PDU Audit: Important Documents for PMI Certification

PDU Audit Required Documents for PMI Certification

In addition to the Certification audit for application to PMP, PMI-ACP®, there is also the PDU Audit. PMI will continuously monitor the PDU submissions of certification holders in order to safeguard the quality of the continuous education program of PMI Certifications. There are two levels PMI carries out PDU Audits:

  1. During each submission and approval of PDUs — I have personally been requested frequently to provide evidences for reading books/articles and self-paced learning before the PDUs are approved
  2. During the application for renewal of PMI Certifications upon fulfilling the PDU requirements

Documents Required for Passing the PDU Audit

Background: from 2016 onwards, the PDU requirements of PMI Certifications have been revised to ensure relevance of the PDU activities to the enhancement of the competency level of project management skills and knowledge of Certification holders. PDU activities are now broadly divided into two major categories:

  • Education — including attending courses/training in-person or online, professional meetings, self-paced online on-demand courses, reading books/articles, informal discussion or mentoring, etc. (these education PDUs will be further sub-divided into 3 categories according to the PMI Talent Triangle; previously Category A, B and C PDU activities)
  • Giving Back to the Profession — including working as a project management practitioner, creating project management knowledge/resources, giving lectures/presentations, sharing knowledge, volunteering (previously Category D, E and F PDU activities)

If you are required PDU Audit during your submission of PDU requests and/or Certification renewal application, the documents/evidences required will be dependent on the types of PDU activities as outlined below (with often missed ones highlighted in bold):

  • Education PDUs
    • Project Management Course or Training: Registration form, certificate or letter of attendance
    • Organization/Professional Meetings: Registration form, letter of attendance or other form of documentation confirming participation in event
    • Online Self-paced Learning:  Evidence supporting your reported learning, including study notes from and dates of activities conducted
    • Reading PM Books/Websites/Journals: Evidence supporting your reported learning, including reading notes from and dates of reading
    • Informal Discussion/Learning: Evidence supporting your reported learning, including discussion notes from and dates of activities conducted
  • Giving Back to the Profession PDUs
    • Working in Project Management Profession: Proof of employment and job description
    • Creating Project Management Knowledge/Courses/Resources: Copies of publications, sample educational materials or course agendas
    • Giving a Presentation: Copies of presentation
    • Sharing Project Management Knowledge: Evidence supporting your coaching or mentoring arrangement, including lecture/discussion notes from and dates of discussions and activities
    • Volunteering: Letter or certificate from the organization served acknowledging your participation

Conclusion: Keep Proper Documents for PDU Audit

Just like any PMI Certification Aspirants should be well-prepared for the PMI Audit, any PMI Certification holders should also be well prepared for the PDU Audit with the proper documents/evidences. All the evidences/documents should be kept safely for the whole duration of the PMI Certification and only be discarded after the Certification renewal processes are completed.

PMI Certification holders should also note that if they intend to claim PDUs for online self-study NOT provided by PMI Authorized Training Partner, discussion and reading PM books, they will need to jolt down study notes during their studies and these notes will be required as a proof during PDU registration and Certification renewal application.

Wish you Re-certification success!

P.S. The Continuous Certification Handbook of PMI Certification can be found here.

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