI to meet the project management educational requirements of PMP Certification. In cases of an audit, only a copy of the course certificate is required for verification without the need to submit the course outline and documentations.



What You’ll Get by Purchasing Simplilearn Online Course

Simplilearn Online PMP Course

  1. [most importantly] 35 Contact Hours certificate which is a requirement for applying the certification exam — you will need to finish this course and get the certificate before submitting your exam. The Contact Hours can be earned through face-to-face classroom lectures or online course, the latter being more flexible and value-for-money.
  2. High Quality E-Learning Content delivered 24/7 over the internet covering all the topics that would be tested on the PMP exam — within your subscription period, you will be able to watch all the course lectures anytime anywhere and for as many times as you want. Every students will be able to proceed with their own pace. The online lessons can be assessed through desktop internet browsers as well as the Android mobile app. The progress through the course will be synchronized among the different channel. In this way, you can virtually study for the exam anywhere you want. The contents of the lessons include:
    • Lesson 1:  an introduction to the PMP certification.
    • Lesson 2: Project Management Framework — explain what project and project management is all about
    • Lesson 3: Project Management Processes Groups — explain the five project management process groups
    • Lessons 4 to 13: the ten knowledge areas
    • Lesson 14: project management process group
    • Lesson 15: professional and social responsibility
  3. 5 Project Management Case studies and 20 Real world examples — the knowledge gained through this online course doesn’t stop for cracking the exam only, the inclusion of case studies and examples will give you a comprehensive understanding on how to apply the knowledge in your daily project management work and help you to become a better project manager.
  4. 83 End-of-Chapter Quizzes — what better ways than quizzes that can help you to understand if you have acquired all the essential knowledge for each chapter of study? The 83 quizzes included are meant to help students to check their progress and understanding and whether they need to re-read the chapter in order to clear certain misunderstandings. Quizzes are a great companion for online self-study learners.
  5. 5 Simulated mock exams — these are the full-length 200 question practice exams that will help students understand their strengths and weaknesses. As recommended by most instructors, getting over 75% – 80% in these mock exams is a clear indicator that one may be able to pass the real Exam. Five mock exams are enough for many students so that they won’t need to separately purchase another exam prep product which may cost around US$100 or more.
  6. Tips and tricks for passing the Exam — just as any exams, tips and tricks by experienced instructors and exam takers will be able to offer students invaluable insights into the exam preparation and exam taking. There is no need to re-invent the wheel while there are lots of valuable experiences that we can learn from.
  7. 100% Money Back Guarantee — within 3 days of purchase of the online course and the progress is less than 50%
  8. Assistance in filling the Application form — this is provided through the large online community where students and ask any questions, many other instructors and students will be there to help.

This online exam prep course has been fully updated to cover the new 2016 PMP exam syllabus (the course is named as “PMP 2016” to reflect the update).



  1. The online study platform (named “Study Central”) on Simplilearn has been re-designed in 2016 from scratches to help online learners to be more focused on the study schedule. Students will be able to choose a focus course and plan the study schedule through the platform. Dashboards and reminder emails are provided to help you keep up with your schedule. This platform is by far the best online learning platform I have ever come across.
    The online study platform (named "Study Central") for the PMP on Simplilearn has been re-designed in 2016
  2. The trainers are seasoned and knowledgeable project management examination instructors who explain the project management concepts and processes well and in an interactive manner.
  3. More than 40,000 students have taken this training course from Simplilearn, which is one of the largest project management education provider for classroom and online courses.
  4. This online course boasts a passing rate of 98.6%, meaning that almost all students can pass the PMP Exam after taking this course.
  5. A no-question full refund is provided within 3 days of purchase provided that the course progress is less than 50%.
  6. Tips and tricks for the Exam are included which are the gems of the lessons learned of exam takers. Aspirants will learn much from these tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes in PMP Exam application and preparation.



  1. You would need mobile data connection (WIFI is highly recommended) for viewing the course materials in the mobile browser or the Simplilearn Android/iOS mobile app. The video lessons are not stored on the mobile phone and you will need to stream the videos through internet. If you are not connected to the internet, you will not be able to go through the lessons offline (if you need offline viewing for your exam prep, the PM PrepCast™ may suit your needs, read the PM PrepCast™ review here).
  2. The refund period is only 3 days for the online course which is too strict compared to the normal refund period of 30 days for similar online learning courses.
  3. The access period is 90 days which is more than enough for most Aspirants, it would be much better to be able to select a shorter access period for a lower price to give finer control over the cost.


My Recommendation

If you are looking for a PMP examination training material in one comprehensive package that will earn you both the required 35 contact hours as well as the study materials for you to ace the exam, and if you enjoy the flexibility of online learning while needing some help to keep you on your study schedule, the Simplilearn online course is highly recommended.

You can access the online course both on your desktop and mobile browsers as well as the Andriod/iOS mobile app for up to 180 days, which is more than enough for most Aspirants (average aspirants take 6-8 weeks to prepare and pass the exam). You will also get 5 full-length 200-question mock exams for you to understand your exam readiness at no additional cost. What better ways to get the 35 Contact Hours as well as the quality exam prep materials in one simple package?


Saving tips: Simplilearn may release discount coupons from time to time, do check out this page: discount code page for Simplilearn online  course.

If you are not completely satisfied with the Simplilearn online course, you can get a FULL refund within 3 days of purchase with no questions asked. The only string is that you should have not reviewed more than half of all materials provided in the online course and have not downloaded the course e-book.

Should you have any queries about Simiplilearn course or PMP certification preparation, I am more than happy to answer them at [email protected] or you may leave a comment below. Wish you success!



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    Hi Edward,

    Please advice if simplilearn ebook is sufficient for the exam preparation?

    • Edward Chung says:

      I would say the ebook alone would not be enough, you are highly advised to read through the PMBOK Guide to be well prepared for the PMP Exam.

      Wish you PMP success!