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Better Form Design

Form Design for Better Conversion

Summary: The sweet spot for the length of form is five to ten fields (with seven fields as optimal). A form with one field is often perceived as spammy. A/B Testing is very important to understand consumer behavior as gut feeling will not always serve you right. The Test TruckersReport, a...

Lean UX

How to integrate UX design into an Agile Development Environment

Summary: In the book Lean UX, the authors Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden try to integrate UX design into Agile/Scrum methodology in such a way the whole team can work together to drive the best user experience through iterative propositions/experiments/results analysis cycles. Why Lean UX? Most software development teams have...

responsive web design

From Static Web Design to Responsive Web Design

Summary: Responsive Web Design (RWD in short) is gaining traction over the past several years. With industry heavy weights like Microsoft adopting responsive web design for their major corporate/product websites, more and more website owners are jumping on the bandwagon. As a web designer and/or developer, gaining responsive web design...

adopt ux

How to persuade management to adopt UX design?

Summary: UX stands for user experience. It is a hot term in web design. UX design has been adopted by leading international companies and have reaped huge benefits thereafter. However, UX is relatively new in Hong Kong. Many management executives have not even heard about it. How can we as...

use svg in websites

Use SVG in Websites Now – a How-to Guide

Summary: SVG graphics is now supported on the majority of web browsers (including mobile devices). Below is a record of the experience of using SVG graphics in my website and why I suggest you to use SVG in your next web project. In the revamp of my website, it was...

ux design process

3 Core UX Design Process Principles

Summary: UX design is a user-centered design approach. You will learn about the three core principles of UX design process and their applications in this article. Core Principles of UX Design Process Early and continual focus on users and their tasks Empirical measurement of user behavior Iterative design 1. Early...

April 25, 2016