PMP Lessons Learned: Preparing for the PMP Exam Helps My PM Role

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Here comes another Aspirants who just passed the new PMP® Exam! Thanks and congratulations to Deepak V who just passed the PMP® Exam!

The lessons learned by Deepak V on this PMP® Exam prep project is detailed below:

With motivation from a few of my colleagues at work I decided to take up the challenge. Took about 4 months of overall preparation averaging about 15-20 hours of effort per week. Started Straightaway with a free mock from PM Prepcast and scored a 68%. I knew that I was unprepared for the test.

Struggled though a one time read of the PMBOK® Guide 6th edition. I had understood all the concepts as I could directly relate them to my work / a PM at my workplace. Someone then introduced me to the book by Rita Mulchay. This was really useful and in a much more ‘readable’ format. After a thorough reading of this book and answering all the sample questions I was much more confident of concepts and methodology. Started to attempt the free mocks and saw results in the range of 70-75%.

Bought mock test package from Simpli learn for simulator test and used the most downloaded mobile app for answering random quizzes to while away idle time during travel. Reviewing the mock answers, reasoning, noting down the weak areas/ important concepts, clearing concepts from multiple content on internet helped immensely. I had a work related travel and took nearly a month’s break with just answering some quizzes in the mobile app. I was worried about the break in my preparations but on the contrary it helped. A few mock tests after my return went well and I started seeing results in 75-85% range. Oliver Lehmann question bank was a good reference point with tough questions. Score a 78% and it really boosted my confidence. You never know when you are ready for the exam. At some point midway, I made mistakes not going with my first thoughts and over analyzing questions “as per PMP®” thought process. So book a test slot soon. At this point it’s best to take a break and then return to the mocks.

A week before the exam I just revised the formulas, glossary, my own notes, some motivating success stories & of course all of Edward’s content on PMP® (special thanks for that). During the last month, I also practiced writing the 5*10*49 process chart in under 7 min. This time is worth spending during the exam.

D day : Towards the end of the exam I was literally really counting down the remaining questions . Scored an Above target in 3 areas and Target in 2 areas.

Had about 20 min to spare and review some answers. I never memorized any of the ITTO’s and never attempted a full 4 hour mock test at home. Could never sit through it completely and split into 2+2hr sessions. Not recommended though. Nevertheless I knew where I was going wrong in the mocks. Challenging questions ate up time quickly, better to move on and review later..

Looking back, more than the scores, the preparations really helped give a structure to my thought process and I now, have a lot more appreciation for a PM’s role. 🙂

~ Deepak V, PMP®

Thanks Deepak V for the very detailed PMP® Exam lessons learned!

To Aspirants: Wish you PMP® success!

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Edward Chung

Edward Chung aspires to become a full-stack web developer and project manager. In the quest to become a more competent professional, Edward studied for and passed the PMP Certification, ITIL v3 Foundation Certification, PMI-ACP Certification and Zend PHP Certification. Edward shares his certification experience and resources here in the hope of helping others who are pursuing these certification exams to achieve exam success.

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