When to Renew PMP / PMI-ACP Certification?

PMP / PMI-ACP re-certification

This seems a dump question at first glance. The answer is obviously

One should renew the PMP / PMI-ACP® certification when one has accumulated the required number of PDU (60 for PMP; 30 for PMI-ACP®) and before the 3-year re-certification period is over.

The above is what’s written in the PMP Handbook / PMI-ACP® Handbook. However, what if one has accumulated enough PDU for the re-certification cycle in the second (even first) year of getting certified? The certification handbooks offer little elaboration in this regards. This article is especially written for those who would like to know when is the best time to renew their PMI certifications.

When to renew PMP / PMI-ACP® Certification?

The answer is: once you have accumulated your required PDU (Professional Development Units). The new expiry date of your certification is 3 years from the original expiry date of your Certification (NOT the date of finishing your certification renewal process). It is possible that you have accumulated all the required PDU in the first year and finish the re-certification process early on so that you do not have to bother with the re-certification for several years!

Re-Certification in Details

Though it is feasible to report PDU by email or fax, it is highly advisable to log in your PMI account and report the PDU online. Once you have reported enough number of PDU for your certification, you will receive an email from PMI asking you to renew your certification regardless of where you are at the re-certification cycle with the following email.

You are eligible to renew your PMP Credential

Dear [name],

Congratulations on accumulating the necessary professional development units (PDUs) to renew your Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential.

To complete the renewal process and submit payment, please log in to https://certification.pmi.org/. Once you are logged in, click on the link below the PMP Credential to begin the process.

Please contact the Customer Care Centre in your region if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you,
PMI Customer Care

You can immediately log on to your PMI account and click “renew” to begin your re-certification process. The process is in fact quite a simple one in which you are asked to check your information, agree to the terms and conditions and pay the required re-certification fee of US$60. Then you will have your certification extended for 3 years from the original expiry date of your certification. You will receive the following email almost immediately:

Congratulations! You have renewed your PMP Credential

Dear [name],

Congratulations on renewing the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Credential.

You will receive your certificate package with your certificate within eight weeks. At your earliest convenience, please log in to your myPMI account and click on “Edit My Profile” to verify or update your preferred mailing address in our system. You may now access an online digital version of your renewal certificate.

Your certification status will remain active for the three-year cycle during which time you are required to adhere to the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. Under the CCR program, you need to earn and report professional development units (PDUs) to maintain your credential.

There are many ways to earn PDUs which may include:

  • Practicing project management
  • Reading books, being mentored, speaking or presenting
  • Volunteering for PMI or a non-profit organization
  • Writing an article for PMI’s Knowledge Shelf or other project management publications
  • Taking PMI Publication Quizzes
  • Engaging in PMI’s e-learning on demand offerings
  • Attending PMI’s SeminarsWorld® or eSeminarsWorld® courses
  • Attending PMI’s global congresses, chapter events
  • Participating in PMI’s communities of practice activities
  • Taking a class offered by PMI Authorized Training Partners (R.E.P.s) or other institutions

To obtain a receipt of your payment, log in to the online certification system at https://certification.pmi.org/ and click on “My Information” on the left navigation bar, then click on “View My Orders” and print your receipt.

Please contact the Customer Care Centre in your region if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you,
PMI Customer Care

The new certificate for your Certification will arrive in around 4-8 weeks. Meanwhile, you can also log in your PMI account to download an electronic copy of your Certificate. The eligibility period of your certification printed on the new certificate will be from the date on which you passed the exam to the new extended end date after your re-certification (i.e. 6 years from the date you passed the exam if you have finished the requirements of the first re-certification cycle). This certificate means to supersede your original certificate.

Renewed PMP Certificate

Renewed PMP Certificate

Additional Information on PMI Re-certification

PMI is so kind as to send out reminder emails asking you to earn enough PDU for your re-certification. The following is the email I received one year after getting PMP certified:

You have two years left in your PMI certification cycle

Dear [name],

Please review the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program to ensure you are on track to earn the professional development units (PDUs) you need to maintain your PMP credential.

Your online transcript indicates that you currently have 35.25 PDUs approved. Use the online CCR system to report and track your PDUs. Report your PDUs as you earn them to keep your records up to date.

Please note, if you already have acquired the necessary number of PDUs to renew your credential, you are still receiving this email because you have not yet completed the renewal process. If you have acquired the necessary number of PDUs, please log in to the online certification system at https://certification.pmi.org/. Once logged in, click the ‘Begin the renewal process’ link under the credential you are renewing.


  • Watch a video to help you get started
  • Need PDUs? Review the many activities that qualify for PDUs
  • Report your PDUs or check your PDU status online
  • Review PDU categories and guidelines in your respective handbook

Your PMI membership can help you save up to 20% on PMI professional development courses, events and e-learning. Renew your PMI membership annually or join now to maintain access to discounts on these and other PDU-earning opportunities.

Please contact the Customer Care Centre in your region if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

PMI Customer Care

Also, even if you cannot get all the required PDU within the 3-year re-certification cycle, PMI will allow up to 1 year of grace period (termed as “suspended status”) so that you can make up for the remaining PDU. Once you have accumulated your required PDU and completed the re-certification process, your certification status will return to “active” and the extended period will be calculated from the original expiry date of your previous PMP certification cycle – that is you have less time in this re-certification cycle to collect PDU.

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Edward Chung

Edward Chung aspires to become a full-stack web developer and project manager. In the quest to become a more competent professional, Edward studied for and passed the PMP Certification, ITIL v3 Foundation Certification, PMI-ACP Certification and Zend PHP Certification. Edward shares his certification experience and resources here in the hope of helping others who are pursuing these certification exams to achieve exam success.

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9 Responses

  1. Roger Craig says:

    Hey Edward,

    Can you offer a “one stop shop” location for PDU renewal course for the PMI-ACP? I am looking to take a course that will have PDU’s falling in all 3 categories (8 each) and also cover the 30 required. Hope to find a 3 day course that can cover all of this.

    I want to prevent doing the free webinars option but may resort to this if I cannot find the appropriate course.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Shreyas says:

    hi Edward,
    I have completed my 60 PDUs and received the renewal mail similar to the one you mentioned. However when I click on the link and login I reach a certifications page which states PMP Certified. I am not able to see any link per se. Can you please help me with guidelines on how I can renew or how to approach this issue

    • Edward Chung says:

      Yes, you should be on the page which states that you are PMP Certified. There should be a button “renew” somewhere near your PMP Certification status. You can just begin renewing your PMP Certification by clicking the renew button.

  3. New PMP Holder says:

    Can I renew PMP for 30 years straight by getting multiple sets of 60 PDUs within 1 year?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Oh, PMI has a requirement that only the PDU earned in the third year in each PMP re-certification cycles can be transferred to the next PMP re-certification cycle. That means if you earn more than 60 PDUs in the first year, you are allowed to renew your PMP only only once.

      After all, the purpose of the PDU scheme is to help PMP holders to stay abreast of the latest development in the field of project management. It is for PMP holders’ interests to earn PDU gradually. Thanks!

  4. Tom says:

    Hi Edward

    congrats for your website, I took the PMP 2 months ago following your tips and working hard 🙂
    I have some doubts regarding PMP’s renewal. As far as I understood it is requested to have 60x PDUs within 3 years. Would it work if I take some courses to earn PDUs? For instance the one’s you suggested – https://edward-designer.com/web/pm-prepcast-review/

    Thank you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    With best regards

    • Edward Chung says:

      Yes, you can get 35 PDU for completing the PM PrepCast course, you will have to take a mini-quiz when you have finished the course to get the PDU certificate.

      • KARAN DEWAN says:

        Hi Edward,

        Can I renew my PMP credentiald for more than 3 years?

        Karan Dewan

      • Edward Chung says:

        No, in order to encourage PMP to continue acquiring knowledge in project management, PMI would only allow PMPs to renew the PMP credential for 3 year only (3-year re-certification cycle). Even if you can accumulate enough PDU in the first year of the cycle, you will only be able to renew for 3 years after your current cycle. Any excessive PDUs earn in the remaining 2 years will be disregarded in the new cycle (except a maximum of 20 PDUs earned in the 3rd year can be carried forward in the next cycle).