Lynn Li asked 2 years ago

A consolidated list of all PMP articles on the website

Hi Edward,

TL;DR Is there a page that consolidates links to all your articles directly related to PMP® topics so I don’t have to go fishing or feel I’m missing any valuable pieces of information? For example:

I really appreciate the content of your website and am using it for my studies right now. I noticed that you have written multiple articles on a number of PMP® topics (i.e., product quality vs project quality) that are extremely informative. I can find other nugget articles by clicking around on the links but I cannot seem to fly a place that has a consolidated list of all the articles you have written directly related to PMP® topics.

Is there a page that lists those articles so I can read through and reference them without having to play hide and seek via random links at the bottom of each article?

Thank you so much for your help and I apologize for the trouble.


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Edward Chung Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks Lynn, that’s a great suggestion.

Update: The list of commonly confused PMP® terms can be found here.
I am thinking of creating a page housing all the links to all the different PMP® study resources arranged by categories. Or I will be publishing a downloadable e-book on the topics like commonly confused terms for the PMP® Exam, etc.

Thanks for your feedback to let me know that what I have written is useful to fellow Aspirants — and that’s the very aim of setting up this website to assist fellow Aspirants in their PMP® journey.

Do stay tuned for updates on this. Thanks!

Wish you PMP® success!