Why I Took an Online PMP Training Course Instead of PMP Bootcamp?

My considerations for choosing online PMP courses instead of PMP bootcamps.

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On January 13, 2017
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My considerations for choosing online PMP courses instead of PMP bootcamps.

why taking pmp training courses online instead of bootcamps?

If you are considering whether to get the 35 Contact Hours / PMP® Exam training through online courses or face-to-face bootcamps, this article may shed some light on you. Here I wrote about my personal experience in the search of the most suitable PMP® training for my PMP® Exam, the queries I have and why in the end I chose the online delivery mode of PMP® training course.

Note: To those who are new to PMP® Exam, the term “contact hours” may suggest “direct contact with the instructor in a classroom setting”. No. PMI actually do not limit PMP® aspirants to obtain the 35 contact hours through classrooms. PMI has endorsed a number of online training organizations with the designation “PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)”. And on-demand/online training courses offered by them are “pre-approved” to be eligible for the education requirements of the PMP®/PMI-ACP® Certification (as a proof, I passed my PMP® audit readily with a copy of the 35 Contact Hour Certificate issued by a PMI R.E.P.).

My Top Reasons for Choosing Online PMP® Courses

  • Online PMP® Courses are (almost) Guaranteed in Quality
    The quality of a PMP® training course is the most important factor to consider while deciding on which course to take. However, quality is affected by many factors, e.g. the condition of the lecturer, the composition of the students and their commitment, etc. Besides, classroom lectures usually takes a small number of students. The comments from such a small number of students may not be representative of the actual quality. As the online PMP® courses have been gone through by numerous students (over thousands), the quality can almost be said to be guaranteed. All the praises and bad words of the online courses can be easily search online. If an online PMP® course is praised by most students, you can almost be certain that it can also help you to get PMP® Certified. Also, the quality of online courses is being improved by the feedback of students.
  • Online PMP® Courses are More Flexible
    With PMP® bootcamps or other less intensive classroom PMP® courses, students would need to take leaves or even day offs from their work and other personal / family commitments to attend the classes at the fixed schedule time and location. Think of  inconvenience of having to fit your life around the available class schedule. Online PMP® courses on the other hand fits your schedule. You can study anytime when you are free — or pause when you are busy. The control is in your hands and not the lecturer’s hands. If you choose those online PMP® training courses which are downloadable (e.g. the acclaimed PM PrepCast™), you can indeed study anywhere — on the train, while running or waiting for the next meeting as long as you are having the mobile phone with you!
  • Online PMP® Courses are More Economical
    A normal in-person PMP® training course may cost you over a thousand of US dollars while online PMP® courses are just a fraction of that (usually around US$200 – 300). Plus online courses usually offer more in-depth discussion of the PMP® Exam topics as the lecture lengths are not restricted to the course schedule — the online course instructors will tailor the course length to suit the difficulty and relatively importance of each domain of the PMP® Exam. And the course instructors can also add additional lectures at their will to fill the knowledge gaps of the students if needs arise. In this sense, the online PMP® training courses offer more value than the in-person training courses.
  • Online PMP® Courses can be Taken Repeatedly (Infinitely)
    In usual classroom courses, the instructor will explain the concepts once. Should the students have doubts and ask questions, the instructor may try to explain the concept once more. However, different students may require elaborations on different aspects of the PMP® Exam syllabus. But in view of the limited classroom time, the instructor cannot repeat the concepts indefinitely. But with online PMP® courses, this is possible. Students of online PMP® courses can repeat the parts they are not sure once or more until they have completely understood the concepts. They can also refer to those sessions they have got wrong in the mock exams in order to bridge their knowledge gaps.
  • Online PMP® Courses can be Tailored for Individual’s Need
    When in a classroom, the lecturer needs to take care of the needs of all the students. However, students may proceed at different paces. The sad fact is that the classroom lectures will only be able to proceed as fast as that of the slowest student even though you may have already got it and would like to proceed to the next topic. With online PMP® courses, you can control the pace. Go slow at areas that you have not familiar while skimming through in areas that you are confident. There will be no time wasted  — you can fully utilize your own valuable time for serious study!

Some Drawbacks for Online PMP® Courses vs Bootcamp

Though online PMP® courses are my recommendation, they are not without their drawbacks:

  • Little or no interaction between the students and online PMP® course instructors — PMP® Certification Aspirants are advised to look for courses which allows access to forums and discussion boards to be answered by the instructors. It is highly advised if you can form study groups on your own to facilitate discussion and mutual help.
  • The pressure on the online course students to proceed through the course is much lower than the classroom lectures as every student will be able to proceed at their own pace without affecting others, there is a tendency for online students to “prolong” their online courses. Self discipline is very important for online learners.

My PMP® Training Experience

During my PMP® Exam preparation, I have searched the internet for almost 2 months with a view to finding the best and most cost-effective PMP® online course. It was very time consuming as there are tons of online PMP® courses available with price tag ranging from US$35 to over US$1000.

The search turns out to be fruitful as I can pass my PMP® audit as well as PMP® Exam in first try with 4 “proficient” ratings. The followings come out top of my ultimate research for the best PMP® online course:

Wish you PMP® success!

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