How to Know if You Are Ready for the PMP Exam ? Hint: Free PMP Mock Exam Questions w/w Benchmark

PMP Exam Tips and Free Study Resources: here is a list of quality PMP mock exams I have taken which are very similar to the real PMP Exam!

PMP Mock Exams - free PMP exam questions and paid options

Hi fellow Aspirants, if you have just begun your PMP® journey and would like to learn more about the PMP® Certification Exam,  exam prep and cost-saving tips, please visit my PMP® Exam guidance page here. Most of the materials and info given out in my website are free of cost (excluding the recommended courses/books/mock exams to be purchased from 3rd-party publishers which I have made use of during my PMP® Exam journey).

How Useful Are PMP® Mock Exams in the Estimation of Your Exam Readiness for the Real PMP® Exam?

Every Aspirants would like to pass the PMP® Exam in first try, won’t they? That’s why being fully prepared for the actual exam is one of the top priorities any PMP® students would like to achieve before actually taking the exam (who would like to go through the whole 4-hour exam ordeal once again?!).

That’s why one of the most frequent question Aspirants will ask is: am I exam-ready (i.e. can I write the exam now or later)? It is NOT ONLY a waste of time and money if you take the actual exam when you are still not ready yet, think of the enormous pressure you have to endure sitting 4 hours before the screen and 15 seconds of the blank screen for the result to appear at the end of the exam. ALL Aspirants would like to pass the exam in the first attempt without having to go through it again!

But, how to tell if you are actually ready for the PMP® exam (i.e. how to know if you can pass the real PMP® Exam on the first attempt)?

According to the experience of many exam takers, quality mock exams (simulators/exam banks) help a lot, especially if the mock exams are to be carried out in a simulated environment with a timer similar to the real exam! This is one of the top tips I would offer to fellow aspirants!

I searched the internet a lot for my exam prep in the hope of finding the best mock exams. Below is the list of suggested free PMP® sample exam questions for aspirants to test their exam readiness. And I find the results are a pretty good indicator for the actual exam performance. From the feedback I received, many Aspirants share the same experience too! Best of all, they are FREE!

Note: I passed the exam with 4 Above Targets and 1 Target, here is my study tips, free resources and study notes (updated for the new PMP® Exam 2019).

How Useful Are these PMP® Mock Exams for the new PMP® Exam in 2019?

The lessons learned of Monika Sharma, PMP® and many others tell us that these mock exams are still very useful to test your PMP® knowledge in 2019 and beyond (of course, it is highly advisable to purchase additional mock exam questions banks [e.g. PM Exam Simulator –my first-hand review of the PMP® Exam Simulator can be found here] that contains questions based on the current PMP® Exam version).

The list of free quality mock PMP® Exam questions below have been updated for the PMP® Exam in 2019.


List of Free Quality Mock PMP® Exam Questions for 2019

Note: the following list has been / will be updated for the NEW PMP® Exam (based on PMBOK® Guide 6th edition)

List of Free Sample Questions / Test Questions Bank for the new PMP® Exam 2019
No. Question Banks Question No. My First-time Results
1 Oliver Lehmann (Online) 100Q 80%
2 Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) 20Q 85%
3 Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam
200Q 80%
4 Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q 82.8%
5 Edwel Mock Exam 75Q 85%
6 PM Study Mock Exam (discontinued) 200Q 79%
7 GreyCampus Mock Exam 200Q 83%

Note: After my exam, I have posted my top tips on EVM questions with many mock exam questions that would be useful to Aspirants finding EVM questions difficult. Hope this will be useful for you too!

Remark: please note that the Oliver Lehmann downloadable PDF mock exam is considered more difficult than the rest of the exams on the list. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot score over 75% on this one alone. Experiences from fellow Aspirants have proved that you can pass even with 75% or over in Oliver Lehmann downloadable PDF mock exam as it asks for additional knowledge from other project management books (the answer explanations often cite other reference titles of the exam than the PMBOK® Guide).

As a benchmark, I passed the PMP® Exam on the first try with the following results:

My Proficiency Levels according to Domains
Domain Name “Proficiency” Performance Level “Target” Performance Level (Estimated)
 Initiation  Proficient  Above Target
 Planning  Proficient  Above Target
 Executing  Proficient  Above Target
 Monitoring and Controlling  Proficient  Above Target
 Closing  Moderately Proficient  Target

I hope that the information provided above may serve as a benchmark for your estimation of your exam results. These exams are absolutely free (though some require registration) and are more than enough for your mock exam needs if you can score anywhere above 80% in the first attempt. All the questions are of very high qualities and the explanations to the answers are very detailed. If you are tight on exam budget, just exploit the above free PMP® exam questions for your exam success!

And from the feedback of many Aspirants (you may read some of those from the comments below), it is proved that the list and the benchmarks from the PMP® mock exams listed above are still relevant to aspirants nowadays. And best of all, they are mostly free, why not try them before the actual exam?

Other free resources on this website:


How to know if you are ready for taking the real PMP® exam? – by looking at your mock exam results!

As a rule of thumb proposed by many prep books and materials, if you can consistently score above 75% for all mock exam questions you have tackled for the first time, it is safe to say that you stand a very high chance of passing the PMP® exam.

This has been tested with numerous Aspirants and this is true most of the time. If you can score over 75% on quality mock exams, you are ready to sit for the exam now!

Yes, a pass is a pass in the exam as the certificate will not disclose whether you score all moderately proficient or proficient. At the time of my preparation, I would like to dig deeper in order to understand how my mock exam results correlate with the actual “proficiency level” of the exam.

That’s why I wrote this post for fellow Aspirants. Above is the list of free/cheap exam questions I have tackled during my preparation for the PMP® Exam and my first-time results for those sample exams. Trying the same exam 2 or 3 times is often good for practice, but if you would like to assess whether you are exam ready, remember to evaluate only with your first-time results.

Though the practice exams listed above are free, the quality is superb. If you are already well prepared for the exam, you can just rely on the free resources below to help you pass the certification exam without difficulties.

All these practice questions / simulators come with answers and detailed explanations for each mock exam question. It is highly advisable for Aspirants to read all the answer explanations for every mock exam questions (not matter you get the answer right or wrong) in order to discover any knowledge gaps in your exam study.

Normally Aspirants will only read the answer explanations for those questions they have got wrong. However, reading every answers and explanation for mock exams / simulators is just like giving you another chance to go over the PMBOK® Guide or other exam prep guides. I know this would take a much long time but this exam prep strategy has helped me a lot for my passing the PMP® exam in first attempt.

This is the remarks of a visitor of this website, Sita Tangirala, who made use of the benchmark results to “forecast” the real exam results:

I tried my best to get your scores during my mock exams, bought PM Exam Simulator but only wrote 3 tests got 76-80% in them, then Head First got 76%, then Oliver’s 175 I got 64%. Yesterday I compared my results to your scores (which I got around 5 to 10% less) and I though I might be getting moderately proficient in all the areas. Today I wrote the exam. I passed with 4 MPs and a below proficient in planning (yes, one can pass the PMP® Exam with 1 or 2 below proficient rating). Based on my experience, your mock scores are really a very good benchmark to analyse the individual performance in the real exam.

If you still have any queries on the exam, do feel free to ask me by leaving your comments below and I will attend to your questions as soon as possible.


Need More PMP® Practice / Sample Questions / Test Banks beyond the Free PMP® Mock Exams?

However, if you are still not sure and would like to get more hands-on experience to be better prepared for the real PMP® exam (just like me!), you might like to check out the PM Exam Simulator with 8 FULL PMP® sample exams (1600 questions).

The unique feature of the PMP® Exam Simulator allowing you to discuss with a qualified Trainer on any questions from within the simulator alone justifies the cost  (my review of the PMP® Exam Simulator 2.0 here).

The PM Exam Simulator is created by the publisher of the PM PrepCast™ (which I used to prepare my exam successfully). The quality of the sample exam question bank is very good and has been thoroughly updated for the latest PMBOK® Guide. The user interface looks much like that of the real exam and the level of difficulties is somewhat on par with real exam questions (some said it is a bit more difficulty). So, after tackling these 8 full sample exams in addition to the free PMP® practice exam questions provided above, you will be more confident in taking the real exam!

Wish you PMP® success!

Hope this resource will help you with your exam preparation. If you find PM Exam Simulator suitable and if you enjoy my articles, please consider buying it though the links on this page. I will earn a small commission (at NO extra cost to you) to sustain my website costs. Thank you.

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Edward Chung

Edward Chung aspires to become a full-stack web developer and project manager. In the quest to become a more competent professional, Edward studied for and passed the PMP Certification, ITIL v3 Foundation Certification, PMI-ACP Certification and Zend PHP Certification. Edward shares his certification experience and resources here in the hope of helping others who are pursuing these certification exams to achieve exam success.

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698 Responses

  1. Kuntal says:

    Hi Edward,

    Wanted to thank you for all the efforts that you have put in your website, which is a massive resource for upcoming Project Managers.

    Am so glad to share with you that I have passed PMP exam. I was extremely nervous the day before the exam and even right upto the first hour into the exam as the questions seem to be so difficult and complex. I found that the questions were short and answers were long! Somewhat opposite to what I have seen in the practice tests. Anyways, I made it!

    Appreciate everyone’s input here and tonnes of thanks to you – Your Brain Dump was an amazing idea!

    With lots of gratitude,

    Thanks again,

  2. Isha says:

    Hi Edward,

    As of yesterday, I passed my PMP exam with the below results :
    Initiating – Above Target
    Planning – Above Target
    Executing – Above Target
    Monitoring & Controlling – Above Target
    Closing – Target

    I am attempted a few mock tests shared by you and the results were as below :
    Oliver Lehmann (Online) – 76%
    Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) – 75%,45%,65%
    Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) – 70%
    Other Mocks Tests by my Training Institute – 80% and above

    Sometimes I felt disappointed with my results but I persisted with other great materials on your website.
    Your notes on each Knowledge Area were of great help in revision and the links that you share cover almost all the important topics for the PMP exam. I revised them thoroughly and it helped me a lot at the last minute as I was too nervous even till the last moment of the exam.

    All in all, I would thank you for helpful website. Please keep doing the good work of providing guidance beyond the PMBOK and other books.

    Isha Shukla

  3. Kuntal says:

    Dear Edward,
    First of all, you have done an amazing job in putting up this website for the PMP fraternity. Its really your kindness!

    Am wondering to have your thoughts as to which paid mock tests would you recommend? I have given the free mock tests that are listed on your website and have scored around 60 – 70% and feel the need of giving more tests before the real one.

    Kindly suggest.

    (Apologies if you find this message in duplication as I have posted this somewhere else also on your website – on a different webpage)

  4. Moiz Ali says:

    Hello Edward,

    Such a great and informative article. It helps me a lot for passing my PMP Certification dumps. PMP Practice Exams are one of the major reasons to pass out the PMP Exams Questions. Your information helps me a lot. I really appreciate it.
    Especially, your benchmarking tips helped me a lot in my preparation.

    Thank you for your help.

    Moiz Ali

  5. ASWATHY says:

    Hello Edward,

    Thank you so much for your website.
    I have passed PMP exam on my first try with below grades:

    Initiating = Above Target
    Planning = Above Target
    Execution = Target
    Monitoring & Controlling = Above Target
    Closing = Below Target

    Your bench marking tips helped me a lot in my preparation.
    Also the Comparison of Confusing Terms, Glossary and EVM Formulas.
    You are doing a great job here by giving guidance to PMP aspirants.

    My Mock scores are below for other aspirants to refer:

    Oliver Lehmann (Online) 100Q = 71.00%
    Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) 20Q = 75.00%
    Simplilearn Paid PMP® Mock Exam 200Q = 77.00%
    Edwel Mock Exam 75Q = 73.00%
    GreyCampus Mock Exam 200Q = 62.50%

    Thank you so much once again!


  6. Manoj Sarma says:

    Hi Edward,

    Good day!

    Your website has been very helpful to me for planning my preparation strategy and following the right sources to understand the concepts well. RMC Exam prep 9th edition has very detailed explainatin of all the knowledge areas plus addition of your PMP study notes helped in understanding each and every concept for answering MCQ’s in the exam. I gave two practice exams intially using grey campus and scored 58% and 70%. I was little nervous before taking the exam but a break of 7 minutes for every hour during the exam made me much comfortable and helped me to stay focused in the examination. I was able to finish the exam in 3.30 hrs and passed the examination in my first attempt. Here is my proficiency in each group:

    Initiating = Above target
    Planing = Above target
    Executing = Above target
    Control = Target
    Closing = Target

    Thanks for your help!

  7. ASWATHY says:

    Hello Edward,

    My exam date in October 24th.
    I’m using your website for my study references and performance bench marking.
    I have done online training with Simplilearn and 5 paid Mock tests and the last tow I scored 70% and 77%.
    Free Mock test from PM Precast and Edwel scores are : 75%, 73% respectively.
    I’m using only PMBOK for my study purpose.
    Today I came to know that you have used Andy Crowe PMP Preparation book.
    My Question: Do I need to buy that at this point of time? Or continue with PMBOK and other references from your website?
    I’m writing this as I’m little bit worried about my Mock test score.
    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Aswathy,

      Andy Crowe is just like a summary list of the PMBOK Guide. It would be great if you have it but it is okay considering your mock exam results. Just keep on doing more mock exams at the moment and have a good rest the day before the exam.

      Can’t wait to hear your great news!

  8. Desmond says:

    Hi Edward,

    I have passed PMP exam on my first attempt. All of your materials are very helpful to me.
    Thank you very much to you.

  9. Kevin says:

    Hello Edward,

    I would like to say that your website helped me a lot to pass my pmp exam. I was able to pass my exam on the first attemp.

    I read through your study notes, bought Andy crowe prep book, and did 3 full test to prepare. I was able to commit myself fully since I was on parental leave. I am grateful to my wife for her support.

    Here is a resume that lead me to being successful.
    1. I enroll to my local chapter for a 35 hours prep class. Very useful and tips to prepare my application and questions types. I made sure to read the chapters before attending each class.
    2. A bought myself a prep book (Andy crowe)
    3. Applied to the PMP after the class
    4. Commit for a date for my exam. (5 months after application approved without audit)
    5. Due to the arrival of our second kid, I was not able to study the first 3 months.
    6. I develop a study plan during that period.
    7. 2 full reading of pmbok and 1 reading of Andy crowe
    8. Read Edward study notes.
    9. Practice my brain dump sheet
    10. 2 weeks before the exam I did Andy crowe full test.
    11. I was panicking with my result. I then read ALL questions answer right or wrong.
    12. Did grey campus full exam. 65%. I read all wrongly answered questions and looked at my knowledge area with worst score.
    13. Went through Andy crowe book again. And I quickly read pmbok
    14. I did Oliver PDF 200 ? And scored 69.5%. I was happy my scoring was going up!
    15. Two days before the exam I did Oliver online test and got 74%.
    16. Went golfing the day before

    Finally, I passed the exam with the following.

    Initiating = below target
    Planing = above target
    Executing = above target
    Control = target
    Closing = above target

    Thanks again Edward, I hope my comment will prove to others that you can succeed without scoring 80+ in the mocking exam.

  10. Anurati Saha says:

    Hi Edward,
    Firstly, thank you for creating such an awesome website with all the information required.
    I just bought PMP Exam simulator from PMTraining. PMP Prepcast was too expensive. I just want to practice questions close to the real exam. Does PMTraining questions have the real standard? Can you please let me know your feedback on PMTraining? It will really give me the confidence to prepare. Please let me know.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry Anurati, as I did not use PMTraining for my exam prep, I cannot judge its quality. But more practice is better than none, do make full use of the exam simulator for your PMP success!

  11. Joseph says:

    Hi Edward,

    I am planning to take my PMP exam in end August 2019, can you give me some techniques on how i will pass for my 1st attempt. And if you had some questions and answer that i can used for reviewing.


  12. Kenya says:

    I just wanted to Thank You. Today I passed my exam with Above Target in all domains! I am so happy I discovered this website. On your advice, I did several of the practice tests you listed here. I was discouraged at first because my scores were not as high but as you indicated, it was possible to still pass. I do so with flying colors. I believe it was the practice of several questions that made the difference.

  13. Samantha T. says:

    Hi Edward,

    I submitted my PMP application and have been selected for an audit in which they requested I verify my contact hours, experience, and education. Will PMI contact my references during the audit process once I’ve submitted all the materials?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Usually not. My references did not receive any calls from PMI during my PMI audit. I suppose they will only contact your references with your permission. But in most cases, having the signed experience verification forms is enough.

      Wish you PMP success!

  14. Matthew S. says:

    I completed the simplilearn practice exam but it seems like the site is not functioning properly. I gave them my contact info and checked the policy before hitting begin test but I cannot get the results from the exam or the answers. Is this site down now?

  15. Snehal says:

    Hi Edward,

    I cleared PMP Certification exam few days before. Your PMP material helped me in great way!!
    Big thanks to you!!

  16. Thomas B. says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you very much for your blog, which has been extremely helpful to prepare the PMP exam.
    I’ve studied the PMBOK and then praticed with the free sample questions listed on this page (following your advise of reading the answer explanations for every mock exam questions even the right ones).
    As a benchmark, my first time results for the mock exams (listed above) were between 72%-79% and I passed the PMP exam with “Above Target” for each domain except Closing (with I got “Below Target”).

    Thank you again for the great help!


  17. Hi, I am preparing for exam since arround 2 months and found you web site just today where my target to enter exam next week :()
    I did one of the test today you mention above Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam, and got 84.
    Thanks a lot for very detail and well prepared information for the exam.
    I am planning to not prepare any braindump, or very limited, and will document it if i see a related question about it.
    like if i see question about power grid, i will document it, otherwise i belive it will be waste of time.
    hope my strategy will work 🙂
    10 days left to Exam :()

  18. vapula says:

    I passed my PMP exam on 1st attempt earlier this year.
    Lots of thanks to Vapula for helping with studies and directing me to this site and other resources.
    The practice questions mentioned above really helped me. Especially the Oliver Lehmann (both Online and Pdf) GreyCampus Mock Exam, and Simplilearn. I don’t remember my precise scores for the mock exams but I know I didn’t score upto 70% on most of them. So for those folks who are scared because they can’t get to 85%, my opinion is that you can still make it as the actual exam was not as though as those mock exams – but then, may be I was lucky. So its better to study and practice as much as you can.

  19. Shirley says:

    Hi Edward,

    I passed PMP today. Thank you so much for sharing so much useful materials and tips. I found them very useful and I would not pass without your help!

    Once again, thank you! 謝謝你!

    All the best to you and your lovely family!


  20. Abraham says:

    Hi Edward,

    I’m elated to inform you that I passed the PMP exam in my first sitting with 4 Above Targets and 1 Below Target (Closing). Stumbling on your site really made a tremendous difference with the different quality materials and links to Mock exams. I did rescheduled the exams thrice due to personal and business commitments but had to face the exam today and fortunately scaled it. In my experience, I could only attempt 2 mock test barely 48hrs before the exam and my results were really poor (Oliver Lehmann 100Q – scored 64% and then the Simplilearn Free PMP Mock Exams – 200Q – scored 65% a day before the test day!!). These results were quite discouraging and did impacted on my confidence going into the exams. However, I noticed that revising all the questions (both the failed and passed ones) after the Mock Exams was an absolutely game changer. It did helped to focus revision towards enhancing gap closure. So my advise to future aspirants, after you’ve prepared adequately for the Test, do not be totally discouraged by the results from the Mock exams, focus on identifying and closing the knowledge gap picked up from the test so as to improve your chances of passing the main exams. Once again, thanks to Edward and also to the friend who pointed me to this site. You guys rock!!

    Meanwhile, I used only the Simplilearn online Tutorial in combination with the PMBOK6 to study for this exam. I couldn’t read the PMBOK6 from cover to cover but it was an extremely useful resource for reference purposes. However, I would strongly suggest future aspirants to jump in on other useful books already famously mentioned so as to increase their chances of passing the exams in the first instance.


  21. Thomas says:

    Just passed my PMP few minutes ago. 1st tryyy…
    Must say that your website (study notes and examples) was very helpful in a last minute run through the topic.
    Thanks for your effort that you’ve put into this.
    Keep up the good work.

  22. Amer Djulbic says:

    Hi Edward;

    I, too, passed the PMP exam on my first try on May 25th! I didn’t do so great on the M&C and Closing phases but received AT and T on Initiating, Planning and Execution. Overall, I’m just happy that I passed.

    I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful website! The content is very well presented and explained. I especially liked your summary of each chapter along with the EVM explanations.

    Thanks again for your dedication in helping future colleagues obtain their PMP. I can definitely attest that it helped me!

    Amer Djulbic, M.Eng, P.Eng., PMP

  23. Kayode says:

    Dear Edwin ,

    I must sincerely appreciate your effort in adding to the project management knowledge base, your blog has been of immense assistance in
    helping me towards my exam success . I had Above Target, Target, Above Target, Above Target, Below Target in the respective process groups .

    A lot of questions in the exam were in integrated change control ( possibly 45% ), resource mgt, quality and risk.

    Calculations were quite straigtforward with some not requiring formulas .

    Did not encounter Agile questions .

    Listed below are some of the winning strategies that I exploited in passing the exam.

    1. Read Rita’s PMP book twice .

    2. Skimmed through PmBok guide as a reference book especially when reviewing ALL the free mock exams I could lay my hands on, ensure I read the glossary page end to end.

    3. Watched Cornellieus Fitchner’s PrepCast videos especially when saturated with reading , served more as a smoothing relief instead of watching movies , LOL .

    4. Youtube : Watched Praizon and Saket’s videos, graphic learning enhances one’s knowledge .

    5. Practiced exam mocks on my mobile device if in transit ,e.g PMP Exam Mentor, EduHubSpot,PMP Exam Simulator .

    6. Below are my first time results during my “verification” phase after reading the aforementioned PMP books.

    Note: I didnt want to make use of all the available mock sites in order not to burn out few quality mock sites available since it will not be ideal to rely on 2nd attempt results.

    oliverlehmann 100 Q : 58%
    greycampus (fabmarks) : 54%
    Edwel 75 Q : 61 %
    Free PrepCast Mock Tests: Averaged 65%

    Meanwhile, I averaged about 70% in the Rita end of chapter exercises .

    After this round , I took a deep review of my weak areas and process groups/ knowledge areas to concentrate on, this was my saving grace !

    Areas of focus were integrated change control, Risk Mgt, Scope Mgt, Procurement, and my troublesome Quality mgt knowledge area.

    I also did not trivialize communications mgt as many candidates seem to overlook this knowledge area.

    7. The next round was very crucial as this will enable me guage my proficiency level more accurately.

    Below are my first time results during this phase,

    oliverlehmann 200 Q : 74 %
    greycampus 200Q : 80 % (downloaded the file online , i believe its a previous pmbok version)
    Edwel 100 Q : 76 %
    Simplilearn : 79%

    8. After this , I studied a little more to reinforce my knowledge and viola , I passed !

    Edwin once again, THANK YOU.

    I also appreciate the feedback from other community members here, I followed most recommendations .

  24. Imhotep says:

    Hi Edward,
    First of all I want to thank you for your the work you are doin g with this precious blog.

    I am still in preparation phase for the exam and here are my score for the done mock tests to the moment:

    Free PM Exam Simulator 55% (the first test that I passed and I was disappointed so I revised again).
    Oliver Lehmann (75Q) 75%
    PM PrepCast (120 Q) 75%
    Edwel Mock Exam: 80%
    GreyCampus Mock Exam 65% (I did this test today and I felt extremely disappointed)

    I’m a little bit confused with the Greycampus result, what do u think of the quality of this exam Edward? is it a trigger :p of a bad revision?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi there, your results look okay indeed. But I would highly suggest you to try more 4-hours exams in order to understand your performance understand pressure and strain.

      For the GreyCampus, I actually did not go through this version, but the previous version is okay.

      Wish you PMP success!

  25. Hi Edward,

    Very informative. Keep posting on updated list on Free PMP mock exams, PMP Exam Tips etc. PM Study is no longer offering the PMP training.


  26. Hi Edward,

    A few weeks before my PMP exams, a coursemate forward your url to me. It is godsent help to ease the quick revisions. I read all the notes on the morning before the exams as a last moment refresher. Yes, I passed on the 1st attempt on 17 May 2019 (Friday).

    Many thanks again for your wonderful and detailed site. Now to work consistently towards earning the 60 PDUs

    Yours in gratitude

    Jimmy NG

  27. Amit Kamboj says:

    Hi Edward,

    I have passed my PMP with Above target score in my first attempt on 3rd may 2019. Thanks for all the information on your website. It really helped me to prepare in right direction. Keep the Great work Going.


    Amit Kamboj

  28. Subin VS says:

    Dear Edward,
    We all are busy and everyone have their own priorities .. But not all of us spend time on helping others .. However, the materials included in your website to help PMP aspirants is simplY awesome .. I have gone through each section of your website and it really helped me during the preparation check process .. I have passed the PMP Exam on first attempt .. I have went through the PMBOK guide once, then used all possible free Youtube videos to understand the concepts in detail, while going through the PMBOK second time .. Fortunately come across your website while searching for practice questions .. Initially i could only use your questions and the links to other practice questions sources .. Those questions clearly tested my knowledge on PMBOK and helped me to identify the areas for revision and gauge my readiness to take the exam .. Went through the book and topics once again before attempting the questions again and scored 70-75% on tough tests and 80% on relatively easy ones .. I have used all the 4-5 sections ( Confusing terms, formulas etc ) as part of my final preparation and revision .. During the exam, i recollect selecting change request or related answer at least 40-50 questions .. rest was around Risk and Quality. There were not even a single question outside the PMBOK … Formula questions were about 10 and were easy to understand .. Situational questions were about 60-70 … Most questions had all 3 ( at times all 4 ) right answers and it was challenging to select teh best .. Over all, I took close to 5 months for my preparation .. May be because i was working on a major project and an RFP submission during my 5 months of preparations .. I’m Thankful and Glad that i could pass on the first attempt itself … !!!
    I would like to THANK YOU once again for Helping me and all other PMP aspirants with the much organised and easy to understand learning materials … You are doing a fabulous Job … THANK YOU !!!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations and thanks a lot for your good news. It is heartening to receive feedback from my readers, especially awesome to know that my work is of use to fellow PMP Aspirants!

  29. eze buchi says:

    thanks for this . really came in handy . just passed 2 days ago

  30. Vardhan says:

    Hey Ed, Thanks you for the information you have made avaliable here. I cleared my PMP certification with above target on my first attempt in two months. Your notes are the best. They are crisp and clear to the point for the last minute revision.Keep up the good work! Once again thank you very much!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Vardhan,

      Congratulations! Your hard work paid off! Would you like to share your lessons learned with fellow aspirants? Your insights would be extremely useful!

  31. Shank says:


    Thank you for all the information you made avaliable through this site. I was able to pass my PMP certification with 5 ATs on my first attempt. Your notes are the best. Keep up the good work! Mr.Savior!

  32. Loz says:

    Hi Edward,

    Passed the PMI PMP at the end of January 2019. I found your website very useful in particular the EVM formula. Many EVM questions on the exam.

    Thank you.



  33. Pai Bangkok says:

    Hi Edward,
    I just passed the PMP today on my first attempt with the overall score above target: the first 4 above targets and 1 below target (closing). I finished my textbook reading on Joseph (McGrawHill) and Pinto (Pearson). Then, I went through all of your suggested free online practice questions. My scores for all of them were not that good; I had never reached more than 75% in any test and all were in a range of 63% – 75% on my first try. I felt devastated before going to the exam in the next 3 days. 3-4 days before the scheduled exam, I went through all the questions again in my two textbooks and your suggested free mocks and tried to avoid my previous mistakes.
    In the real exam, I felt unconfident on many many answers I made. There’re a number of situational questions that were really hard for me to make my judgement for the right answer. I put more than 50 marked questions and hope I would have time to go back and review them once more. Time was flying fast; and I could review only the first 15 marked questions. I thought I would fail and had to reschedule for the second exam. Unbelievably, I made it. Thanks, Edward.

    Very appreciated for your helpful information and tips.

  34. Deepa Tarak Balaji says:

    Hi Edward,
    Thank you so much for all your helpful tips.

    I passed the PMP on the first attempt with 4 above targets. All your links were real lifesavers. I thoroughly used them in my preparation.

    One suggestion if you want to incorporate. I did not find a lot of really good sites explaining Point of total assumption. If you want you can incorporate that also in your series. The ones which i finally found that explained it in a way I understood was

    Thanks Again

  35. Mike says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for the site and all the concise info and links to mock tests.

    Passed yesterday on first try with 4 AT’s and one T in Closing.

    I found the questions easier then the many mock tests as they weren’t trying to be tricky like some are to get you to sign-up for their paid stuff. Had only a few evm ones and a very high amount about change whose answer was simply follow the change plan or something similar.

    Thanks again!

  36. gautham says:

    Hi Edward,

    The information provided by you and some of the fellow commentators on PMP exam has helped me to prepare and gauge my preparation from PMP examination. I gave my exam on 28 Jan 19 and cleared with ‘AT’ overall (4 ATs and 1 Needs improvement(closing)). I had read Rita and PMBOK couple of times and surfed the net for some specific queries. I did put effort to read ITTO to understand the logic behind it and that helped me answering several questions.

    My mock test performance was as follows:-
    Oliver Lehmann (online) 78%
    Simplilearn Free 69% (this was my first mock test with only initial round of preparation) (120 Q) 79

    I also did three full mock tests in Udemy where results were 77, 79 and 82.

    About exam, there were questions wherein knowing correct ITTOs would help prune out wrong answers. There were no ‘NOT/ EXPECT’ sort of questions. Several questions pertain to changes (proposed/ approved/ before delivery/ after delivery/ change due to risk event, so on and so forth). Few questions can be preplexing, either because it looks very straight-forward or none of the options seem to be right. It took me two, forty minutes hours to finish the test and used remaining time to review answers. Reviewing answers, saved me from 4-5 wrong choices (an assumption, since the answers are not revealed).

    I gave my exam in Mumbai. Though I am resident of the city, I booked a hotel close to the exam center to avoid the stress of navigating through Mumbai on exam day.

    Thank you,


  37. Vishal Surana says:

    Hi Edward,

    Just cleared my PMP. Thanks for making this site. It was amazing place to do quick revisions and learns about confusion terms and EVM.
    You did amazing job by this site and I should say a BIG THANK to you.

    My PMP exam was extremely though in compare to mock tests (I solved 3000+ questions) and other online resources. However I felt that its your true experience as a PM which helped me to cross the line with overall above target.

    I scored Above Target in Planning, Execution and Monitoring & Control. Below Average in Initiating and Need Improvement in Closing.

  38. Syed Wahid says:

    Hi Edward
    I passed the PMP exam with 5 AT’s last week. Thank you very much for all your efforts for fellow aspirants. I referred your notes during my preparation and it was very helpful
    One suggestion which I want to share with everyone else is that do not trust all the mock exams very seriously as many of them are designed to fail you. Oliver Lehmann and Simplilearn were some of the best one I came across

  39. Neethu K says:

    Hi Edward,

    I took the exam on Dec 24 and passed with overall above target and above target in all five domains.

    I would like to thank you for this wonderful site. This helped me alot, while preparation. Especially the confused terms page. Also study notes for quickly remembering what i read in pmbok

    My exam strategy was as follows. (For aspirants who is preparing for exam)

    I read Rita first then read pmbok chapter wise.
    Once I read all chapters in Rita, pmbok , I finished the exams provided by my training centre (Infocareer Chennai, India)
    It took almost 12-14 wewks for me to finish above. I started preparation in august last.
    Once I complete exams from training centre, I checked the above exams for readiness . I started taking exams from December second week(I didn’t take Oliver two exams then). I was getting around 70-75% in all exams.

    Then on 10th of December, I scheduled my exam for 24th. It was two weeks prior. I reviewed all those questions where I made mistakes. Each time when I took exams either training centre or above links, I referred pmbok.

    Then as final preparation, I took Oliver exams on Saturday and Sunday (22&23rd December) I scored 73 in 100 questions and 76 in 200 questions

    I scheduled my exam for 8 o clock slot. I reached there by 7, after security check and other formalities I started taking exams by 7.50. first15 min tutorial.

    For exams I got almost all situational questions. There was no questions asking which is input to this process/tools for this process. Everything was scenario basis. And 40-50 questions were very very long paragraph questions.
    I got 4-5 formula based questions. Eerything was straight formula application. But explained in a lengthy way .

    I wonder how PMI knows that i hate reading lengthy questions 🙂 i even found reading RITA book as very vast. he he.

    Once I end the exams, i didnt even have the courage to look at the screen. I didnt even realise that i cleared, until the pprometric gentleman came and told me, madam you have cleared it. That wow feeling 🙂 The sense of accomplishment is really cant eexpress in words. The result of 4 months of preparation.

    My sincere gratitude to god, my family and my training institute and edward for helping me to achieve this.

    All the best to all people who is preparing for exam.

  40. Juhee Thorn says:

    Hi Edward,
    I’ve took one of exams listed above you recommended. Thank you for the sharing.
    By the way, do you happen to know if there’s any way I can get the answers?
    It was the ‘[updated] Oliver Lehmann (Online)’ and I scored only 65% which is bad.
    so I’d like to know the ‘O’ and ‘X’ answers so I can observe my weaknesses. Your advice will be greatly helpful.


    • Edward Chung says:

      For the Oliver Lehmann online test, you will be able to know which is the correct answer after submitting the test by scrolling upwards, the correct answers are marked in blue (though there are no explanations for why the answers are correct).

      Wish you PMP success!

  41. NIkhil says:

    Hey Edward,
    I just cleared by PMP today! I scheduled the exam on Dec 31st 2018 and cleared the exam on 12th Jan 2019! I am really happy that i could clear it in such a short time!! Basically I had plans of taking up PMP for a long long time, never tool it seriously though! Finally after applying online for the 2nd time, as my eligibilty to write the exam would expire on Jan 29th, 2019.. I took the leap of faith and scheduled the exam. To be very very honest i was not at all confident, but i just had 12 days to properly prepare. I read some material i found online (not the PMBOK), took around 5-6 mock tests (just the question doing at my own leisure, not a time based test and scoring not too well) and reffered one fantastic excel file i found online that had the whole PMBOK covered in 2 tables. Read that 3-4 times and luckily could pass the exam today with Above target, target, target, target, target and below target. Your website helped with the mathematical questions! I just practiced the math questions 1 day before the exam and i think i got all the math questions accurately! What you are doing with this website is very helpful! thanks a lot man!

  42. Syed Abdul Wahid says:

    Hi Edward

    Happy to share that I passed my PMP exam today in my 1st attempt with 5 AT’s. Thanks to your blog post, discussion thread and all the good work you are doing for fellow professionals.

    1 thing I want to share with everyone is that be careful in reading too much in to the results of many free prep test available on internet as many of them are designed to fail you so that you loose confidence and enroll in their paid subscription. PMP exam is tough and complex but trust your experience and knowledge and just don’t get disheartened with low scores in some of the prep tests. I was scoring between 70-80 in all the Mock tests listed by Edward but some of them like the 2nd one which you need to download the software is made complex way more than PMP exam. Oliver Lehman and Simpli learn were very near the complexity level of Exam though.

  43. Amir says:


    Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for your site and all the useful information you freely provided here.

    Today, I passed my PMP exam at first try and my results were Above Target for all process groups except closing which was Target. I started my study in October and I studied Rita book 2 times and a very quick review of PMBOK. Here are my mock exams scores:

    Oliver Lehmann (Online) 68%
    Free PM Exam Simulator 55%
    Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam 73%
    Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) Not done.
    Edwel Mock Exam Not Done
    GreyCampus Mock Exam 68%

    Based on this score, I was so nervous but fortunately, the real exam was much more understandable for me. I also took PMTraining sample exam package and I did more than 800 tests and reviewed all correct and incorrect answers. Something that I wanted to mention is the PMTraining test samples were very close to real exam in my point of view while PM Exam Simulator was very difficult in comparison with the real exam.

    My advice for others is focusing on Rita book and 47 confusing PMP words of your website as the most helpful information.
    Again, thank you very much for all your great website which helps a lot of future PMP candidates.


  44. Ajan Nair says:

    Dear Edward, Thanks a lot for putting this together and this had helped me in my preparation and understanding my exam readiness. I have cleared the PMP with ABOVE TARGET in all 5 Domain

  45. Neethu K says:

    Hi Edward,

    I took the exam yesterday and passed with overall above target and above target in all five domains.

    I would like to thank you for this wonderful site. This helped me alot, while preparation. Especially the confused terms page. Also study notes for quickly remembering what i read in pmbok

    My exam strategy was as follows. (For aspirants who is preparing for exam)

    I read Rita first then read pmbok chapter wise.
    Once I read all chapters in Rita, pmbok , I finished the exams provided by my training centre (Infocareer Chennai, India)
    It took almost 12-14 wewks for me to finish above. I started preparation in august last.
    Once I complete exams from training centre, I checked the above exams for readiness . I started taking exams from December second week(I didn’t take Oliver two exams then). I was getting around 70-75% in all exams.

    Then on 10th of December, I scheduled my exam for 24th. It was two weeks prior. I reviewed all those questions where I made mistakes. Each time when I took exams either training centre or above links, I referred pmbok.

    Then as final preparation, I took Oliver exams on Saturday and Sunday (22&23rd December) I scored 73 in 100 questions and 76 in 200 questions

    I scheduled my exam for 8 o clock slot. I reached there by 7, after security check and other formalities I started taking exams by 7.50. first15 min tutorial.

    For exams I got almost all situational questions. There was no questions asking which is input to this process/tools for this process. Everything was scenario basis. And 40-50 questions were very very long paragraph questions.
    I got 4-5 formula based questions. Eerything was straight formula application. But explained in a lengthy way .

    I wonder how PMI knows that i hate reading lengthy questions 🙂 i even found reading RITA book as very vast. he he.

    Once I end the exams, i didnt even have the courage to look at the screen. I didnt even realise that i cleared, until the pprometric gentleman came and told me, madam you have cleared it. That wow feeling 🙂 The sense of accomplishment is really cant eexpress in words. The result of 4 months of preparation.

    My sincere gratitude to god, my family and my training institute and edward for helping me to achieve this.

    All the best to all people who is preparing for exam.

  46. Neethu says:


    I am not able to find the link for one exam in the above list. [updated] PM Study Mock Exam. Its going to the scrum master certification details.
    Can you please help?


  47. Alex says:

    Edward, your website and all the links with your personal experience inspired me to continue studying PMP after my first failed attempt.

    I decided to read the PMBOK once again and also ordered Cornelius’s 8 exams which were totally worth the money spent. I spent five months between the first and the second exam reading, doing tests and analysing mistakes made during mock tests.
    I spent around 2 hours during working days and about four to five hours over the w/ends. Sometimes, I just took ‘days off’ of study, to refresh and clear my mind.
    At the exam, first thing I did is put all formulas, 49 processes and other useful references on the paper that the test centre provided. It calmed my nerves and I referred to the ‘cheat sheets’ during the exam if and when I needed to. As I said, writing down also helped to settle into the exam.
    The exam itself seemed tough at the start and my confidence level was not at its highest at the start, but as I was moving ahead I started to feel more confident in what I was doing and finished with almost 6 minutes left to review 8 or 10 marked questions and hit the button….of course I skipped the survey and ‘end’ the exam. Waiting response from a ‘machine’ was a weird feeling and finally I saw the first letter ‘C’. That was unbelievable feeling, adrenaline rush.

    I am thankful to my wife and kids who had to put up with my studies at their expense although I tried to also find time for them, but now I will have even more free time for the family.
    I will continue improving myself as a person and as a PMI certified PMP.

    Never give up.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Oh, I am so thrilled to learn that you have made it! Yes, taking the PMP Exam ate up all my time and I also spent more time with them after passing the exam. Congratulations again!

  48. Jack Goh says:

    Hi Edward,
    Firstly, I want to thank you for your contribution to this website as it becomes my primary source when I want to know the difference between processes or ITTO.

    I finally passed my PMP on the third attempts. And I must say If I came across your website prior to my second attempts preparation, I would have passed by then. I visited this website just a week before my second attempts :<
    Anyway, I would like to share my experiences on my forever long PMP journey.

    #1 attempt = Back in 2015, my ex-company sent me to the course and I took the exam 12mths later without even preparing, I thought I can nail it just my PM experience in IT. I failed badly. (Target, Need Improvement, Need Improvement, Need Improvement, Target) according to the progress group

    #2 attempt = Back in April 2018, I signed up Udemy course by Joseph Phillips PMP, Completed the e-learning in May, and proceed to book my second attempt on Aug 2018. From May to Aug, I took my time with PMBOK sixth edition only and start practising on the mock exams on Aug itself!! (Yes, 2weeks before the exam and I regretted it so badly) I failed again (Below Target, Target, Target, Need Improvement, Target) according to the progress group.

    #3 attempt, was a wakeup call for me. My whole journey on my #3 attempt started on Oct and exam was scheduled on 04 Dec 2018.
    From my #2 attempt, I realised exam questions are tricky and all the answers can be a possible solution in real life. PMI is testing your competence in handling those situations, hence answering the way they want. From self-study, you can learn the ITTOs and step by step processes but you won't learn how to handle those situational questions in the exam.
    For that, I know I have to seek advice from more experience PMP PM, as my current working environment don't really practice PMP methodology. I signed up for a PMP course which also gave the latest edition of HeadFirst and Rita’s PMP Prep book.
    Rita was my primary source of study guide but headfirst was the first book I completed reading as it is so much more interesting however it is less comprehensive.
    Rita helps to open up my thinking on how to handle exam questions and my lecturer gave us some pointers on which chapters to focus on (Quality, Procurement, Risk and Stakeholder). After my exam, I strongly recommend focussing on communication also.
    This time rounds, I practice mock exam every weekend and I have practised at least 1500 exam. I practised on questions given by my lecturer (score avg 70%), Rita (70%) and Headfirst (85%) and the listed on this web page. From the resource here, I will recommend Oliver Lehmann #1 and #4 (Avg score 70%) and Edwel #5 (score 80%) for PMP inspire on their exam journey.
    And I finally DID IT!! (Below Target, Above Target, Target, Above Target, Below Target) according to the progress group.
    Even practising with 1500 questions, the real PMP exam is like a total new set of question. In those mock questions, you can identify the question is focusing on which knowledge area and progress group. But the real exam isn’t the case, I listed an example below.

    Exam question. (Not 100% word by word but should be close enough)
    You realise one of your team member implemented a change without going through the CCB. What should you do based on this scenario
    1) Fire the team member
    2) Record the change into decision log
    3) Check with CCB if they have documented this change
    4) Raise CR
    If you study enough, you should be able to recommend 1, 2, 3 is totally out of the option. And 4 in real life should be “Emergency Change Request”. My ans is 4, do you think so?

    Edward, I think you have built a PMP community down here and I would recommend you, to create another page dedicated for listing down possible scenarios and solutions which can help PMP inspire to be ready for the real PMP exam.

    My PMP journey have completed but I will start my ACP journey next year and I will use your resources for that!!!
    Last but not least, A BIG THANK YOU TO EDWARD.

  49. sophia wang says:

    Hi, Edward
    I just did the Fabmarks mock test 200 questions (#3 test in your free mock test list) but cannot find the answer key anywhere.
    Do you know if the correct answers can be found anywhere?
    Thanks much for help!

  50. Vijay says:


    Thank you for this page. It was helpful.

    I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt on 23 Nov 2018. The resources here were useful. My journey:
    – Sep 30 2018 I seriously start thinking about the PMP exam and purchase PMI membership and start reviewing the PMBOK Guide
    – Oct 1 – I enroll for a 4 day in person training with ProThoughts (Their course fee includes Rita Mulcahy’s book. I collected the book on October 3)
    Between October 1 and November 22, I read Rita’s book and PMBOK once. I skimmed through both twice again before the exam. I also attended the 4 day workshop. I took a break from studies from Nov 1-11 for a planned vacation. Apart from the planned break, I spent around 2-3 hours on most weekdays and almost all day on weekends and holidays studying for the exam.

    My mock test scores
    Greycampus test 1 (Link given on this page) – 68%
    Project management academy 68%
    Edwel 90%
    Oliver 100 questions 82%
    Simplilearn 72.5%
    HeadFirst free mock test 84.5%
    Oliver 200 questions 78%
    4 mock tests that came with the ProThoughts training between 68-84%

    I took the first mock test after my planned vacation and was a little disappointed when my scores were only 68%. I did a quick revision before I took the remaining mock tests and my scores were in the 70s and 80s

    Actual exam result was Above target overall and in each of the process groups except for closing where I got an on target.

  51. Snehal says:

    Hi Edward,

    I passed my PMP exam on 19th November with overall and individial ‘Above Target’ in all the 5 process groups in my first attempt.

    I would like to thank you a ton for your guidance and your effort in this website which I felt was immensely relevant and useful throughout my PMP journey. I am glad I came across your site during the start of my preparation.

    My PMP journey:

    I prepared for the exam in the span of almost 2 months. I referred to PMBOK, Rita Mulcahy and Head First.

    I spent significant time on reading and re-reading the chapters. Read PMBOK at least thrice, read Rita’s book once and skimmed through on the day of the exam and Head first in between when I wanted to better understand the concepts.

    I started pretty late with the mock exams and couldnt complete the free ones as well as the paid ones. My scores were as below
    Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam – 68% (This was just after my 1st reading)
    Edwel Mock Exam – 86%
    PM Exam Simulator Paid Exam Scores were – 82.5%, 78%, 78.5%

    During the preparation, I spent significant time trying to memorize ITTOs but failed miserably and then started focuing on understanding the logic behind it. Once I started giving the mock tests I realised it’s absolutely not necessary to memorize the ITTOs and with logic you can easily answer the ITTO questions.

    Exam had a mixed difficulty level. Few questions I could eliminate wrong answers easily, few it took a lot of thinking.

    Few important lessons from my experience are :

    1) Though you will find a lot of study approaches and lessons learned across different platforms on the internet, it may not always suit you and you need to develop your own study strategy and method that best suits you.
    2) Start giving mock tests as soon as you are done with your 1st reading, it really helps understand the knowledge gaps and simultaneously prepares you well for the exam.

    Good luck everyone! I would be happy to respond in case of any questions.

    Thanks to you again Edward.

    Warm Regards,


  52. Parul Shah says:

    Hello everyone,

    I passed the PMP exam on 21st Nov 2018 with ‘Above Target’ in all the 5 domains. Feels absolutely wonderful to accomplish this prestigious credential. I am a mother of a 6 year old and have a 12 hours long work schedule. It was a quite a challenge for me to prepare for the exam along with the regular scheme of life & responsibilities, however I took it head on with a disciplined regime to ensure my success at the exam.

    I dedicated 3 – 4 hrs everyday for around 1.5 months (longer hours on the weekends) and took 8 days off before the exam wherein I was preparing for 12+ hours each day. Below is my strategy and exam exp:

    1. Read PMBOK and Rita twice.
    2. Did 1200 practice questions out of which 4 were exam style mocks. Scored between 80 – 95%.
    3. Wrote my gaps in a notepad and joined the missing links by revising those concepts.
    4. Did a thorough understanding of all the tools/techniques, when and how they are used.
    5. Last four days I only revised and did short mocks.
    6. Be sure to do mocks that are on 6th edition, I got many questions on the revised edition. Ensure to invest time only in good quality mocks.
    7. Pace ur mocks in a way that u can spare 30 mins for review. Will be crucial on the exam.
    8. While giving the exam yesterday, the surrounding was very noisy with a couple of people typing on the keyboard, so be prepared.
    8. Exam time just flies n questions have multiple knowledge areas in the same question.
    9. Got around 8 numerical. Most questions were on risk, quality, stakeholder and scope.
    10. I did not memorize the ITTOs like a robot but made it a point to understand their usage in their respective knowledge areas.
    11. Did not do any brain dump as it is waste of time and could easily remember formulas and concepts by the understanding I took while preparing. I wanted to reserve any saved time for reviewing the answers.
    12. I stopped studying the previous evening of the exam day and had a relaxed time. Free your mind to help it work at full capacity on the exam. Eat and hydrate well before you start the exam.

    Overall, the entire PMP prep has been an enriching experience for life – not just professionally but on the personal front as well. My kudos and respect to the PMBOK and PMI.

    I have been referring to this blog often and got valuable info which I used for my prep, thanks Edward for the great job that you have been doing!!

    Best of luck PMP aspirants, hope I could add some value with my experience sharing.

    Parul Shah, PMP

  53. Deepesh Damodaran says:

    I cleared my PMP exam on 9th November with ABOVE TARGET in all domains. Advice’s, notes & mock test recommendations in this website were only source I adopted as part of my exam strategy. I had tried the mock tests. Although tests were of varied complexities, I got between 70-75%. I read answers of all questions which were wrong. Only reference material I used for PMBOK. I read PMBOK atleast 4 times top to bottom. I realized understanding the concepts in PMBOK is more critical than referring to multiple reference materials.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  54. M_Sghaier says:

    Hi all,
    I cleared the PMP exam a week ago on the first attempt.
    I was on target for overall with 2 above target in Initiating and Planning.
    Here are few lessons to share:
    I studied the pmbok 3 times, Rita book 2 times and made the list above of mockup exams.
    I have scored 62% to 70% at the first attempt in all of them. 70%-75% for Rita ones. Never scored 80%.
    The key thing is to review and understand all mockup questions. It took me also 3-4 hours to review each mockup. Then do the links with your real work experience situations.
    These mock exams are easier than the real exam.
    I have a good memory, so it was not so difficult for me to memorize main ITTOs for each process. It helped me to get 15-20 answers for the exam, these questions were the easiest ones. To get them will help to win some time in the exam.
    I got maybe 5 formulas questions.
    I got a LOT of quality, change and procurement questions.
    80% or more of the exam questions are situational questions. What to do, what next…
    Personally Rita book helped me a lot. They present the processeses in an easy logical way.
    Questions were hard, with change questions linked with procurement, resources, quality, communication…
    The 50 last questions were the easiest. so you need to stay focused for 4 hours. I used the rule 1 minute per question.
    Learn to manage the best your 4 hours. Identify fast the process described in the question, try to figure out the answer once you finish the question, then use eliminatation technique if needed.
    I will be happy to respond to any of your questions.
    Good luck to everyone, keep working hard and stay focused.
    Thank you Mr. Chung and for all your comments.

  55. Nitin says:

    Hi Edward,

    I have passed the exam with Above target.

    Schedule : done in 45 days (really fast track).

    The total period was 45 days but 4 days gone for a short UK vacations and one Sunday to visit to Anne Frank house and post mortem of world war 2 (!!!)

    Although the real preparation was started after I bought membership and got a copy PMBOK and scheduled my examination exactly 1 month after this date (making sure that it should be before the fall vacations ( from next week) of my daughter.)


    The real preparation was started only after I had bought the membership and got a copy of PMBOK –V6 and scheduled my examination on 18th. (making sure that it should be before the fall vacations ( from next week) of my daughter.)

    My reference book was PMBOK and I have not referred to any other writer/author for that sense ( No special reason but the time was short). Only change was that I had studied it by process group wise rather than knowledge areas ( real world scenario). I had made my notes (and even many charts) in that format for my use and your notes were helpful in saving my time.

    Study period : 2 -3 hours during weekdays , 5-6 hrs on weekends.

    Mock exams:

    I had used 3 continuous weeks for mock tests and review.

    Your review of mock exam is correct and gives a real time idea about your readiness for the final exam I had also taken those free mock test (great help , thanks to the content writers) and my results were as follows,

    Question Banks Question No. My First-time Results
    1 [updated] Oliver Lehmann (Online)
    100Q 86%
    2 [updated] Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial)
    20Q 80%
    3 [updated] Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam

    200Q 82%
    4 Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF)
    200Q 79%
    5 [updated] Edwel Mock Exam
    75Q 96%
    6 [updated] PM Study Mock Exam
    200Q Not done
    7 [updated] GreyCampus Mock Exam
    200Q Not done

    8 Premium Questions 900Q 93.5%
    9 Prepare PM (2 tests) 103Q 92%

    In last 4 days before my exam date, I did not attend any of the test and did not even try to open the book on the day before the examination. Just relaxing (watched a movie and old episodes of few favourite comedy shows).

    Examination : It was straight forward but testing. I finished my first round in 2.5 hrs and then restarted to verify the answers and stopped when I saw time is finished.

    Tips : Do not try to memorise all of those ITTOs (I had not came across a single question in my exam) but try to understand the concept and logic behind it. (Like why PMIS is TT in most of the estimating processes but not in duration!!),
    Understand the order of observations and follow the sequence , ethical behaviour ,uncertainty of any risk event and an issue, authority level and identification of scenarios.
    Understand the concept of CPM and EVA. Mathematical problems will not be of complex nature (tip- You’re not going to use MSP, Primavera or a simulator but a simple functional 0-9 calculator so don’t worry about them).

    With Best Regards,

    [email protected]

  56. Abhinav Rai says:

    Hi Edward,

    I cleared my PMP on Sep 25.
    Thanks for your website, as it was great support for PMP prep.
    Few Lessons to share.

    I gave 11 Mock (Paid+Free) to practice over 3000+ questions 2 weeks before main exam.
    Even if you are scoring lesser than 70% in some of the mock tests do not get disheartened and pick up all the reasons why it was wrong and improve.
    One thing which I realised late was to review all questions of mock instead of only wrong one. Reviewing All 200 questions help you improve faster by filling gaps.
    You make mistake repeatedly beacause you have not know the correct way of answering the question.

    I attempted few mocks as suggested by Edward and my score was as below.

    1 Oliver Lehmann (Online) 100Q – 79%
    2 PM Study Free+Paid 200Q – 1st – 76% to Last – 88%
    3 Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) 120Q in total – 85%
    4 Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam 200Q – 75%
    5 Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 200Q – 77%
    6 Edwel Mock Exam 75Q – 85%
    7 Rita Mulachy KA questions >78% (in almost all the tests)
    8 Attempted some 120 questions from (It contains more questions on PMBOK 6th edition and Agile based)

    One thing I would suggest future aspirants is Change Request in close(project/phase) PG. These questions in real PMP will challenge you the most, as the verbiage of question is so tricky
    that in pressure of exam you will not be 100% sure of getting the real intent of question.
    Solution to this which I felt was ample amount of mock practice, as in crunching time intuition helps you find right direction.
    Questions in real PMP are not lenghthy but poorly framed. So practice some annoying sentences like – “What would you not do to do this correctly”

    Agile was not a hurdle as I faced only 1 question regarding retrospective meeting.
    Numericals 3 to 4 only in my case and no CPM for me.

    Last but not the least – PMP prep is like churning out the cream out of curd, keep studing and practicing mock until to skimm the cream.
    Once you see the 1st layer of cream your score would be in 75% to 80% range and little more effort will bring you in 80% to 85%.
    Edwards benchmark of 75% to 80% in all mock is best evaluation to clear PMP.

    Thanks & Good Luck to All.


  57. Randeep Sandhu says:

    Hi Edward,ont
    Thanks for this helpful site for people like me to get ready for exam.I failed attempted PMP back in march (which I should not have taken I was not ready for it) and after that i thought I wont continue study anymore but after 5 months i have started studying again I bought Rita’s book and Rita’s simulation in which all the mock tests I get around 70 to 75 percent now And most of free test listed on your site with same result but I still dont feel comfortable taking PMP.Can you give me any suggestion that should I buy any other Mock test for more practice because I think i have attempt all of Rita’s question so now I see repeating lot of them.Now I have less than 2 month left to take test after that my application will expire and I think this will be my last try to attempt the exam because of my family situation.I am so confused what should I do to get more practice.I will really appreciate your suggestion.

    Randeep Sandhu

    • Edward Chung says:

      It takes a lot of courage to start it all over again. You indeed rock! As you are scoring 70 – 75 in your mock exams, you are indeed quite ready for the exam. If you still want more practices, you may try out the PMP Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fitchner which is of good qualities (

      Wish you PMP success!

      • Randeep sandhu says:

        Hi Edward,

        I passed my PMP yesterday first of all thanks for your support and advices all your notes and all other information is very helpful for PMP students.Since it was my second try and i stoped all study after failing first one i have to start all over again and it even felt harder because am full time working mom with 6 year old and Am 9 month pregnant Due in 2 weeks 🙂 so many times I thought am taking stress but now it feels like it was worth it now I can rest.
        Here are some tips and lesson learned after failing first time:

        1.Read Rita book twice and solved all exercise question after that.
        2.PMBOK cross referenced with Rita book.
        3.Read all notes on your site.
        4.Start Ritas simulation and in starting I got 60-65 % in all tests but after practice it came to 80 (I think I over did it with repeating all question).
        5.Solved almost all of free exam listed on your site between 60-75 % in first try.
        6. PM prepcast exam simulator 8 exams between 62-74% in first time I did all of those second time with 80 -82%.(That was a big help for exam prep).First I thought it will be extra money if i feel I am ready I should just get the exam done but It was worth it because they had lot off question with same strategy not same questions but like question on change management and issue log were detailed and that helped to understand concept behind that and since exam had lot off those question I will thanks to Prep cast also it explained all 4 option like why the other 3 are not right which helped me understand.
        7.After doing all that I worked on my knowledge gaps.Did not studied on exam day even day before exam only studied my notes and took 2 test with 50 question on my week knowledge.

        Question on exam are easier to understand than simulation but some of the answers are really close to each other lot of question on change management,issue log,Contract and resouce management only 4-5 question that i have to use formulas each critical path float ,for CPI , for EAC and 1 to determine EV.
        I spent 7 minutes for brain dump formulas were useful but process map i didnt used so wasted 5 minutes there after 2 hours i took one break for restroom and also i needed water and food so hard to sit without food or water for four hours when you 9 month pregnant but that break was less than 10 minutes and helped me to calm down.
        I marked 30-40 question but never got back to those i had 30 minutes left at the end for my unanswered question 5 on formula and 5 that i couldn’t understand so those took long time finished last question in last minute so there was no time left for marked questions.
        Only thing i can suggest is if we want to pass the exam need good guidance which include good material specially choose simulation very carefully I tried Gray campus but honestly that was confusing me more so I never got back to that.Prepcast and Rita was the best choice I made.Also remember this exam need lot of knowledge and practice so make sure you commit lot of time if you want to pass for 3 weeks I studied from 6am to 3pm even it was saturday or sunday I knew I have to get up at 4am if I want to get this done.

        Wish you guys all the best and Big Thanks to Edward for help!

        Randeep Sandhu

      • Edward Chung says:

        Good for you Randeep! Can’t express how happy I am when I know that you are a PMP now! Wish you every success!

  58. Aditya Sankalp says:

    Hi Edward,

    I cleared my PMP exam on 16th September. Your study notes were quite helpful. I had tried the mock tests and got between 70-75%.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  59. VVP says:

    I cleared the PMP yesterday, much thanks to your website. Hats off to the hard work you are doing for people like us.

  60. Neha Bhalla says:

    Hi Edward ,

    I have cleared my PMP certification yesterday with above target score.
    I followed your site, it helped me a lot. I have gone through all the MOCK exams mentioned by you and my score was between 78 % to 83%.
    Notes prepared by you is quiet good. Thanks 🙂

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! You rock it! I am so glad that you find my website useful for your PMP exam prep!

    • Akhil says:

      Many congratulation to you…can you please share the list of mocks that you attempted along with ur scores…? This would help PMP aspirants for reference.. thanks

    • Akhil M says:

      Many congratulation to you…can you please share the list of mocks that you attempted along with ur scores…? This would help PMP aspirants for reference.. thanks

  61. Fawaz M Fadul says:

    Hi Edward
    I wanted thank you for this article. It helped me a lot to pass my PMP exam yesterday (Target/above target/Target/Target/above Target). So I want to share my experience and it may help someone else too. I started studying early June and here is what I did in order to pass the test first time:
    1) Read Rita book twice and solved all the questions at the end of each chapter. I like this book it summarizes the PMbok guide and focuses on the areas that come on the actual test.
    2) Read PMbok (6th edition) once. (But I go back to it when ever I found question I could not answer or checking ITTOs)
    3) Took all the free mock-up tests you listed above. I scored above 60% in all them the first time however I made sure that I understood what I got wrong and I scored above 75% the in all them 2nd time
    4) I used flashcards to memorize the 49 processes, theories, EV equations etc..
    5) I subscribed to PMtraing .com (68$) two weeks prior to taking the actual PMP test (I wish I did it earlier). I solved their 19 lite exams 50 questions each. Also it allows you to generate 200 questions mockup exam. I created one exam and I scored 76% that gave me confident to take the test. I highly recommend this website their questions seems easy but it is very close to the actual test.
    6) Watched a lot of you-tube videos on PMP process and knowledge areas
    7) Downloaded two apps on my Iphone (PMP pocket prep & PMP exam prep). I used to spend 10 to 15 minutes before going to bed every day solving their free questions.
    8) I advise taking at least 3 four hours mockup exams before giving your test. (Get used to sit for four consecutive hours w/o movement ☺)
    9) I did not do brain-dump before the test started. I think it is waste of time (sorry 🙂 ). Why would you spend 5 mins from your exam time to do this? If you do not know/memorizing the 49 process and earned value equations please do not take the test.
    10) Tips from the actual PMP test I took yesterday:
    – Understand the different between mange quality and control quality (at least 6-8 questions)
    – I noticed at least 10 questions in risk knowledge area
    – I had 4 questions about EV (CPI, SPI , VC, VS) usually what is the status of the project (ahead of schedule , on budget or ….)
    – One question on calculating free float
    – I marked the questions that I was not sure if I selected the correct answer for reviewing at the end of the test
    – I finished test in 3.5 hrs and spent the last 30 mins reviewing the marked questions

    Good luck everyone!

    Thanks again Edward !


    • Edward Chung says:

      Extremely thankful for your detailed sharing which is very useful to fellow aspirants! Congratulations on getting such good results in your first try!

    • Akhil M says:

      Thankyou Fawaz for sharing…request you to share with us list of full mocks that you attempted along with % scores….Also the top 5 full mocks that you recommend …thanks and congratulations…

    • Satish Patnaik says:

      Hi Fawaz,

      Do we need to read “Agile Practice Guide” portion also? Have you found questions on Agile also?

      • Fawaz Fadul says:

        Hi Satish ,
        Sorry for the delayed response. I did not and I don’t remember any agile questions on the exam..

  62. nishant kharangarh says:

    I also put new year resolution like others to pass PMP.
    I tried once in June but failed in my first attempt.
    I started my PREP again and my average score is around 70% in the mock tests.I gave only free mock tests yet.
    I read only RITA twice, should I read PMBOK also.

    I need suggestion how I will prepare to get it cracked this time.

    Also suggest if person is below target in one KA, should it be considered as pass or fail.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Great! You will surely get certified in no time!

      If I were you, I would practice more mock exams and understand what I did wrong until I score around 75%-80%. This way, you are ready for the real exam. Wish you PMP success!

      P.S. You will only need an overall Pass to really pass the exam irrespective of getting any below targets.

  63. A Par says:

    What’s the percentage breakdown of questions by Knowledge Areas?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Par,

      PMI just provides the breakdown according to domains:
      -Initiating 13%
      -Planning 24%
      -Executing 31%
      -Monitoring and Controlling 25%
      -Closing 7%
      but no by Knowledge Areas. Sorry that I cannot answer your question.

      Wish you PMP success!

  64. Stephane Gagne says:

    Hello Edward,
    Your articles came at the right time to me. I was about to pass my exam when I saw your website.
    I used them to do a complete revision and you also helped me to better understand formulas.
    I pass my exam yesterday: Above target / Target / Above target / Target / Target 🙂
    Thanks for the time you took to create these pages.

  65. Keabeng Nkwada says:

    Hi Edward,
    Thanks for these useful tips and really opened up my eyes to be realistic about the my exam readiness. I took a PMP exam yesterday and didn’t too badly, but truth is I wasn’t ready? I’d like a one-on-one coaching session with you even if I’ve to pay for the sessions. My goal is to get PMI certified this year.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Keabeng,

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t make it last try. Rest assured that you are now much closer to getting certified now than ever. Just work on more mock exams until you have reached around 75-80% in the first attempt (remember to understand the reasons for getting wrong answers) and you are good to go!

      Wish you PMP success!

    • Swapnil says:

      Since, I failed in my first attempt of PMP, I think, I am in better position to share the learnings, since I know better on what NOT to do rather than what to doJ. And yes, I did clear it in the 2nd attempt.

      Common mistakes done:

      Mistake no 1: Overconfidence: yes, and I bet many don’t realize this while preparing that they are overconfident. Perhaps, after failing, people understand it, so a caution. “Don’t take it lightly”. For me, I have cleared many certifications in the first attempt so I was under the impression, “what so big deal with PMP”, but I was wrong. I was even comforting myself that so many other folks (read idiot folks) in my organization have done it, so I should be able to crack it easily, but I was wrong. Everyone has his own journey and they deserve the success of their hard work too. So, don’t be under the impression that you’ll be able to crack it easily. PMI doesn’t take you lightly; they’re a bunch of serious folks.

      Mistake no 2: I don’t have to spend extra penny in these online paid mock exams kits (like simplilearn, prepcast etc).

      Like many others, I didn’t want to spend a single extra buck on this exam other than my application fees. After all, I have NOT done it for my many of my earlier certifications. I, again comforted myself that there are many online free exams, let me take them and I should be good. But, the biggest mistake is, these online exams do NOT tell you why you are wrong. They don’t tell you why your right choice is really right. Basically, you don’t retrospect. I had answered almost all the free questions available online but never bothered to understand why I was wrong. I just used to shrug my shoulders and murmur, “hmm, maybe I was wrong”. Trying to find out why you are wrong and why the right one is right is VERY VERY important. Pay attention to that. Before my second attempt, I used Prepcast and it gave me an insight on where I was wrong and most importantly – WHY. After all, you’ve paid these guys and they’ll tell you in paragraphs on why you’re wrong with conviction as opposed to a single liner available in online free exams which leave you clueless many times.

      Mistake no 3: When it comes to an exam, I can put myself together for 4 hours. I don’t need a MOCK exam at home.

      Take it again. Many of aspirants here are working professionals with family, kids and many other responsibilities. Gone are our graduate, college days when we used to sit around for an exam for 3 or 4 hours. We are NO longer habitual to it. Again, don’t take it lightly. Many online mock exam kits make you sit for 4 hours. Time management on this exam for 4 hours is also a key. If you don’t get an answer to a question straight, jumping to next one is important. You’ve to take that decision in that moment and these MOCK exams prepare you for that. I remember, I spent a lot of time on many questions in my 1st attempt. These MOCK exams, for that matter, prepare your brain for 4 hours and enforces you to learn the time management of 4 hours. No MOCK exam contains the actual questions getting asked in the PMP, so do NOT buy it under the impression that you’ve bought the PMI-PMP question bank.

      I cleared this exam on 19 Jun 2018 with 3 ATs, 1T and 1 BT. My 1st attempt was exact 20 days back with 2 ATs, 2 NIs and 1 BT. Bare it, it was a very close call but nonetheless a failure.

      Fellow aspirants: Feel free to get in touch with me if you need any other info.

      Wish you all the best for PMP success. It is a wonderful journey, tough at times but NOT impossible.

      Thanks and Regards,
      PMP®, PSM®, ITIL®, ISTQB®

      • Akhil M says:

        Thanks Swapnil…kindly share you full mock test details and %scores individually in both the attempts…That would really help us…planning to take exam in october..

  66. Vijay says:

    Wanted to share my “Ordeal” while I was perusing my PMP certification.
    I decided to get PMP certification in Jan 2018 and after 35 Hours of training , i started with PMBOK 5th version reading , knowing that in March 2018 the exam will change and may not get quality materials for 6th version , i took risk and started preparing for 5th version , by spending 5-6 hrs daily reading and preparing notes.
    Completed reading in 3-4 weeks and scheduled exam on March 22nd which gave me 3 weeks time to do mock tests.
    Initially i did some 2 tests and scored avg and was not feeling good about it. Then I again went over the PMBOK and took tests again and scored again not good like 68-71 %. But since i had scheduled exam , i went over book again , my notes , took notes on questions , elimination methods and tricks.
    Finally , day before the exam, heavy snow storm hit Eastern US cities , due to which they cancelled my Exam due to ‘Bad weather’ and gave me below options:
    1. withdraw from application, which they refund my amount. But if I have to take exam , i will have fill out new application again.
    2. Take exam with 6th version before June 24th and I fail , then i can take one more exam free of cost.
    Sure enough i went with 2nd option, started reading 6th version.
    But this time , after scanning through quickly i realized its more same but except few changes in certain areas like procurement, Quality etc.Plus i didnt time as before , as i was busy with my work.
    But still completed the book and preparing new notes again.
    Scheduled again in May 16th , and went through Udemy’s 5 test package.
    Though I scored 77 to 82% in all 4 tests I took , but the course more aligned to 5th version not 6th.
    But anyways , i went through Agile part , role of PM etc from 6th and when i went to exam center , they did not allow me to take test because , my name did not match with my Government issued ID card.
    After hour of arguing with test center person and checking with PMI Customer care, they said they cant anything and took my request to change my name as per ID.
    So , now rejected, frustrated , broke , disappointment – i basically gave up.
    but since, i had to get exposure to real exam , i scheduled my exam again on June 5th. But this time, i didnt get any time going through my notes, book or tests , as my work got busier , my 2 toddlers extrem hyper and all . Basically , i went to exam center blindly, almost certain that at least i will exposure to real exam.
    Took the exam, as relaxed i can be , went through questions and answered with my best knowledge.
    Initially first 20-30 questions , i was confident of me selecting correct answer but as the questions went by , i was not sure , i am doing right.
    Time check, i had 70 questions more to go , in 27 mins.
    I wanted to attempt all questions, so i basically ran through questions and selected answers , first thing i know was correct.
    Just 1 min 37 secs remaining , i thought i had enough , finished all questions , and without thinking much , i submitted.
    And then , the longest wait of my life , 6-10 secs boom.
    “Pass” with ABOVE TARGET for all domains. – I was confused , felt surreal , read the final page for 5 mins, making sure what i was seeing is in REAL.
    Came out of lab , test center person gave me printed paper with “Congratulation, Passed” with Above Target.
    As I write this , i am still in confusion, not sure its correct/Real- still havent got my certificate Yet.
    I am still not sure- because for me anything can Happen 🙂

    Here are my few cents:
    1. Read Read Read PMBOK , read to understand. Get the concepts in your head. There is No point remembering sequence, tools and techniques for each process areas. Its impossible remember 800 pages of book.
    2. Take as many tests as possible, dont worry about results just go with it and your instinct , but be care full in elimination methods.
    3. PMP is all about scenarios not worded questions , for that you have CAPM. As i remember , i had at least 160 Qs out of 200 like what do you do, what do you do next and what do you do first. 2-3 Qs on calculations ,2 qs on CPM and Network diags , some on direct Risks, quality.
    4. Most scenario questions around changes – scope, schedule and mainly communications.
    5. I am sure that, PMP questions are not meant to trick you – if they do , it will be in subtle way and fair- unlike many of the mock test(i think many of them went overboard in framing questions).
    6. The questions wont be long and lengthy (at least not , what I got).
    7. Its all scenarios – SH not happy , quality is not good, customer didnt not accept, asking for change, team is not doing well, behind schedule, new PM, new SH, new Risks – understand what is 1> Should you do 2> What should do next 3> What should do first.
    8. I didnt get single question on Agile, basic project ,portfolio, program,PMO, life cycle, and on PM plan i guess.
    9. For 2time reading , i devised something like this – Areas where you need concentrate on Documents – like Procurement, charter ,resources,part of quality, part of risks.
    Areas you need to understand what tools and tech used like – Quality, risks, communication,scope, SH.
    Areas you need concentrate on overall and decisions – like integration, time, cost,communications.
    10. I didnt read RITA, or for that matter anything but just PMBOK- but choice is up to you.
    11. Lastly but may be most important of all – Go into exam as relaxed as you can be, like nothing to lose, but dont be careless. There is very thin line between relaxing and careless- that means, you should know what ans you are selecting and why – ask yourself (if you have gone through pmbok and handled projects or scenarios , your mind will most probably give you rational answer).

    I still wait for my certificate , as i said anything can happen to me. 🙂
    Best of luck to you all.

  67. Monika Sharma says:

    A truckload of thanks to Edward Chung for his helping hands to PMP aspiring community.

    Here is my lessons learned and study strategy for PMP .

    I took this PMP certification as a one of the resolutions for the year 2018 .Initially I too was very confused and bit skeptical like others who just start their journey towards this certification by thinking whether they can achieve it or not as failing dreams or you can say in the PMP language Risk of failing seems very high when you are starting any new projects but as you move forward with your plans and tally it regularly with your progress then surely you can avoid/mitigate/transfer or accept the risk and completely close the risk at the end of that project.

    PMP was my project since March 2018.Here is the points which I have followed ->

    1.I planned to study 4 hours daily (except weekends) since March 2018 (in total around 50 Days time).
    2.I took online course from Izenbridge consultancy in Jan 2018 which made my base for PMP very strong.
    3.I kept my study material very limited as I focused only on Rita Mulachy 8th edition and PMBOK 6th edition for studies.
    4.I read Rita Mulachy twice , PMBOK thrice (along with Agile Practice Guide).
    5.I did not memorize any formulas or ITTO as after reading it with close attention i found its very easy to relate all the processes in PMBOK once you have understanding about those concepts it works well in your mind.
    6.After reading all the study material twice I attempted all the mock questions given below and analyzed all the answers (wrong and right) to improve my understanding from PMI point of view and it worked well in exam.
    7.Read all the Glossory terms from PMBOK and Agile PG.
    8.Made my own notes as well as read it from this site made by Edward chung
    9.Give more attention towards Quality/Risk/Integration/Communications/Procurement management area.

    Mock exams results of 3000+ questions after i finished two rounds of study of Rita Mulachy and PMBOK6 edition with Agile Practice guide.
    Even if you are scoring lesser than 70% in some of the mock tests do not get disheartened and pick up all the reasons why it was wrong and improve.

    1 Oliver Lehmann (Online) 75Q 76%
    2 HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam 200Q 68%
    3 Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) 120Q in total 69%
    4 Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam 200Q 71%
    5 Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q 67%
    6 Edwel Mock Exam 75Q 75%
    7 PMP Exam Mentor App questions >90% (in almost all the tests)
    8 Izenbridge consultancy Mock questions KA wise (around 700+ questions ) >90% (in almost all the tests)
    9 Scordo’s 900 questions >85% (in almost all the tests)
    10 Rita Mulachy KA questions >82% (in almost all the tests)
    11 Attempted some questions from (It contains more questions on PMBOK 6th edition and Agile based)

    I wish success to every body who are planning to pursue their exam for 6th edition .Yes, Its achievable with persistence and continuous improvement in your own ways.
    Make a best version of yourself and do whatever suits to you as per your schedules and achieve the target PMP .Happy Learning !!!!!!

    Yes you too can do it . All the best !!!!!!!!!!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations Monika on achieving PMP success with the new PMP Exam 2018! Your sharing is really extremely valuable for all PMP Aspirants to really try the new exam! Thanks!

    • Liz says:

      Thank you for sharing! I’m a bit concerned by your #11. I plan to take my exam next week however I did not intentionally study Agile beyond what is said in the PMBOK6th. Were there agile specific questions on the exam? Do I also need to read the Agile guide?

  68. Swaminathan says:

    hi Edward,

    Glad to inform that i have passed the PMP exam on 21-mar with AT in all 5 PGs. Thank you a lot for providing such a phenomenal resource and your contribution to PM community is immense. I list here the lessons learned:

    1.Start early & submit the application before you start the preparation –
    – It took more than a week for me to even prepare the application and got the reply from PMI exactly after a week time approving to schedule the exam(got lucky that no audit was triggered, otherwise approval process could have delayed my preparation and add mental agony), this helped me to focus only on the exam with full 3 months available

    2. Collect, analyze & finalize the materials and don’t Overstudy
    – I was greedy & about to do this mistake of overstudying which i realized half-way that this could detriment my confidence level, from then on I totally focused only on Rita & PMBOK(Read Rita twice, thrice the PMBOK and PMP maths once). Pls note most of the exam q’s are not straight-forward, often it was confusing and sort of psychometric test.

    3. Take Mock tests as many as possible, preferably 4 hours test atleast 4-5 times
    – I missed taking multiple 4 hours practice test(which i planned to do) due to laziness and was under tremendous pressure during exam to finish on time, luckily managed to finish answering 200 q’s in 3:20 hours and used 40 min for review, was literally waiting for the system to throw me out 🙂

    Good luck to all those aspirants out there, jus go ahead and do it, it’s possible.

  69. Anas Al-Zabat says:


    Do you have the PMP materials / Questions which are coveirngthe new PMBOK version. 06


    • Edward Chung says:

      Yes, all my study notes have been updated to the PMBOK 6 version. However, it still takes time for the free PMP mock exams to be updated. Some paid ones have already been updated, e.g. the PM Exam Simulator (highly recommended).

      Wish you PMP success!

  70. KG says:

    Hi Edward,

    KG here. You advised me not to worry too much for 6th Edition as I missed taking my 5th Edition exam. I am working towards taking 6th Edition PMP certification. I want to check with you if you are planning to include the mock up question links that includes 6th edition changes (two new processes and Agile concepts.. etc). Also, I was hoping somebody will post a comment on their 6th Edition exam but so far I haven’t seen any comment on that 🙁 Lets hope somebody will share their experience.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi KG,

      Yes, I will be updating the info here once available. I am still collecting advice and experience sharing from fellow PMP Aspirants. Will surely update in due course! Wish you PMP success!

      • KG says:

        Thank you so much Edward. Much much appreciated.

      • KG says:

        Hi Edward,

        I have not heard from anyone on how is the new version of PMP test based on PMBOK guide 6th Edition. This makes me little nervous. Thought of checking with you. Have you met anyone who has taken exam based on 6th edition?

      • Edward Chung says:

        Hi KG,

        Sorry, not yet. People are still waiting for others to try and succeed first every time things are changing. Don’t worry and have faith in yourself. If you have done your part, just have a go! I am sure the new PMP Exam is very close to the previous one (I took my PMP Exam less than 3 months after the change of syllabus and I got a pass in the first attempt).

        Wish you PMP success!

  71. Swaminathan says:

    hi Edward,

    Glad to inform that i have passed the PMP exam on 21-mar with AT in all 5 PGs. Thank you a lot for providing such a phenomenal resource and your contribution to PM community is immense. I list here the lessons learned:

    1.Start early & submit the application before you start the preparation –
    – It took more than a week for me to even prepare the application, and got the reply from PMI exactly after a week time approving to schedule the exam(got lucky that no audit was triggered, otherwise approval process could have delayed my preparation and add mental agony), this helped me to focus only on the exam with full 3 months available

    2. Enquire, analyze & finalize the materials and don’t Overstudy
    – I was greedy & about to do this mistake of overstudying which i realized half-way that this could detriment my confidence level, from then on I totally focused only on Rita & PMBOK(Read Rita twice and thrice the PMBOK). Pls note most of the exam q’s are not straight-forward, often it was confusing and sort of psychometric test.

    3. Take Mock tests as many as possible, preferably 4 hours test atleast 4-5 times
    – I missed taking multiple 4 hours practice test(which i planned to do) due to laziness and was under tremendous pressure during exam to finish on time, luckily managed to finish answering 200 q’s in 3:20 hours and used 40 min for review & literally waiting for the system to throw me out automatically 🙂

    Good luck to all those aspirants out there, jus go ahead and do it, it’s possible.

    Swaminathan R

  72. Deepthi says:

    Hello Edward –

    First of all thanks much for all you do. I have been following your site after I decided to do my PMP and I must tell you I am a big fan of you – the way you provide your opinion and guide PMP aspirants like me is commendable.Thanks a lot for maintaining this website active and sharing the necessary information, help and guidance needed for PMP aspirants.You have been doing an awesome job and I should definitely thank you for all your efforts.

    I am happy to inform you that I passed PMP exam on March 23rd with 5 AT. It feels so good to see the score after all the hard work you put in.

    Midway through my preparation, I was lost as to where I was standing with regard to PMP preparation. After visiting your website, I came to know of the mock links you have shared. Then I Started taking mock exams, which built my confidence.

    My strategy was to read Rita and PMBOK twice. I never memorized the ITTOs like many here had commented.
    I took all the free mock tests in the link you have provided. Initially I scored very bad and was bit disappointed. The turning point was the PM Prepcast simulator exam that you had mentioned . It helped me to think through the situational questions and more than that sitting through the 4 hour exam is what I learnt the most from the simulator. I scored anywhere between 78% to 85% in the 8 mock tests from PM Prepcast simulator and this boosted my confidence. I took few tests from and they were good questions.
    I also practised multiple mathematical questions using various sources but to my surprise I got only 1 question on PERT calculation in the PMP exam. I did not spend any time doing brain dump during the exam.

    I am very happy with my achievement and this would not have been possible without your site.I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the folks who have shared their experience and strategies for PMP preparation.

    I am full time working mom of 2 kids – 2 year and 3 year old so if I can do it anyone can pass the exam with some good prep and guidance through your site.


  73. Ram says:

    Dear Edward, & All,
    What about reading by Process group rather than knowledge area
    I heard that by Process group is effective rather than knowledge area
    Any advise please

  74. Norah says:

    Hello Edward & all,

    I finally decided to do the PMP Exam on March 25 before the new revision of the Exam.
    I passed the Exam with “Above Target” in all process groups in my first attempt.

    I got my 35 hours mid of December and my boss wanted me to pass the Exam and put it in my Objectives ! For I started studying beginning of February. At the beginning I was very relaxed and had hard time to motivate myself: I read the Rita once and the PMBok also once. I finally decided to register for the Exam mid of March and this stressed me out! I really started to study and do questions, questions, questions and Mock Exam.

    I found your website when I registered for the Exam 2 weeks ago and it helped me a lot.
    First I used your results as reference to clear the Exam. This completely freaked me out ! I got in average 10% below your scores.

    1 Oliver Lehmann (Online) 75Q 64%
    2 HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam 200Q 79%
    3 Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) 90Q in total 90%
    4 Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam 200Q 71%
    5 Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q 75%
    6 Edwel Mock Exam 75Q 75%

    Then I read all the comments on this page and I started to realize that I could actually clear it. I expected “Target” in Planning, Execution and M&C, “Target” or “Below Target” for Initiating and “Below Target” in Closing as I indentified them as my weak areas. So I was very happy to see my results.

    – I used the commonly confused terms and it helped me to write down my notes. Very useful !!

    The last day I used free mock exams and found them very close to the actual exam (scored around 75%).

    Good luck for the PMP aspirants, don’t worry, keep in mind the PMBok concepts and use your feeling as a PM, the exam uses soft logic skills !

    Thanks Edward for creating this website and thanks also all the people who shared their results, experience and feelings here !!

  75. Sridhar says:

    Dear Edward,
    I am happy to share that I have cleared my PMP® on 20th March’18 in my first attempt.
    Thank you for your fabulous website which has contributed in my success. I went through the PMBOK guide twice, RITA’s book once and the content you have put in your website especially I like the blog on lessons learned in which many valuable suggestion I have followed, thanks to everyone here.
    In addition to the above I believe practice tests (scenario based) mock tests helped me to manage my time in the real exam.
    Thank you again,

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! Please do help to spread this website to anyone you know would benefit from it. Most of the contents have been updated for the latest PMP Exam based on PMBOK Guide 6th edition. Thanks!

  76. Ardijan says:

    Hi Edward,
    I passed the exam yesterday with the following results:
    initiating: above target – planning, executing, controlling : Target – closing : needs improvement (ouch)

    Thanks for your website. EVM explanation, confusing terms and mock exam links were very usefull.
    also the post of Ismail Sultan really helped. Quite accurate about the topics of questions to except in the exam.
    Regarding the exam difficulty, I was surprised as the most difficult was to understand the questions. was much more tricky than any mock exam.( maybe because English is not my mother tongue, not sure)

    I’ll recommend your site to my colleagues your will start the Journey.



  77. Deepthi says:

    Hello Edward –

    First of all thanks much for all you do. I have been following your site after I decided to do my PMP and I must tell you I am a big fan of you – the way you provide your opinion and guide PMP aspirants like me is commendable.Thanks a lot for maintaining this website active and sharing the necessary information, help and guidance needed for PMP aspirants.You have been doing an awesome job and I should definitely thank you for all your efforts.

    I am happy to inform you that I passed PMP exam today with 5 AT. It feels so good to see the score after all the hard work you put in.

    Midway through my preparation, I was lost as to where I was standing with regard to PMP preparation. After visiting your website, I came to know of the mock links you have shared. Then I Started taking mock exams, which built my confidence.

    My strategy was to read Rita and PMBOK twice. I never memorized the ITTOs like many here had commented.
    I took all the free mock tests in the link you have provided. Initially I scored very bad and was bit disappointed. The turning point was the PM Prepcast simulator exam that you had mentioned . It helped me to think through the situational questions and more than that sitting through the 4 hour exam is what I learnt the most from the simulator. I scored anywhere between 78% to 85% in the 8 mock tests from PM Prepcast simulator and this boosted my confidence. I took few tests from and they were good questions.
    I also practised multiple mathematical questions using various sources but to my surprise I got only 1 question on PERT calculation in the PMP exam. I did not spend any time doing brain dump during the exam.

    I am very happy with my achievement and this would not have been possible without your site.I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the folks who have shared their experience and strategies for PMP preparation.


  78. Shanmuganathan R says:

    Hi Edward,

    Happy to inform you that I passed PMP with 4 AT and 1 T (Executing) on 22nd March 2018.. Thanks a lot for maintaining this website active and sharing the necessary information, help and guidance needed for PMP aspirants.
    You have been doing a fantabulous job, especially your explanations on 47 confusing terms is really helpful and much needed for PMP exam preparation.

    Midway through my preparation, I was clueless as to where I was standing with regard to PMP preparation. After visiting your website, came to know of the mock links you have shared. Then I Started taking mock exams, which built my confidence and I made sure I was ready to take up the exam.

    Would like to extend my sincere thanks to all the folks who have shared their experience and strategies for PMP preparation.


  79. Deeds Mavey says:

    Thanks for a great resource. Your website was one of the few resources that I used. My wife and I took the exam today and both passed.
    My wife had 3 Above Target and 2 Target. I had 3 Above Target and 2 Below Target (I know, I know my wife is smarter than me)lol! Below are the tools that I used:
    Udemy 100Q – 71%
    PM Study 200q (1) – 85%
    HeadFirst 200Q -76%
    PM Study 200Q (2) -64%
    Edwell 75Q – 74%
    Lehmann 75Q – 64%
    PM Study (3) – 75%
    PM Study (4) -78%

    As you can see, I seemed to be just above water. The exam was more of a logical, thinking hard type of exam. To fellow aspirants, I say read take as many questions as you can and always think as a project manager. What would you do, what would PMI want you to do? I am also a believer in spending a bit of money to get ahead. If you have or you can, get some of those courses that cost money. I paid for PMStudy and Udemy all for under $50USD and got a lot more information and tests done. I do recommend both of them especially PMStudy Now that I have my PMP, my company will be negotiating with me on a pay raise. That $50 I spent comes back very quickly!

  80. KG says:

    Hi Edward,

    First of all, thank you so much for helping fellow PMP aspirants by creating this website, sharing your experience and sharing your personal study notes. Your have done a great job. Thank you once again.

    I had my exam scheduled for today but due to bad weather conditions, exam center is closed and there is no availability before 26th March in any of NJ & NY centers. I now will have to plan for 6th edition. Can you please advise if 6th Edition has drastic changes? I want to plan to give exam in next 30 days. Is this a right decision? Does PMI loads new questions for the test whenever they come up with new edition? Please guide me how to plan for 6th Edition. Thank you in advance.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry to hear that. Don’t worry too much, the 6th edition is quite similar to the 5th edition of PMBOK Guide, with a little change in the naming of some processes/groups. But you will also need to have knowledge of Agile. Most of my free resources have been updated for the 6th edition already.

      Wish you PMP success!

  81. edmund says:

    Thanks so much Edward for all the info! Passed mine today with 4 above targets and 1 below target (closing process).

    Keep up the great work!!

  82. Preeti says:

    Hello Edward!

    Happy to share that I passed the PMP on my first attempt today…your website was extremely crucial in passing, that much I can swear by! I got the following scores:

    Initiating – Target
    Planning – Above Target
    Executing – Above Target
    Monitoring & Controlling – Above Target
    Closing – Below Target

    In terms of study material, I got the PMBOK guide 5th Edition and Kim Heldman (Deluxe Guide, 2nd Edition) and got my 35 hours through Joseph Phillips classes on I started on Jan 3 this year as part of a New Year Resolution to get this exam done! I work as a Construction Project Manager and found a lot of the material relevant but also had to learn a few other areas which I was not that familiar with and mostly found challenging the terminologies within some of the process groups. As for practice exams, I pretty much only did the mock exams listed on this page starting a week ago and scored as follows (listed in order taken):

    Edwel 75Q – 68%
    PMP Exam Simulator 90Q – 50%
    Oliver Lehman 75Q – 53%
    Simplilearn 200Q – 59%
    HeadFirst 200Q – 72%
    Oliver Lehman 175Q (taken yesterday) – 65%

    So as you can see, I was quite nervous by last afternoon but dug deep into your 47 confusing terms and other PMP aspirants’ recent postings on how the PMP exam was relatively easier than all these mock exams – however, the key being going through these mock exams and the answer keys made a huge difference to how I approached the actual exam!

    Needless to say, I am certainly relieved and cannot thank you enough for your extremely valuable website!

    Kind regards,
    (mom to 2 boys; 8.5 and 2.5 years old)

    • Edward Chung says:

      Wow, what an achievement as you are a mother of 2! Congratulations! Please help the growth of this website by sharing it to anyone you think will find it useful. Thanks!

  83. Karur Nagarjun says:

    Hi Edward

    I have passed my PMP examination today and this is my first attempt. I am great follower of your website, your explained the EMV concepts and confused terms in the best way and it helped me a lot. When I tried Oliver 175 exams for the first time, I got only 59% but didn’t get discouraged, I got robust and cleared my knowledge gaps using your website. I suggest everyone to go thru your website for guidance on concepts.

    I studied PMBOK thoroughly except for risk part and I gave wrong answers there. I Got “Above Target” in Initiation and closing, “Target” in Execution and M&C and “Needs Improvement” in planning. Overall my performance was on Target which is a good one for me. Keep rocking with your updates 🙂

    Karur Nagarjun, PMP.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on getting PMP certified on your first try! I am so glad you find my website useful. Please do help to share this website with your friends and colleagues should they need to take the PMP Exam. Thanks!

      • Karur Nagarjun says:

        Sure Edward.

        For 35 hours, I took help from GLOBALSKILLUP institute ( who offered me training as well at a fair price, this happened in December2017. I thought I shouldn’t lose this momentum, so I booked a slot for the exam on March2018, I thought 3 months would suffice for preparation.

        On weekdays I use to study from 11:00PM to 1:00AM, after my 20month old kid sleeps, and same during the weekends but extra 1-2 hours. Important thing is writing\make a note of what you are reading and I was good at that. I joined “I want to a PMP” in LinkedIn and going thru each and every post for mock exams. I spent like this till March.
        I knew the judgment day was near, so I had to speedup the process and make most of the time. I increased the timeline of my reading to extra one hour each day. I started reading PMBOK here. The concepts were very clear for me now and all I had to was to connect the dots. My major focuswas on Executing and monitoring as the more than 60% of questions were on these. Next Initiating and Closing (which would make 20% of exams on questions in the exam) and planning was last. I read every knowledge area except “Risk” in PMBOK because I was late, but didn’t regret and that’ when I was googling for differences b\w “avoid and mitigate” and found your website on confused terms and then extended myself to read more from your website. Went thru EMV concepts which are crystal clear and made my journey easier. Last three days before the exam I intensified my reading more from PMBOK and made notes for myself to make easy reading on exam day morning.

        On my exam day,19March , I woke up early and went thru my notes again in all knowledge areas.
        First 60mins I took 60 questions, next 60 mins next 60 questions and next 100mins all the questions. The questions were simple to understand and the options were very confusing, I had to breakdown the possibilities and eliminate the answers and find the right one. Trust me, a question was a combination of Communication+stakeholder+risk+change knowledge areas, for this kind of question concept should be clear. I was left out with 30mins yet, so I wanted to review my questions now. Funny part was I put myself close to 60 questions for review without my knowledge and I had go thru them very fast and couldn’t got thru last 25 questions for review but deep in my heart I knew I put right answers there. After I submitted the exam, the survey time was there, I quickly filled it up. Once I saw the Congratulations message, I was on cloud nine and saw the “pass” word. I felt happy and thanked to God and family.

        This exam will test your logical thinking and common sense. Eat well before you take this exam,200 questions, 4 hours of sitting and thinking, you should physical and mentally fit. So Last three day before my exam, I wake up at 5:00Am and attempt 200questions exam with a timer to practice for D day.

        After all this, I wanted to tell everyone is that, please give your full for the preparation, no substitute for hard-
        Karur Nagarjun

      • Edward Chung says:

        Thanks Karur for your detailed sharing!

  84. Ian H says:

    Hey Edward,

    Thanks in part to the helpful information you provided here, I passed my PMP Exam today with Above Target performance in all domains. My study materials were a combination of resources including LinkedIn (, Kim Heldman (Sybex), Sohel Akther (NY-based PM training instructor), and Pearson’s Exam Cram supplemented by your website along with Cornelius Fitchner, Oliver Lehmann and several others, including free exams from Simplilearn (77%) and PM Study (85%).

    Thanks again for the assistance you have provided to me and many others on the journeys to achieve the PMP certification.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on passing the PMP Exam with extraordinary results! Would you like to share your lessons learned to benefit fellow PMP Aspirants? Thanks in advance!

      • Ian Hardouin says:

        Sure, a lot to share. First, I was fortunate in a sense insofar as my wife went through a PMP Bootcamp last fall that her employer paid for. (My wife is not pursuing the certification – she was a last minute sub for one of her colleagues who got sick with the flu) That was how I got the prep book from Sohel Akhter, which was very helpful in providing questions that, while wordy, were in essence similar to the exam.

        Second, as I have a LinkedIn subscription, I used their offering to fulfill my contact hours requirement. While a good start (and a very cost effective way to accomplish this task at $30/month), the video lessons had some shortcomings as they stuck only to high-level overviews of processes and ITTOs. I tried the free sampler of the PM Prepcast a few weeks ago, and came away with the feeling that while both are similarly formatted (video lessons that you can stream or download onto a computer or smartphone), Cornelius’ lessons were more engaging and descriptive.

        Third, I utilized my local public library system to access additional study materials – including PMP Exam prep books from Pearson (Exam Cram – 2015) and Kim Heldman – Sybex (2016). I’m fortunate to live in a location – NYC – where I can access libraries that these resources available in both hard copy and eBook format. And the best part is, all it takes is a library card.

        I supplemented these materials with free questions on the web from PM Prepcast, Oliver Lehmann, Edwel, Project Management Academy, and others, plus the free exams offered by Simplilearn and PM Study. The Kim Heldman and Pearson books also have online sites that offer practice questions and other test prep help. The site for the Kim Heldman book also allows one to download a PDF copy of the text, essentially provding the eBook version for free.

        Overall, what worked best about this strategy was that having questions from many different sources provided several different angles at learning material and preparing for what might appear on the exam. Among the published sources I used, they each had their own styles, and interestingly each provided additional depth on topics not really covered elsewhere (i.e. additional Quality and Management theorists beyond Deming, Maslow, Herzberg, etc.). That was both a blessing and a burden. Additionally, the Kim Heldman book, published in 2016, had some material and questions that were tied to concepts which have been discontinued from the PMBOK, in particular the Quality Baseline.

        Another thing I found in going through practice questions from many sources were inaccuracies. Overall, I would say about 1 out of every 100 questions I came across had an incorrect answer. And I found at least 1 incorrect answer in most sources that I used. So one helpful hint to fellow PMP aspirants, if you come across a question for which the chosen correct answer seems odd, fact-check it by doing a Google search or consulting other sources. It is possible that the publisher made a mistake. That said, fact checking among publishers should also be better than it is, as should grammar use (i.e. saying something is “objective” or “an objective” are two different things). Maybe some quality audits are needed?

        One last improvement that I would like to see: the exam I took allows takers to highlight text from questions and strike out answers in the process, something that I did not come across in any of my online sources and I think would be very helpful.

      • Edward Chung says:

        Thanks a lot for your detailed sharing. This is extremely useful!

  85. R Godara says:

    Hi Chung,
    I am Godara. My congratulations & best wishes to you for your excellent portal.
    I went through PMBOK, once, Rita Once. While doing all this I was also attempting different mock tests. Mostly I attempted from and got more than 80% in all tests ( app. 1000 Questions). After completing Rita from beginning to end, I attempted Ritas end chapter questions and got 78% overall. I Scheduled my exam on 17th March. Am I ready or should I postpone? Please Reply fast, only one day to postpone.

    • Edward Chung says:

      You are pretty close to 80% on your mock exams and you are ready to get PMP certified! Just try to keep your cool during the real exam and you will surely be alright. Can’t wait to hear your good news!

      • R Godara says:

        Thanks Edward. I wrote and passed with all groups above target. My take on exam is no different from what other people have written here. I will emphasize one thing here as Rita says, think as if you are a PM and answer the questions. I have a lot of PM experience that helped me a lot. I got more lengthy questions, One numerical question was wrong. I am still sure, it was wrong. Some questions will try to kill your time, do not fall prey to it., go ahead, soon, you will surely get easier questions ahead. As Edward says keep cool. PMBOK is nothing but standardization of what a PM does. All these processes we do everyday but when you categorize them, systematize them, it becomes PMBOK. Its only an orientation change nothing else!!! All the very best to all readers of this blog who are yet to appear and get certified! Thanks again Edward for your helpful communication. Regards!

      • Edward Chung says:

        Glad to hear that, congratulations!

  86. ahmed says:

    Hello Chung,
    Am Ahmed and I have scheduled my exam beginning 4th week of mar’18. I havent yet completed the pmbok 5th edition. Am still lagging behind with integration, risk & procurement. I havent yet taken any mock tests. I need your advise how to go about with my last minute preparations.
    This is urgent and I request your quick response in the matter.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Ahmed,

      It is indeed very urgent. If I were you, I would take off from work and concentrate on studying. I would also go through the remaining topics asap and begin working on mock exams — the more the better.

      As the PMP Exam will see an update on 26 March 2018, it is highly advised to take the exam several days earlier.

      Wish you PMP success!

      • ahmed says:

        Hi Chung,
        I am done with Risk and started of with pending topics like procurement & integraiton, am on leave and reading pmbok is taking time considering its language and complexity. I haven’t gone through Rita as well. I hope to finish with these topics by this thursday. I need your frank advise if its wise to take up the exam on 20th as I havent yet gone through the mock and ritas questions even once and am hoping to start on thursday. I also need to revise the complete pmbok one more time. Considering the above factors, am a bit worried if I will be able to make it considering the complexity of the exam. I have time till 26 Mar 2018 to postpone or go ahead with the exam. Please advise me.
        Thanks a ton

      • Edward Chung says:

        Hi Ahmed,

        Yes, time is running short. Again if I were you, I would try to postpone my exam date to get more time for exam prep. And I might skip the 2nd reading of the PMBOK Guide and concentrate on reading Rita’s book as well as doing more practice exams.

        Wish you success!

  87. Ismail Sultan says:

    Hi Edward

    Want to share my experience especially for the guys who despite best efforts, get stuck due to office/other commitments and are scared to attempt PMP. My PMP experience was very much like real-world project. The moment I registered for exam, somehow it triggered cycle of super workload. Beautiful schedule and plan I made on month n-2 was lost someway in between as my exam was approaching right in front of my face. I really struggled at times to manage (6 workdays/week) and in end, it was all left to last few days. I got only one day off (the exam day obviously). On Exam day, I entered in the exam hall for PMP, not with my best confidence level.

    Later, I checked out holding my PMP certificate with 5 ‘AT’ on March 6, 2018. 🙂

    Thank you for all your amazing work and website. You were my most favorite person in the world in last week before exam (you still are in the good-guy list). I am sharing my lessons learnt for the community hoping this might help someone like me.

    DISCLAIMER: The following arrangement worked for me. I believe everyone has a different style and approach for attempting exams like PMP. Please see how it suits you. Also some of the references will change due to PMBOK sixth edition from March 26, 2018.

    1. First thing first. I studied mainly RITA MULCAHY’s PMP Exam Prep. I tried to finish it from cover to cover and finished it on actually very last day (needed some extra commitment but was worth it). Missed giving MOCK exams due to time shortage but made sure that I read and understand all the concepts explained in RITA. I think it paid off as I was able to find the ‘RIGHT answer’ quickly in exam rather wasting time to eliminate choices which seem pretty same. I got my first round of all 200 questions completed in 3 hours 10 minutes (saving 50 minutes for review). I didn’t read PMBOK completely except for needed references.
    2. I put lots of notes and highlights on RITA book. On the morning of exam, I very quickly reviewed all the highlights. It helped a lot.
    3. Take leaves for 3-4 days before exam if possible. If not possible, it is still manageable (personal lesson learnt).
    4. Try to make your own cheatsheet. It is best way to learn it. More critical now as brain-dump is not allowed anymore.
    5. I highly recommend checking the website for PMP stuff, especially following links and study notes. Easily-confused-terms proved to be a quick overall review.
    6. I never thought that I would suggest this but here it is. DO learn by heart table 3.1, page 61 of PMBOK: Map for 47 processes with Group and KA. There were roughly 20 questions where exam simply presented a situation and asked this relates to which PM process. However, NO NEED to remember all ITTOs. Try to grasp the overall concepts.
    7. You specially have to focus where PMI-isms and real-world project management (which most of us do) are different. Please see next point in this regard.

    8. Would recommend following reads from RITA and concepts in order of importance:
    a. Please review Rita Process Chart (page 49-50). Particularly if possible, do MEMORIZE the planning activities (in order). I think I got around 10+ questions easily on exam and plus this helped to select right answer where choices seemed really confusing and ‘almost right’. For practice you can try this link (free game for RITA process chart)
    b. Second important recommendation is change management form RITA (page 140). Do review and understand the detailed order. There were at least 6+ questions regarding change management and related conflicts in my exam.
    c. Risk: RITA page 435 for risk response plan and page 437 Risk Control Processes. You should be able to understand following: What should be main focus on project manager always during project execution? What PM should do if any identified/unidentified risk happens? Whether/when he should raise change request while activating risk response plan?
    d. Complete Integration chapter RITA. Review it TWICE or THRICE. Questions in exam needed thorough understanding of project charter creation/approval and initiation process.
    e. You can expect scenarios where you took project in mid in initiation or execution process. What you should do first (Check charter/scope, risk, stakeholder).
    f. Review RITA Page 315- Quality Management in the Real World
    g. In terms of stakeholders, remember first priority is of customer and then sponsor.
    h. RITA Page 263: Budget and reserves. Understand how contingency and Management reserves are used
    i. RITA Page 508: Close Procurement process
    j. Role of sponsor and Role of Project Manager (RITA page 336 and page 341)
    k. Review RITA Page 350 – Rewards and Recognition. This is most important part of PMI’s HR philosophy. Also have a look on Staffing Management Plan and team building activities (RITA page 355).
    l. Seven basic Quality tools. Cost of Quality. Pareto and control chart apparently are the most expected items from Quality chapter
    m. Review RITA Page 490 – Procurement Terms. Also you should know well Contract types (if scope is not clear, what type of contract should be adopted) and Contract legal aspects. Also what is important when closing/terminating contract (Lessons learnt, OPA update, Procurement File). What to do in case of BREACH/Default? How to resolve contract conflicts with customer?
    n. Put moderate effort on Cost and time management chapters. Don’t kill yourself on these. PMI did ask some lengthy formula questions in past. But they have changed that practice for last 2 years at least (Basic conceptual math questions only e.g. giving CPI and/or SPI and asking what’s the project status).

    9. Overall questions in actual exam where not really verbose or of tricky language like SUPERPMP and many mock exams. 80% questions were situational. There were less than 8 numerical questions and didn’t need much math.
    10. RITA end exercise questions are must. They are very well designed.
    11. MOCK tests would really help IF you have completed your study once. Mark your incorrect questions and TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC. If you get bad scores, don’t worry. I did only one full-length mock test 2 days before exam and got 62% (scared s*** out of me). Actual exam was much easier than Mock exams. Would recommend following at least. The more, the better:
    a. SUPER PMP
    b. OLIVER LEHMAN 175 questions

    In end, it’s only a test, friends. Be relaxed on exam day and do your best. Most of the candidates easily pass exam after good preparation. For some, luck does the magic (for the brave ones). So prepare for the worst and trust your luck! See you on the other side!!

    Ismail Sultan

  88. Mahesh A Nikam says:

    Hi Edward,

    I have passed my PMP exam yesterday with Planning & Closing above Target & remaining three groups on Target. First of all I want to thank you for your post, I was closely monitoring it. Especially PMP study notes & 47 Confusing Terms are really great source of knowledge.

    I want to give few insights to PMP aspirants. You should be thorough in basic PMPBOK guide. Refer Rita Book to further clarify your concepts. Do remember ITTOs logically. Do lot of practice tests. I got lot many questions in exam which are related to Stakeholder Management, procurement management knowledge area, IITO related questions, 3-4 related to earned value management.Key to success is practice, practice & practice !!

    Thanks to Edward once again !!!

  89. Arora says:

    Hi Edward,

    I cleared my PMP today with all 5 above targets .Want to thank you for helping out with much useful data you have provided here;your blogs and sample exam links helped a lot
    My study approach:
    Read Rita’s book once and PMBOK once
    Daily 2 hrs after office for around 2-3 months
    I bought in one online simulation from for practice during the end of preparation
    Overall I practised above 2000 questions

    Best Regards

  90. Sean says:

    Hello Edward,

    i passed the PMP 5th Edition today. Manage to score (Initiation, Planning, Closing) as Target, (Executing) Below Target and (Monitoring & Controlling) Above Target. The exam was tougher than i thought, at least i thought i was going to fail as i am unsure about 80% of the questions. the questions are really tough and most of the time i was guessing for an answer. I was following your blog for the past 10 months, doing the free mock exams you recommend. i scored 76% on Headfirst, 63% on Oliver 175 Q and 65% on Oliver 75 Q. My studies took 10 months. From the beginning i took the skillsoft online coaching which is a 3 hour session each for a total of 6 sessions. Studied the PMBok guide once and Rita’s PMP Exam Prep once. honestly i do not remember the 6 online coaching session and most of the PMBok guide. The material that helped me get the most understanding is Rita’s guide. Hereby i would urge PMP aspirant to study the PMBok guide once and then focus on Rita’s guide. After that, perform the mock exam to get to know whether you are ready to take the exams. Cheers!

  91. Daisy Wei says:

    Hi Edward,
    I passed my PMP exam on first attempt yesterday with 4 AT and 1T(Closing). I would like to express my greatest appreciation to you and everyone shared his/her experience on this page, which helped me a lot during preparation.

    It’s my turn to share my lessons learned:
    1. Audit: My application was picked for audit. I had to submit several times for auditing due to various reasons, not due to the experiences but the wording. Tips include:
    a. Applicants must use PMP terminologies to describe the project deliverables not technical deliverable (product deliverable)! I found the PMP exam outline ( provided great example for such description.
    b. If you ran a program and managed the projects in process groups here and there like me, you should lay out the hours by individual project separately, not just the whole program.
    c. If there’s time overlap between 2 projects, hours will be counted for once. E.g. you worked 30% of your day on project A and 30% of your day on project B in the same month, hours have to be allocated to project A or B, but not both. Also only PM experiences in past 8 years are eligible.

    2. Mock-up exams: I went through some mock up exams listed in your article above and did not get nice scores, Oliver 175q : 69% only 2 days before exam, which made me very nervous. Rita Fastrack Super PMP: 70% only 1 day before exam. But the actual exam was easier because the questions were:
    a. Not so wordy as the two mockup I tried. Most questions are less than 4 lines.
    b. Not so tricky to use “least…”, “not… except…” as in Super PMP. I felt Super PMP went too far to phrase those questions with too many traps, which is not really testing PMP knowledge.
    3. ITTOs: I did not spend much time to remember the input and output. But the knowledge area/process groups mapping chart were always in my mind. I had 5-7 questions in the exam and I believe I nailed them.
    4. Training to exam: I attended training class in 2015 and did not register for exam until Nov. 2017 due to family matters. 2 years gap made it difficult to bridge. I would encourage applicants to try to register for exam as early as possible once you finish the training. Then you will have a deadline in your mind to force you to finish.

    I hope my lessons learned will help other aspirants as well!

  92. Naveen says:

    Passed PMP today with 4 Above Targets (Initiation, Planning, M&C, Closing) and 1 Target (Execution) in first attempt..Bit relieved now and getting back to normal life again…..:) I felt the Communication/Stakeholder management were bit tuf and confusing as they closely interact each other..felt more practice required…More of situational questions….took around 13 full length mock tests..(74% average score) that really helped to maintain my exam pace……. and Thanks Edward for creating this collection here and I always referred to this content and the list of these Free mock tests really helped me as a benchmark where I stand in my preparation…..Also thanks all for providing their valuable inputs and preparation tips……

  93. Ansar says:

    Hi Edward, I got Needs Improvement in Intiating & Execution please advise me how should i prepare in this two

  94. Umar iftikhar says:

    Passed PMP Exam with Above Target Grade, date 19/02/2018

    Hello Edward, I passed my exam on the first attempt with Above Target Grade. I would like to thank you for all your efforts in managing this website and useful information you provided especially confusing terms, brief summary section and exam resources.

    As a good Project Manager, I would like to provide my lessons learnt as follows (in terms of importance).

    1. Real Exam Day and Exam Contents:

    i) Please take a good sleep before the exam. In my opinion, your performance on actual PMP exam will be decreased by 30% if you did not have a good sleep before the exam.

    ii) I read somewhere, that PMI generates 200 random questions from the pool of 10,000 questions so don’t consider if one person is getting more questions on risk management, you will get the same.

    iii) In my opinion, the real exam was much more difficult than any simulation test (PM Training, PM Exam Simulator etc.). In these simulators, I always managed to knock down 2-3 choices easily but in the real exam, it was not the scenario (maybe because of real exam pressure). There are more question with 2-3 confusing options.

    iv) Practice full exam at least 3 times before the real exam. keep in mind you will have 3 hours and 45 minutes to solve 200 questions because normally persons take 2 breaks. to get to the restroom and come back will take at least 8 minutes because of security checks.

    v) Don’t finish the start tutorial before the designated time. Although you can’t write it on the sheets but take those extra 7-8 minutes to make your mind for the exam and to make yourself believe that your 4 hours of concentration will earn you a well deserving and vastly recognized certification.

    vi) I heard from many people that almost 75% of questions are situational based but in my case, i can say with assurance that almost 170 questions were situation based and I received only 5 numerical questions and 3 questions on network diagram where you have to draw it separately for each question.
    There was no single question, directly asking input or output. However, it was disguised in situation based questions to select correct Input or output.

    vii) As mentioned earlier, everyone gets a different type of questions, in my case, I get 8 questions where the correct answer was Pareto Diagrams. I got the most questions on Lessons learnt topics, Perform quality assurance, risk management Knowledge Area and Integration Management Area.

    Simulation Exam Results:

    My simulation exam results were as follows:

    Oliver Lehman 175 questions: 76 %
    PM Study 200 questions: 84 %
    SimpliLearn:74 %
    PM Exam Simulator: 80%
    Edward Mock Exam: 84%
    PM Training – Christopher Scordo: Average score of 10 exams (87%)

    PS: Oliver Lehmann exam and Simpli Learn Exam was taken after reading 1 time PMBOK and 1 time Rita. Other exams were taken in last 10 days before Exam.

    Recommendation for the simulator:

    i) Oliver Lehman 175 question was the closest to the exam in terms of difficulty. I recommend buying 553 questions of Oliver Lehmann by paying around 3 pounds extra

    ii) In order to get the real feel of exam questions (not answers), you can buy PM Training simulator or PM prep cast simulator but answer options in real PmP exam were more difficult.

    These simulators help you to identify the week areas to work on by providing you with the real trend of your performance.

    BooKS and Notes:

    1. PMBOK
    2. Rita
    3. Handmade notes.
    4. Edward confusing terms notes.
    5. Edwards summary notes

    I prepare my on handmade notes to note that my knowledge gaps.

    Some important topics:

    1. Rita page 140 about how to manage changes is very very important. You will select at least 20-25 questions if you know and understand this page.
    2. 7 basis Quality Tools
    3. Quantitative Risk analysis tools
    4. Sequence/Activities of Closing Project
    5. Rita Planning Activities MaP (Rita mentioned in the correct order) follow that and you will correct 5-6 questions
    6. Control Procurements with relation to Change Management

    Apologies for being so descriptive but I believe it will help my fellow aspirants.

    Best Regards


  95. Kris says:

    Hello Together,

    I am delighted to inform about achieving my PMP yesterday with Above Target in all 5 process groups. I wish to express my gratitude to Edward and others for contributing to this website. It really helped me in the days nearing my exam date. Edward’s notes and confusing terms explanations are very nice.
    I invested 50 days effort, including 4 days classroom training for PDUs.

    Preparation –

    1. Started with Head First and completed the final exam at the end of the book.
    2. Simultaneously read Rita Mulcahy and PMBOK.
    3. Solved chapter end questions from Andy Crowe.
    4. Revised PMBOK and prepared notes.

    Detailed results in practice exams –

    1 Head First 165 200 82.50%
    2 Oliver Lehmann (pdf) 121 175 69.14%
    3 Oliver Lehmann (online) 47 75 62.67%
    4 Fastrack Super PMP 120 200 60%
    5 Simpli Learn 150 200 75%
    6 ESI International 120 200 60%
    7 Fastrack PMP 156 200 78%
    8 Edwel Programs 63 75 84%
    9 PMP Exam Simulator 74 90 82%
    10 Transcender (PluralSight) 165 200 82.50%

    Feeling excited ( and definitely relieved ) for getting back to leading my normal life now ;-))


  96. Aashu Khattar says:

    Passed PMP ……….
    Hi all I cleared my PMP credentials today with above Target…… 3 were above Targets(Initiation, Planning and Monitoring & Controlling) and 2 were on Targets(Executing and Closing).

    It took me approx. 11 month of clear the same. Actually I was not serious with this exams in the beginning. Start the preparation seriously start of January. Set in exam today and got it cleared in first attempt.

    Special thanks to everyone who supported in this journey……….

    Few tips for the exams from my side.

    1) Reading PMBook is really important as it is the bases of your Knowledge.
    2) Understanding the ITTO is a must. You should not remember all the Inputs, outputs or tools but an understanding is a must.
    3) Practice as many mock test as u can. It not only gives you confidence, but improves your Project Management knowledge. I never scored in these mock test more than 72 %, but it improves a lot in terms of understanding the exams and patterns and also every time i lean few new PM terms.

    Best of luck for all who are under preparation for the exams.

    Aashu Khattar

  97. Tatiana Escobar says:

    Thank you Edward. I passed today my PMP with 4 above target and 1 target areas. I wanted to express my gratitute because I followed your advice and your links and I passed on my first attempt.
    I took 88 hours of an Executive Project Management certificate program and 21 hours of prep test. I read the PMBOK once and Head First once. I made my own índex cards with all 47 processes and important definitions per chapter.
    I read a PMBOK knowledge area and took an specific area test, every 3 chapters, I took a 100-question test combining them. I aldo did all the test you suggested, scoring between 68 to 78 on my first try, which made me wonder how well prepared I was to take the test.
    I got lots of questions on lessons learned, only a couple on SPI and CPI analysis and many situational questions.
    I appreciate your comments and level of detail and I look forward to start earning my 60 PDU’s.

  98. Chow says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you so much for all your website content which helped me a lot and I passed my PMP test today with above target in all process groups. I used all the mock tests you have suggested and was getting between 70 to 80 in all of them which gave me confidence and helped me understand weak areas. Thank you again.

  99. Gaurav Sahu says:

    This is great blog. It pointed me to these mock tests – 1) It saved me some money. 2) It helped me to gain significant confidence.
    I typically score 75-85% in most above exams . Oliver 175- 78% Oliver 75-77% ,Head first – 86% , Exam simulator – 83% . Cleared the PMP today with all 5 groups as Above Target .
    Thanks a lot to the writer for this information page.

  100. Alex says:

    Hello Edward,

    I passed my PMP exam with “Above Target” yesterday and I would like to thank you for all the informative study notes and mock exam links that you shared ! 🙂 Here are my sharing on the exam preparation:

    Study Materials:
    RIta textbook
    Edward’s Study Notes
    Others online materials from Google and Youtube ( there are lots of youtube video about PMP , which are quite useful, especially when you found too boring to read tones of note/textbook… LOL)

    All Chapter Quiz from Rita textbook
    Lehmann(downloadable) : 62%
    Lehmann(Online) : 73%
    Edwel : 85%
    HeadFist (200Q) : 76%
    Exam Simulator (90Q in total) : 73%

    Tips to all aspirants:
    1. Make sure to prepare your own lesson learn after each mock exam!! That’s really help to understand the knowledge gap you have.
    2. No matter how informative the study material you’ve got, please prepare your own notes, this will definitely help to digest those PMP knowledge.

    Lastly, wish all aspirants success in the upcoming exam!!

  101. Marinel says:

    Hi Edward,

    The reason I want to post here is to acknowledge the valuable information that I found on your website related to passing PMP Exam. Although I somehow used not exactly the same materials, I got a lot of great tips, tricks and advice from your articles. I also got access to other sources of information through your website. So, to conclude, you’re doing a fantastic job for the PMP candidates and the community shall be grateful to you.

    Regarding my exam, I passed last October, being Above Target on all 5 domains.

    What I used for preparation: Rita’s book, I had the online Simplylearn done some years ago (I think around 4 years ago) and the PMP Exam Prep questions book by Christopher Scordo. I think that Rita’s book si solid and was the main source, although now that old style book based learning style can be challenged by the new websites and apps offering online material. Simplylearn training was ok, maybe not so deep than Rita’s book, so you might need other material. Scordo’s book was useful, many questions, although I would argue that the level of difficulty of the questions might be slightly below the reals exam ones.

    Regarding the tests proposed on different websites, the ones that I found comparable as a difficulty level with the real exam ones were the free Simplylearn exam and Oliver Lehmann’s one. In spite of having some questions focused on some topics not covered by the exam material, Oliver Lehmann is very good.

    As hints from my side: you have to practice a lot of questions before, but make sure that you select ones with difficulty level comparable with the exam ones. Otherwise might give you a wrong image where you are.

    Thanks again for the help, I might need some guidance from your site about how to accumulate PDUs.

    Good luck for everybody with thei exam preparations and the final exam.


  102. semih says:

    Hi Edward,

    Glad to tell you that I have passed my exam on first try with Above Target in all processes. I have used your site a lot so thanks.

    The exam questions were mostly about Comm. Mng. and Stakeholder Mng. There was only 1 calculation question.

    I agree that your mocking exam results were higher than mines. AAlso I would suggest everybody to spend some time reading your posts especially easily confused terms.

    Have a good day.

  103. Nouman M says:

    Hello Edward,

    First of all accept many thanks for this great site, infact my motivation start from here. I just did my PMP exam few hours ago, the score was not impressive but I passed in first attemt. I studied all your notes first for all chapters then Rita once and then skim through Pmbock once, did your suggested mock exams and finally questions from your site twice. I start studing after 14 years of gap and english is a slite barrier for me as well.
    In exam there were only 2 calculation questions, 1 was PERT 2nd was VAC and most of them were short situational question. Honeatly speaking if I can do after 13 years of study gap then anyone can do and english is not my first language, again thank you so much for this great site.

  104. King says:

    The sample exams are not very useful. I just failed my exam today, the 4 hours with 200 questions is not easy, very stressed out reading the question and the exam center is freezing cold !

    I have a no. of questions I wasn’t sure if I am right but a no. of them pretty confident yet still fail. I dunno if I would do that again before the 5th Ed. expired. Feeling very blue

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi King,

      Sorry to learn of your sad news. But I am sure you are much closer to your PMP title now. Just yesterday, a reader of this blog who failed the first try recently told me the good news that she passed the second try. I am sure with the correct preparation, you will be able to achieve it!

      Have you tried 200 mock questions for 4 hours a number of times before the actual exam? This will prepare you well both mentally and physically. And many PMP Aspirants have reflected that the PM Exam Simulator is very useful to them. Maybe you can try that out.

      There is still over a month for your preparation. Can’t wait to hear your good news.

  105. Allann says:

    Dear Edward,

    just passed the PMP exam on the first try with all 5 domains “Above target”. Here i would like to thank you so much for what you are doing. It helped me a lot to get enough confidence to actually schedule and then take the exam. Your free mock exams selection is great and when i checked the result from the other aspirants i finally realized that i can actually pass the exam. So i am sharing this with you to maybe boost some confidence to the all future aspirants who come across this great site.

    Study material i used:
    -PMP Exam Success Series: Bootcamp Manual from Crosswind learning
    -PM-ProFlow Knowledge Area Maps

    Mock Exams:
    -Oliver 75Q: 66%
    -Oliver 175Qpdf: 74%
    -Edwel: 85%

    For the mock exams, i used two other resources.
    -PMTraining Mock Exams. 59$ for incredibly good questions. As stated really a bit more tricky than on real exam. Got more than 80% for all process groups and knowledge areas
    -PMBOK Q&As. I think this book is not worth a buy.

    About the preparation:
    I haven’t take a single day of break from work. I have studied for 3 months on average for about 2hours/day with a bit more studying for the weekends. The real breakthrough for me happened after a month of learning when i realized the importance of understanding the process flow. Integration management is so important and when i realized the basics of how processes interact with each other learning became so much less stressful.

    About the exam:
    I have to say good mock exams actually have the right focus on the right topics to learn. Here are some of my observations of what was in the exam.:
    -The EMV questions were really basic.
    -CPM questions were basic as well.
    -A lot of questions were about changes in scope, schedule, costs, procurements and what you do next. Be careful here because this questions are tricky. You might miss best option here. You can easily choose to create a change request, but actually, analyze the impact is the better answer.
    -Few questions about collecting requirements including tehniques to gather them.
    -Few questions also about the risks and risk response strategies.
    -Of course questions also about procurement, how to close procurement and how to close project.

    About the question format:
    Questions were mostly situational but i expected much longer questions. Actually, there was a lot less noise than expected. As you probably already noticed i am not the native speaker but was able to go through all question, taking a break and review few of them in 3h 30 minutes.

    I hope someone will find this post useful.

    Again Edward, thank you very much for your dedication. Your site definitely have had a major role in my journey of passing PMP exam.
    Thank you and all the best in the future to you and all aspirants.

  106. prasad ck says:

    Dear ,

    .I failed In my first attempt , Now I am on the preparation of 2nd Test which scheduled on February 11.Can you Please Help me to give me the Idea of Closing Process, give me correct steps of closing process in correct Order . I studied the steps which Mentioned in Rita chart, But even I go through Mock Exam I didn’t Feel it is in Correct order . Customer feed back and final Assessment is the last step?anybody please help

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Prasad,

      Sorry to learn that you did not pass the first try. I am sure you are much closer to passing the PMP Exam now than ever. For the closing order, I personally depend on Rita’s chart. But as the PMBOK Guide does not list the step by step procedures for closing the project, I am sorry I cannot offer the “correct” order for you.

      Thanks and wish you PMP success!

      • prasad says:

        Hi Edward , At last I did it , i passed with with 3 above target and 2 target , I n my first attempt initiating & closing was on ” need Improvement ” it changed to Above target this time, I learned lot of lessons from my failure . my studies based on PMBOK and Rita Book,my second stage of exam preparation I started with Mock exam and evaluated which knowledge area which falls below 60 % , I studied those chapter again and again .then will move on other Mock exam ,Around I had completed 5 Mock exams & exam evaluation . this method is helped a lot for this wonderful achievement , I did not purchase any exam simulator but I used 4 days trial of pmaspire which also part of my success , So I suggest to purchase PmAspire it will help to crack the exam, thank you Mr. Edaward for the wonderful effort

  107. VD says:

    Passed PMP on my first attempt! (3 above target, 2 target overall above target)

    A big and sincere thanks to you – Edward 🙂 I appreciate your initiative towards helping the community. I especially used the 47 confusing terms, EVM sample questions, and chapter wise notes which he has collated from all the sources including mock exams and recommendations on mocks. My big thanks also goes on to PM prepcast exam simulator, Shiv for the concepts, praizion videos for ITTO, izenbridge for procurement video, org structures, useful android apps (to the owners – app names mentioned below)

    Read PMBOK and Rita twice. First time I just brushed it through but second time I studied to actually understand by linking and by trying to relate the ITTOs better and spent time for every new word or concept.

    I know many exam takers have these below questions in your mind! I did have and I think its fair I share my views on the same after the exam. Note: This is just my personal opinion that has worked for me.

    ‌Is PMP exam that difficult? I would say its not very difficult but it needs good preparation and mock exam practice. Definitely it is within our reach to pass the exam. If I can do, you too can. I don’t consider myself super intelligent but I am persistent and hardworking!

    ‌ Will there be any easy questions at all? Ofcourse yes, there will be lot of questions that you will know 🙂 relax! which is why many are able to finish it sooner.

    ‌ Do I have to memorize ITTO? You don’t have to memorize but its good if we know it. I personally feel that it will give you lot of confidence. First understand it and find a way to link it somehow – for instance – all the planning and control processes will have PMP as one of the inputs, all the control + validate processes will have Work performance data as an input and work performance information and change request as output. Everything begins with develop charter so start with that and try to link and recreate the entire thing on your own. For e.g., Direct and manage work gives out deliverable and then this is an input to control quality and this gives out verified deliverable and this becomes an input to validate scope which gives out accepted deliverable and this becomes input to close process/project. I loved praizion videos that gave me confidence on ITTO.

    ‌ Will I get lot of mathematical problems? I did get two critical path question :O yes! And that too one at the very end!. But I was well prepared in mathematical questions and atleast four five questions from EV, PV, SPI, CPI etc. Please read the questions very carefully on EMV. It might say what was the SPI at a point# 3 in a graph. Understand the concept behind critical path how to solve it – i liked Rita’s explanation and the questions. Know how to calculate total and free float. Edward notes has some very good sample questions on EVM.

    ‌ What are the other kind of questions that I can expect and areas to focus on? Questions are not very long just two to three lines. It was very easy to read and understand. Please expect to see tricky questions on closing! During the mocks I was able to rule out two answers easily but in the actual exam, tricky questions had three close choices. There were many many correct answers which were pointing to need for change requests, integration management topic is very important. If the questions are very time consuming and you think it’s tough or tricky you can start from 200. For me last 50 were tough and tricky so don’t get lethargic and slow down I had more than 70 questions marked and I couldn’t review it all. I finished the exam with 35 mins remaining. But make it a point to mark the best answer and then mark the question.

    ‌How long do I have to study the books? I think twice should do but if the scores are low, reading it again will help you improve and connect the dots.

    ‌ When to start giving mocks? After two rounds of reading the books.

    ‌I am getting only in the range of 55-60. Should I postpone my exam? To be very honest here, I started with 56 in my mocks and couldn’t get more than that for a while. That’s when I re studied PMBOK carefully the second time. It did realllllly help. And I got above 70 only in the last week. So I would say not to panic even if you get in your 60s. This is what I did: Re study PMBOK and give your mocks – pick the bottom two weak areas where you didn’t perform well – study that chapters again and review your answers carefully. This is very important. Repeat this for 3-4 tests things will definitely improve even if not, you are going in the right direction. My mock exam% – head first 84%, Oliver 75q – 61%, Edwel – 74%, Simplilearn – 63%, Rita chapter end – 70%, PM Precast exam simulator- 56, 62, 64, 64, after a PMBOK revision – 75, 75, 78, 77. ITTO exam that is given is very good idea to revise in the last two days – 99%.

    ‌ Recommended mocks: Rita chapter end go through the reasoning, Oliver 75q, Edwel, Simpli learn, Head first, PM study free practice test and free chapter questions. Links are already available in Edward site. If you want to try more and you don’t mind spending then go for PM Prepcast.

    ‌ Recommended Android Apps: PMP formula, PMP exam mentor Pranav Sharma, PMP exam prep quiz world, PMP practice test by Coco e-learning, Hyper, PMP ITTO charmit, once you have understood ITTO basics, you can use hyper PMP.

    ‌ Top tips in passing the exam:
    ‌1) Do not take PMBOK lightly every word is important. Rita did help in understanding concepts and for chapters like procurement, risk, cost and time!

    ‌2) Do not miss to take chapter wise practice tests, quiz with the above mentioned android apps. This is very important, this is the key to passing the exam. With the mock tests, sometimes you don’t delve deep into a specific topic where as, you get an opportunity to do this with chapter wise tests or quizzes.

    ‌3) Have your own notes: I didn’t have one till two weeks before the exam and I realized after couple of mocks, I am making the same mistakes. So I would suggest this- During chapter revisions, have the vague words or concepts jotted down, also while reviewing the mock exam answers note down the wrong answers in a few words. This can be used to revise on the last day.

    ‌4) One thing that I missed was the usage for few topics like tornado diagram, data gathering techniques etc – though I knew what it was, I did not know their usage very well. I had a moment of regret during the exam. Your weak area will get exposed in the exam – so leave no stone unturned. Just glossary will not help usage is the key!

    ‌ 5) Practice atleast 5-6 full length exams and more 50 questions tests in your free time (note: take these short quizzes in front of TV it will help you get accustomed to other sounds) As I had a small 7 months old kid and I don’t know when he will start crying I was doing many 50 questions from free android apps – I will just have 25 mins but I would still go for 50 questions short test. This really helped when I had to catch up in the actual test.

    ‌6) Most useful feature in the exam: Highlighting and striking out I would say I passed the exam coz of these else I would have lost more time reviewing the wrong answers in the second pass.

    ‌7) Review: make sure you strike out the wrong ones so it is easier to review when you come again, mark the best answer in the first time itself so you have the 25% probability for it to be right.
    ‌8) Take time to do the 15 mins training on the tests – do not skip this, I was tensed and this helped me to calm down really.
    ‌9) Finally like what everyone tells – practice practice practice and review review review review this is the key to passing the exam!
    Sorry for a very long review but I hope this will be useful. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] in case you have any additional questions.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi VD,

      Thanks a lot for your detailed and useful sharing. I am sure fellow PMP Aspirants will benefit a lot from it! Re-studying the PMBOK Guide for a remarkable improvement in your mock exam performance is especially an invaluable lesson learned. Thanks!

  108. Praka says:

    Edward – I passed my PMP exam today (I-Target, P-Above Target, E-Above Target, M&C -Above Target, Closing-Above Target). Your website helped me in my preparation. THANK YOU!

  109. Mahabubur Rahman says:

    Hi Edward,

    I have already booked Prometric for my exam by 1st week of March (approx 40 days from now). Last time I appeared and failed the exam. Actually, I am self studying (Rita & PMBOK). I will appreciate if you help advising me the best approach to be successful. I was planning to buy pm exam simulator (OSP) only, but now thinking whether I should go with pmprepcast to get more elaborate explanation of cross cutting knowledge those described in the pmi exam content.
    Will appreciate your suggestion.



    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry to learn that you failed the first try. But I am sure you will stand a much much greater chance of passing this time! Actually, I would advise you to buy the PM Exam Simulator first to understand your current status. If you are in the 50-60%, you are advised to focus on doing more exam drills instead of spending the time to watch the PM PrepCast lessons. With more practices, you will see improvements in your mock exam results and you are ready to get PMP certified! Wish you luck!

  110. Frankie says:

    Hi Edward !
    This is Frankie from Hong Kong. I took the PMP exam today (16 Jan 2018) and was surprised that I could pass the exam with “Above Target” in all areas!
    I would like to express my gratitude towards your notes provided and recommendations shared on this website which are very useful during my study journey. Coupled with the study of PMBOK Guide, Rita PMP Exam Prep and Head First PMP, not to mention a huge amount of mock and practice exams, this has made me successful in PMP exam. I will continue my project management journey in my career and highly recommend this website for aspirant!


    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations Frankie! Your results are perfect! I am so glad that my sharing is of use to you. Would you be so kind to share your exam lessons learned with us? I am sure your sharing will be very useful. Please drop me an email at edward.chung.designer [at] gmail [dot] com and I will upload it asap. Thanks in advance!

  111. Mayank Khedkar says:

    Hello Edward,
    I am Mayank from India. Yesterday I took the PMP® exam and passed in my 1st attempt with 3 Above Target and 2 Target (Planning and Monitoring & Controlling).
    I studied for this exam over last 2 months with daily 4 hours on an average.
    Your articles, study notes, sample questions, formula guide and List of Free Quality Mock PMP® Exam Questions helped me a lot in my preparation.
    I must thank you for your guidance and support in my preparation. Keep up the Good Work Edward for the PMP community and Best Regards.

  112. Anand Bakhare says:

    Dear Edward,
    I cleared my PMP exam last week (1st Attempt) with “Above Target” in all areas. Learnings from your blog were very helpful.
    I took 4 Mocks of the total 6 listed on your website with following scores.
    Oliver 75Q : 64% , Oliver 175Q : 78%, Edwel : 80%, Exam Simulator : 82%
    Some Inputs from my experience for PMP aspirants :
    Along with PMBOK, Ritas book is a good reference for understanding all concepts. Aspirants need not worry to cram all ITTOs as exam tests your understanding more than memorisation. All Questions are situational.
    Sitting continuously for 4 hours is a challenge and hence practising mocks is useful. Between Mocks consolidating knowledge on weak areas is a must.

    Keep up the Good Work Edward, Many Greetings and Best Regards from India!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Great Anand! You are performing better than mine. Congratulations! I agree totally that PMP Aspirants need not “to cram all ITTOs as exam tests your understanding more than memorisation”. Thanks!

  113. Siddharth Banker says:

    Hi Edward…I wrote the PMP exam on 2nd Jan 2018 and passed it on 1st attempts with around 2 weeks of preparation.!! Would like to thank you for this wonderful site that you have developed, some of the PMP fundamentals explained here are found no where else. Keep doing the great work..!! Many Thanks and love from India.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! I am so glad that you find my sharing useful! Would you like to share your PMP Exam lessons learned with the rest of us? That would be very useful. Thanks!

  114. Shiv says:

    Dear Ed – I have been scoring in the range of 70-80 in my mock exam which was provided by Education Provider.
    Apart from that , Here are my scores :
    Oliver Lehman – 175 Q – 65%
    Oliver Lehman – 75 Q – 64%
    Headfirst : 200 -90%

    I have used Headfirst & Rita as reference apart from PMBOK , Do you think Iam on the right path to get my PMP , I have scheduled by exam later this month.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Shiv,

      Seems that you are doing quite good indeed. I would say you stand a very high chance to pass the PMP Exam in first try. I would advise you to keep on practising more. Can’t wait to hear your good news!

      • shiv says:

        Hi Ed – I passed the exam with 5 Above Target today. Thanks for your Motivational Words !

      • Edward Chung says:

        Congratulations Shiv on passing the PMP Exam with such perfect scores. Would you like to share your exam lessons learned behind such achievements? I am sure we will learn something very useful!

  115. Fiori Coziuc says:

    Dear Edward,
    I’d like to thank you for your website.
    It helped me a lot during my preparation.
    Today I pass in the PMP exam. 🙂
    I am really grateful for the effort you made it gather all this information in a very organized and plain manner.
    Warm regards from Canada,
    Fiori Coziuc

  116. R Chaitanya says:


    Thanks Edward your website and its contents were really helpful. I have cleared on 26th DEC with 4 AT’s and a T

    Initiation: Above Target
    Planning: Above Target
    Executing: Target
    Monitoring and Controlling: Above Target
    Closing: Above Target

    I have checked the contents of your site when I have started preparation. Here is my study plan which could help our friends.

    1. I have read PMBok once full and Rita for reference.

    2. Written one full mock test and Oliver 75 as first step to estimate where do I stand. Prepared some notes.

    3. Prepared my own notes from all corrects and wrongs with reference only to PMBok, if anything not clear in understanding concepts referred Rita or online resources.

    4. Everyday after office, I have taken one test(50 questions) from each Knowledge area from and updated my notes from mistakes I did for two weeks(spent 90 minutes every day for 2 weeks).

    5. Last week(7 days) before the exam, read all Knowledge Areas as revision from PMBok and taken almost all PM Training exams(50 Questions each, almost 15 tests approx.) and revision of my notes on day before the exam. Mostly I should say key T&T terms and the differences between close terms should be well known.

    Oliver Lehmann – 75 – 60%
    HeadFirst PMP Mock Exam – 88%
    Free PM Exam Simulator – 72%
    Simplilearn Free PMP – 74%
    Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) – 70%
    Edwel Mock Exam – 74%
    PMzest – 65% (Most challenging inline with oliver standard)

    Except headfirst in all other I have scored between 60 to 75, where Oliver 75 is my first exam after doing PMbok complete study first time.

    R Chaitanya

  117. Justin says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you so much for your resources. I passed my exam today with the following results, 4AT and 1T.

    Initiation: Above Target
    Planning: Above Target
    Executing: Target
    Monitoring and Controlling: Above Target
    Closing: Above Target

    Exam Preparation
    Rita Exam Prep
    PMBOK 5th Edition
    Udemy PMP Prep
    PrepCast Exam Simulators

    Benchmark Exam Results:
    Oliver Lehmann (Online) – 83%
    HeadFirst PMP Mock Exam – 93%
    Free PM Exam Simulator – 76%
    Simplilearn Free PMP – 64%
    Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) – 70%
    Edwel Mock Exam – 84%


  118. Lara says:

    Edward, thank you so much for helping others get through with their PMP adventure. Your website guided me from the day I decided to apply and until now. Today I passed my PMP with four domains Above Target and one At Target (Closing) – just like you 🙂 Today nothing sounds better then FREEDOM!

    for those who want to know the details of the studies: I had PMBOK (obviously), Andy Crowe, PMP Exam Simplified by Aileen Ellis amended for 2016 exam content, Achieve PMP Success by Diane Altwies (also updated for 2016 exam content). I read each of them once simultaneously (i.e. a chapter from each book at the same time). I found Aileen’s book most useful for everything except her calculations of the critical path =)) for which Andy Crowe is the best. I did not take any online course because I had a formal PM certificate from about 8 years ago which still qualified for education criterion… I did NOT (gasp!) memorize the ITTOs. After taking the exam I can honestly say that the best approach for those beginning their studies is to not memorize stuff in PMBOK word for word but to understand what work is carried out, when and how. And the best help is to practise and practise hundreds and thousands of mock questions. Otherwise one can find exam questions a LOT disconnected from what is written in the book. Edward, your summary notes and 47 pairs were the icing on the cake – I went over them in my last two days before the test.

    thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do! You helped a lot of people!

  119. Maksym says:

    Dear Edward,

    Yesterday I passed the PMP exam with all Above Target marks. Your recourse was highly valuable during my preparation and I kindly appreciate your effort. For PMP Aspirants I suggest to pay attention to the following materials: – PMchallenge with numbers of questions;
    PMP Exam Prep (Android application) – good tool for using in public transport
    Tests prepared by Oliver Lehman and J. LeRoy Ward are quite challenging but good for checking your level (I had 78% and 75%).
    And finally – this resource as a perfect collection of valuable notes and tips.

    Many thanks!

  120. Bamidele says:

    Thank you for all your effort Edward, your comprehensive resources and guidelines was all I need to tackle the PMP.

    I passed the PMP on 15th Dec,2017 with the following outcome
    Initiation: Target
    Planning: Target
    Execution: Above Target
    Mon & Contro: Above Target
    Close: Target

    Culminative: Above Target

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on your excellent results. Would you mind sharing your PMP Exam lessons learned with the rest of us? It would surely be very useful to fellow PMP Aspirants!

  121. Kate says:

    Am I the only person who gets annoyed with unaccurate online material? Like Edwell’s mock exam (75Q) says Part of the that “Stakeholder Management Strategy – is an output of identify stakeholders”. According to PMBOK only risk register is the output. Am i missing anything or are some of these sources not 100% accurate?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Kate,

      Indeed really sorry for your feeling. Yes, some of the free (even paid) PMP Exam prep materials may not be 100% accurate. I even had to do a spot check for some of the free PMP Exam prep books and come out with a list of errors that formed part of my study notes.

      The point is we can make use of these materials but we have to keep a careful eye — if in doubt, always refer back to PMBOK Guide.

      Wish you PMP success!

  122. Suchitra Kingston says:

    Hi Edward,
    I wanted to thank you for your website and how useful it has been in my PMP journey ..I passed with “Above Target” in all 5 Process Groups.
    I look forward for your tips and suggestions on how to achieve the 60 PDU’s in the course of next 3 years .
    Thanks once truly are a BIG help to all PMP aspirants.
    Suchi Kingston

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations Suchi! You may refer to this page for FREE resources to earn 60 PDUs for PMP re-certification:

      • Suchitra Kingston says:

        Thanks Edward.. I wanted to share my experience and few tips.. So here goes my 2 cents –
        I first started reading Rita and if any concept was complex and really lengthy I would read Andy Crowe’s book.. his language is simple and an easy read.. Then I read pmbok.. In the meantime I took really short sample tests using the app pmp mentor.. As I’m a busy professional and changing work shifts… It was difficult for me to find time to do full mocks so I downloaded apps to practice.. After studying the pmbok once.. I took Oliver Lehmann ‘s 75Q, I scored 62% time to introspect.. I learnt that understanding the concepts in depth is important.. I now studied Rita and pmbok again.. Then I came across Praizion. com on YouTube which really helped my understanding especially on itto’ ‘s and core concepts and how everything links.. . I also watched Aileen Ellis ‘s sample videos.. Her videos are a treat..she makes you think as to how she arrived at an answer also as most of her videos are interactive with her class you understand better what are common pmp pitfalls while answering questions wherein all the 4 options seem like right answer…I took just 3 full mock exams from the one’s listed by you…. I was scoring in the range 75% to 83%. I read your notes in my last week before exam.
        During the exam I made sure to stay calm as it is a frustrating exam.. I used small motivating words such as I’m so gonna kill /slay this exam.. Easy peasy..i can do it.. .every time I got a difficult question this tactic really helped me stay calm and motivated..I completed the exam with just 5 mins to spare and didn’t take any breaks.
        After the short survey was relieved that I passed that too 5 above targets which was a shocking surprise but definitely a moment that will be treasured!

      • Edward Chung says:

        Thanks a lot for your detailed sharing!

  123. Nargis says:

    Dear Edward,
    Thank you so much for all your work! I was also using the mock test while preparing for the exam and passed it on the first try with Above Target general score. Here is my performance by domains:
    Initiation – Above Target
    Planning – Above Target
    Executing – Above Target
    Monitoring and Controlling – Target
    Closing Moderately – Above Target

    My mock test results (all on the first try):

    1 Rita’s end chapter questions – 406Q- 84%
    2 HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam – 200Q – 90%
    3 Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam – 200Q- 78%
    4 Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q – 75%
    5 Edwel Mock Exam – 90Q – 88%

  124. Bilal Saleem says:

    Hi Edward – Your website is very effective with the kind of information available for any Aspirant. I have been following and studying based on your recommendation. In the first try on above mentioned test mocks i scored following :
    1 Oliver Lehmann (Online) – 75Q -74%
    2 HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam – 200Q – 84%
    3 Free PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) -90Q – 82%
    4 Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam – 200Q- 84%
    5 Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q – 68%
    6 Edwel Mock Exam – 90Q – 74

    I gave my PMP test Yesterday and passed my exam with following:

    Initiation – Proficient – Above Target
    Planning – Proficient – Above Target
    Executing – Proficient – Above Target
    Monitoring and Controlling – Proficient – Target
    Closing Moderately – Proficient – Above Target

    I would like to thank you for all the help and will highly recommend every Aspirant to follow your material and way of study as recommended. In order to appear for PMP all your cncepts should be very clear and make sure one do not get out of the PMI terminologies. The most important part is Stakeholders and Communication Management. As mostly all questions were

  125. Wissem Sfar Zaoui says:

    Hi Edward,

    first of all I would like to thank you for your great website, very helpful notes, and hints. I passed my PMP exam on 22.11 on my first try with 5x Above Target. So I wanted to share my experience based on my preparation and your recommendations with the community.
    The preparation took me almost 3 months with several interruptions due to work and family commitments. I really salute your effort as you also have kids, who definitely need much more care than an exam 🙂

    The first thing I did (after taking a PMP course) is reading the PMBOK book to better understand the terminologies and different processes.
    A second read gave me even a deeper understanding of the sections on which I did not focus the first time. I used your notes and other sources (incl. tutorials on Youtube, explanations on other websites and forums, etc.) as an additional support. Even the PMBOK is relatively “dry”, I did not invest in additional books as I am quite used to dry stuff (MSc and PhD in Electrical Engineering).
    Then, I started with the PMP x-am simulator provided by the course (~1200 questions on Whenever I had time, I made 1h sessions with only first-time questions (50x). The questions are of a very high quality and similar to the real PMP exam. I also made some 2h and 3h sessions to get more and more used to longer exams. I scored 73% in average.

    The course instructor recommended the App PM iCoach for ~11 USD. However, the questions were very easy so I did not continue with the questions of the App. I used the PM Flash Cards feature though to memorize certain ITTOs, which was very helpful for the exam.

    Finally I skimmed the PMBOK a third time one week before the PMP exam and I started with your recommended mock exam list. I think you had amazing scores, and here are mines with some additional comments:
    1. Oliver Lehmann (75Q): 72% – good mock exam, however several questions are related to general knowledge and formulas not from PMBOK.
    2. HeadFirst (200Q): 81% – high-quality mock exam. I highly recommend it! Some terms are related to an older PMBOK version though.
    3. PrepCast (90Q): 83.3% – good quality mock exam. Some questions are unnecessary long. Reading these Qs consumes much time.
    4. SimpliLearn (200Q): 73.5% – lower quality than the other mock exams. Many questions are unclear or badly formulated!
    5. Oliver Lehmann (175Q): 76.6% – same as No 1.
    6. Edwel Mock (75Q): 84% – acceptable mock exam.

    In summary, I would recommend the following to the aspirants:
    * Read the PMBOK at leat 3 times and make sure you understand every single sentence of the book.
    * There is no need to memorize all ITTOs. However, understand which document or tool is used when. To have some more confidence, you can still memorize the 30x ITTOs for the iniating and closing process groups and localize the most important tools for the other process groups.
    * Spend the same amount of time analyzing your (wrong) answers as working on a whole mock exam.
    * Do not think about the duration of the exam. When you are concentrated and focused, you will not feel the time at all.
    * In the real exam, the first ~20-30 questions may be quite hard due to the exam stress and due to the partly unclear, partly difficult unscored questions. Do not give up! Once you go through this part, you will find your rythm and find the other questions feasible.
    * Some questions may need 1-2min of time for answering. Some others much less than 1min. So try to keep an eye on the clock not for every question but for a group of questions (e.g. 25). This may decrease the stress for the notion of time.
    * In the exam use the helpful mouse functionalities such as striking out the first obvious wrong answers (right click) and highliting the useful text sections.

    I thank you again, Edward, for your great contribution to the PM body of knowledge and wish all aspirants luck, power, and success!

  126. Gopinadhan A says:

    Hi Edward,
    Passed on my first try 4 Above Target and Target in M&C.
    Your site is a great source specially for the last few days reference along with my own notes
    Read PMBOK and Headfirst
    Purchased PMPrepcast and Simulator with 35 PDUs (as suggested by you)
    Youtube, Wiki for unclear areas
    Rita , Edwel
    Did all questions(1800 + 200 ITTO) on PM Simulator (later going through the answers and referring back to PMBOK) – Average score 78%
    Oliver 75 + 175 (do not get upset if you score less but do try) , Headfirst 200
    Practical knowledge (using PMI way) will help considerably.
    Do not panic if the first hour of the exam is tough.

    Thanks again Edward, now going for ITIL 🙂
    Gopinadhan A

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations and thanks a lot for your sharing! Yes, I totally agree the very first hour of the PMP Exam is very tough, afterwards, you will feel much better and confident!

  127. Shakank says:

    Hi Edward,
    Today I cleared my PMP exam with 5 ATs. I must thank you for this wonderful website that I came across a month ago upon my first google search about PMP. You have been a source of great inspiration and knowledge in my journey. Thanks again!
    (Oh and I scored between 75% – 85% in all of the above mentioned mock exams)

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on your excellent results. Would you mind sharing your lessons learned in more details with fellow PMP Aspirants? Your experience will surely be extremely useful. Thanks!

  128. David Gale says:

    Hey Edward, thank you for putting your site together! I just passed the PMP today with 5 of 5 “Above Target” and your site helped me get there. A few comments…

    Your website suggests using part of your prep time to do a brain dump, but that isn’t allowed anymore. You’re not allowed to write on scratch paper until you start the actual test. They also didn’t limit me to two sheets of paper. They gave me a scratch paper booklet that had about 6 pages in it, as well as a calculator.

    The test is straight through, meaning if you need to take a break to get a drink or visit the restroom, your time doesn’t stop. For me, that wasn’t a problem. I finished the test with about an hour to spare even after reviewing all my “marked” questions, but it’s something to keep in mind.

    I started my exam prep in earnest about two weeks ago. Fortunately, I was able to put in about 70-80 hours of exam prep in that time.

    I only took two prep tests because I ran out of time. On the Oliver 75Q I got a 63% right after finishing reading the PMBOK 5th edition. A week later I got 73.4% on the Oliver 175Q two days before I sat for the real exam.

    Along the way, I also took a bunch of very challenging knowledge area-specific tests from an online PMP prep course offered by my university while pursuing an MBA.

    The other thing I did was download a mobile app, “PMP Exam Prep”, which I used whenever I had a few spare minutes. That was super helpful. I was doing mock PMP questions during my commute, at basketball games, and even at my cousin’s wedding.

    Thanks again!

  129. Mack says:

    Hi Edward,

    I passed the exam , thank you for your sincere contribution to PMI aspirants. I got overall Above Target with one of 5 as Target.
    Few things for my friends out here.
    1. Go through the PMBOK sincerely and make every effort to read it line by line. depending on your grasping you can have it twice, thrice, four times
    2. Make a habit of preparing everyday morning, evening anytime that suits you.
    3. Only attempt the mock exams once done , do not make a hurry and yes 75% and above is minimum you should get in mock exams but as I said mock exams are guidelines what works is your judgement in understanding the situation
    4. Practical Project Management does help a lot.
    5. Have a determination to pass the exam. I got 50 seconds of free time without attaining the washroom break :). trust me it tests your mind strength as well

    Best Luck folks


  130. Natalie says:

    Hi Edward,

    Today I passed the PMP exam in my very first try. The result surprised me with 4 Above target and 1 Target (Initiating). I have to say Thank you so much for your website as it is really helpful for my preparation.
    Actually I decided to schedule the PMP exam just 10 days ago. At that time my score for mock test fluctuated about 65%. I started to read PMBOk 2 year ago, but skipped it for a long time and just back to read it a couple months ago. Honestly I am not interested in reading it again, so must of the time I took the test and filled the gap.
    After scheduling for the test, I started again with your Note and I found it extremely helpful which could help me to get to about 70%-75%. Before the test I took several mock tests recommended in your website; but normally I finished in 2/3 or 1/2 time (I did it in the evening so I did not have much time, just scanned and choose). But deep inside myself I believed that my actual test will be much better since I can focus on the test completely and have more time to consider the options.
    Just note down my score for the mock exam:
    HeadFirst (2 weeks before exam): 72%
    Oliver75Q (1.5 week before exam): 67%
    Oliver175Q (3 days before exam): 71%
    PMP simulator 30Q (2 days before exam): 3 test with 77%, 83% and 80% respectively.
    Simplilearn 69%

    Thank you again for your website. Wish you much of energy to do you good work!!!

  131. Daisy Wei says:

    This is great resource for PMP exam applicants! Thank you Edward!

  132. Namrata says:

    Hi Edward,

    Your inputs and resource links were so helpful. I passed by PMP examination today with an Above Target result. Not only taking the mock tests for practice, your explanation and guidance on how to crack the exam was of great help!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! Would you like to share your lessons learned with fellow PMP Aspirants, your experience will be very useful indeed. Please drop me an email and I will post asap. Thanks!

  133. Naga says:

    Hi Edward

    Just wanted to thank you for this site and thank you for your efforts – it was the best resource I found while preparing my PMP exam. The insights you provide in your study notes were very helpful and I used lot.

    I just passed the PMP two days back with above target in 3 of 5 areas. Thanks again!


  134. Neil says:

    Hi Edward – Just wanted to compliment you on this site and thank you for your efforts – it was the best resource I found for learning and review of material for the PMP exam. The insights you provide in your study notes were very helpful as well as the list of similar terms. I just passed the PMP yesterday with above target in 4 of 5 areas. Thanks again!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on passing the PMP Exam with great results! Please help the growth of this website by spreading / recommending it to your friends (through social media or blog, etc.) who may find it useful. With your help and others, this website can benefit more PMP Aspirants. Thanks in advance!

  135. Sarah says:

    Hi Edward – thanks so much for this list! Just a heads up, it doesn’t look like the Free Pm Exam Simulator (7 day trial) listed above offers a 170Q practice test anymore. It seems they offer three 30-question quizzes. You may want to update your list above accordingly.

  136. Celso says:

    Hi Edward

    I passed my PMP exam on 20/10/2017, thanks for your site it really helped me. I used fellows score as a benchmark and it really helped me measure how good I was prepared. I didn’t score as good as other guys, following are the score I got:

    Oliver Lehman 175 questions – 54% – 02/06/2017
    Oliver Lehman 75 questions – 64% – 08/08/2017
    Rita chapter – 70% – 75%
    Rita PM Fastracks 200 Questions – 64% – 16/07/2017
    Edwel Mock 75 Questions -83% – 15/10/2017
    Oliver lehmann 175 Questions 65% – 17/10/2017
    Simplilearn 200 Questions – 80% – 18/10/2017

    On the exam I scored as follow:
    Initiation – Above target
    Planning – Above target
    Executing – Target
    Monitor and Controlling – Below Target
    Closing – Above Target

    The exam was 90% situational, and as my english is not proficient because of that I had to read the same question more than 4 times, that was tough but thanks to God I Pass. Thanks for your big support for this community.

    Best Regards

  137. Kok Wai says:

    Hello Edward,

    I passed PMP exam on 17th Oct’17 with Above Target Score (first try). Just want to drop a note to thank you for your effort for providing very useful info on this website. I took the Precast Online course as recommended by you. And did more than 1500 mock questions..

    My PMP journey is pretty much the same who posted below, maybe let me post a few notes from a different perspective about PMP exam.

    Note :
    I completed 200 PMP exam questions 3 hours 40 mins, left only 20 mins to check those marked questions. This is the longest time needed to compare to many mock exams I took (usually about 2 hours ++).

    General Observation
    1. I am pretty confident telling you that The real PMP exam questions are 1-2 notch more tricky than most of the available free/paid mock exam. Getting an average of 75% – 85% score on a mock exam might not guarantee you to pass the real exam.

    2. Have a solid understanding of PM process, ITTO etc is a MUST but the exam endurance is becoming much more important. You need to train yourself to keep up the focus to choose the correct answers (200 x 4 = 800 answers) with 1.2 mins per Q answering window. You need to have an answering approach that works for you. You will not have enough time…..remember that.

    3. Help yourself to release some “steam” for not memorizing all ITTO in full details. There isn’t a need to do so, what you need to is to understand the concept and the relationship from one process to another process. This is what is needed to answer those situational questions. The real exam WILL NOT have questions like…..what is the input for Develop Chapter process….?!

    4. I have a strong feeling that the real PMP exam questions carry a lot of element to confuse you, draining your brain power during the exam. Thus, stated in my point # 2, train your endurance and time management is VERY important. When you move into a “panic” mode due to time constraint, you will not be able to answer simple questions correctly.

    Folks, drop me msg while those exam questions still fresh in my mind. I will respond. Hope this help…

    p/s : Edward, are you located in Singapore?

    Rgds….Kok Wai

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Kok Wai,

      Congratulations and thanks a lot for your sharing. You did very well. Your sharing will surely be very useful to fellow aspirants. Thanks!

      P.S. I am located in Hong Kong 😛

    • Subani says:

      Thanks for sharing and congrats on doing so well Kok!
      Regarding your comment, “Folks, drop me msg while those exam questions still fresh in my mind. I will respond. Hope this help…”, Are there areas you consider we should focus more on? A lot of questions on formulas? Theories (e.g. Maslow’s)?

      Thanks in advance.

  138. Sadanand Joshi says:

    Hi Edward,
    Thanks a lot for sharing the list of mock exams. I went through all of them with scores around 70%-80% and and appeared for my PMP exam yesterday. Glad to let you know that my total overall score was quite above target (including all areas). I really appreciate your help in putting these exams and your scores which helped me to judge my preparedness.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Wonderful! You scored the perfect score of all Above Targets (with is equivalent to 5 Proficient before the scorecard change). Congratulations!

      Would you mind sharing your secrets of getting all Above Targets? This would surely be very useful to fellow aspirants!

      • Sadanand Joshi says:

        Sure Edward. First I put more emphasis on going through Rita’s book and PMBoK both and created a table with all PGs, KAs, Processes, their inputs, tools and outputs and understood/learnt them. When i felt comfortable with this, i started going through the mock tests listed by you. My opinion is the actual exam doesnt ask many off-the-track questions. So aspirants shouldnt get discouraged if they are not scoring high on these tests. Rather they should focus on understand the explanations of the correct answers and make a list of those lessons learnt to go through on the last day. I believe you should give at least 2 mock tests of 200 questions to prepare yourself for sitting 4 hours at stretch. And lastly, your experience in applying these principles in your daily PM job definitely helps.

      • Edward Chung says:

        Thanks a lot for your insightful sharing!

  139. Prasanna says:

    Hi Edward,

    I have written a post on my linkedin and referred your webisite. Thanks once again.


  140. Varsha says:

    Hi Edward, I took SimpliLearn free Mock test mentioned by you. I’m not convinced with few explanation of the answer .Could you please help me to make understand whether the answer of all the questions are really correct?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Yes, as far as I remember, I also had some questions over the answers of some questions. Please provide more details to see if there is anything we can discuss about. Thanks!

      Wish you PMP success!

      • Ronda says:

        I agree. I just took the Simplilearn free practice exam and also had trouble with some of the explanations. I don’t want to pass along the exact question due to any potential copyright violations, but the gist of one question was:

        You are in a meeting when two people get into an argument. What provides the most insight in their conversation?

        The right answer pertained to body language and voice modulation including pitch and tone.

        I did not select the right answer.

        I know paralingual is an important part of verbal communication, but the fact the word ‘argument’ was used in the question made me think paralingual insight was already surmised I then went to look for answers that would provide the next insight that could be gleamed.

        There were many questions like the above. Some answers, like the above, were not tied to specific PMBOK references and just left me with a feeling whether it was a good question or not.

  141. Prasanna says:

    Hi Edward,

    I am a full time construction Professional and I preapred pmp exam on a self study mode for 2 months and 15 days. Today I took my exam and passed with Above Target on all the 5 knowledge areas.

    During the last week of the exam, I came across your site and I would thank you for your effort on explaining several things very clearly. It helped me to understand few things much better. I took the mock tests and my scores were,

    Oliver 175- 76%
    Simplilearn- 78%
    Headfirst- 82%
    Edwell- 92%

    For future aspirants- I agree with Edward’s benchmark and if you score 75 to 80% consistently on various mock exams then you can sit for the exam and clear it on the first attempt.


    Prasanna PMP

  142. Sumit K says:

    Hi Edward,

    I must thank you for your effort in putting everything related to PMP preparation at one place. This is really very helpful and I will be recommending everyone for your website because I am sure it will help everyone who are preparing for PMP.

    I have cleared PMP today with all Above Target and 1 Target (Closing). I am feeling so much relaxed and happy today. I am hereby putting my Mock test scores so others can use it as bench mark. I must say you have a very accurate assumption i.e. if anyone scoring consistently above 75% has good chance.
    Oliver Lehman 175 – 69% (Its difficult than actual PMP exam)
    Oliver Lehman 75 – 72%
    PM Exam Simulator – 1) 63%, 2) 80%, 3) 80%
    Edwel Mock – 83%
    Headfirst – 88%
    Simplilearn – 77.5%
    PMAspire – 1) 83%, 2) 80%,

    Hope this will help others.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Sumit,

      Congratulations and thanks a lot for your sharing! Thanks for giving another proof that getting above 75% in the mock exams above will almost guarantee a pass in the real PMP Exam!

  143. Anthony says:

    Hello Edward,

    I just passed the PMP today with Above Target on all process groups. To do this I read the PMBOK guide and Rita’s book once, skimmed through them four other times, used Rita’s flashcards, reviewed your study notes, took a PMP prep course, and took PMP practice exams from this site, Rita, and PMP Simulator. I was averaging 70-80 on most of the tests. One test I thought very helpful was Rita’s super PMP. I took it two weeks before the test and got a 73% which motivated me to pick up my studying. I averaged an hour a day studying from May until September. Then picked it up to 3 hours a day. The last week I reviewed all your notes and the PMBOK guide. On the test day I skimmed one final time the PMBOK guide, Rita’s book, and the flashcards.

    Your exam site really helped me pull everything together and I appreciate it!

  144. Gin says:

    Hi Edward, I passed the exam yesterday with 4A1T (4P1M) and can’t wait to share this exciting news with you! Want to thank you for sharing your experience and notes.

  145. Syed Vaqas Masood says:

    Hello Edward,

    I would like to thank you for all guidance & materials for PMP. It has been a great resource for me to learn. I successfully passed my PMP yesterday.
    Again, I would like to appreciate for your study tips, articles, flash cards – all of the material – on your website .

  146. Himadri Das says:

    Hello Edward,

    I thank you for sharing the rich experience that you had and the PMP knowledge . I cleared my PMP test yesterday with 4-Above Target and 1- target. I thank you for your study tips and articles posted on your website. They are of tremendous help to anyone who is preparing for PMP.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Himadri Das

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! Mind if you would share your experience to fellow aspirants? I am sure your experience would be very useful to them. Thanks in advance!

      • Himadri Das says:

        Once again convey my Thanks to Edward.

        I started my PMP prep from mid May’17 and finally got certified in September’17. I went through almost all the resources Edward had posted in his site, they simply guide you all along till you get certified.

        Anyway as far as my story goes, I took Simplilearn online course mainly for earning PDU’s for applying for applying for PMP. Parallel with the online course, I started with Head First PMP book, it is a great book to start specially the visual treat it gives and a chance to visualize the whole concept. The chapters are clear, lucid and simple in language and a slow reading will do miracles. I advice not to give the full test after completion of the book.

        After completing Head First, I took up Rita’s. This book is advanced in terms of course content and more of dry stuff. To top with it PMBOK (the ultimate heavy stuff one) is to be accompanied with it. However with each chapter in Rita if one is parallel studying PMBOK the concept will be extremely clear. PMP basically does not test the concepts directly, but it tests the usage in real work scenario, so experience does matter a lot. If one does not have, not to worry, he/she just has to visualize the concepts and how it fits with other topics.

        After completing Rita, I gave one full length test in Simplilearn. It gave me great idea about my strength and weaknesses. Solidify your weaknesses so that the exam does not catch you. Re-read Rita at least twice if not thrice. Give at least 1 full length test every 3 days and analyze your mistakes (Tests mentioned by Edwards are more than enough for prep). Keep your scores between 80 – 85% in mock tests to be on safer side. If it is coming between 75 – 80% do not worry much but continue to understand where you are lacking. Lesser than that, needs attention. The tests & resources hosted by Edward are a great place to give and will give you near accurate prediction of actual PMP exam.

        One thing to clarify is that testing center invigilators do not allow you to write down on the scratch sheet in the 15 min tutorial (as they used to previously), hence memorize the important formulas to be on safer side.

        With a dedicated effort PMP is not at all difficult to pass. All the best to all aspirants for their journey.

  147. Kishore Mishra says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks a lot for updating and sharing your PMP knowledge . I passed my PMP test today with 3-Above Target and 2- target. I would like to appreciate for your notes ,study tips,and article posted on your website .

    You are a real “Guru”of PMP.

    Thank you again.
    Kishore Mishra

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on your achievements! Your efforts paid off!

      I am deeply flattered by your comments. I am a nobody indeed, just sharing what I have learned with the hope to be able to offer some help to fellow aspirants.

  148. Ishan Shah says:

    Hello Edward,

    I want to thank you for all materials. It has been a great resource for me to learn and pass PMP. Your study plan, comparison between keywords, tips, and study material was very useful. I can see amount of efforts you’ve invested to maintain this site and it’s content. Thank you again for all help – If I can help you in a way to maintain this website / any other way ( me being a Software Engineer ) . Please let me know!

  149. Josh Yip says:

    Hi Edward, your PMP related posts have helped me much to pass my exam reaching the Above Target range. I appreciate your work very much and thank you for sharing all these valuable materials. I have made your website the must-go source for further information, and will be sharing my experience with my friends. Thank you again. I wish you great success!

  150. Jayanthi rangaswamy says:

    Hi Edward: Thanks for maintaining this web site. Mock exams were really helpful. I passed my PMP test today with above target in all five areas. I was scoring 75 to 85% on various mock tests.

  151. Bennie says:

    Hello Edward,

    I just wanted to write a quick note on here thanking you for all your recommendations and study tips regarding the PMP. I went through many of the practice exams you listed (as well as a couple others) and was scoring between 72-85%. I felt a little unsure if this would suffice, but alas the PMP exam day was days away so I needed to be ready. I read your article about how to prepare a week in advance and what to do the day before which really helped me prepare my mind for the exam. I have to say, while I was taking the exam it felt like it was harder than any practice exam I took, but I passed with flying colors! The new scoring system was implemented last week so instead of the Proficient, Moderately Proficient, etc it ranked each individual process groups like: Above Target, Target, Below Target, Needs Improvement. With months of studying and help from your site I was able to get Above Target in every category! I really appreciate you putting this site together!

    Thanks again,

  152. Arul says:

    I have passed PMP this morning with ‘Above Target’ in all process groups. Thank you very much Mr.Edward as your site helped me a lot for better understanding of all knowledge areas. Learning path – PMBoK- 3 weeks; Rita – 3 weeks; Your site + Practice exams – 2 weeks. My scores in the mock PMP exams were as below.

    *SimpliLearn – 72% (taken before going through your site)
    *Edwel – 76%
    *Free PM Exam simulator –67%(taken before going through your site),71%,80%
    *Oliver lehmann 75 Questions – 76%
    *Oliver lehmann 175 Questions- 75%
    * HeadFirst – 87%

  153. Tracy says:

    Thank you Edward for your valuable resources. I got certified yesterday!! I was so worried, but I used your list of commonly confused terms to clear things up during my studies. I also purchased the Simulator based off of your review and it was invaluable in my success. This site was a godsend. Thank you!

  154. Jaya Palaniyandi says:

    Hi Edward,
    Thank you for putting this page together. I recently came across (last week when I was planning to check on my readiness) your page and it really helped me prepare for the exam. I have to agree with most of others that the real exam is tiresome and difficult. Apart from the above mentioned free exams I did one more in and I felt it was bit close to the exam I took. I have scored 76 to 83% in all the tests including Oliver PDF questions.
    Today I passed the exam with Above Target and your logic of above 75% can pass the exam holds good. I had lots of questions on Change management, Schedule compression technique. 1 or 2 ethics and around 10 questions on EVM/PERT estimation. No question on Critical Path Method.

    As Billy below pointed, none came from outside PMBOK including the HR section.

    I was trying to take PM for last 3 years but after 1 or 2 chapters I will drop my plan, this time I started with Rita’s book and it gave me confidence (ability to complete all 10 areas 🙂 ) and I went back and completed PMBOK 2 times and revised each time after my exams.
    Bottom line be thorough on PMBOK (understand everything and don’t simply remember because the questions are so twisted) and u don’t need to go beyond PMBOK to pass it. for each of the tools/technique if I have doubt, I will browse the web and understand the concept and relate it to the process.

    Again Thank you Edward. There are so many questions had two correct answers and the mock test (first time only) helps you to prepare you to pick the right one.

  155. Mark says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for keeping this site up and updating it with helpful information. I passed the PMP today and it appears they have changed the grading scale.
    It is now:

    Needs Improvement -Failing
    Below Target – Failing
    Target – Passing
    Above Target – Passing

    I passed today with 4 Above Target and 1 Target. My mock test scores were:

    Oliver Online 75Q – 69.40%
    Simplilearn – 68%
    Oliver PDF 200Q – 79%
    Rita Book (All chapter end questions) – 77%

    Thanks again for providing a great resource!

  156. Jessie says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you for putting these tests together. I did 3 of them the last 3 days but somehow I did not pass the test. Here are my results:
    * SimpliLearn – 65%
    * Edwel – 76%
    * Oliver Lehmann 75 Q – 68%
    * Rita’s book – 65 – 72%

    I did really well in Initiating and Planning but poorly in other areas. Would really appreciate your suggestions to improve. I think I need to do more sample tests and change my perspective to PMI’s.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Jessie,

      Really sorry to learn that you have failed the test the first try. However, you are now much much closer to achieving PMP success now than ever. Have faith in yourself and try again!

      It is highly recommended that you can achieve at least 75-80% in mock exams before attempting the real test. Try the free mock exams listed above or also purchase this ( ). Do take the time to real the explanations for the questions you have not gotten right. This is one of the most effective way to help you succeed in the next try as told by many PMP aspirants.

      Wish you success this time! Can’t wait to hear your good news!

  157. Billy says:

    Thank you Edward for your notes. It really help me a lot !!! I even printed out your notes, and read everyday on MRT.
    Today I passed my PMP exam August 30, 2017 with 5 above target.
    To share some of my exam experience for other reference, none of the question is outside the knowledge PMBOK, even for HR module. Quite a number of the questions are asking input/output/tools of the processes in different ways. When you read the questions, think first which process it is talking, and then think the question is asking abt input?output? or tools? then you will find the answer easily.

    Just publish some mock exam scores for others reference:

    * SimpliLearn – 69.5% (1 week before)
    * Edwel – 80% (1 week before)
    *Oliver lehmann 75 Questions – 62.6% (1 week before)
    *Oliver lehmann 175 Questions- 71.4% (2 days before)

  158. Goldfish says:

    Hi Edward,

    I was audited earlier this year and just passed my PMP exam last week with 4 Proficient and 1 Moderately Proficient for closing. I really liked your posts on your PMP journey. It really helped me a lot, especially when I was audited. I studied intensively for 2 to 3 months and mainly used Rita Mulcahy as my study guide, I also made sure to review the ITTOs from the PMBOK. Also, I purchased the PMP Exam Simulator which was very helpful to me. I sat for all the 8 mock exams from the simulator (my scores were between 75% to 82%) and the last mock exam purely on ITTOs only I had a score of 95%. I scored similar results raging from 75% to 80% on all the free mock exams listed out above. Although the PM – Exam simulator is more verbose than the actual exam, I felt that the actual exam was slightly more difficult as there was always 2 answers that are very similar to each other and you had to choose the best one which was a bit torturous.

    Many thanks again for all your help. Good luck and my best wishes to all PMP aspirants out there.

  159. VinayKrishnan says:

    Thank you Mr.Edward for your guidance through this website. I passed my PMP exam yesterday August 20, 2017 .I used Rita Mulcahy as the study material. Special thanks for the links you have provided for mock exams, which helped me a lot.
    I am here by publishing my mock exam scores for other students reference:

    * HeadFirst – 80%
    * SimpliLearn – 69%
    * Edwel – 80%
    *Free PM Exam simulator – 67% for the first test, 73 % for the second & 82 % for the third
    *Oliver lehmann 75 Questions – 61%
    *Oliver lehmann 175 Questions- 74% in the second chance, 1st chance 64%

    I passed the exam with 1 proficient and 4 moderately proficient.
    Once again thanking you for your efforts

  160. Tom Farrell, PMP says:

    Hi, Edward,

    I just wanted to thank you for your effort with all of the PMP exam prep materials on this site! They were invaluable to me in my study process. I can also vouch for the accuracy of using practice exams as a metric for exam performance. My scores were consistently 5-8% lower than your posted first-time results and I passed the exam with 1 Proficient and 4 Moderately Proficient. Again, thank you for your help!

  161. Romel says:

    Great tips, thank you

  162. Ricardo says:

    Hey Edward, Thank you for the amazing blog. This is really helpful.I have purchased the PM simulator from the link you posted above.

    I am curious about your scores in the 9 PM simulator mock exams; it would be helpful if you could enlist those scores as well since they would serve as a good benchmark for me in assessing my preparation level.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Sorry at the time of my exam preparation, the PM Exam Simulator was quite different from the current one (it has been improved a lot as it is now version 2.0). I cannot remember my scores clearly, I was getting around 75-85% in various exams.

      And if you can consistently get over 75% in most of the mock exam, it is safe to estimate that you can PASS the real PMP exam.

      Wish you PMP success!

  163. Jeff says:

    Hey Edward, thanks for taking the time to organize and share this out …
    very helpful set of mock exams.

    I started taking these 3 days before my exam after taking Joseph Philips’ PMP Prep course (on Udemy). Was getting no where by reading the PMP PMBOK 5. The course helped tremendously and has been pretty much the sole material i used for preping for the exam over a span of 1 month.

    when i took the mock exams you’ve shared.. i got the below score..

    Oliver Lehmann 68% (3days before) – went back and reviewed certain knowledge area ..
    Simpli 66% (2 days before) – went back and reviewed certain knowledge area ..
    Edwel 86%(night before exam)

    I passed the exam with below assessment.

    * Initiating – Proficient
    * Planning – Moderately Proficient
    * Executing – Proficient
    * Monitoring and Controlling – Proficient
    * Closing – Below Proficient

    As per others’ve identified, most of the exam questions were scenario-based. I found in terms of difficulty, it’s probably closer to Edwel’s mock exam but slightly more difficult. I found that going through the Oliver & Simpli exams really helped me identify the areas that i was fairly weak on and made myself go back and review these knowledge areas. Although these two mock exams kind of freaked me out when i got the result few days prior …

    I think though the scores from the mock exams provide you with a sample data point in terms how proficient you are with the exam material, the most important thing to do after you’ve taken each mock exam is to go back and review each question and make sure you brush up on areas that you’re still weak at.. that’s really helped me up my game just days before the exam. Hope this feedback will be helpful to others..

    Thanks and good luck to others who’s on their journey to get certified..

    Jeff – Taiwan

  164. Ken says:

    I recently sat the exam and I can say not a single mock exam looks like the real one. The questions were more along the line of what would you do as a Project Manager.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Dear Ken,

      Thanks for leaving this tip. Yes, not a single one mock exam would be similar to the real exam. But after you have attempted a number of mock exams, you will come to understand what are required of the real exam. And yes, the exam questions in 2017 and beyond is more geared towards “what you, as a project manager, will do next … ” type.


  165. NourSouri says:

    Dear Edward,

    Thank you very much for such an amazing website. It helped me a lot during my study . I passed my PMP yesterday on 24th July 2017 , and from the first try !!!! My result was moderately proficient in all of the domains. (fair as there were some difficult personal situations I passed through before the exam which limited my final review)

    By the way, my application for the exam was audited, and I failed the first audit, because I didn’t write the experience in the correct way ( I didn’t take it seriously the first time writing few words in the experience only), at that time I was very frustrated because I was more than ready to apply, I was 100% ready to sit for exam.

    So that was a shock and it held me back a bit (few month), once I submitted it again and after making a search of how the experience should be stated, I passed the second round of audit. (so really this was a long way for me, but I never gave up). Then I had to restudy.

    I studied using Rita’s book course, and it was very smooth process. In the exam, I found the exam questions easier than most of the websites questions, and similar to Rita’s Questions.

    I got the following marks for other students reference :

    Oliver 61%
    head first 78%
    PM PrepCast 76.7%
    Simplilearn 68%

    So if any one get the same range, I hope they can be confident that the chances of passing are good.

    Thank you again, and I wish you more success in your life. I will try to follow your lead in other certifications.

    best regards,

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Nour,

      Congratulations! Given your situation, you have done very well indeed!

      Thanks for your sharing of failing the PMI audit. It shows that with proper preparation, passing a PMI audit is possible.

  166. Vaibhav says:

    Hi Edward,

    Many Thanks for putting up such excellent place to get drowned fully into PMP Exam prep…

    Your Website notably (Mock Exams- specially Simplilearn, Test Simulator- 7 days trial)were really awesome…

    Happy to Share that I passed my PMP exam today in first attempt & kudos to you as your material specially the 47 commonly confusing terms helped me alot in clarifying lot of things, although loved to explore more wished if i came across this website 5-6 week before as I got this while browsing Google randomly one day(3 weeks before) when I was around 30% prepared(through formal training by ESI followed by some part time reading in bit & pieces).

    My PMP Exam experience was really good as I planned the day well in advance to avoid any physical sickness & found the toughest among all the Mocks I gave till now (scored almost 77%-85% in all Mock Test)

    Few Highlights for future/New Aspirants on what I found pretty significant areas in terms of Questions:

    1. Around 70+ Questions on Change Management/Perform Integrated Change Control toughest among all other questions(with flavor of Scope, Cost, schedule & Procurement)
    2. Risk Management, Quality Management, Stakeholder(Stakeholder Analysis) & Communications Management- 50+ Questions
    3. Lot of Questions(15-20) on ITTO indirect ones asked in twisted Manner.
    4. Around 12+ Maths Questions on EVM, CPM & Communication Channels through graphs or interpretation
    5. 4-5 questions on Pareto charts & how to use or interpret, 3-4 questions on Fast tracking, 3-4 questions on Brainstorming & other group Creativity techniques

    I found the Real PMP exam tougher because the way questions where twisted confuse the actual scenario & on top all options looks pretty sensible/correct(which further add the complexity)

    I read PMBOK 5th Edition twice over last 3-4 weeks & took help from Rita M, ESI & your website to clarify doubts, in short around 30 Days of real dedicated preparation(2-3 hours in the first week + followed by full weekends + last 7 days of hardcore final preparation with no other work/personal distractions)

    Suggestion: If could add a section specifically on how to answer change related questions/scenarios will be of great help for all future aspirants(apologies if it already there as i didn’t went through the website thoroughly)

    Many Thanks & will keep propagating my exp of your websites to all my friends as I found this place of great interest.


  167. Kapil Asrani says:

    Hi Edward, thanks much for putting this page together. This was pretty much my main reference point for practice exams, and I found that the benchmarks you set here were most realistic in ensuring the I was just a little over the line in clearing the exam. I was getting 5-10% lesser than your scores on the first attempts (between 70-75%) and managed to clear my PMP certification exam with 4 moderately proficient and 1 proficient.

    Again, thanks a lot.

  168. SandyK says:

    Thank you Edward for your guidance through this website! I passed my PMP exam on Jul 08, 2017 after almost four weeks of preparation (2-3 hours per day). I used Rita Mulcahy (updated 8th edition) for thorough study, skimmed through PMBOK guide (Fifth edition) and prepared some notes myself.

    I took three free mock exams (listed here) with the following scores during the last week of my preparation:

    * HeadFirst – 79%
    * SimpliLearn – 74%
    * Edwel – 77%

    Here’s my final Prometric PMP exam result:

    * Initiating – Proficient
    * Planning – Proficient
    * Executing – Proficient
    * Monitoring and Controlling – Moderately Proficient
    * Closing – Moderately Proficient

    I didn’t get any single professional responsibility related question. But almost all (97%) the 200 questions were situational. Stakeholder engagement/management/register, risk register and issue log concepts should be clear to people as there were a considerable number of questions around those.

    It was a draining four hours’ exam. I was able to finish all the 200 questions in three hours and utilized the fourth hour in reviewing the questions I marked earlier. I submitted the exam when less than a minute was remaining and I was delighted to see the final result after completing the brief Prometric survey in the end.

    With your heart pounding and your eyes anxiously glued to the screen during the final few moments… you don’t get elated like that every day! As my PMP journey continues on now I can finally say that it was worth the effort for me :).

    All the best to all the aspirants! Just believe in yourself and you’ll be there.

    Thank you!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on your great results! I can still vividly remember the kind of stress I felt during the final moments of the PMP Exam.

      Thanks a lot for your useful sharing!

      • Vaibhav says:

        Thanks Edward,

        Would like to know how much PDUs will MSP(Managing Successful Programmes by Axelos) Foundation & Practitioner will be able to fetch me.

        Thanks, Vaibhav

      • Edward Chung says:

        It depends on how much time you spent on studying the material. 1 hour of studying = 1 PDU (however, PMI may recognize only a portion of the time you spend on studying … ).

  169. Arnab Mukhopadhyay says:

    Hi Edward,

    I found your site very helpful and I passed my PMP Exam this week.

    Initiating: Proficient
    Planning: Proficient
    Executing: Moderately Proficient
    Monitoring and controlling: Moderately Proficient
    Closing: Moderately Proficient

    Can you advise, how we can collect PDU’s to maintain the PMP certification. Also how do we register these PDU’s with PMI ?

    Thanks and Regards

  170. Engr.Daniyal says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for your support via this website and Your exam notes/PMI-ism section and Earned value question were very helpful.

    I passed my PMP Exam on first try,this evening .

    Initiating: moderately proficient
    Planning: moderately proficient
    Executing: Proficient
    Monitoring and controlling: Proficient
    Closing: Below proficient

    My mock results were;
    Oliver 75Q – 54% (1 weeks ago)
    Edwel 87% (1 day before exam)
    Headfirst 82% (4 days before exam)
    Oliver 175 Q – 65% ( 2 day before exam)

    Thanks 🙂

  171. Anne says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you so much for your effort into putting this website together.

    I started studying till around 8 weeks ago, beside the 35 contact hours in February to fulfill the requirement.
    Due to time constraint, finished my first time reading over head first around 3 weeks ago…and started reading rita after, as of 5 days ago i was in the progress to read through the Rita books and still yet to cover 3 more KAs. Because of change of my schedule in the next half year I rescheuled and that only allowed me 3 days to prep. I rely heavily on Rita, your confusing terms, and the benchmark sections to prep since there wasn’t a lot of time for me to review all material. I think your study note is really useful for a summary review although i did not have time to review all i was so overwhelmed by the mock.

    My mock results weren’t that great;
    Oliver 75Q – 54% (2 weeks ago)
    Simpleline 65% (1 day before exam)
    Headfirst 78% (3 days before exam)
    Oliver 175 Q – 67% ( 1 day before exam)

    Yesterday i passed the pmp with following results:
    Initiating – moderately proficient
    Planning – moderately proficient
    Executing – below proficient
    Monitor and controlling – proficient
    Closing – moderately proficient

    However, the exam was quite draining and i feel that its harder than all mocks i have taken, perhaps, its also because of the time/environment pressure. Almost 95% questions are all scenarios base as as many others have pointed out, the questions usually only give you ‘hints’ into defining the process and status of the projects…

    Nevertheless, i am so glad this is done, in hindsight i’d allow myself a bit more time to prep as the exam does require a thorough understanding of the application of those ITTOs


    I relied on your web

  172. Melanie says:

    Question, are the FREE mock exam as good of quality and realistic as the paid PM Exam Simulator (prepcast)? So far I’ve been doing multiple free exams but I’m really not sure if I should invest in a paid simulation or not. Are my chances equally good to pass the first time, if I only use FREE exams to prepare?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Yes, these mock exams are really excellent in quality. I would like to know how are you doing in the mock exams? If you can already score around 80% or more in these mock exams, I would say it is quite possible that you can pass the real PMP Exam without further practices. But if you are scoring below 75%, you are highly recommended to purchase the PM Exam Simulators to gain more hands on practices for your exam success.

      Wish you PMP success!

  173. Florent says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for your support via this website and your message yesterday.
    I’ve booked my exam 30 days ago and set myself a target of 60 hours minimum of study.
    I passed my PMP Exam this morning .

    Initiating: moderately proficient
    Planning: moderately proficient
    Executing: moderately proficient
    Monitoring and controlling: below proficient
    Closing: moderately proficient

    On Mock exams, I was averaging 62%, I guess the final result is a reflection of that too.

    I did score 73% on some exam but the only time I got 80% or more was on very short samples, or those that I knew the answers already.

    I recommend reading but mostly practice the full 4 hours. I did 4 hours mock exams 4 times before the exam, it helps in preparing the mind to be focus for that length of time.

    I’ve had maybe 6 questions with formulae, the most important part was on ITTOs.

    To whoever wants to sit the exam, know your 47 process knowledge areas and understand interactions between ITTOS.

    Good luck and once more, Thanks Edward.

  174. Hue says:

    Hi Edward,

    Took my exam yesterday after studying for 4 weekends. Thanks for the website links of all the practice exams and the reading material, particularly the HeadFirst. Only had time to go through it once before the exam.

    Initiating: moderately proficient
    Planning: below proficient
    Executing: proficient
    Monitoring and controlling: proficient
    Closing: below proficient

    Didn’t take all the mocked exams in one setting so didn’t really know how long it took. In retrospect, that would of been helpful, because it took me 3.5 hrs to get through all the questions on the first pass. But also, I think, my scores were around 65-75% on the mock exams.

    Thanks again.

  175. Al says:

    I passed my PMP exam on my first try just by following all your tips! Thanks for all your help!

  176. Stephen says:

    Hi Edward,

    I cleared the exam on my first attempt today and your website has been wonderful and everything a PMP candidate will need to know to pass the exam.

    Here are my results:
    Initiating: Proficient
    Planning: Moderately Proficient
    Executing: Proficient
    Monitoring and Controlling: Moderately Proficient
    Closing: Moderately Proficient

    Regarding my mock exam scores:
    Oliver Lehman: 65%
    HeadFirst: 80%
    PM Exam Simulator:
    Exam 1: 65%
    Exam 2: 73%

    In my exam there were a lot of situational questions that are related to change management and risk management. Also, I found that the exam experience is quite intense where I really need to pace myself to keep focus for the entire 4 hours. It’s really important to simulate / practice that kind of endurance in the mock exams.

    Here is what I’ve done to prepare for my exam:
    1. Took an online video training on (Joseph Phillips) to get understanding of the PMP content
    2. Read the PMBOK (having an idea what to read or look for as supposed to just glancing chapters by chapters is important for me)
    3. Then I discovered your website. Thank you
    4. Took the mock exams as recommended on your site and analyzed my weaknesses.
    5. Went over your Commonly Confused Terms section (great great great read). In addition, I also found the very useful in clarifying PMP important PMP concepts and terms. There are also some other youtube sources I found helpful (praizion).

    Lastly, I tried to study hard on the ITTO but I am never very good at memorizing things so I just stick to the basic concepts and basic patterns and try to memorize a couple of exceptional ones. I didn’t get too many ITTO questions on the actual exam.

    Again, your site has been wonderful and now I am clear on the PMP, I am thinking to get an Agile certification (PMI-ACP or SAFE).


  177. Jay says:

    Thanks to this Edward site for well articulated explanation of concepts. Also for providing free exam links.
    I took the test on Jun 17 at Fairlawn center, NJ. Passed the exam in my first attempt .
    Prepared for about 7 weeks . about 3 hours a day roughly. Last one or two weeks I took many sample tests. and a tleast 2 full length tests.
    However I never saw any PMP questions that was exactly matching free exam questions. Even though the underlying concepts are same to answer the question.

    My Feedback from the Real Exam : Hope you find this useful. Enjoy the prep work and Good luck with the exam!

    #Repeated questions around these topics..
    proj charter/issue log/risk register
    issue log vs change log
    issue log vs risk register

    Lotssssss of questions around changes to scope/new requirements during exec.. delay of proj schedule/budget – what would proj mgr do ??
    If this happens or this situation comes up.. which document will PM refer to ??
    Tons of question on raising change request/updating doc/impact analysis CCB etc
    several questions on lessons learned documentation.. during closure + throughout proj phases
    SH mgmt vs Commn mgt plan – overlap/difference – several questions based on that

    #One EV question had to be inferred using the performance data points of each month – using a chart.
    #2 questions using PDM for finding total/free float etc
    #RACI related
    #Resource Histogram vs Staff Management Plan vs HR Mgmt Plan etc.. resource alloc.. resource in/out planning
    #risk (transfer/mitigate related questions)
    #Positive/negative risk based quickies

    #not a single/straigh forward ITTO question that bluntly asked for input of this.. output of that..
    #But some blunt questions on tools and techniques used for certain processes
    Some questions require you to know the ITTO generally that way you can answer accurately.

    #some questions proj termination handling

    #I did not get many questions on WBS/Dictionary etc. Actually none
    #few questions on procurement/contract type (FFP vs Time/Material vs Cost Price Award)
    Very few quickie questions where you dont have to think much. May be 10pct max.
    Most of the questions are about 3 to 5 lines situational.
    Some questions are 8 to 10 lines of context/situation
    very few had just single line questions

    Most of the times you will be able to eliminate quickly 2 choices out of 4. final 2 choices will torture you

    • Edward Chung says:

      Thanks Jay for your detailed sharing of the question domains/types you have got in your PMP Exam. I am sure this information is very useful to fellow PMP Aspirants!

  178. Jerry says:

    Hey Edward,

    I passed the pmp exam today on my first attempt. My scores were as follows:
    Initiating: moderately proficient
    Planning: moderately proficient
    Executing: proficient
    Monitoring and controlling: proficient
    Closing: below proficient

    Your resouces, particularly the practice exams, were very useful. I had been preparing for the exam off and on for the last year, mainly through study of headfirst and pmbok, until I came across your site. My test dates and scores were as follows:

    May 28: Headfirst Online 200Q – 83%
    June 3: Headfirst Book 200Q – 96%
    June 3: Oliver 75Q – 66%
    June 4: Simplilearn 200Q – 68%
    June 5: Edwel 75Q – 87%

    So there was quite a lot of variability in my scores. Note that I found the two headfirst tests to be virtually identical.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations and thanks a lot for your comment, Jerry. You made it to be a PMP now!

      I am heartened to know that you find my website useful. Please consider sharing it with your friends who may find it useful. Thanks in advance!

  179. Kshitij Vachher says:

    Hi Edward,
    I cleared my PMP exam in first attempt on 3rd June. The link really helped to prepare for the exam.
    The mock exams are good for practice and give an idea of the pattern of exam.
    Thanks a lot!

  180. John says:

    It is a bit expensive!

  181. Robert says:

    The HeadFirstPMP exam has at least 5 errors in it, and has not been updated for the PMBOK v5. I can easily tell because the answer marked correct for Rough Order of Magnitude estimate is +/-50% instead of -25% to +75%. But otherwise it is still useful. Here are my notes:
    Q34 – missing picture so there is no way to answer
    Q58 – the answer description does not match their “correct” answer (I think the description is correct but not their ‘correct’ answer)
    Q81 – the key point below the answer does not even match the question topic
    Q82 – the key point below the answer seems to refer to an older version of the PMBOK guide
    Q187 – ‘correct’ answer is from PMBOK v4, it changed in v5

    • Edward Chung says:

      Thanks for documenting these in details. Yes, HeadFirst PMP has not been updated for PMBOK 5 but it is still very useful to be used as a benchmark mock exam. Plus, it is free of charge!

  182. Rakesh Dharmani says:

    Hi Edward

    I have successfully cleared my PMP certification in the first attempt and a lot of credit goes to your site as well. The 47 commonly confused terms were really helpful as well as the links to the free mocks . The mocks you have suggested are really good ones . Keep up the good work Edward!!

  183. Carlos Correia says:

    Hi Edward,

    Please read my post:

    I hope it can help your blog somehow.

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

  184. Isiaka says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks so much for providing these insightful tips and links.

    I’m due to take the exam tomorrow, I’ve studied the PMBOK 5th edition but I’m scared I might be getting confused

    I take the practice exams, review the comments and go back to study on my gap areas before taking another. However, My score remains in the lower 70 percentile range for most practice exam. What scares me the most is that some practice exams tend to provide conflicting answers to others. Such as who signs a project charter and more so in the area of decision making on contextual situations.

    I will get back to you after taking the exam. Fingers crossed that I get it on this first try!

    • Isiaka says:

      Hi again,

      Promised I’ll get back after taking the exam. I did it today and passed.

      About the contextualised questions I mentioned above, I just stuck with the basic principles of the PMBOK so I guess that did the trick. Your summary notes were very helpful. Just the esssentials.. thanks again!!

  185. Andrew says:

    Edward –

    Your site was a tremendous help for me in preparation for the PMP exam. Happy to say I passed yesterday! Thank-you for all the detail and documents. I agree with the poster AK below…less than 10 true math questions throughout my exam (but having the formulas memorized made them very easy) and nearly all “what should the project manager do” and “what is the next action for the PM” questions. SPI and CPI questions were prominent in my exam as well as “what plan (comms, stakeholder, HR, etc) should you refer to” questions.

    My recommendation for studying would be to read the PMBOK and make your own notes (similar to Edward’s Study Notes). The process of reading and then writing it down helps for recall, in my opinion. Once you have that PMBOK base, read every single word/article on Edward’s website to further cement the info in your brain. Then, take all the practice exams linked on Edward’s site and pay special attention to the explanations for the answers. Exam Central and PreparePM were also good sites for additional practice tests.

    Thank-you again, Edward!

  186. AK says:

    Edward, thank you very miuch for creating and maintaining this site. Found a lot of helpful information here as I prepared for my exam.
    I passed the exam today, so I’m a happy camper. I was surprised that the exam had rather a small percentage of formula-based questions. A large majority of the questions were scenario-based, and ended with “What should the project manager do?”, or “What is the next action for the PM?” etc.
    Thanks again for sharing all the information that you do here.

  187. Eugenia says:

    Hi Edward! I used you site, too, along with other resources (bought the basic version on pm-exam-simulator through your website), and passed the test last months. I wanted to thank you, because you were my inspiration. I have full time job and 2 years old baby boy. You have full time job and 3 kids!!!! I thought “if he could do it, I will make it, too”! And how, 1 month later, I really have no idea how I managed it. Thank you very very much.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on your achievements!

      You wouldn’t know how much your message means to me. It is my humble hope to be able to offer some assistance to fellow Aspirants with this website and your sharing allows me to learn that I am doing something right. Thanks!

  188. Lee McRae says:

    Hi, I used your site along with the book by Rita M. and passed the test on 5/5!

    Thanks for making your notes and study tips available to everyone!

  189. nidhi says:

    Hi Edward,

    I cleared my PMP exam today in 1st attempt. I can’t thank you enough Edward for making this wonderful portal which was very helpful during my preparations. I had joined simplilearn classes in January and prepared for almost 3-4 months. I studied PMBOK, Rita and your notes thoroughly. The confusing terms list on your portal helped me clear many of my doubts. I clearly remember mid-way during my preparation I felt a little lost and I was not sure whether I am going in the right direction, I just happened to visit this portal and since then I have been a regular visitor. The short notes that you have provided for each chapter really helped me till the end.

    Also, I want to mention that though my mock scores were not great and were usually in the range of 65%-75%, I did not lose hope. I analyzed each and every question after taking a test and made a small book of such notes. I believe I was able to clear my exam just because I was consistent and studied all the concepts regularly. I would advise not to take too many mock tests and the ones that you take should be from a reliable source. There were questions which were answered differently by different portals which really confused me a lot. So it is best to refer to PMBOK for any clarifications.

    Once again thanks Edward, you are doing a fantastic job by helping PMP aspirants. More power to you and God Bless!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Nidhi,

      Thanks for the detailed sharing of your PMP Exam journey. Your experience will surely help PMP Aspirants who are not so confident during their exam prep. I especially love what you said: “I believe I was able to clear my exam just because I was consistent and studied all the concepts regularly”. Yes, the PMP Exam is hard but doable if you are persistent.

      Your story has confirmed my dream of creating this website: to help fellow PMP Aspirants with my sharing. I am so glad that this little blog is helpful to fellow PMP Aspirants!

      Congratulations and thanks again.

  190. Mary says:

    Hello all,

    I am practicing my mock exam. And interesting thing is that I am turning off exactly o the 70-80 question. It is getting really hard to complete. How is it on real exam. any best practices to overcome?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Mary,

      In case your stamina lasts for around 70-80 questions, I highly suggest you break down your exam into 3 mini sessions of around 70 questions each with breaks of around 20 minutes in-between. During the breaks, you may take some snacks or have a short walk / exercise in order to refresh your mind. This will allow you to finish all the 200 questions a bit easier.

      Or, you need to find the time of the day when you can concentrate for the longest duration (morning? lunch hour? afternoon?) and schedule the exam at around that time.

      Or, does coffee help?

      Sorry that each individual is different and I cannot offer any sure-fire suggestion.

      Wish you PMP success!

  191. NJ says:

    Hello All,

    I cleared my PMP exam on 19 April. I prepared for almost a month.

    Here are my results:

    Initiation: P
    Planning: MP
    Executing: MP
    Monitoring and Controlling: MP
    Closing: MP

    I studied Rita first and then after a good 2nd time reading, started the PMBOK. After 2 readings of PMBOK, I made a small book of 20 pages with my notes for the replacement of all the books. Started the Online test and gave the first as HF and got 80%, SipliLearn is 78%, Edward test 83% and then gave Oliver and got only 65%……. this result shocked me but then I studied my 20 page book again and appeared in all of these again and got:

    Oliver Lehman (75 Q): 78%
    Oliver Lehman (175 Q): 80%
    HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam : 78%
    Edwel Mock Exam: 89%
    Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock (200Q): 85%
    PM Exam Simulator 30Q exams (free 7-day trial):
    Exam-1: 70%
    Exam-2: 78%

    I then went for a test which again took me to a Dark side and was in very confusing state of mind….. Again studied Rita and PMBOK and gave lot many papers online (Free). Then I realized that this is my fear that is not allowing me to get in the exam and the Mock test is a never ending process …. so My advise is that you do not need to over-study but study till you get the scores as suggested by Edward. I have been getting good scores in other sites and Mock tests and could have done it in 10 days early than 19 April but this was all my over-study which took me to the sites and exam which are not commonly known and made me confused. Faith me, The mock test which are not famous are not good and only for making money by giving you or increasing your fear, so that you join them and pay them money.

    I completed my exam in 3 hrs and took 40 mins to review and changed a few answers.

    There were all most all situational questions. Some were confusing questions where the situation is not at all going with question and you need to read and understand the question.

    Thank you Edward .


  192. Irlu says:

    Hi Edward!! I’m loving your webside… It’s very helpfull! I was a litlle concerned because I got 68% at Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF), then I realized that it was very dificult as I’ve got 88% at Exam Central and 78% at BrainBOK Exam.

  193. NJ says:

    Hi Edward,
    Plz revert to my points with your guidance and suggestions.

  194. NJ says:

    thx Dear!
    2 Points to make:

    1. Oliver was my second attempt as in first I did get only 65% (175 question) and others yes in the first attampt it was around 78-80.
    2. I have not done any other than what you have listed. Also, I did one of the test on CertGear ( a website found on net) and that gave me very depressing results. It was a 24 question test and was very tough (as per me) and got only 55%.

    Need your kind guidance as I have to do it in this April and not sure what shall be my last week study target for surety

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi NJ,

      Sorry that I was on a vacation recently. According to many PMP Aspirants, the Oliver one is much tougher than the rest, getting around 65% is quite okay indeed (rhaym5 shared his lessons learned below with Lehmann’s questions at 67% and 59% yet he can pass in first attempt!).

      If you can consistently get around 78-80% in your first attempt of the mock exam above, you are ready to go. Here are my advices for psychological preparation:

      Can’t wait to hear your good news!

  195. rhaym5 says:

    First of all, many thanks to Edward for this great site!

    I passed my PMP exam today. Just to share my experience and hope I can contribute to your journey in my simple way:
    27-Feb: Paid and sched my exam
    11-Apr: Took and passed PMP

    Study resource:
    35 contact hours: Training Partners
    Books: PMBOK5, HeadFirst, AndyCrowe, Rita (not enough time due to major projects)

    Mock exams:
    Head First (200Q) – 81.0%
    SimpliLearn (200Q) – 61.5%
    Lehmann (175Q) – 66.9%
    Lehmann (75Q) – 58.6%
    Edwel (100Q) – 55.0%
    (Last 4 was crammed into 2 days…very wrong! Give your brain a break!)

    I am not the usual achiever but I just persevered in this journey (I actually felt dejected when I saw my mock exam results!). What I am trying to impart is to never lose hope and literally learn from your mistakes. Also, give your brain a break (grind hardly but double the rest for it). Lastly, pray a lot (I am a catholic so this is important to me).

    You’ll be fine! 🙂

  196. NJ says:

    Is doing these free mock tests ( given above in Edward’s table) and getting 78-80 is good. Can I now go for the exam?

    • Edward Chung says:

      If you can score around 80% in your first attempt of the mock exams listed above, you stand a very high chance of passing the exam! Can’t wait to hear your good news!

  197. PMP Exam says:

    Does anyone have working code for PMCampus mock exam?

  198. Umesh Patel says:

    Thanks for your valuable guidance. Today I am able to crack exam in my first attempt.

    I got:
    Initiating — Moderately Proficient
    Planning– Proficient
    Monitoring & Controlling – Proficient
    Closing– Moderately proficient.

  199. Arun Narayanan Ajayakumar says:

    Hi Edward,
    I am very happy to tell you that i have passed the PMP exam. Your website had help me to get through the application process and also the PMP mock test links helped me in my preparation. Thanks for your helps and tips.

  200. Ankit says:

    Hello All,

    Today I cleared my PMP exam in first try after preparing for almost a month.

    Here are my results:

    Initiation: Proficient
    Planning: Proficient
    Executing: Moderately Proficient
    Monitoring and Controlling: Proficient
    Closing: Moderately Proficient

    I studied the PMBOK (10 days) first followed by high level reading of RITA (5 days). Then I once agin re-read the PMBOK ( 5 days).

    Started giving mocks in last one week refereing to the mocks given here by Edward. These mock scores are indeed a good benchmark for the real exam.

    Here are my sample test scores:

    Oliver Lehman (75 Q): 71%
    Oliver Lehman (175 Q): 74%
    HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam : 79%
    Edwel Mock Exam: 84%
    Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock (200Q): 70%
    PM Exam Simulator 30Q exams (free 7-day trial):
    Exam-1: 70%
    Exam-2: 73%

    I completed the first pass of the exam in 2 hours 40 minutes with 67 questions marked for review. After spending around 40 more minutes on reviewing the marked questions, the count went down to 38 questions. So I deceided to call it the end and was delighted to see the results :).

    The PMP exam was similar to the mocks mentioned here. The numerical questions were straigth forward but there were many situational questions (around 70%). The best startegy to solve the situational questions is elimination. You will notice that most of the times 2 of the 4 answer choices can be eliminated easily and the you just need to pick the best of the remaining 2.

    Thank you Edward for this website and to all others who have generously contributed to it.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on getting PMP Certified! Your efforts paid off! Thanks especially for your “elimination” tips for situational questions. Yes, situational questions are getting more weight in the PMP Exam lately (and also the PMI-ACP Exam).

      If you think my website is useful for PMP Aspirants, please share it with others who are interested in PMP. Thanks!

  201. sayeenand says:

    Hi all today i cleared my PMP . thanks you for being with us for such a wonderful journey.Its hard to get PMP certificate….hard works only pays at the end… cheers.Its time to celebrate

  202. Suhas says:

    I passed my PMP exam today. Thanks Edward. Your blogs gave me different perspective during studies. I basically studied for 3 weeks – PMBOK, Rita’s, Edwel boot camp notes.
    Passed with below:
    • Initiating: Moderately Proficient
    • Planning: Moderately Proficient
    • Executing: Moderately Proficient
    • M&C: Proficient
    • Closing: Moderately Proficient

    All the best to PMP asipirants…!!

  203. Suntex says:

    Hi guys, I have been following this platform for a while. Thank you so much Edwards, God bless you. I had just 3 weeks to prepare for my PMP exam. I started my reading on the 11th January and eventually wrote the exam today. The only textbook I read was Rita. I read Rita thoroughly and I also read the study notes on this website thoroughly. I didn’t have much time so I was unable to read PMBOK. But used it for ITTO. I spent half of my reading time practicing the mock test and exams and also reviewing my errors.
    In conclusion I passed my PMP exam today.
    Intiation and Closing = Moderately proficient
    Planning and Monitoring and Control = Proficient
    Executing = below proficient

  204. Tina says:

    Hi Edward,

    Here is how I prepared for my PMP:
    1. Rita’s
    2. PMBOK 5th edition
    3. This website for the sample PMP exam’s 🙂

    Rita’s was very helpful. It wasn’t as dry as the PMBOK… [read more]

  205. Krystal says:

    I passed today after cramming for a month!!
    • Initiating: Proficient
    • Planning: Proficient
    • Executing: Moderately Proficient
    • M&C: Moderately Proficient
    • Closing: Moderately Proficient
    My practice test results are as follow:
    Rita’s Exercises – About 70%
    Oliver Lehman (75 Q): 71%
    Oliver Lehman (175 Q): 74%
    HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam (75%)
    Edwel Mock Exam (70%)
    Simplilearn Free PMP Mock (200Q): 69%

    The exam was really intense and told me the full 4 hours. I read Rita’s twice and studied hard for about 5 hours a day. This website was a blessing. I’ll be taking my credits here!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Krystal,

      Congratulations on passing the PMP Exam! And thanks a lot for your comments. You did really well. Would you like to share your PMP Exam lessons learned with our fellow PMP Aspirants? Your experience would also be a blessing to others who are working towards their Certification success!

      Thanks in advance.


    • Madhu says:

      Congrats. I will be taking up PMP in another 10 days max and in the final stages of preparation. I am taking up mock exams and need to brush Tools & techniques, Inputs and outputs of various process.
      This website is excellent and is helping me a lot. Hoping to share my lessons, post successful completion of PMP!

      Hearty appreciation & special thanks to Edward Chung for this lovely website and info. It helps a lot in assessing ourselves and becoming confident day by day.

  206. Tina says:

    Hi !
    Your website has been very helpful. I have my exam coming up soon.
    Which sample tests did you feel where more similar to the actual PMP exam?
    Thank you!

    • Edward Chung says:

      In my opinion, PM Exam Simulator, Simplilearn and HeadFirst PMP Mock Exam are more close in terms of format and difficulty to the real PMP exam. Oliver Lehmann’s are more difficult.

      Wish you PMP success!

      • Tina says:

        Hi Edward,
        I wrote my PMP exam on Saturday and I passed! Your website was very helpful for me to achieve this. Thank you so much!

      • Edward Chung says:

        Hi Tina,

        Congratulations on passing the PMP Exam in first try! Your efforts paid off!

        You can begin accumulate FREE PDUs for your PMP Certification renewal now:

        During my PMP Exam Prep, I was too fortunate to be able to read the lessons learned of many PMP holders who share selflessly on the internet. After passing my PMP Exam, I started the website with a view to sharing my lessons learned of PMP and other certifications in the hope of helping fellow PMP Aspirants as my way of contributing back to the project management society.

        I am sure your experience and lessons learned from your PMP Exam prep will be very valuable to fellow PMP Aspirants too. Please consider sharing your lessons learned our your PMP success at by sending me through email. I will post your sharing asap.

        Thanks in advance!

        Edward Chung, PMP

  207. Eunice D says:

    OMG This is a gold mine!! Thank you so much for this resource.

  208. Ahsan Afzal says:

    Hi Edward,
    I have passed my PMP exam in first try. Your website (esp. comments) really helped me a lot to evaluate myself and fill my knowledge gaps. I primarily read Rita (twice), practiced number of practice tests and received some help from online presentations especially for stakeholder management (not very well covered in rita as per my opinion). I passed PMP with following score
    • Initiating: Moderately Proficient
    • Planning: Proficient
    • Executing:Proficient
    • M&C: Proficient
    • Closing: Moderately Proficient
    My practice test results are as follow:
    Rita’s Exercises – B/w 72% ~ 85%
    Oliver Lehman (75 Q) : 68% ( this was my first practice test after reading Rita once)
    Oliver Lehman (175 Q): 71% ( this was my second practice test after reading Rita once)
    After Reading Rita twice
    HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam (79%)
    Edwel Mock Exam (81%)
    Simplilearn Free PMP Mock (200Q): 61% (This online test finished in 2 hours and I could only attempt 165 Q with 122 correct)
    PM Exam Simulator 30Q exams (free 7-day trial): Exam-1: 66%, Exam-2: 70%, Exam-3:83%
    Christopher Scordo: (Ch-1 : 88%, Ch-2 : 88%, Ch-3 : 78%, Ch-17 : 80%)
    Exam Central: 84%
    PM Campus mock exam 200 Q: 74% (I purchased this test for $ 5)
    Once again, your website is a great source for PMP Aspirants to learn from others experience. Thanks for that.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! Glad that this post and the comments contributed by fellow PMP Aspirants have helped you in your PMP journey. Your sharing is also invaluable to fellow PMP Aspirants!


  209. Shehr Sikandari says:

    Hi Edward,
    I have cleared my PMP Exam on 12th Jan-2016 in First Attempt!.
    Thank you very much for all the information you have provided. The practice tests really helped me to prepare for my PMP exam. I didn’t need to do any brain dump, due to the mock exams practice.

    I passed the PMP with the below results:

    Initiating: Moderately Proficient
    Planning: Proficient
    Executing: Moderately Proficient
    M&C: Proficient
    Closing: Moderately Proficient

    mock up results:
    – Oliver Lehmann (Online)75Q – 56% then 68%
    – PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) 90Q – 76%(Exam1), 93%(Exam2)
    – Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam 200Q – 60%
    – Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q – 71%
    – Exam Central Mock Exam 200Q -86%
    – Ritta’s Book Ch Exams – 71%

  210. Ola says:

    Hey Edward,

    Exactly two weeks ago, I failed my first attempt. My wife encouraged me to try again. I had only two weeks before my 1 year window ends so I had to book a space to resit within 2 weeks. Because of time, i paid on a site to use their resources. However, i stumbled on you website which I found very insightful and useful (though I found it late). I re-sat for the exam today exactly 2 weeks after I failed and I passed.

    I am glad to say that I am PMP certified now. Thank you for the good job and keep it up!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Ola,

      Thrilled to learn that you have cleared the PMP Exam in the 2nd attempt. You should be very proud of your achievements! I am sure your experience will be very very useful to fellow PMP Aspirants. Would you be so kind as to share your lessons learned to fellow PMP Aspirants?

      Thanks in advance!

  211. Mike says:

    Hey Edward,

    I am on my way to take 3rd PMP exam tomorrow 12/30 hoping for a last victor cry to end 2016 beautifully.

    Wish I had known about this site sooner or else I wouldn’t have even attempt to take previous two exams to fail.

    Here are my scores

    1.Oliver Lehmann 75Q– 76%
    2.Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) -75%
    3 Edwel Mock Exam – 89%
    4 HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam online – 73%
    5 HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam PDF – 71%
    6. PM Exam Simulator – 79%

  212. Arun Kumar Natarajan says:

    Hi Edward,
    I have cleared my PMP Exam today . Thanks much for all the information you have provided . The benchmark you gave as far as your experience helped me so much for free PMP exam . I got 4 MP and 1 P in today exam ..Below are the my percentage

    1.Oliver Lehmann – 66%
    2.Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) -71%
    3 Edwel Mock Exam – 75%
    4 HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam online – 81%
    5 HeadFirst PMP® Mock Exam PDF – 89%

  213. Phillip says:

    Hi Edward,

    Wanted to say thanks for your website and the links to the other practice exams. I completed my PMP test on 14 December with 3 Proficients and 2 Moderately Proficients.

    I ran through the tests for the last two weeks while supplementing my notes from class and the PMBOK guide. Average across all tests on a first run through was around 75% (some higher, some lower). I felt comfortable in the test thanks to the practice.

  214. Kumar says:

    Hi Edward, I cleared my PMP today with grades just like yours. 4Ps and 1MP in closing. The benchmarking you did in this post really helped in assessing where I stood before the actual exam. You are making a great contribution to the people who are PMP aspirants. I would like to contribute to your site with a couple of flow charts that I prepared which might help others. Let me know how to go about it.
    Here is my story –
    My preparation was scattered for past several months (nearly 6),however, the focused preparation was done for the last couple of months. Resources used – Rita (once), PMBOK (twice), Edwel Free guide (only few chapters) some youtube videos. Rita chapter ends – 70-80, Mocks – Simplilearn (did 4 – 77, 80. 82.88). PM Study (82), Oliver 175PDF (78), Christopher Scordo – couldnt complete all, did around 8 Mocks (scored in the range of 75-80). PMExamSimulator -Free 90 Qs (~ 82), Rita Fastrac (went by Process Groups – scored around 80 in all of them except Monitoring and Controlling, in which I only took 100Qs and scored 72), PMZest-57 – (too tough, in depth memorization of PMBOK needed to clear this, which would of course help in clearing PMP).

    Today, i.e. the exam day, I was able to complete all of the Qs in 2 hours (my mocks took around 2.5 hours on an average). However, I marked 46 Qs, so utilized 1 hour in going over the marked, changed answers for few. I had one more hour left, started reviewing all from the beginning, started to realize I misread some Qs in haste, adjusted the answers. I could only review first 25 when I had around 45mins left. I thought I would have made more such mistakes at the end, so started from Q200 and started reviewing backwards (did review until Q150, when my time ran out), I was able to make some changes to my answers though. I was left with 2 mins, when I thought it is time to mark it as complete. Marked it complete, and prayed to God! Saw 4Ps in Initiating, Planning, Executing, M&C and 1 MP in Closing. Thanked God!,

    My exam tested a lot of in depth knowledge of the ITTOs (need to know which I, T, T, O is for what, and the application of it, and how they are different from each other), Quality tools and of course the dreaded scenario based Qs.

    Anyways, I was a silent viewer of your website all along. I thank you for your contribution, which immensely helps in some direction needed for people who are doing self study.

    Thanks again! Ready to contribute.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Kumar,

      Congratulations on your excellent achievements! Your lessons learned help a lot, in particular you are one of the few who have been tested a lot in ITTOs. Thanks a lot for your detailed sharing!

  215. SantaKlaus says:

    Hi, here are lessons learned from PMP exam:

    mock up results:
    – Oliver Lehmann (Online)75Q – 65%
    – PM Exam Simulator (Free 7-day Trial) 170Q – 72%
    – Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam 200Q – 79%
    – Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q – 71%
    – Edwel Mock Exam 75Q – 80%
    – PM Campus Mock Exam 200Q -82%

    real exam:
    – Initiation BelowProficient
    – Planning ModerateProficient
    – Executing ModerateProficient
    – Monitoring ModerateProficient
    – Closing ModerateProficient

    Few ideas:
    – Must have Moderate Proficient or higher in three groups: Planning,Executing and Monitoring;
    – Initiation and Closing can be Below Proficient;
    – I guess the thresholds are:
    50%-66% Below Proficient
    67% – 83% Moderate Proficient
    84% – 100% Proficient
    – not sure what happens if to score less than 50%;

  216. LINDA says:

    Hi Edward, I was able to pass my PMP exam last week and got scores that are very high. Your website with its PMP resources and links to PMP preparatory questions and exams were a blessing.

  217. Aditi Kashikar says:

    Hi Edward, I am happy to inform you that I passed my PMP exam this week and got scores that are identical to yours. Your website with its PMP resources and links to PMP preparatory questions and exams were a blessing. I can’t thank you enough for the commendable service you are doing to aspiring PMP aspirants, like myself. Kudos to you, mentor! 🙂

  218. Robert says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you so much for providing this website and for your responses. Everyone’s feedback has been extremely beneficial in determining where I stood prior to taking the PMP exam today. The discussions below were extremely helpful to me and I’d like to return the favor by adding to the information pool.

    My experience preparing for the PMP includes light study while working to taking the past two months off to dedicate myself to studying for the exam. During this time I attempted multiple exams and documented my scores. All scores received are listed below.

    September 9 – Oliver Lehmann 75Q 52%
    September 16 – Oliver Lehmann 75Q 59%
    October 6 – Edwel 50Q 64%
    October 18 – multiple exams through MyPM – Exam 1 50Q 90%; Exam 2 25Q 80%; Exam 3 25Q 80%; Exam 4 100Q 88%
    October 19 – MyPM 200Q 91%
    October 20 – Exam Central 200Q 74%; Process Group Scores: Initiating 81%; Planning 75%; Executing 72%; M&C 76%; Closing 58%
    October 21 – Head First 200Q 72%; Process Group Scores: Initiating 67%; Planning 68%; Executing 81%; M&C 67%; Closing 83%; Professional & Social Responsibility 59%
    October 27 – Oliver Lehmann 75Q 79%
    October 31 – Exam Central 200Q 82%; Process Group Scores: Initiating 85%; Planning 88%; Executing 75%; M&C 82%; Closing 83%
    November 3 – Head First 200Q 82%; Process Group Scores: Initiating 75%; Planning 77%; Executing 91%; M&C 77%; Closing 83%; Professional & Social Responsibility 82%

    Today, I passed the PMP with the below results:

    Initiating: Proficient
    Planning: Proficient
    Executing: Moderately Proficient
    M&C: Moderately Proficient
    Closing: Moderately Proficient

  219. Srividhya R says:

    Hi Edward, I came across your website to help PMP aspirants just 3 days back :(. Hope i had come across your website earlier.
    Your words of encouragement to PMP aspirants are extraordinary and very motivating.
    I have scheduled my exam on Nov 10th (Thursday).
    As per the suggestions in your page, I am attempting free tests in the specified websites.
    Today I took full lenght test with “PMStudy”. I have scored 70%.
    Scored 70% , 71% in Lehmann 75 Q and 175 Q respectively.
    Scored: 85% in “PM EXam Simulator”
    I am getting really tensed when the clock ticks in the last 10minutes.
    Please let me know if my scores show i am sufficently prepared for the exam. And please suggest your tips to remain stress free in last few minutes of the exam.
    Do we definitely have to “UnMark” the Marked questions before submission or can we submit like that without removing the the “Mark”.
    Your suggestions are highly valuable to me .
    Thanks in advance.
    Srividhya R

    • Edward Chung says:

      Your results are quite okay. Try to relax before the PMP exam and try your best. You stand a high chance to pass the exam in first try! Can’t wait to hear your good news!

      Wish you PMP success!

  220. Shin says:

    Hi Edward, today I passed my PMP exam on first try with 3P’s & 2 MP’s. I’d say you are a big help, especially in building confidence and to be mentally & emotionally prepared for the exam. (It was really nerve-wracking!)

    And so, I also want to share how I prepared for the exam in hopes of helping other PMP aspirants out there.

    I made a study plan since I’m studying part-time and ended reading PMBOK & Rita for 2 months (1-2 hrs each day) with personal notes (this is essential especially for last minute reviews!). I scheduled Tuesday for my exam so I can use the weekend for preparation. For the last 3 days, I spent answering the mock exams you listed here (i updated some info below) and answered Rita’s practice exams (definitely recommended!):

    1. Oliver Online (75Q) – 68%
    2. HeadFirst (200Q) – 82%
    3. PM Exam Simulator (90Q) – 88% >>Update: Free 7-day trial but 90Q only<>Updated to 150Q in total<>Update: Closing down this Nov, requires to pay $5<>Added:<<

    And it's true that the testing center does NOT allow brain dumping during tutorial anymore. No need to worry for there will still be ample time to finish all the questions and review them (not all, for my case). I'd say try to limit your brain dumping to ~8mins max…

    Hope this helps.

    All the best and cheers! ^_^

    • Edward Chung says:

      Glad to learn that you have passed the PMP exam in first try! You are now a PMP, congratulations!

      Thanks for letting us know that PMP Exam brain dump is no longer allowed now. This is very useful for fellow PMP Aspirants.

  221. Sreekanth Pulipati says:

    Hi Edward, I am happy to let you know that i cleared my PMP last week.. I went thru your site right from the day I was ready to apply for the exam, when my application was selected for audit. Your notes and explanations helped a lot in getting ready for the exam. There is a small change now, we can write the brain dump now until the actual exam starts. (unlike earlier where you can do the brain dump during the tutorial). Thanks a lot for all the effort you put in in making the notes…

  222. Austin says:

    Hi Edward,

    Passed the PMP with 5 P’s.
    I must say your notes are really helpful as a starting point.

    I guess I will just wait for PMI to send me the confirmation email in a few days.

    Thank you.

  223. Zaur says:

    Hello Edward,
    On 2 Oct. I passed PMP and I declare that half of my success belongs to you and your web page : )) Your advice on study road help me much, especially with creating own study notes. When person writes he(she) learns it better, I think. I red both Rita-PMP Exam Prep and Andy Crowe’s PMP Exam book and must admit that both books complement each other. And of course PMBOK should be red, at least once. I red twice. Together with lots of practice tests within a month, it took me around 5 months to prepare myself, parallel to my work. So thanks a lot to you and I wish you great success in your career and happiness to your family!

  224. Austin says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for posting reference benchmarks for mock exams.
    I have my PMP exam scheduled for Oct 21.

    Not sure if I am ready or not as my scores vary quite a bit.

    List of my practice exam scores (from most recent):
    1. Oliver Lehman PDF: 77%
    2. Whizlabs Test 3: 78%
    3. PM Campus 200Q: 70%
    4. Whizlabs Test 2: 78%
    5. Edwel: 84%
    6. Whizlabs Test 1: 70%


    • Austin says:

      Forgot to list PM Exam Simulator Free 1 week trial.
      Exam 1, 30Q: 76.7%

      • Edward Chung says:

        According to your PMP mock exam results, I would say you are quite prepared for passing the PMP Exam in first try. Just keep up your work and stay calm during the actual PMP Exam. Can’t wait to hear your good news!

        Wish you PMP success!

      • Austin says:

        Just passed my PMP with Proficient in all domains! (first try)
        I haven’t received any email from PMI and myPMI page doesn’t have my certification status yet.

        What is going to happen next?

  225. Abhishek Bhati says:

    Hi Edward,

    First of all I want to thank you for the notes you have created for the PMP certification exam. I used them to review my concepts and review them before any mocks exam (Even before the real exam :)) I used to frequently refer to your website for any guidance I needed to pass my PMP certification. It is with great joy I passed my PMP exam on 7th October 2016. I would recommend your notes to other friends of mine who want to pursue PMP exam.

    Now I will be visiting your website frequently to earn the 60 PDUs.

    Thanks a lot!

    Abhishek Bhati

  226. Sachin says:

    Hi Edward! ..A big Thanks to you. your PMP practice tests helped as a bench mark for me. I was scoring between 75-82 consistently on all my free practice test. I prepared for the PMP exam for 2 months. I wanted to complete my PMP exam by 6th of September but due to Audit it took me 3 more Weeks to schedule my Exam. Today I passed the Exam with 5 MP’s. Very happy with my PMP journey and I truly enjoyed my exam today. Thanks Again.. Looking forward to get PMI-ACP Certification.


  227. tony says:

    Hi Edward, can you be helpfull by suggesting to me sites that can help me prepare for PMI-SP exams especially practice tests?

  228. Marylise says:

    Hi Edward! Thank you very much for all your helpful material, sample exams, and advice! I passed my PMP from the first time with 5 P’s! Very grateful for everything I learned through your site. Thanks a lot and wish you all the best!

  229. Sania says:

    Hi Edward, My PMP Exam is next week. I have tried the Free mock test you listed above and scores are as below. Can I consider these scores to say that I am ready for the exam . also , what should be the study plan for last 4-5 days. Going through concepts again or go through mock tests ?
    – Christopher scordo ( 18 Mock test) : 74%
    – PMP exam Simulator ( Fre Train ) : 70%
    – head First Mock Test – 84%
    – Oliver lehman ( PDF) – 80%
    – Oliver Lehman ( Online ) : 65%
    – Edwel Practise Exam : 80%

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Sania,

      Your performance in PMP mock exams are indeed quite extraordinary. I would suggest you to take a day’s off first to relax your mind and going through all the concepts once before attempting another mock exam. Do have enough rest and sleep for the last few days and you are ready for the PMP title.

      Wish you PMP success!

      • sania says:

        Hello Edward,

        Just wanted to share, today was my PMP exam and I have cleared it in the first attempt. Thanks for you and this forum, I followed it during my preparations, comparing the scores for checking my rediness and also the discussions on this forum helped a lot!!

      • Edward Chung says:

        Congratulations Sania, your efforts paid off! Now you are a PMP!

  230. Sania says:

    Hi Edwad, I am preparing for my PMP exam and its on next week. As of now my mock test scores are as below . Is there any other free mock test available that I can try ? Does this scores says I am ready for real Exam next week ? Pls suggest.

    PMP Exam simulator : 70%
    Oliver lehman ( PDF )n: 77%
    Head First Mock Test : 84%
    Edwel Practise Exam : 80%
    All Rita Mulchay Chapter Practise Exam ( Book ) : 78%

  231. Gary says:

    Can experience is maintenance projects qualifies for PMP. Do you have sample format to fill the PMP application.

    • Edward Chung says:

      The experience is counted if that is from a project as defined by PMI. You will have to check if your “maintenance projects” are really projects according PMI’s understanding (i.e. A project can be defined as a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service…).

  232. Rashmita Sahu says:

    Hi Edward,

    Hope your doing great. Your article is too good. Thanks for the info.

    I booked my exam slot 26th of Sept. also i appeared the PM training exam and my average score is 66% as of now, Head fact 70%, Exam central (long test)- 65-70%. Still i scared about the exam.

    Is that above mentioned score is enough to crack the exam.

    Rashmita Sahu

    • Edward Chung says:

      It all depends on your performance on the real PMP exam and whether you are lucky enough. I have heard someone with practice scores of low 60’s can pass the PMP Exam in 1st try while someone with high 60’s cannot.

      I would advise you to try revising the PMP materials harder (perhaps by taking leaves from your work to concentrate on your studies) and aim to get over 70% in the majority of the PMP mock exams in first try. Then you are almost guaranteed a pass!

      Wish you PMP success!

  233. Mayor says:


  234. Derek says:

    Hi Edward,

    I signed up for PM Exam simulator via the link that you provided and I have some queries:

    1) What is the difference between PMP Exam 1 and PMP Exam 2 and PMP Exam 3 etc..
    2) Why does PMP Exam 9 only has ITTO? I thought ITTO is important but it is only covered in Exam 9?
    3) Does it mean that in the actual exam, only one exam between 1 to 9 will be tested? E.g. if the questions are from Exam 2, there will be no questions from Exam 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9?
    4) Ray only studied the first 7 exams. Is there a need to do all the exams and are there repeated questions?


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Derek,

      Hope that I can answer your questions:
      1) They are different batches of exam questions, only Exam 9 is primarily concerned about ITTO.
      2) ITTO is actually NOT that important as I only got below 5 questions in ITTO for my real PMP exam. But the mock exams here can help you with your understanding of ITTO.
      3) You mean the “actual mock exam”? Yes, you are right, that’s why there are over 1800 questions included in your subscription of PM Exam Simulator.
      4) There are none identical questions, but some questions will be quite similar. You don’t have to try all but as you have already paid for all the exam sets, why don’t take advantage of that to test your readiness for the real PMP Exam!

      Wish you PMP success!

  235. ray says:

    hi Edward,
    good day.
    I used this website for my PMP preparation, thanks for created this site.
    and, as recommended, I have purchased PM Exam simulator and my scores 76%, 79.50%, 78.50%, 80%, 77.50%, 78% and 82.5% in first 7 exams.
    Do you think this score will be enough for passing my pmp?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Ray,
      Your results for the PMP mock exams are quite good indeed. I am confident that if you are manage the stress of the real PMP exam effectively, you stand a very high chance of passing the PMP Exam in your first try.

      Wish you PMP success!

      • ray says:

        hi Edward,
        good day to you.
        yes, I passed my PMP exam today with 5 MPs. thanks for your materials for my PMP exam preparation.
        next, I will look for the information of how to maintain PMP credential.
        thanks. =)

      • Edward Chung says:

        Congratulations on passing the PMP Exam, your efforts and diligence paid off! To me, the best way to earn PDUs is through the webinars on

        You will only need to pay the annual PMI membership fee and earn unlimited Cat A PDUs for your re-certification. Almost all my PDUs are earned through this way.

  236. ray says:

    hi Edward,
    I used this website for my PMP preparation, thanks for created this site.
    and, as recommended, I have purchased PM Exam simulator and my scores 76%, 79.50%, 78.50%, 80%, 77.50%, and 78% in first 6 exams.
    Do you think this score will be enough for passing my pmp.

  237. Mazzy says:

    Hi Edward,

    I passed my PMP exam yesterday August 26th. I got MP’s in all the knowledge areas. The benchmarks are real good and help in assessing ones preparation. The exam was tough with close to 75+ scenario based lengthy questions.

    Please suggest others aspirants on questions of how to apply PMP concepts on real scenarios based questions by pointing to online mocks. Thank You.

    Oliver Lehmann (Online) 75Q – 60%
    HeadFirst PMP Mock Exam 200Q – 80%
    PM Exam Simulator (Free 3-day Trial) – 83%
    Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q 66.8%
    Rita’s Exercises – 72%

  238. Gaurav Joshi says:

    Hey Edward,
    Thanks a lot for the pointers on PMP prep. I passed PMP on my first attempt last week.


  239. Andrew says:

    Hi Edward,
    Is there a chance to get PM Exam Simulator discount in August?

  240. Sue says:

    Hello Edward, I can not describe PM Campus for free?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hello Sue,

      You just need to:
      1) copy the coupon code “PMCAMPUSFREEMOCK”
      2) go to the landing page through the link “”
      3) click the green “Take this course” button
      4) paste it in the Coupon Code field of the check out page

      … and the PMP mock exam will be free for you. Wish you PMP success!

  241. Jorge Monsivais says:

    Hello Edward ! Yesterday I passed my exam, thanks to your tips and websites recommended !!

    Thanks again !!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! Would you like to share your success story to fellow PMP Aspirants? I am sure your sharing would offer tremendous help to them. Thanks!

      • Jorge Monsivais says:

        Hello PMP aspirants ! I am Jorge Monsivais, from Mexico, and my tips and methodology was as follow :

        1. I did a training in Mexico, 6 saturdays , 5 hrs each, based in Rita’s Book
        2. Study the sample questions from links recommended by Edward (which helped a lot )
        3. Download a PM app in my mobile, and every 2-3 hrs instead of waste time in facebook, or any social media, I did between 5-10 questions of practice
        4. Understand the flow, connection and the diagrams if the ITOs ( input / outputs and tecniques) for every process
        4. Study at least 1 month in advanced, every day/every other day, study from 30 min to 1 hr using the Rita’s book, the mobile app or links from Edward

        Seems a lot, but it really works. Hope you can use any of these tips. And you can have success as well !


      • Edward Chung says:

        Thanks a lot Jorge! PMP Aspirants would find your sharing very useful!

  242. Henry Law says:

    Hi Edward,

    I also come from Hong Kong and would take the exam on 23 August 2016 in SAN PO KONG exam centre.

    Could you kindly tell if i should spend money to buy Rita exam (it is about US 299PM FASTrack® Software)?

    I have done Head First, Rita book exam and the score is about 70% or above.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Henry,

      I have not tried the Rita Exam before and so I cannot give you the first-hand opinion. I have just the PM Exam Simulator by Cornelius at US$129:

      The unique feature of PM Exam Simulator is the “Live Feedback” which would allow you to ask questions about the answers of the practice questions and to be answered by a PMP. Considering that many PMP Aspirants (including me) have tried the PM PrepCast and found it very useful for the real PMP Exam. I would highly recommend it (it is way cheaper than Rita’s exam too).

  243. Sam says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for the free test sites and score information. It helped me as well and I passed the exam last weekend. I will recommend your site to everyone who are PMP aspirants. Your notes on each topic was very helpful.

  244. Sridhar says:

    Hi Edward,

    I passed PMP today with 3 P, 2 MP. Your material was definitely useful in preparation, and I had great guidance from your site.

    Although I scored only 70+ percentages in the practice exams, I did not have any issues passing the main exam. Thank you again.


  245. Srinivas Nalla says:

    Hi Edward,

    I have scheduled my PMP exam on 6/27/2016 and currently taking PM Exam Simulator’s mock tests. I have scored 74.5, 88, 81 and 81.5 in the first 4 exams. Am I reasonably well prepared to take the exam? And, how many ITTO questions typically come in the exam?

    Your website is great resource for PMP preparation and appreciate all you do to help people like me.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Srinivas,
      Your scores on the PM Exam Simulator are quite well and I am quite sure you stand a very high chance to pass the PMP Exam in first try. There are typically less than 10 questions on ITTO, mine got 6 only (in which only 1-2 asking directly about which ITTO).

      Can’t wait to hear your good news!

      • Srinivas Nalla says:

        Hi Edward,

        I have taken the test today and passed with 4P and 1MP (Monitoring & Control). Your site was of great help in preparation and PM Exam Simulator score is a good indication if we are ready for the real exam or not. I have completed the exam in 3 and half hours and not really seen many ITTO questions (which is a good thing). There were quite a few direct questions too.

        Best Regards,

      • Edward Chung says:

        Congratulations on your great achievements! Thanks a lot for your sharing on your PMP Exam experience.

  246. Sue says:

    I have been trying to get all this PMP stuff into my head and well, it is just not going in very fast. I am taking the test this Thursday. I have not gotten any better than a 60 % on the practice test but I need to pass. Any quick suggestions on how to get everything to stick!? Thanks….

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Sue,

      Just my thoughts: if I were you, I would postpone the PMP Exam as it seems that you still need to work on improving the score to stand a better chance to pass the PMP Exam in first try. Taking mock exams and read the explanations for the answers is definitely the best action to take now. Have you tried the questions listed above? Another great way to remember the facts for the PMP Exam is to write your own study notes. Though I have shared mine here, it is more beneficial to you if you write your own ones as every one has different “knowledge gaps” which would need to work on.

      Wish you PMP Exam success!

  247. Park says:

    Hi Edward,

    I passed PMP exam today with 4Ps and 1MP. Benchmarks provided here worked for me because I took these to see my readiness for the exam and found reliable. I got 80%, 86%, 82% and 89% from Oliver Lehman’s 175 Qs, Head first 200Qs, PM simulator 170Qs and Edwel 75Qs respectiveely.

    Thank you Edward and good luck everyone.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations on your great results for the PMP Exam! And thanks to let me and fellow PMP Aspirants know that the “benchmarks” here are still valid for the new PMP Exam!

  248. Hariff Davies says:

    Thank you for creating this awesome site and providing a central location to access different affordable resources that can be used for test preparation! I recently passed the exam this weekend and can honestly say that your site was extremely helpful, in conjunction with reading Rita Mulcahy exam prep book (once) and the PMBOK (once). The practice exams you listed here are good indicators of exam readiness.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! Your hard work deserves you the PMP Title! It is my humble hope that my sharing of PMP Exam journey can help fellow PMP Aspirants a bit in their quest for the PMP Certification. Thanks a lot for your compliments!

  249. bi_planet says:

    Hi Edward,

    I purchase PM Exam simulator and my scores between 76% to 81% in 5 exams. Do you think this score will be enough for passing my pmp. In Oliver 175q i got 74%. also, please advise what to revise in last 5 days before exam.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi bi_planet,

      Your results are quite good indeed. I would say you are very likely to pass the PMP Exam with several “Proficient” provided that you are keep your standards during the PMP Exam (i.e. don’t let stress freak you out!).

      Can’t wait to hear your good news and lessons learned!

  250. Ujjwal Dahal says:

    Hi Edward:

    I used this site for my PMP preparation and would like to mention that it was very helpful. Thank you for maintaining this site and it is really helping a lot of PMP aspirants. I got PMP certified on the 11th of April 2016. Thanks again.

  251. PMPStudent says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thank you for all your efforts.

    I tried yesterday Oliver 75Q and I got only 66.6% :(.

    I already scheduled my exam after 40 days from now.

    should i postpone my exam and do more study or keep practisong questions will enhance the score.

    Please advice

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi PMPStudent,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Sorry to hear that you got 66.6%. But really don’t be discouraged! Many PMP Aspirants consider Oliver’s questions are more difficult than the real PMP Exam. The fact that you can get 66.6% is quite an encouraging achievement!

      Since you still have 40 more days, I recommend you to try out all others mentioned here so that you can assess your exam readiness in a more holistic manner. If you can get an average of 70%+ in all the sample exams, you are ready to try the real PMP Exam!

      Wish you PMP success!

  252. Rhyce says:

    Hi Edward,

    I would like to thank you for your Blog and the list of the Free PMP Exams, along with your scores. When I did not pass the exam, a friend recommended me to your site. I took all of the practice exams that were on your list, and practiced more so on how to dissect the questions, in other words figuring out EXACTLY what the questions was asking!
    By reading your blog , along with reading Rita and Andy’s PMP books, I passed the exam on 3/11/2016!!!! Reading your comments along with the community’s comments were motivational!
    Thanks again!


  253. Brandon says:

    I’ve noticed several mistakes in some of the PMP practice test answer banks. For instance, the Crosswinds PMP simulation test has an answer stating that probability distribution is a tool/technique for qualitative risk analysis (it’s quantitative, per PMBOK section The Headfirst PMP practice exam you have mentioned above states that T&M contracts are riskier than CPFF (they’re not). I’ve seen dozens of other mistakes scattered across the 30 or so practice tests I’ve taken. Point is, be vigilant about answers that conflict directly with the PMBOK. Text books are, after all, prepared by humans.*

    *Somewhat ironic given the overwhelming volume of text dedicated to quality control, but I digress.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for your comment which is especially useful to fellow PMP Aspirants. To err is human, and especially for the free simulation exams. That’s why choosing a quality PMP mock exam is very important and there are so many people purchasing paid PMP mock exams when there are tons of free available.

      And one of my recommendation is the PM Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fitcher, PMP, CSM ( ). I am not saying this paid PMP mock exam software is free from errors but from the experience of thousands of PMP Aspirants, this is one of the best and trusted PMP mock exam currently available.

      Thanks and wish you PMP success!

  254. Mike Stevens says:

    ** Watch Out:
    when someone says its 100% Money back Guaranteed, then its a trap, its NOT. Had terrible experienced in California with: There are Sooo many other resources where you don’t have to spend $1900.00 Unless, your Company pays then, who cares!! Otherwise, WATCH OUT.!

    • Edward Chung says:

      HI Mike,

      Really sorry for your experience and thanks for sharing. Yes, there are some companies who operate on dubious tactics and we need to watch out. Thanks a lot for alerting other PMP Aspirants on PMStudy.

      That’s why I would only recommend PMP Exam prep resources that I have personally tried. Both PM PrepCast and PM Exam Simulator offer authentic 100% Money back Guarantee provided that you have not taken the final exam within 90 days of purchase (in PM PrepCast) or have taken a maximum of 2 full exams within 15 days of purchase (in PM Simulator). I have personally been in touch with some PMP Aspirants who can successfully receive refund on these products.

      After all, we all study with different preferences and one product will not suit all, that’s why authentic 100% Money back Guarantee is very important.

      Wish you PMP success!

  255. Sohani says:

    I passed my PMP on 16th Feb 2016 with 4Ps and 1MP in first attempt! Thanks a lot for these notes! They helped me a lot. I appreciate your effort in preparing this information.
    Please find my PMP expereince at the link below,

  256. ramakrishna says:

    Thanks a ton! Your blog is great. I passed my PMP exam with guidance from your blogs in the first attempt. Looking forward to PMI-ACP related blogs now…:Wonderful help from you Edward, Thanks again!

  257. Vishal P says:

    Hello Edward..

    I have been following your notes/comments since the time I decided to go for the PMP certification.All the information that you have provided has helped me termendously . I followed all the free exam links, reference books that you had mentioned .

    And I was able to achieve my PMP certification last week in my first attempt

    Thanks for sharing the information and continue the good work

    Vishal P

  258. Tati says:

    Hello Brigth, Hello Poornima,
    You have done a great thing, which is the decision to get certified. Now, it just remains to get prepared and challenge the exam.
    I used Rita book for my preparation; And Rita does not only help on preparing the exam, but it also increases you project management knowledge in real life project. (I don’t know of other providers, and I’m not advertising on Rita, but i’m just sharing my experience). Make sure you answer all questions during and after each chapter in Rita Book before looking at the answer.
    After I’ve completed Rita book, I would have loved to continue with Rita flashcard and simulator, but it is too expensive (I will even say: It is over expensive). So, I bought one month PM Study simulator, which is very efficient because it has all what you need as course in summarized videos (Chapter by chapter) with exercises at the end of each chapter, which is very efficient to assess your knowledge at the end of each chapter; It is fast and efficient. It cost $90 for 30 days. The only problem is that it has only 4 mock Exams. I think we need more than 4 simulated exams to feel confident before the real exam. (This is my Opinion, May be some people do not need mock at all).
    This is why PM Exam Simulator comes up. (You will see the link to PM Exam Simulator in Edward website, if you are interested. Please kindly use the link) . Nine mock exams, including one exam dedicated only for ITTOs. It cost only $100 for three months access (which matches with the preparation duration).
    I was challenging One Mock exam every 4 days, then going to correction, trying to understand what went wrong, why this and not that.
    And especially getting used to be seating and facing the exam stress for 4 hours. If you do this kind of mock exam 9 times before the exam, you will certainly feel the confidence to go and challenge this Prestigious Certification.

    Feel free to post your question if any, It will be my pleasure to give back to the community. Good luck to you all.

    • Bright says:

      Thanks Tati

    • Poornima says:

      Hi Edward , thanks a lot for all the good materials which you have posted in this blog. It helped me lot for my preparation. I passed the PMP exam after second attempt today. I can say it was more harder than the first exam but I could get through because of better understanding of concepts. I can tell the questions are getting harder and tough from the ones available in the market. I bought PMP simulator for 100$. It helped me prepare well for the exam nevertheless, the logical application and thorough understanding of new added tasks are very much essential to pass the exam. I can tell this since I took my first attempt before Jan 11th and today was my second attempt. I got 3 P and 2 MP.

      Hi Tati,
      Thank you so much for replying back. I made a pass on the rita updated version and concentrated on the new added skills from PMBOK alone. It helped me a lot. Such a relief after you see the results after preparation of 6 months.


  259. Tati says:

    Hi Edward,
    I passed my PMP on January 21, at first try. Thank you for all.
    I started my preparation in October, Rita book 8th Edition was like the Bible for me, so I read it cover to cover. Then, in November I registered and fixed an exam date (January 4, 2016). In November I got Rita Book 8th edition updated(No difference with the previous), then I purchase one month PMStudy(very helpfull), but only 4 mock exams, so I quickly exhausted the 4 exams, and was in the need of more mock exams to assess my pedigree. I had to buy PMP Exam Simulator, guest what???? Waoooh!!!! I have practiced, practiced and Practiced many mock exams.
    I noticed I was only getting 75-80%, and I was having gaps in Quality Management and HR. And my Executing process group was not showing good enough. I postponed the exam to Jan 21.
    My advise to Fellow aspirants is to divide the preparation into 3 parts:

    Tati has kindly offered more PMP Exam tips and experience sharing at:

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Tati,

      Congratulations on passing the PMP Certification Exam in first try and thanks a lot for your sharing!

      For your reference, you can begin earning free PDUs for your PMP re-certification, the following are some articles you may find useful: [6 PDU]

    • Bright says:

      Hello Tati,

      Congrats! Which Exam Simulator did you use please?

    • Poornima says:

      Hi Tati, congratulations!!! I am planning to take my re-exam in 2nd week of Feb as I could not get through the first time. I did not do much preparation for the first time. This time I want to nail this one. Since you were studying from Oct, I want your inputs on the following:

      I am studying Rita and I am finding it very helpful. But I would want to know the questions on the newly added tasks. Do you think Rita covers all of this. I have purchased Rita 8th updated version.

      And also, any particular PMP simulation which will help me focus on newly added tasks? Since I have exceeded my budget on the Rita book, any advice which is cost effective on simulations will help me.

  260. Jonathan says:

    I just passed the PMP exam with 4 P and 1 MP (M&C) on 20 Jan 2016band it’s time for me to share my exam preparation, lessons learned and comments on the new exam to give back to the community that helped me for the past 3 months…

    [A great lessons learned for the NEW PMP EXAM 2016 by Jonathan, please read more at: ]

  261. Prez says:

    Hi Edward,
    The comments are very valuable. Thanks everyone! I am in the process of doing my exam on end Feb 2016, could you please share your view on which one you recommend from your experience? option A or B?
    Thanks for your help

  262. sam says:

    Hi Edward,

    I would like to say thank you for this website. The information here was very helpful in passing my PMP on my first try on Jan 8th 2016.
    I have passed my PMP with a score of 5 MPs

    I want to pass on to my fellow PMPs on some of my tips for passing this exam:
    My strategy involved reading Rita’s book twice and the speed read the PMBOK once.

    Due to the economic situation, I went with the most cost effective approach:

    Rita Practice Question from (PMP Exam Prep 8th edition) – 75% (1st attempt on each chapter)
    Oliver Lehmann (PDF) – 66.29%
    Oliver Lehmann (Online) – 74%
    Exam Central – 85%

    PM Simulator (3 day free trial)
    Exam 1 – 69%
    Exam 2 – 70%
    Exam 3 – 72%
    Exam 4 -80%

    I would say I did about 1000+ practice questions in a span of 2 weeks before my exam.
    It was hard to study over the holidays, but now I’m done.

    Good luck to everyone


  263. Sanat says:

    hi Edward,
    would you have any idea on how the results are after the new exam .
    I would be giving mine on the 18th of this month .
    any tips would be appreciated.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Sanat,

      Just like the PMI-ACP Exam which saw a “major” change in 2015 according to PMI, most candidates would agree that the changes are indeed “minor” and they could rely on the exam prep resources based on the previous edition of the exam to pass the new PMI-ACP Exam.

      Since the changes are indeed not drastic this time (the exam is still based on PMBOK Guide 5th edition), I would suppose the level of difficulties and contents of the questions remain quite similar to that before 12 Jan 2016.

      So, if you have already read through the PMBOK Guide and an exam prep book and are able to get around 75% or above in mock exams, you stand a very high chance to pass the PMP Exam in first try.

      I have learned that the PM Exam Simulator ( mentioned in the post above has just updated the set of PMP mock exam questions to align with the new PMP Exam. So if you haven’t tried it before, do sign up for the 3-day free trial to get a feel of the “new” exam questions.

      Wish you PMP success!

      • Sanat says:

        hi Edward,
        thanks for the reply. i couldn’t reply earlier as was preparing for the exam.
        I had my exam yesterday and i have cleared it .
        I studied Rita 3 times
        PMBOK 2 times

        for practice test i used

        1) Oliver Lehmann (67 %)
        2) Rita’s question bank in her book(75 %)
        3) PM Study (75%)
        4) Christopher Scordo (75 %), this is the best source of questions as per , very relevant thought the grammar seems to be a bit off, i found these very close to the exam.

        the different thing i found in the exam was the questions approx 10-12 were a bit practical in nature which i did not find in any practical test .

        thanks for sharing your information and others in this comment thread as i used that as a benchmark for myself.


  264. Femi says:

    Hi Edward,

    Thanks for the information you put up here. I practiced the mock exams (Headfirst, Oilver Lehman 75Q and Edwel) in addition to the Rita simulator. I read the Rita PMP prep book and the PMBOK. I passed the PMP on my first try yesterday Jan 11th.

  265. Tricia says:

    Hie Edward,
    I am planning to re-sit for my PMP exam probably somewhere July, this will be my 2nd attempt. As this time I want to make sure that I pass the exam given ample time to prepare.
    I find the exam’s super tough, and from the testimony, it seems that you strongly recommending the PM Exam Simulator (90-day Access). What is your advice in purchasing the PM Exam Simulator (90-day Access) ? Should I do it a month later (February) if there is any update to the any changes, in case any, or, 3 months before the exam scheduled to purchase it?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Tricia,

      Sorry to hear that you did not make it the first time. But you are much closer to PMP success in your 2nd attempt!

      For the PM Exam Simulator, the questions have already been updated for the new PMP Exam syllabus from 12 Jan 2016. I would suggest you to purchase it anytime now and try several full length PMP mock exams in order to find out your weak areas so that you can concentrate your study efforts on those. This would be much more effective than if you just begin your PMP Exam preparation anew.

      Just my two cents. Wish you PMP success!

      • Cecil says:

        Hi Edward

        I use the Prepcast Simulator and although t has been updated, I still see numerous ITTO questions. I am not interested in ITTO questions as they are not found on the Exam. Can you suggest any other simulator that deals mostly with SITUATIONAL QUESTIONS like Rita’s Prepcast?.

      • Edward Chung says:

        Hi Cecil,

        Yes, ITTO questions are seldom seen in the real PMP Exam, I suppose they are there to help you consolidate your PMBOK Guide knowledge.

        If you want an alternative, I would highly suggest you to purchase PM FASTrack® PMP® Exam Simulation Software which receives a lot of praise from PMP Aspirants. It is way more expensive though.

  266. Geet says:

    Hi Edward,

    I am happy to inform you that I have passed the PMP exam on 8 Jan. Your notes are very helpful for PMP aspirants.
    I studied from Rita and PMBOK and attempted below mocks

    Head First (Free)
    Knowledge Woods Test 1-4
    Scordo 12 tests – (Best)
    PM Study
    Edureka one mock test
    Oliver Lehman (75 Q) – (Best)
    Oliver Lehman (175 Q) – (Best)


  267. khaled says:

    Thank you so much for your notes Edward, they were extremely helpful. I read the PMBOK 5th ed., head first, and Rita all once, and answered Rita’s FastTrack questions after every chapter, and i found the pmbok and Rita to be the most helpful. From there it was only practice exams and your study notes, and i can confidently say that the notes contained 90% plus of the questions i faced in the mock exams. For the above mentioned exams i got 80% in Oliver 175, 82% in PM study (free), and 86% in Head first. Today i passed the real exam with 4Ps and MP in Initiating. I can tell your above scores are a reliable benchmark for one’s level and whether or not he is ready for the real exam.
    Again a BIG thanks for your study notes, they were perfect. Keep up the good work.


  268. Leo says:

    Hi Edward,

    Just would like to say thank for the information you’ve shared here. They are very helpful during my study for my PMP, especially the notes.

    I have also bought the PM simulator 90 day access (of coz via the link you have provided).

    and today, I have passed my PMP today and scored 3 P and 2 MP (excusing and closing). I am here to share my practice test result for those who are planning for their PMP to benchmark.

    Rita Practice Question from (PMP Exam Prep 8th edition) – 74.14%
    Oliver Lehmann (PDF) – 66.29%
    Oliver Lehmann (Online) – 76%
    PMP Head First – 78%
    PM Simulator
    Exam 1 – 82%
    Exam 2 – 77%
    Exam 3 – 81%
    Exam 5 -84%

    Good luck to who those preparing for exam



    • Edward Chung says:

      Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your real PMP Exam results as well as your mock exam results. This proves that the mock exams listed above are still quite a good indicator of whether one will be able to pass the PMP Exam.

  269. M.Majid says:

    Hi Edward,

    I have been preparing to take the PMP exam for last couple months, but I found that the current exam format will expire on Jan. 16th, 2016.
    I’m very confused now, can you please help me understand how different the new exam format would be. Shall I still take the following or do you recommend something else:
    Oliver Lehmann (Online) 75Q
    HeadFirst PMP Mock Exam 200Q
    PM Exam Simulator (Free 3-day Trial) 170Q
    Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q
    Edwel Mock Exam 75Q

    Please advise.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards and Happy New Year!

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Majid,

      Thanks for your comment. Actually, it is only the PMP exam syllabus will be changed on 16, Jan 2016, the format will stay the same. And judging from what has been announced, the changes to the PMP exam syllabus this time is just minimal and all the PMP Exam resources and mock exams will mostly be relevant. After all, the exam is still based on PMBOK Guide 5th edition.

      I would advise you to prepare for your PMP Exam as usual and practice the mock exams indicated above.

      Wish you PMP success!

      • M.Majid says:

        Hi Edward,

        Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate your guidance.

        Best Regards

  270. Shravs says:

    Hi Edward, i passed my pmp test today. thank you so much for ur info on free tests.

  271. Moe says:

    Hi Edward,

    I passed the exam on December 28 and just wanted to thank you for all the great work that your doing. your notes helped me a lot especially during my review period.
    Keep up the good work and happy new year 🙂

  272. Mark Chropufka says:

    In response to Bright,

    I would suggest the following exam simulators:
    1) – Edward has a link to it on his site and this will help you identify your weak areas.
    2) –
    3) – ExamCentral

    I would do full length practice exam and then review the incorrect and the questions you marked and got correct. Additionally, I took screen shots of the incorrect questions from the simulator using Alt-Print Screen and pasted them into a Word document and then made notes on each of them. I even did this for questions where I was unsure of the answer, but got them correct.

    Another technique as you study is to “Say It, Write It and Read It’ simultaneously; this will help you remember information and can be applied to anything you need to study, including the PMP.


  273. Mark Chropufka says:


    Your website is an excellent resource and I actually found some additional free exams from Izenbridge and SimpleLearn; I can provide links if you are interested.

    Your EDWEL free exam link is outdated and leads to a site under construction. New link to access exam and a free E-Book by Richard Perrin of EDWEL is below:

    All the best, Mark Chropufka, PMP

  274. Mark says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your notes and experience. Your site is an excellent resource and I feel it was instrumental in my passing the exam today.

    I would love to share my lessons learned and offer some additional sites for free questions.

    Please email me and I will provide.


  275. Geet says:

    Hi Edward,
    I have exam in 5 days. Below are my scores in mocks in sequence of attempt. Please let me know if I am ready for the exam or postpone it:

    Head First (Free) – 74%
    Knowledge Woods Test 1 – 60%
    Knowledge Woods Test 2 – 69.5%
    Scordo 8 tests = Average 75%
    PM Study = 64%

    I am really nervous and need your guidance.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Geet,

      Thanks for your comment. It seems that you are doing OK and stand a chance to pass the PMP Exam (I did not attempt Knowledge Woods tests so I have ignored these 2 mock PMP exams). I would advise you to focus more on your mistakes in these mock exams during these days, trying to find out if there is a pattern for your mistakes, etc. so that you can avoid these in the real PMP Exam.

      Be confident and relax your mind!

      Wish you PMP success!

    • Bright says:

      Hi Geet,
      I commend your effort and wish you the best in your Exam. How do I get Knowledge wood test please?

  276. Dhaval Mehta says:

    Hi, i have given below test and my results mentioned.

    I am really not sure if i am ready for the exam or not since the scores varied quite a lot. Any suggestions or help is highly appreciated.

    I have gone through all the wrong answers and clarified that particular concept.

    Oliver Lehmann (Online) 75Q 65.3%
    HeadFirst PMP Mock Exam 200Q 84.5%
    PM Exam Simulator (Free 3-day Trial) 170Q 73.64%
    Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF) 175Q 74.8%
    Edwel Mock Exam 75Q 94.66%


    Dhaval Mehta

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Dhaval,

      You are doing pretty well. If you can manage your stress during the PMP Exam well, you stand a high chance of passing the PMP Exam.

      Wish you PMP success!

      • Dhaval Mehta says:

        HI Edward,

        Thank you very much for your reply and your judgement seems to be correct. It really motivated me and boosted my confidence.

        I have successfully passed PMP exam yesterday with 4 Ps and 1 MP(in closing Process group).

        Thank you very much for all the study material and inspiring all.

        Thank you,

        Dhaval Mehta

  277. Bright says:

    Hi Edward, I failed my Exam today, however, what I need is your advice as I earlier wrote you and followed your suggestion by getting a Paid Exam Simulator I got only 1MP and 4Below proficient. Kindly refer to my comment above “Bright”.
    Lastly, At what length of time can I re-schedule another PMP Exam.

    Thank you

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Bright,

      I am so sorry to hear that you failed the first time. But you will be much better positioned to pass the PMP Exam in your next attempt! Try attempting the exam simulator over and over and discover your weak areas. Read the PMBOK Guide and PMP reference books on those areas and try the exam simulator again.

      Once you can get over 80% in the exam simulator, you are ready to go! You can schedule your next PMP Exam anytime within your 1-year validity period.

      Wish you PMP success!

  278. Andrea says:

    Hi Edward,

    I passed my PMP exam this week and got exactly the same proficiency levels you got in 2013! Thanks for your good input that helped me be 100% prepared for the exam.

  279. Tobi says:

    Hi Edward,
    I just passed the exam and I wanted to thank you for the information you provide on your blog. Keep up the good work! I can indeed confirm that the scores within the test exams give you a good indication of how you will score on the exam. I found myself around 65-80% in the tests listed above and passed the exam with 5MP.

  280. Rameshwar Khenat says:

    Hey Edward,

    I passed my PMP on 30th November 2015 with 3 P & 2 MP.

    I would like to thank you for sharing your experience and notes. It helped me a lot in last week revision.

    I have shared the details at

  281. Sheesh says:

    Hey Edward,
    I wish you could help me, I’m preparing my PMP and want to take it next week! I read Rita’s book twice and just skimmed through the ITTO from the PMBOK, I took Rita’s PMP exam and scored 75.5%, the PMStudy exam and scored 73% and Oliver’s 75q online test and I scored 64% :(, the problem is am terrified of the exam to the point am very exhausted, I read some people found it easy, other were faced by lengthy questions, my question is, are All PMP test similar? or is it a matter of luck? are there direct questions? I feel that I understand the material, am going through your notes, but still am very terrified, was it like this with you?

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Sheesh,

      Thanks for sharing your worries with me. Actually, from your testing scores, I am quite you can pass the real PMP Exam. Yes, the level of difficulties vary across different sets of PMP Exams, but PMI would adjust the passing scores based on the level of difficulty of the set of questions you have.

      My recommendation for you now is to take some rest (probably one day) without thinking of the PMP Exam. Then come back to the notes and mock exam questions again. You will surely feel refreshed then.

      Wish you PMP success!

  282. Amit says:

    The link for Edwel mock exam is broken. Correct link is

  283. Albert Allotey says:

    Hi Edward, i think you are God sent. I used the information on your website just last night and it helped a lot. I passed my PMP exams today.
    Thanks and God bless you more for what you are doing.

  284. Bright says:

    Hello Edward Chung, thanks for the wonderful of your experience. I need your opinion please.

    I have been reading for a while and already schedule my Exam to be last week of Dec. I scored 69% inn both Oliver Test (75 and 175 Questions) and 76% in Headfirst, while I was doing the test I thought I would get more. Till date I couldn’t figure out my week point. My concern is that I want Proficients in my Exam. Please advice how I could be better.

    Thank you.


    • Edward Chung says:

      I would highly advise you to purchase a paid exam simulator and attempt as many questions as possible and make use of the performance reports in the exam simulators to understand which topics are your weakest areas and focus on studying them. From experience, getting around 70+% in mock exams stands a high chance of passing the PMP exam, however, getting all proficient maybe quite marginal.

      Wish you PMP success!

  285. Kanchana says:

    Took my PMP exam today and passed in my first attempt with 3P and 2MP. Thank God! I took approximately 3 months to prepare. Read through the entire PMBOK once then skim through Rita’s PMP Exam Prep book. Tried questions at the end of each chapter. Then did 100q for each knowledge area (except those with less than 100q) using Rita’s PM Fastrack. On average I got 77%. Then I did Rita’s PMP mock exam (85%) and Super PMP (82%). My score was high maybe because there were repetitive questions from the knowledge area questions. One week before my exam, I discovered this website. Tried Oliver online (62.6%), HeadFirst (81%) and finally Oliver PDF (71%). The benchmark set in this website helps me to evaluate how ready I am for the exam. All the comments in this page also were helpful for my preparation. Will recommend PMP aspirants to try questions from multiple resources but always cross check the answers with PMBOK. I did find today’s exam difficult as a whole. But there were some straight forward questions as well. I was lucky I din’t encounter many lengthy questions. Many questions are situation questions. Thank you 🙂

  286. Tayyab says:

    Dear Edward,
    I have cleared PMP with Proficient in all grades except closing in which I got below professional.

    Thanks! You are doing a very good job.

    A tip for test takers is to read the processes vertically before the exam at least once to get the clarity.

  287. Tayyab says:

    Hi Edward,
    Your website is really great and very informative. You are doing a wonderfully good job.
    I am appearing for the test on November 29, 2015. Just got 84% on my first try on Head First . I also have an account at IIL and got 85%. I need your advise for the last eight days preparation.


    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi Tayyab,

      According to your PMP practice exam results, you stand a high change of passing the PMP Exam! Just relax and try your best. If I were you, I would try more PMP practice exams these days and do nothing about PMP exam prep on the day before the exam. Just relax on that day to clear your stress. You will perform better with less stress.

      Wish you PMP success!

  288. Deepak says:


    Your site has being very helpful in the preparation, i gave my exam to day and got mod prof in all, except Planning which was Prof. I gave most of the mock test suggested by you, never scored more than 70 in any. Infact i bought the PM Study Mock test 3 and got 65% yesterday night. I felt the real test was more easier. There were NO ITTO Questions, so no need of mugging the entire list. In general i had referred the PMBOK5 and Rita, did mug up the Rita Process chart.


  289. AnneMarie Martel says:

    Thanks so much for all your notes and advice. I passed today with Proficient in all categories except Closing, which I got Moderately Proficient. I used a lot of your suggestions for free sites, but I did use the paid PM Study for the simulation. I took three of their exams and averaged around 76%, and then just refined with smaller exams in knowledge areas I needed to boost. I took a total of 5 weeks to study. So, it’s possible, and I wish I hadn’t stressed as much!