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Top PMP Audit Tips

How NOT to Fail the PMP Audit? Here are the Top Audit Tips

Recently, a PMP® Aspirant told me that his application and audit had been rejected by PMI on grounds that “the experience entries listed on the application form do not meet the requirements of the PMP® credential”. He was very disappointed but yet take the time to share his experiences with fellow...

Avoid These Common Mistakes In Your PMP Exam Application Process

Avoid These Common Mistakes In Your PMP Exam Application Process

PMI takes great care to uphold the quality of its Certifications by establishing high standards in working and educational requirements of certification applicants. The PMP® Exam Application is often considered as a mini project in itself as Aspirants would need to take much time and efforts to get the application form completed and submitted,...

PMP Exam Language Aids

Using PMP Exam Language Aids for the PMP Certification

The PMI PMP® Certification Exam is administered in English only (the official PMP® Exam Language). For those whose mother tongue is not English, including me, answering an English exam paper may require more time. We are at a disadvantaged position as the final result of the exam would need to be...

pmp exam prep website feedback

Feedback For Edward’s PMP Exam Journey Website

It is totally beyond my imagination that my PMP® Exam journey website would be visited by so much people around the world. When I first uploaded the blog posts about my PMP® Exam journey, it was my humble wish that the posts can be of use to PMP® aspirants so that...

April 25, 2016