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Top Recommended Online PMP Training Courses 2017

As I have mentioned in my PMP® Exam Prep journey, I did not attend any PMP® bootcamps but get my PMP® 35 Contact Hours through online PMP® training courses. I have researched a vast number of online PMP® training courses providers during my search for quality online PMP® courses and this article documents my selection criteria and findings.

Note: all the online training courses listed below has been updated to cover the new PMP® Exam syllabus

I document my research and findings in details below with a view to helping fellow PMP® Certification Aspirants to decide the best online PMP® Exam prep courses for their PMP® Certification success!

Why Online PMP® Training and Not PMP® Bootcamps?

First thing first, why not PMP® bootcamps? For me, there are two core reasons:

  • I cannot take a  leave from my work and my family for 5 consecutive days owing to my professional and family obligations.
  • The PMP® bootcamps are way too expensive for me. The online PMP® training courses are just around 1/10th of the PMP® Exam bootcamps. 

I know PMP® Bootcamps are quite effective in helping PMP® Certification Aspirants to ace the PMP® Certification Exam. But the kind of commitment and expense is just out of my exam prep budget both in terms of time and cost. As the project manager for my PMP® Exam prep project, I have to search for alternatives that would serve my end purpose equally well (or, at least as effective).

Criteria for Online PMP® Training Courses

After reading numerous lessons learned of successful PMP® exam takers, I have established my list of criteria for the best online PMP® training courses that I consider most effective in helping me best prepared for the real PMP® Exam:

  • PMI R.E.P. training course provide is highly preferred.
  • The 35 Contact Hours certificate can be obtained after going through the PMP® course.
  • The access period to the course materials is long enough in case I need to reschedule my exam date.
  • There are at least dozens of PMP® Certification Aspirants recommending the PMP® online course that can really help one to pass the PMP® exam.
  • The course comes with guaranteed refund if I am not satisfied with the quality.
  • The course can be watched on my mobile phone on the go.

Popular Online PMP® Training Courses

The following is the top 5 PMP® Exam Prep Training courses I have found during my research. These courses match many of my selection criteria. Though I did not make use of them ALL in my PMP® Exam prep, I will document my findings here as the best online PMP® courses for me does not necessarily be the best PMP® training for others as we may have different studying preferences, learning styles and budget(!) (in order of my preference for the best online PMP® Courses).

  1. PM PrepCast™ — by OSP International LLC
  2. PMP® Training – Online Self Learning — by GreyCampus
  3. PMP® Certification Training Course Self Paced Learning — by Simplilearn
  4. PMP® Certification Bootcamp On-Demand Course — by PMtraining
  5. PMP® E-learning Courseby KnowledgeHut

(note: except Simplilearn which was a PMI R.E.P. up to 2016, all the PMP® course providers above are current PMI R.E.P.)

Summary Comparison of the Top 5 Online PMP® Training Course

PM PrepCast™ GreyCampus PMP® Simplilearn PMTraining KnowledgeHut
35 Contact Hours Certificate
Lecture Videos Downloadable
Chapter-end Quizzes
Mock Exams Included (9 in PM PrepCast™ Elite^) 3 5 1 6
Course Progress Tracking
Study Aids (notes, flashcards…)
Full Refund 90 days 3 days 3 days 24 hours 24 hours
Access Period Forever# 1 year 30 days 90 days 45 days / 180 days
Pricing US$199 US$300 US$150* US$299 US$224.25* US$349 US$120 / 170
Rating ✭✭✭✭✭ ✭✭✭✭✭ ✭✭✭✭✩ ✭✭✭✭✩ ✭✭✭✭✩
Learn More PM PrepCast™ GreyCampus PMP® Simplilearn PMtraining KnowledgeHut
Discount Coupon PM PrepCast™ Coupon Code GreyCampus PMP® Coupon Code Simplilearn PMP® Coupon Code KnowledgeHut PMP® Coupon Code

* Please refer to the links here for the most updated discounts coupon codes for the PM PrepCast™GreyCampus PMP® online course, Simplilearn PMP® online course and KnowledgeHut PMP® e-learning course
# While students can keep the downloaded course lecture files forever, the access period to the download area for PM PrepCast™ will cease once the PM PrepCast™ has been updated to a new PMP® Exam edition.
^ PM PrepCast™ Elite is the package of PM PrepCast™ video lecture course plus PM Exam Simulator 2.0

Below are the descriptions, pros and cons of online PMP® courses recommended for your reference:

PM PrepCast — by OSP International LLC

PM PrepCast™ — by OSP International LLC

The PM PrepCast™ is a downloadable PMP® training course which can be stored and played on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android or any mobile phones capable of playing videos. All the video lessons can be downloaded at once after purchase. What I like best is that every course is only around 10 – 30 minutes long, short enough to be watched during my transit time or waiting time — make the best use of my time. And once downloaded, the files are mine to keep, forever.

The course instructor, Cornelius Fichtner, PMP®, CSM, is a seasoned PMP® trainer with over 30,000 students. He will guide students all the way and teach everything one will ever need to know before, during and after the exam. There are 15 review questions after each chapter for students to check whether the course materials have been correctly understood. There is a 25-question final exam for the course and students can try as many times as needed to pass it and to get the 35 Contact Hours Certificate.

Additionally, over 1800 PMP® mock exam questions are included in the PM PrepCast™ Elite bundle which includes the PM PrepCast™ online PMP® course plus the PM Exam Simulator 2.0. A 90-day full refund is offered in case I am not satisfied with the purchase provided I have not tried the final exam and got the 35 Contact Hours Certificate (fair enough).


  • Downloadable — can be carried everywhere to study during idle time
  • Comprehensive  — covering almost everything required for the PMP® Exam
  • Quality Guaranteed — 90-day full refund allowed if haven’t taken the “Final Exam”
  • Flexible — can obtain the 35 Contact Hour Certificate in as short as two weeks’ time
  • Access Forever — the downloaded lecture files can be kept forever
  • 1800+ Mock PMP® Exam Questions — PM Exam Simulator included in the PM PrepCast™ Elite package includes “live feedback” feature in which your queries will be answered by PMP®s asap


  • No Tracking — as the lectures are downloadable, there is no online dashboard to track the progress
  • No Access Deadline — according to the Parkinson’s law (PMP® Certification Aspirants will tend to fill up all the allocated time to finish the PMP® course), no definite access deadline would mean the progress on the online course would be slow as there is no urgency to finish the course
  • No Course Textbook — PMP® Certification Aspirants will need to make their own study notes
Edward’s Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭
(best – 5 stars; worst – 0 star)

Read my detailed review of PM PrepCast™ here…

PMP Training - Online Self Learning — by GreyCampus

PMP® Training – Online Self Learning — by GreyCampus

The GreyCampus PMP® Training – Online Self Learning Course includes almost all the resources PMP® Certification Aspirants would need to be prepared for the PMP® Exam — video course, 35 Contact Hours certificate, questions, flashcards, course notes… (except the PMBOK® Guide which can be downloaded for FREE on PMI website if you are a PMI member). The GreyCampus PMP® Training comes with an access period 1 year. The 35 Contact Hours Certificate for project management education can be obtained after successful completion of the course and the exam. The course itself includes Simulated Exams and Chapter Quizzes for PMP® Certification Aspirants to understand their knowledge gap. Online Flashcards are also included to help remember key facts and definitions for the PMP® Exam.

The downside is that all the video courses need to be watched online. Though the videos can be watched on a mobile phone browser, data connection is required as the videos cannot be downloaded to the phone.

GreyCampus online Self-Learning courses have a 3 day refund policy. If you are not satisfied with the course within 3 days from the date of purchase, GreyCampus will refund the entire amount.


  • Downloadable Course Book — can help you study the course materials while no watching the lecture videos
  • Lots of Studying Resources Included — chapter quizzes, mock exam questions, flashcards, etc.
  • Course Dashboard — track  your progress through the course and mock exam performance according to knowledge areas


  • Only 3-day refund guarantee
  • No Video Download — Lecture videos must be watched online
Edward’s Rating: ✭✭✭✭✭
(best – 5 stars; worst – 0 star)

Read my detailed GreyCampus PMP® Training – Online Self Learning here… 

PMP Certification Training Course Self Paced Learning — by Simplilearn

PMP® Certification Training Course Self Paced Learning — by Simplilearn

The Simplilearn online PMP® course is an online PMP® Exam prep course package which provides almost all the materials and resources for the PMP® Exam. It provides an access period of 180 days to watch the lessons and attempt the mock and practice PMP® exams. There is a course-in-a-book PMP® e-book that can be downloaded and kept — the e-book is virtually a transcription of the PMP® online courses. 5 Simulation PMP® Exams are also included to allow PMP® Certification Aspirants to understand their exam readiness as the level of difficulty is on par with the real PMP® Exam.

There is a mobile app (called Simplilearn) provided to allow PMP® Certification Aspirants to go through the course easily on mobile phones. However, since the course videos cannot be downloaded, much mobile data would be needed if there is no WIFI access.

100% Money Back Guarantee is provided for the first 3 days of purchase and the progress must be less than 50% of the whole course.


  • Mobility — can be assessed through a dedicated Simplilearn mobile app (note: must be connected to the internet to access the course materials and lecture)
  • Mock Exams Included — 5 simulated PMP® mock exams are included in the course package
  • PMP® Exam Prep E-book — an e-book can be downloaded for studying which can form the basis for notes taking


  • Only 3-day refund guarantee
  • No Video Download — even though there is a mobile app for accessing the courses, the course lecture must be viewed online
Edward’s Rating: ✭✭✭✭✩
(best – 5 stars; worst – 0 star)

Read my detailed Simplilearn PMP® Certification Training Course Self Paced Learning here…

PMP Certification Bootcamp On-Demand Course — by PMtraining

PMP® Certification Bootcamp On-Demand Course — by PMtraining

The PMtraining Online PMP® Certification Course includes most of the study materials PMP® Certification Aspirants would need, including access to the online course for 90 days, 35 Contact Hours Certificate of project management education, downloadable course lecture slides, 1 PMP® Mock Exam, Quiz Questions and PMP® Exam Prep e-book. In particular, there are also downloadable PMP® “Memory Map” Exercise, Printable PMP® Process Maps, PMP® Formula Cheat Sheet and PMP® Exam Taking Tips. The PMtraining PMP® Certification Bootcamp On-Demand Course includes much more study materials and study aids than other online PMP® Exam Prep courses.

The PMtraining website is coded with the most advance responsive technology so that it is convenient to watch the videos and attempt the exams on mobile phones. But as many others, videos cannot be downloaded.

Students can request a refund within 24 hours provided that the student has not used the content.


  • Responsive Website — course website fits the screens of mobile phones, iPad and desktops perfectly
  • Lots of Study Aids — downloadable PMP® “Memory Map” Exercise, Printable PMP® Process Maps, PMP® Formula Cheat Sheet and PMP® Exam Taking Tips
  • PMP® Exam Prep E-book — an e-book can be downloaded for studying which can form the basis for notes taking


  • 24-hours refund guarantee
  • Online 1 PMP® Mock Exam is included
  • Relatively more expensive
Edward’s Rating: ✭✭✭✭✩
(best – 5 stars; worst – 0 star)

Read my detailed PMtraining PMP® Certification Bootcamp On-Demand Course here…


PMP® E-learning Course — by KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut is one of the largest online and classroom Certification training provider featuring a large portfolio of certification training courses including PMP®, PMI-ACP®, etc. KnowledgeHut offers both classroom, virtual classroom as well as e-learning training courses for the PMP® Certification. The PMP® Exam prep kit of the e-learning course includes an array of PMP® Exam prep resources including online video lectures, 1800+ practice exam questions, downloadable lecture powerpoint PDF and more. This e-learning course has an emphasis on mock practice questions as it includes one of the largest PMP® mock exam question bank.


  • Economical — the KnowledgeHut online PMP® courses is the cheapest among all recommended courses as it offers an access period of 45 days as an option. PMP® Certification Aspirants on a budget will find this option extremely helpful for them to get the 35 Contact Hours without breaking their banks
  • 1800+ PMP® mock test questions included — all the questions are explained in details so that PMP® Certification Aspirants will be able to understand their knowledge gaps
  • Lots of extra PMP® Exam prep resources included — downloadable lecture powerpoint PDF, additional PMP® mock questions, PMP® application guide, etc.


  • Strict refund conditions (within 24 hours)
  • Video lectures are not long enough to cover every details of the PMBOK® Guide
Edward’s Rating: ✭✭✭✭✩
(best – 5 stars; worst – 0 star)

Read my detailed KnowledgeHut PMP® E-learning Course here…

Conclusion: Top 5 PMP® Online Training

The above are my findings from my research into the best PMP® online courses. I hope the info provided here would be useful for PMP® Certification Aspirants to find the best PMP® online course that is most suited to their learning style. I finally chose the PM PrepCast™ and GreyCampus PMP® online courses as my choice for PMP® Exam Prep Study — which I consider are great in quality and value-for-money.

But remember: the most popular PMP® online course is not always the best online PMP® course for you. You may choose the course based on your budget, learning style and requirements of study aids.

Wish you PMP® success!


Please note that the information for the PMP® online training courses provided above is accurate at the time of writing. PMP® Certification Aspirants are highly advised to look through the respective websites of the online PMP® courses for the latest information and offer. 

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