Parag asked 4 years ago

Which document do I need to carry for the PMP Exam?

Hi Edward,

I have received an email from PMI titled ” You are eligible to take the PMP® certification examination”. It contains the PMI eligibility ID. I also received an email from Prometric titled “Appointment Confirmation”. Please advise which email printout do I need to carry to the test centre on the day of the exam. I could not find this specific information on either PMI or Prometric website, hence requesting your help.

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Edward Chung Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Parag,
Thanks for your question. Actually PMI requests you only to bring two forms of IDs (one with photo) to proof that you are the one who have registered for the PMP® Exam as the PMP® Exam Centre should have all the information of you.
But to play safe, I have also brought the printout of the Appointment Confirmation email as well as the map to the exam centre on my PMP® Exam date in case there were any technical errors, etc.
Wish you PMP® success!
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