LinkedIn Connections: from 0 to 500+


Summary: LinkedIn is fast becoming an indispensable part of a comprehensive online profile for professionals. Below documents my journey of building up my LinkedIn profile and connections.

What is LinkedIn and How to Grow Connections?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It is the most powerful online platform for building up a professional reputation and marketing oneself. Employers are increasing looking to LinkedIn to gain a more comprehensive knowledge of their job applicants. Having a complete profile on LinkedIn with lots of connections and endorsements will definitely serve as a big plus.

Below are a few suggestions on how to grow the LinkedIn connections from 0 to 500+

  • Import your email contacts from other online services and connection with them
  • Connect with your favourable book/blog authors
  • Connect with speakers of talks you have attended
  • Connect with someone having the same name as you
  • Connect with your connections’ connections – choose ones with many common connections with you
  • Join professional groups
  • Create a professional group yourself
  • Be a open networker (not recommended)

Always drop a line or two of personalized messages when inviting connections as this will greatly increase the acceptance rate.

As a rule of thumb, always try to connect to your acquaintances first. These connections are particular useful when you still have a single digit connection. You may also ask your former colleagues or supervisors to write recommendations for you. Once you have shot past a hundred connections, your profile will be seen as more trustworthy and it is much easier to reach out to people you do not know before. Also at that time, some online recruiters may approach you for job opportunities.

Lessons Learnt

  • If you are not open to finding new job opportunities, do not connect with employment consultants right away. Almost all of them will ask you for sending them your CV, phone call or even seeing in person immediately.
  • Once you have reached over 100 connections, you may begin to receive connection requests continually.
  • You may also come across some very interesting connections who would greet you personally and ask for the reason for connection, send you their portfolios or just email to say hi. The process of building up connection is fun.

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