CAPM Exam Simulator Review

Excellent CAPM mock exam with 750 unique questions — highly recommended for all CAPM Aspirants.

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Cornelius Fitchner

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On February 3, 2017
Last modified:August 2, 2018

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Excellent CAPM mock exam with 750 unique questions — highly recommended for all CAPM Aspirants.

CAPM Exam Simulator Review

Summary: The CAPM® Exam Simulator by OSP International LLC (a PMI Authorized Training Partner) is a tailor version of the PMP Exam Simulator 2.0 (for the new CAPM® Exam 2018) with questions aimed at helping Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) Aspirants to pass the CAPM® Certification Exam. The unique feature “Live Feedback™”  which allows CAPM® Aspirants to ask any questions related to the mock exam questions directly in the CAPM® Exam Simulator and get answers from a qualified PMP is most helpful for Aspirants! 

The Exam Simulator offers no-question 15 days FULL refund. The only condition is that you have started a maximum of 1 Full Mock Exams (fair enough for CAPM® Aspirants to get a hands-on try of the question quality). However, most CAPM® Aspirants never took advantage of the refund as the Exam Simulator can really help us pass the Exam!



What You’ll Get by Purchasing CAPM® Exam Simulator

PMP Exam Simulator Interface

CAPM® Exam Simulator Interface

  1. Access to 650 CAPM® mock exam questions for 90 days — questions covering all the knowledge areas of PMBOK® Guide (including process groups and knowledge areas) which are developed by a team of PMP Certified project managers. All the questions are aimed to be close in difficulty and format to the latest exam.
    • An equivalent of 3 full-length 3-hour Mock Exams with 150 questions each — this would provide enough practice for Aspirants to understand whether you are well prepared for the real exam.
    • Contains 200 questions that specifically test on ITTO’s (inputs, tools, techniques and outputs) of the PMBOK® Guide.
    • The 90-day access period begins only when one takes the first exam in the Exam Simulator (NOT from the date of purchase). The access period can be extended for 30/60 days at a discounted price of US$15/$25.
  2. Subscription to a 5-part email course on “Advanced PMI Exam Strategies” — detailing the most effective strategies on how to get the multiple choice questions of certification exam correct and other tips and techniques from successful PMP exam takers.
  3. Access to Online Discussion Forums — an online forum for CAPM® Aspirants to ask questions about the exam. The forums are moderated by qualified PMPs (there are 12 of them) who would answer any queries about the exam.
  4. A lot of extra CAPM® Certification Exam Prep resources:
    • Sample Exam Score Worksheet — help you to track your progress with the results of all mock exams (that of the Exam Simulator will be automatically tracked for you and you can access your performance reports through the dashboard of the simulator)
    • Contact Hour Worksheet — help you understand whether you have accumulated enough contact hours for exam application
    • Weekly Exam Tips Newsletter  — with lots of exam tips, lessons learned, additional mock exam questions and resources



  1. The publisher of CAPM® Exam Simulator is a Project Management Institute Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.). The quality of the mock exam questions can be guaranteed. PMI Authorized Training Partner is a symbol of guarantee that the mock exam questions and advice contained within this package is always up-to-date and aligned with the latest changes in the exam syllabus.
  2. The owner of the company OSP International LLC, Cornelius Fichtner, is a seasoned PMP with profound experience in project management training  (he is the producer of the online course PM PrepCast™ (review here) which helped me to pass the PMP Exam in the first attempt with 4 Above Target).
  3. You will find detailed explanations and references to the PMBOK® Guide for each and every mock exam questions so that CAPM® Aspirants will be able to understand the reasons behind each correct (and incorrect) answer. This is of tremendous help to fill the knowledge gaps in order to ace the exam in the first try!
  4. [Unique Feature] “Live Feedback” feature from inside the Exam Simulator allow Aspirants to ask any questions related to the mock exam questions with a certified PMP Exam trainer/project manager. There is NO need to copy and paste the mock question and answers in another Exam forum in the hope of some peers would be able to solve your queries (kindly note that it is illegal to copy and publish any questions/answers directly from any question banks). Through the “Live Feedback” feature, CAPM® Aspirants would get the attention from a qualified Exam trainer and discuss the topic till the queries are solved. You will have the confidence that the answer / explanation provided is correct (unlike some comments from Certification forums which are wrong).

    Screen capture of PMP Exam Simulator

    Screen capture of Simulator “Live Feedback”

  5. Detailed statistics on the performance by domain/chapter and knowledge area to help CAPM® Aspirants. They will then be able to pay more efforts on areas with poorer performance in order to be well prepared for the real exam.
  6. The Exam Simulator is created with the latest website technology (responsive website design RWD) so that it will be tailored to the screens of your desktop computer, iPad, mobile phones, iPhones — virtually any devices. CAPM® Aspirants can practise taking mock exam everywhere.
  7. It is one of the largest mock exam question bank available on the market with 650 questions. The mock exam questions are also continually monitored and updated by a group of PMPs with feedback from Exam takers. You can be assured of the quality of the mock exam questions (unlike the printed question papers nor the CD/DVD versions, the online questions can be updated immediately to reflect the latest Exam syllabus in no time).
  8. [Hope you won’t find this useful] In the unfortunate case of failing the real Exam, the publisher of the Simulator would extend the access period for another 90 days for FREE as a gesture of support to help Aspirants to continue their studies.



  1. Perhaps 650 questions may be not enough for some Aspirants to get fully prepared (though a 650-question mock exam question bank is one of the largest number of mock exams available in the market).
  2. No Contact Hours / Education Hours will be provided by using the Simulator.



The CAPM® Certification tests Aspirants on their knowledge and understanding of the PMBOK® Guide. Aspirants will need to remember many of the key facts presented in the guide. Attempting mock exam questions is an effective way to assess your readiness for the real exam as well as to find out knowledge gaps that may save you a few marks.

As such, I will highly recommend the CAPM® Exam Simulator by OSP International LLC. I have tried their PM Exam Simulator questions personally during my PMP Exam Prep Journey. The mock exam questions are very close in difficulty to (maybe a bit tougher than) the real exam.

Many Aspirants have also reflected that the CAPM® Exam Simulator is also a reliable indicator of whether you will be able to pass the real exam!

Learn More About CAPM® Exam Simulator

Note: use the coupon code “Jun17-CAPM®” to get an extra 25% off (i.e. US$44 only, valid in June 2017 only)!


You may also try the Exam Simulator for FREE here.

The 90-day access period begins only when one takes the first exam in the Exam Simulator (NOT on the date of purchase). If you find the 90-day access period not enough, the access period can actually be extended at a discount:

  • 30 days for $15
  • 60 days for $25



* If you find CAPM® Exam Simulator suitable and if you enjoy my Particles, please consider buying it though the links on this page. I will earn a small commission (at NO extra cost to you) to sustain my website costs. Thank you. You are most welcome to make use of my free study notes and other resources on this website whether you make purchases or not. This is my way to contribute to the project management community.

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  1. Joel Lobo says:

    This website was very helpful. You didn’t really speak about any other study guides, do you think they are worth it for the CAPM exam?

  2. Penny Hansberry says:

    when will the new version of the CAPMP from vs. 6 of the PMBOK Project Management Body of Knowledge be available?

    • The new version will soon be available as the CAPM Exam will only be updated on 21 May 2018. The current edition is still useful for aspirants taking the CAPM Exam between now and then.

      Will update once I have got the news. Wish you CAPM success!