2023 Updated PM PrepCast Coupon Code / Discount Gift Certificate

Get the discount coupon code for the PM PrepCast PMP online exam prep course — PM PrepCast coupon is also known as gift certificate

PM PrepCast Coupon Code / Discount Gift Certificate

PM PrepCast™ Coupon Code / Discount Gift Certificate

With the help of  PM PrepCast™ (a downloadable/online PMP exam prep course), I obtained the education required for the 35 PMP Contact Hours as well as the exam preparation required to pass the PMP Exam. I passed the actual exam with “Above Target” in 4 areas. In my first-hand experience, I think highly of the PM PrepCast™ as an exam preparation tool and would highly recommend fellow PMP aspirants to try PM PrepCast™ for yourself. It won’t hurt as PM PrepCast™ offers 90 days FULL refund. 🙂

The PM PrepCast™ has been completely updated to the latest PMP Exam version (i.e. the 2022 update), i.e. the All-New PrepCast 7 for PMBOK® Guide 7th edition. So, you can rest assured that you are getting the best preparation for the current exam!

We receive from time to time PM PrepCast™ discount coupon code / gift certificate from the producers of the producer of PM PrepCast™ directly. And there are also bundle offer for PM PrepCast™ and related products. This webpage will be updated immediately the offer is available (usually at the beginning of each month). So do watch out for the new coupon code here!

Note: If you are still considering whether PM PrepCast™ is for you, you might like to read my review on PM PrepCast™ (download PMP Exam Prep Course) for a more informed choice.

Note: You can enjoy the bundle offer for PM PrepCast™ and PM Exam Simulator and the discount for PM PrepCast™ as described below in November 2023. Or you may come back in December 2023 to learn the next PM PrepCast™ offer. Wish you PMP success!


PM PrepCast™ Discount Coupon & Bundle Offer

1. A total of US$148.80 Discount off The PM PrepCast™ Elite Bundle

Product: The PM PrepCast™ Elite for $428 $279.2You will get PM PrepCast™ for PMP Exam 2023 (for the new PMP Exam) . The PM PrepCast™ Elite” bundle includes PMP Exam Prep online course which will give you the required 35 Contact Hours and 2280+ PMP mock exam questions. This bundle is ideal for Aspirants who would need the contact hours as well as exam prep to excel in the PMP Exam. If purchased separately, the PM PrepCast™ and the PMP Exam Simulator will cost US$428. If you purchase together, you will be able to save $79.

  1. Copy the gift-certificate for PM PrepCast™ Elite Nov23
  2. Click here to go to the website of PM PrepCast™ Elite
  3. Add the PM PrepCast™ Elite to cart and proceed to checkout
  4. After filling in your personal data, click “Confirm and Proceed to Payment” .
  5. Paste the coupon code in the “Apply Discount Code” field and click apply discount.
  6. Pay and you will receive PM PrepCast™ Elite in no time!

Order PM PrepCast™ Elite NOW

Validity of the PM PrepCast™ Elite Offer: 01 Nov 2023 – 30 Nov 2023

This bundle is ideal for those who have just begun the PMP exam journey. You will get the required 35 Contact Hour Certificate as well as 1800 2280+ (new questions on Agile/Hybrid project management added) PMP practice exam questions (in 4 Full PMP exams + 1 ITTO exam). Wish you PMP success!

Note: The 35 Contact Hour is valid forever even in case the PMP Exam is changing.

Once purchased, you will get:

  • the PM PrepCast™ downloadable files are yours forever
  • the PM Exam Simulator has an access period of 90 days which begins from the first day you access the PM Exam Simulator (NOT from the day you make the purchase). Since it usually takes around 2-3 months for most PMP Exam candidates to finish the study and pass the exam, 90 days access is more than enough. In case you find the time not sufficient, you have the option to extend the access period by 30 days for $19.99 / 60 days for $29.99.

Order PM PrepCast™ + PM Exam Simulator >>

Over 50,000 PMP aspirants have made use of PM PrepCast™ and bundle for their PMP Exam Prep. And I am one of those who passed the PMP Exam on the first attempt.

For your peace of mind, PM PrepCast™ offers no-question 30 days FULL refund. The only condition is that you have not taken the final exam and generated the 35 Contact Hour/PDU Certificate.

I never took advantage of the refund as I am 100% satisfied with the PM PrepCast™.

2. US$55.80 Discount off The PM PrepCast™ Basic

Product: The PM PrepCast™ for $279 $223.2You will get PM PrepCast™ for PMP Exam 2023 (for the new PMP Exam) which is the PMP Exam Prep online course which will give you the required 35 Contact Hours.

  1. Copy the gift-certificate for PM PrepCast™ Basic Nov23
  2. Click here to go to the website of PM PrepCast™ Basic
  3. Add the PM PrepCast™ Elite to cart and proceed to checkout
  4. After filling in your personal data, click “Confirm and Proceed to Payment” .
  5. Paste the coupon code in the “Apply Discount Code” field and click apply discount.
  6. Pay and you will receive PM PrepCast™ Basic in no time!

Order PM PrepCast™ Basic NOW

Validity of the PM PrepCast™ Basic Offer: 01 Nov 2023 – 30 Nov 2023

Note: The 35 Contact Hour is valid forever even in case the PMP Exam is changing.

Once purchased, you will get:

  • the PM PrepCast™ downloadable files are yours forever

3. Extra US$78.80 Discount off The PM PrepCast™ Elite PLUS bundle

  • 20% off the regular price of $389.00
  • Discounted price: $311.20
  • Sales Date: 01 November 2023 to 30 November 2023
  • Copy the gift-certificate for PM PrepCast™ Elite Plus Nov23 and go and order the PM PrepCast™ Elite Plus Bundle!

4. PMP Exam Simulator Discount Coupon Code

Comparison of the PM PrepCast™ and the PM PrepCast™ Elite Bundle

a comparison of the PM PrepCast and the PM PrepCast Elite Bundle

a comparison of the PM PrepCast™ and the PM PrepCast™ Elite Bundle

Order PM PrepCast™ + PM Exam Simulator >>

* If you find this PMP Exam Prep product suitable and if you enjoy my PMP articles, please consider buying it through the links on this page. I will earn a small commission (at NO extra cost to you) to sustain my website costs. Thank you!

About PM PrepCast™ Coupon

The publisher of PM PrepCast™ issues monthly “discount coupon” for PM PrepCast™ or other PMP products. The discount coupon offer is different for each month. Do check back at the beginning of each month for the updated PM PrepCast™ coupon.

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Edward Chung

Edward Chung aspires to become a full-stack web developer and project manager. In the quest to become a more competent professional, Edward studied for and passed the PMP Certification, ITIL v3 Foundation Certification, PMI-ACP Certification and Zend PHP Certification. Edward shares his certification experience and resources here in the hope of helping others who are pursuing these certification exams to achieve exam success.

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103 Responses

  1. Rita says:

    Hello Edward,

    Thank you for all the information shared. I am considering to start the preparation for my PMP exam and as you mentioned, i would like to help you with the website by using the coupon for the Prep Cast. Nevertheless, the link through an error. Can you please review?



  2. JJ says:

    there is no $50off any more for elite bundle? I cannot find any code to use from your article….

  3. Helki says:

    Unfortunately, they don’t have this course anymore. Per PMI guidelines, they have to do live training only. It’s just sad that it Is extremely expensive just to get the course. 🙁

  4. Helki says:

    Hello. I am looking to get my 35 contact hours so I can apply for PMP. However I am not seeing that PrepCast course in that website. And prices are wayyyy high like$1999? Thanks for your reply

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry Helki, the PM PrepCast is no longer on offer in 2021 owing to a policy change of PMI. PMI does not allow online courses takers to claim the 35 Contact Hours now. Instead, only the instructor-led courses approved by PMI will do (that’s the $1999 price tag one).

  5. Philip says:

    Hi, I am filling out the PMI application and planning to write PMP before change in Jan 2021 and I shall be following your advice by using Prepcast Elite.

    Would you think it will be too late for me to apply for Dec exam?
    How can I get the Prepcast couple code?


  6. Ku nan says:

    Any oct coupon for exam simulator only ? 🙂

  7. Nabi says:

    I am planning to purchase the PMP exam simulator only and would like to check if there will be a new offer for October 2020. Thanks

  8. Sheila Meyer says:

    Hi, is there a coupon for Prepcast for August purchase?

  9. Kyu Lee says:

    Any coupon code for August 2020?

  10. Vin says:

    Do you have a coupon for the CAPM prep elite? I tried the May20 code and it doesn’t seem to work.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry Vin, the code May20 is for the PM PrepCast Elite, not the CAMP PrepCast Elite. There is currently no coupon codes for CAPM prep elite.

      Anyway, wish you CAPM success!

  11. Neil says:

    Hi, when selecting the link you provided above (https://www.project-management-prepcast.com/pmp-exam/the-pm-prepcast) PrepCast Elite still shows prices of $299. How do I get the $199 price as mentioned?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry, there should be some misunderstanding. The elite package has a retail price of $428 if you purchase the two products separately. However, with the bundle, you can get it for $299 (not $139 which is the price for PMP Exam Simulator).

      But you are in luck now as PM PrepCast offers a coupon code for May 2020 in which you can get an extra $30 off!

      Wish you PMP success!

  12. James says:

    Hi Edward, do you have coupon for PM Exam Simulator only? thank you

  13. Ajo Mathew says:

    HI Edwards,

    Thanks for all the details and sharing your journey with us. It surely motivates and helps us in my journey towards earning PMP.

    I have a question regarding becoming a member of PMI. Is it necessary to be a member of the local chapter, which is an additional 30$. Any advantages to this?

  14. Jason says:

    Hello Edward, is there a coupon similar to blackfriday for elite in Dec or Jan?

  15. Vinitha says:

    Need coupons for nov 2019 for prepcast elite along with price

  16. May says:

    Where can I get the coupon for August? Thank you

  17. Shooq says:

    Hi i need update coupons in Prepcast please

  18. Sambeet says:

    Hi Edward
    How can I get the discount coupon code for Elite package ( PM Prepcast+ Simulator) in June 2019

  19. sandeep says:

    Hello Edward
    Thank you for your support and help in all aspect of the PMP certification.
    Do you have any coupon code for PM Exam Simulator 2.0?
    Please let me know

  20. Daniel says:

    Hi Edward,

    I just purchased the PM Prep Cast simulator using your link. Thanks for all of the great study resources! I visit your site often.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Daniel,

      You have made a wise choice. Just practise using PM Exam Simulator as often as you like as it contains tons of great mock exam questions. If you can score about 75%, you are good to go! Wish you PMP success!

  21. Pooja says:

    How Can I get the Discount for PM Exam Simulator for Feb 2019.

  22. Casey Kok says:

    Hi Edward,
    Thanks for the great resources sharing on PMI certification. I would like to know when will the PM PrepCast coupon for Jan 2019 be released?

  23. Rita says:

    Hi Edward,

    How can I access the November coupon for the Prepcast Elite package? Please help.

  24. FABIOLA FLORES says:

    Hello Edward, I’m trying to get the coupon code for AUGUST 2018; and I don’t seem to find it in your site. I’ve done the FREE week mock up exams and it seemed very useful. I already have my PDU hours as I did a bootcamp last september, but didn’t pass the test then. I think I have to review the lectures, and do more testing. Do you think it’s worth it to re-watch all the lectures? I am also trying to practice on my weak areas… Please advise and let me know if there is a coupon for Aug. 2018. Thanks in advance!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry, there are no coupon codes for PM PrepCast for the month of Aug 2018. You can, however, purchase the PM Exam Simulator (i.e. 8 mock exams) at a discount with coupon code (https://edward-designer.com/web/capm-exam-simulator-coupon-code/).

      If you have already gotten the PDUs, I would suggest the most effective way to brush up your knowledge is through trying more mock exams and understanding why you have got the answers wrong/right. After all, this would help you strengthen your ability to choose the right answers more than watching the lectures again. If you are seriously in doubt of some topics, you can ten re-watch those areas only. This would save you much time. Just my two cents.

      Wish you PMP success!

  25. deb says:

    Hi Ed, I completed through reading of the pmbok guide. I am following udemy course and mock tests, but not getting more than 70% but getting 50-60%.. Now I am tensed. Shall I buy pm prepcast – Any advise? My exam is in next 9 days.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Deb,

      Getting 50-60% in mock tests may stand a thin chance to pass the PMP Exam. But you have to consider the stress you have during the exam that may drag down your performance. Just my two cents: if I were you, I would postpone the exam and reading an extra PMP Exam prep book (more details here: https://edward-designer.com/web/pmp-study-resources-pmbok-pmp-guide-plus-practice-exams/) + working on more mock exams until you can get more than 70%. Yes, postponing the exam now will incur extra costs, but you will be much better prepared for the exam with the extra time available. Of course, it is up to you to decide.

      Wish you PMP success!

  26. Mohammed Aboobacker Thiruvattuthodi says:

    PMP Prepcast elite coupon JUN18 is not working. Can you please check. Or shall i wait for July?

    • Edward Chung says:

      New coupon code added. Sorry not for PM PrepCast Elite this time. May need to wait for August, but cannot be sure if a coupon code will be provided.

  27. Upasana says:

    Is there a coupon available for PMI ACP as well?

  28. Lucky says:

    Any coupon code for Feb 2018 please?

  29. Ng Ka Leung says:


    Would that be too late to start for pmp precast now before the new syllabus rolling out in q1 2018.

    • Edward Chung says:

      The new PMP Exam will only be practised from 26 Mar 2018, there is still plenty of time (more than 4 months) to get well prepared for the current PMP Exam. It usually takes 2 months for a beginner to pass the PMP Exam.

      Wish you PMP success!

  30. Krishna says:

    Hello Edward,

    I was initially planning for taking instructor led classroom training for PMP. But after coming across your website, I am thinking of purchasing PM Prepcast instead of classroom training. Have a question on the coupon code. Does the discount of coupon code apply on the $265 or is it after the coupon code discount that the price is $265?

    Thank you,

    • Edward Chung says:

      Taking an online course was definitely one of the best decision for my PMP Exam. I am sure you will find the same.
      $265 is currently the best price for the PM PrepCast + Exam simulator bundle.

      Wish you PMP success!

  31. Vijay says:

    Hi Edward,

    Sincere Thanks for making this website which has lot of quite impressive PMP information and encouraging oneself to get certified for PMP 🙂
    Appreciate all your efforts!! I am also planning to appear during 2017, please advise whether to take Aug 17 PMP PrepCast offer or wait for Sep 17?
    And also advise on Amazon books 4 listed above, which are mandatory to buy to clear PMP along with PMP PrepCast bundle? Thanks in advance!

    Thanks and Regards,

  32. Vanessa says:

    Where did you see that PM Prepcast is PMI R.E.P. approved? I searched for PM Prepcast on PMI’s approved REP list, but couldn’t find them. Are they under a different name? Thanks for all this info – it’s very helpful!

  33. Shiv says:

    Hello Edward,

    Are you a real person because from the sound of things, it seems that you are an employee of PrepCast and devoted to more on advertising PrepCast than anything else?

    My Intention is not to discount the apparent effectiveness of PrepCast, it is more on the side of due diligence as I don’t like getting trapped by internet gimmicks.

    Please Advise

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Shiv,

      I am a real person and you can see a picture of my family with 3 kids here:

      I have absolutely NO AFFILIATION with the company of PM PrepCast. I live in Hong Kong and is currently working as a web designer (see here for my sharing on website coding, etc.: https://edward-designer.com/web/web/ ). PM PrepCast is based in the U.S.

      *But I really have high praise for PM PrepCast* as it helped me with the PMP Exam while I was still wondering where to begin. I just could not have enough time nor money to sit a PMP bootcamp. PM PrepCast was there to save me (a bit exaggerated but it is real). I finally passed the PMP Exam with 4 P and 1 MP. If someone saved you

      However, I must also stress that going through the PM PrepCast alone will NOT make you an instant PMP – you will likely fail the exam if you just rely on PM PrepCast. I did read the PMBOK Guide twice, read Andy Crowe book and did a lot of practice exam questions.

      Hope you get to know me more with the above. Do let me know if you have any further queries.

      Wish you PMP success!

  34. CDay says:

    Hi Edward, is there a coupon for June? If not, do you anticipate one in July? Thank you!

  35. Queenie says:

    Dear Edward,

    I would like to purchase the bundle, may I know if I need a discount coupon or not ? Or if the bundle price is already discounted ?


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Queenie,

      You have made a great choice for choosing the PM PrepCast. Please note that the bundle price is already the discounted price.

      Wish you PMP success!

  36. Fadi says:

    Hi Edward,

    Great contribution indeed.
    I am planning to go for Prepcast, I am slightly unsure about the coup benefits. Original site shows $265 (elite) too.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Fadi,

      Yes, that’s the bundle offer for PM PrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator. I highly recommend this bundle as you will get 1800+ quality mock exam questions that are proven to be very helpful for PMP Aspirants.

      Wish you PMP success!

  37. AK SINT says:

    Dear Edward,
    Any discount coupon for May 2017? If I buy bundle, will there be any coupon? 🙂

    • Edward Chung says:

      Just updated the coupon code for the PM PrepCast Basic only. Sorry that there is no further discount for the PM PrepCast + Exam Simulator bundle. However, I still highly recommend the later as it provides the most comprehensive exam prep materials for your preparation.

      Wish you PMP success!

      • AK SINT says:

        Dear Edward,
        Thanks for the advice. 🙂 I’m gearing up for it.

  38. Wing says:

    Dear Edward
    Any coupon for April ?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry, there is currently no coupon code for PM PrepCast this month. Maybe you can come back again in may for the latest code. Thanks!

      • Paul Jose says:

        Hi Edward,

        Any Coupon code for PM PrepCast + Exam Simulator bundle. Currently I am an MBA student and it would be really great full if you could provide me with a coupon code.

      • Edward Chung says:

        Sorry not in May 2017. But you may wait for June 2017 to see whether we will have one at that time (the producer of PM PrepCast + Exam Simulator only offers a discount code for ONE of its products each month).

        Anyway, the PM PrepCast is a great tool for exam prep. Wish you PMP success!

  39. Indira Padmalayam says:

    I tried the code “Mar17” to get the discount but it didn’t work. I copy/pasted it. It says “invalid code” Could you please tell me what to do?
    Thank you

    • Edward Chung says:

      I have tried myself and the PM PrepCast Elite discount coupon “Mar17” can be validated. Please try again or just type the words: Mar17 into the field to try again. Please let me know if you need further assistance on applying coupon codes.

      Wish you PMP success!

  40. Dino says:

    Is there any discount on PM Exam Simulator?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry Dino, no discount coupon codes for Jan 2017. May be come back in Feb 2017 to see if the PM Exam Simulator is on discount that month.

      Wish you PMP success!

  41. Rajvinder Mann says:


    Is there any discount coupon I can use to purchase PrepCast Elite?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry, there is no discount coupon for PM Prepcast Elite in May 2016. Please come back in June 2016 to watch out for the new promotion coupon code. Thanks!

  42. PMP says:

    Hi Edward,

    I’m interested in PM exam simulation only. any discount?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry PMP, the publisher of PM Exam Simulator does not offer any discount coupon code for the month of March. Maybe you can come back on 1 Apr to look for the updated discount offer but I am not sure if that’s for PM Exam Simulator.


  43. Matt says:

    Hi Edward,
    Should I simply click on the Orange box of “Order PM Prepcast +PM Exam Simulator” above to make a order so that you could get the “commission”?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Thanks a lot for your support and comment. Yes, simply click the orange box of “Order PM PrepCast +PM Exam Simulator” and at the PM PrepCast page scroll down and click “Order Now” again (sorry for asking you to click the order button again as this is mandated by PM PrepCast : P) and choose the “PM PrepCast Elite”. You will also be able to get 18% discount of the normal retail price of US$279.98.

      Thanks for your contribution and wishing you PMP success!

  44. Aaron Jennings says:

    Edward, I’m looking for a current discount code. I thought Dec15 was worth a shot (invalid).

  45. ds says:

    The Nov 15 is saying invalid even though today is Nov 30th. Now what?

  46. AR says:

    Ed, any discount code for just the exam stimulator?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry, there is no discount coupon code for exam simulator in 2015 Sep. Maybe you can come back at the beginning of next month to check out the latest offer from PM PrepCast. Thanks!

  47. AJ says:

    Hi Edward,

    Will there be an offer for the PM prepcast and Simulator in September?

  48. James says:

    Sorry, I figured it out: I need to use “Jun15” as the coupon code. Disregard my previous reply.

  49. James says:

    Hi, I’m trying to take advantage of the June 2015 discount offer. But when I go https://edward-designer.com/web/pm-prepcast-review/, I just get redirected to the PM Prepcast homepage. How do I get the discount offer?

  50. Lenny says:

    The bundle offer on PM prepcast and Simulator is not valid. Has this expired? or simply not up-to-date?

  51. Peter Cumming says:

    My money is a bit tight do you know what March specials may be on prepcast and anything bundled?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Peter,
      Sorry that the publisher of PM PrepCast has not provided the information to me yet. You are invited to visit this page again in March. Let’s wait and see.

      • Lindsey says:

        I see that there was a code for 10% off for March, and so it has expired. Is there a code for April, other than the discounted bundle price? I just want the PrepCast, not the bundle.

      • Edward Chung says:

        Hi Lindsey,

        Sorry that the discount coupon for PM PrepCast is valid for March 2015 only. The publisher of the PM PrepCast will give a new offer each month. This page will be updated once the new offer is received. Please come back at the beginning of next month to get the new offer. Thanks!