What If I Forgot to Renew My Annual PMI Membership?

Renew Your Annual PMI Membership

Though it is often said that the membership fee you paid to PMI provide you with value-for-money resources and services, there are time when you are too busy with your professional and family time that you may forget when you should pay for the membership fee…..

Luckily, PMI will provide you with LOTS of reminders before your current membership expiry. The article below will give you an idea of what you will get if you do not renew your membership early. With so many reminders, I never fail to renew my PMI membership.

Forget Renewing Your Membership? It is Harder Than You Think!

First Email Reminder

Around 2 months before your membership expiry, you will get the following short email titled “Continue to Enjoy Your PMI Benefits to remind you that your membership is about to expire and you are advised to renew the membership by paying another US$129:

Dear Chi Wing Chung,

Have you taken advantage of the good things PMI has to offer as part of your membership benefits?

Renew now and maintain uninterrupted access to all of your PMI membership benefits.

Thank you in advance for your renewal. We look forward to having you with us for another year of professional growth.

Best regards,

Barbara Lyons
Membership Manager
PMI Membership Team

Second Email Reminder

About a month later, you will find another email titled “Maintain Valuable Member Benefits” from PMI in your inbox — this time much longer including major benefits of being a member to lure you to renew now:

Dear Chi Wing Chung,

Your PMI membership period ends in less than one month. Renew now to maintain valuable member benefits that help advance your career, such as:

  • PathPro® and Career Headquarters: Tap into PMI’s exclusive online career planning and job tools to maintain your competitive edge.
  • PMI’s CareerCentral: Post your resume, search job postings, get resume writing assistance and conduct your own skills assessment.
  • PMI Communities: Gain insight and knowledge that will assist you in your professional development through networking with your local chapter and the global community through ProjectManagement.com.
  • PM Network®: Keep up-to-date on the latest trends in the profession by reading this award-winning publication.
  • PMI Today®: Learn about what’s happening at PMI and in PMI communities.
  • Member Discounts: Take advantage of valuable member discounts on PMI credentials, professional development products and services, and marketplace purchases.

Thank you in advance for renewing your PMI membership. We look forward to your continued participation, contributions, and commitment

Best regards,

Barbara Lyons
Membership Manager
PMI Membership Team

Printed Flyer Reminders

If you still take no action, you will soon find a digital printed flyer or 2 in your correspondence address asking you to renew to enjoy exclusive  member benefits. The flyer I received this September features the “PMI Salary Survey” which was claimed to cost US$200 and being a member can download the report for free.

You will also be amazed to find that your name is printed in large font in the title of the flyer (note: “Chi Wing” is my given name) as shown in the image below. Is it wonderful?

Printed Flyer Reminder from PMI

Printed Flyer Reminder

What If I Really Forgot to Renew by the End Date of My Membership?

Rest assured that failing to renew your PMI membership will have NOTHING bad for your PMP or PMI-ACP® Certification status…… You will still be able to report PDU for your Certifications and renew your Certification. You just cannot enjoy the benefits of being a Member (i.e. earning PDUs for free, renewing Certifications and joining PMI events at discounted prices).

If you would like to continue your current membership term, you will have to pay the membership fee immediately and

the renewed membership will expire at the original date…

That is your membership status will continue until one year from the original date of membership expiry — NOT one year from the date of paying the membership fee. This is no big deal if you were just days late.

However, if you happen to find out that you are months beyond your original membership expiry date, you may like to begin anew…… i.e. to apply for the PMI membership as if you are not  a member. Read on to find out what that means.

What If I Do Not Renew Membership?

If you really want to end your membership upon expiry of the current year to save money, there is nothing you need to do and there are no consequences if you decide to apply for your membership later (well, maybe 2 minor issues:

  1. the “member since” date for your membership will be reset;
  2. you will have to pay US$10 application fee again

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Edward Chung

Edward Chung aspires to become a full-stack web developer and project manager. In the quest to become a more competent professional, Edward studied for and passed the PMP Certification, ITIL v3 Foundation Certification, PMI-ACP Certification and Zend PHP Certification. Edward shares his certification experience and resources here in the hope of helping others who are pursuing these certification exams to achieve exam success.

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8 Responses

  1. Mindy says:

    I did not bother renewing PMP as my interest took me to business set up and money was tight. I stopped using PMP credentials as well. But if in the future, this certification is essential to get a project in my business, do I have to sit for an exam again? Or renewing the certication and getting 60 PDUs will be sufficient to renew the certification? Thank you.

    • Sorry, you will have to sit for the exam again if you have stopped renewing your PMP. Just a word of warning: the PMP Exam is becoming more difficult over time!

  2. SR Rao says:

    Hi Chung, I passed my PMP in March 2018 and have collected my 60 pdu since then, and the membership is for renewal in march 2021, however if i renew in 2021 i will have to pay $129 and if i renew before june 2018 (My membership expires then) i will have to pay $ 60 , I wanted to know if i renew before june 2018 will the membership continue till 2024 or till 2021. and if its 2021 then its advisable to renew in 2021 paying 129 so that it lasts till 2024

    • Hi Rao,

      Just renew now. Your certification will be extended for 3 years from the expiry date, NOT from the date of applying for renewal. Thanks!

  3. Ivan says:

    Hola y este mensaje: “Ud. debe estar dentro de los 90 días antes de que expire su membresía para poder renovarla” me lo puede explicar?

    • According to Google translate, your question is:
      “Hello and this message: “You. Must be within 90 days before your membership expires so you can renew it “can you explain it to me?”

      Yes, PMI does not allow its members to renew the membership too early. You will only be allowed to renew your members within 90 days of expiry (i.e. the earliest day you can renew PMI membership is 90 days from your original expiry date).

      Hope I have explained it clearly. Thanks!

  4. Vanessa says:

    If you register and pay for an exam date that is pass your PMI membership, but you register before your expired membership, do you pay the membership cost for the exam or the non-member?

    • Hi Vanessa,

      That’s an interesting question. Since you do not need to specify your exam date when you pay for your PMP certification exam, I am quite certain that you only need to be within your membership validity period when you pay your exam fee to enjoy the member’s rate. But, of course, the definite answer should be sought from PMI.

      Wish you PMP success!