Important PMP Abbreviations / Acronyms

PMP Abbreviations / Acronyms for the PMP Exam

An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word, usually individual letters and sometimes syllables …
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Important PMP® Abbreviations / Acronyms

In the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and the PMP® Exam, acronyms are almost used everywhere to allow more effective communication, long terms such as “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” can be much shortened to PMBOK® Guide. Below is a collection of the most commonly used abbreviations as found in the PMBOK® Guide for easy reference:

AbbreviationsTerms In Full Form
ACActual Cost
ADMArrow Diagramming Method
ADRAlternative Dispute Resolution
AEApportioned Effort
BACBudget at Completion
BCRBenefit Cost Ratio
BOMBill Of Materials
CAControl Account
CBRCost Benefit Ratio
CBTComputer-Based Test (for the PMP® Exam)
CCBChange Control Board
CCRContinuing Certification Requirements
CMMICapability Maturity Model Integrated
COCCost of Conformance
CONCCost of Non-Conformance
COQCost of Quality
CPAFCost Plus Award Fee (Contract)
CPFCost Plus Fee (Contract)
CPFFCost Plus Fixed Fee (Contract)
CPICost Performance Index
CPIFCost Plus Incentive Fee (Contract)
CPMCritical Path Method
CPPCCost Plus Percentage of Cost
CRChange Request
CVCost Variance
CWBSContract Work Breakdown Structure
DOEDesign of Experiments
EACEstimate at Completion
EEFEnterprise Environmental Factors
EFEarly Finish
EMVExpected Monetary Value
EPVExpected Present Value
ESEarly Start
ETCEstimate to Complete
EVEarned Value
EVAEarned Value Analysis
EVMEarned Value Management
EVTEarned Value Technique
FFPFirm Fixed Price (Contract)
FMEAFailure Mode and Effect Analysis
FPEPAFixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment (Contract)
FPIFFixed Price Incentive Fee (Contract)
IFBInvitation for Bid
IRRInternal Rate of Return
ITTOInputs, Tools, Techniques & Outputs
JITJust in Time
LFLate Finish
LOELevel of Effort
LSLate Start
NPVNet Present Value
OBSOrganizational Breakdown Structure
OPAOrganizational Process Assets
OPM3Organizational Project Management Maturity Model
PBTPaper-Based Test (PMP® Exam)
PDCAPlan Do Check Act
PDMPrecedence Diagramming Method
PDUProfessional Development Unit
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Technique
PMProject Manager
PMBPerformance Measurement Baseline
PMBOK® GuideA Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge
PMIProject Management Institute
PMISProject Management Information System
PMOProject Management Office
PMP®Project Management Professional
PSPlanned Start Date
PTAPoint of Total Assumption
PVPlanned Value or Present Value
QAQuality Assurance
QCQuality Control
QFDQuality Function Deployment
RACIResponsible, Accountable, Consult, Inform
RAMResponsibility Assignment Matrix
RBSResource Breakdown Structure or Risk Breakdown Structure
RFIRequest for Information
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFQRequest for Quotation
ROIReturn on Investment
ROMRough Order of Magnitude
SMESubject Matter Experts
SOWStatement of Work
SPISchedule Performance Index
SVSchedule Variance
SWOT AnalysisStrengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis
T&MTime and Material
TCPITo-Complete Performance Index
TQMTotal Quality Management
TSTarget Start Date
VACVariance at Completion
VEValue Engineering
VOCVoice of the Customer
WASWork Authorization System
WBSWork Breakdown Structure

Agile Project Management Abbreviations

ATDDAcceptance Test-Driven Development
BDDBehavior-driven Development
BRDBusiness Requirement Documents
DADisciplined Agile
DoDDefinition of Done
DoRDefinition of Ready
DSDMDynamic Systems Development Method
EvoEvolutionary Value Delivery
LeSSLarge-Scale Scrum
LSDLean Software Development
RUPRational Unified Process
SAFeScaled Agile Framework
SBESpecification by Example
XPeXtreme Programming

Wish you PMP® success!

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