Kindle Books, Amazon Books, Apps and Software for PMP Exam Prep

Listed here are a number of Kindle Books, Amazon Books, Apps and Software for Exam Prep that can help PMP Aspirants to study on the go.

Recommended PMP Apps and Software for Exam Prep

PMP Exam Prep on Kindle and Amazon

Amazon is not only a great marketplace for finding quality exam prep books fast and easy, many of these books have previews enabled — meaning that Aspirants will get instant access to several chapters of the books online so that they can see for themselves if these recommended exam prep books are for them (as different Aspirants may have different study preferences / habits).

The Kindle of Amazon is another very popular way to browse frictions and magazine. In fact, a number of PMP Exam Prep books have been published through the Kindle platform lately to allow Aspirants to make their preparation more mobile and accessible — they will no longer have to carry the heavily bounded hundreds of pages of printed exam prep books!

Below is a list of the most popular and recommended PMP Exam books that are available on Amazon/Kindle that I have personally made use of most of them during my exam study.

Note: these Kindle/Amazon books will not offer you the 35 Contact Hours for your PMP application. You will need to at least go through an online PMP Exam training courses for the contact hours.

1. The PMBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) published by Project Management Institute — Kindle / Paperback

The PMBOK® Guide is also considered the syllabus for the PMP Exam — although the Exam syllabus lists the PMBOK® Guide as one of the recommended reference titles. Almost every Aspirants would read the PMBOK® Guide once or more during their study as most of the exam questions are to be based on the knowledge contained within. I did read through it twice during my exam journey and thought that it contributed much to my first time success of passing the exam.

Though the PMBOK® Guide is available in many languages, it is highly recommended to base your studies on English, the official PMP Exam language.

A PDF soft copy can be downloaded for FREE if you are a PMI paid member (here’s how).

The Kindle version ebook offers the following benefits over the PDF free download:

  • ability to highlight and add notes
  • copy and paste text
  • can be read and synced on all popular platforms: Kindle, PC, Mac, iPad, mobile phones, etc.
  • a convenient table of contents and progress bar
  • popular highlights from other readers reading the Guide
  • a table of contents for all Figures and Tables with hyperlinks for easy reference

2. Head First PMP: A Learner’s Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam — Kindle / Paperback

The Head First PMP: A Learner’s Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam is written by Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman. Unlike traditional exam prep books, the Head First book series is written using “drawing on the latest research in neurobiology, cognitive science and learning theory”. The book includes a lot of diagrams, tables, illustrations, etc. to help readers to memorize the knowledge as quick as possible. Hundreds of practice questions and exam strategies are included to complete the preparation.

3. PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide — Kindle / Paperback

The PMP: Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide is written by Kim Heldman who is one of the most trusted PMP instructors. The book covers all the topic areas plus a wide range of project management processes, concepts and key terms. It is illustrated with many real-world project management examples to help Aspirants understand and memorize the PMBOK® Guide concepts and topics.


4. How to get every Earned Value question right on the PMP Exam: 50+ PMP Exam Prep Sample Questions and Solutions on Earned Value Management (EVM) (PMP Exam Prep Simplified) — Kindle / Paperback

This is not a complete exam prep ebook as the above. If you study this guide alone, you will absolutely fail the exam. But if you find the earned value management calculation of the exam rather mysterious or difficult, you will find this PMP Exam guide very useful to help you earn back a few correct answers for the earned value management questions. There are more than 50 most common earned value management (EVM) questions that can be found in this book. If you understand how to correctly arrive at the answers of these questions, you stand a very high chance of getting the EVM questions on your actual exam paper right.

(I have also written a post of PMP Earned Value Management (EVM) Questions exam tactics here based on what I have learnt from this book and other exam prep guides during my exam journey, hope this will be useful to you too.)


5. The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try by Andy Crowe — Paperback only

The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try by Andy Crowe is often considered the most “to-the-point” exam prep book with the least number of pages and yet covers the whole exam syllabus. It contains what are important for the exam and no more, including insider secrets, test tricks and tips, hundreds of sample questions. Unlike the PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy, this guide by Andy Crowe serves only one purpose: to help Aspirants to pass the exam. You can then get rid of this book after getting certified — I have already done so by giving to another PMP Aspirant.

Apps and Software for Exam Prep

With the advancement of technologies, preparing for the PMP Exam nowadays is much more convenient and effective with the help of various Apps and Software aimed at helping Aspirants to study interactively on the go.

Below is a list of the most popular and recommended Exam Prep Apps and Software that are considered useful by many Aspirants (most of these Apps and Software can be used / tried for FREE). Do exploit the advancements in technologies for your success!

1. PMP Exam Free – Oliver Lehmann (Mock Exam Questions)

Availability: Android, iOS

The PMP Exam Free – Oliver Lehmann App is a popular App for both iOS and Android platform mobile devices. The questions of this app is based on the mock exam questions created by Oliver Lehmann (who is an experienced PMP Exam coach). The questions by Oliver is often considered a bit more difficult than the real exam. If Aspirants can get over 75% or more in the mock exams, they are ready to pass the real exam.

The free version of this App features only 30 questions from the Oliver Lehmann mock exam question collection. You will need to pay several dollars for the full version of this App in order to get 550+ questions to practice.

PMP Exam Free – Oliver Lehmann

PMP Exam Free – Oliver Lehmann

Note: if you don’t need the Apps and software but just the questions, you can get the Oliver Lehmann’s mock exam questions (and many others) free here.

2. PMP Exam Study (ITTO Reference)

Availability: Android

This free App is a great on-the-go reference for those who would like to study and memorize the 5 Project Management Process Groups, 10 Knowledge Areas, 47 Processes and 600+ ITTO’s (inputs, tools & techniques and outputs) of the PMBOK® Guide. All these information are available in this single app and there is no need to carry / flip through the Guide everywhere. It is especially useful for Aspirants who would need to be very familiar with the ITTO’s.

One major downside is that this app contains a lot of banner ads which are annoying at times.

PMP Exam Study (ITTO Reference)

PMP Exam Study (ITTO Reference)

3. PMP Exam Mentor (Study Notes & Flashcard)

Availability: Android

This free App condenses the PMBOK® Guide into the hands of Aspirants. The app includes:

  • Study notes of Process Groups, Knowledge Areas and processes and ITTOs
  • Formulas
  • Free Exam Tips to help with the exam
  • Flashcards for revision
  • Glossary terms with definitions
  • Up to 1200 free Mock Questions for practice and revision

It is one of the most comprehensive App available on the market for Aspirants.

Same as others, this App contains a lot of banner ads which are annoying at times.

PMP Exam Mentor

PMP Exam Mentor

4. PMP Exam Prep by Pocket Prep (Mock Exam Questions)

Availability: Android, iOS

The free version of this PMP Exam Prep by Pocket Prep contains 74 questions with detailed answer explanations, Aspirants can try out for free. A comprehensive test-taking strategy guide is also included. In-app purchases are available for 650 mock exam questions to allow Aspirants to get more practices.

Like the one before, the major downside is that this app contains a lot of banner ads which are intrusive at times.

PMP Exam Prep 2017 Edition by Pocket Prep

PMP Exam Prep 2017 Edition by Pocket Prep

5. PM Exam Simulator (Mock Exam Questions)

Availability: Web Application

The PM Exam Simulator is one of the most recommended exam mock question simulator available on the market. It has an overhaul of the user interface and functionality to provide an environment tailored for mobile screens and desktops alike. The unique feature of “live feedback” enables users to ask questions within the application and be attended by a qualified PMP trainer in order to clear their doubts.

The PM Exam Simulator offers a free version which contains 90 questions with a trial period of 7 days. (review here)

PM Exam Simulator Interface

6. PM PrepCast™ (Exam Training Course with 35 Contact Hours)

Availability: Downloadable Video and PDF Files

Unlike the previous apps and software, The PM PrepCast™ is a unique Exam Prep training available on the market in which all the video lecture files as well as supplementary PDF files can be downloaded to desktops and mobile phones. Students of the PM PrepCast™ can study the course lectures on the go (on mobile phones or iPads) even without connection to the internet. After passing the final exam of the PM PrepCast™, Aspirants will be able to download a course certificate immediately which fulfils the 35 Contact Hours of project management requirements of the exam.

As the producer of the PM PrepCast™ is a PMI Authorized Training Partner (R.E.P.), the 35 Contact Hour certificate has been pre-approved by PMI. In case of a PMI audit, just the course certificate will need to be submitted without requiring any course outline and materials.

The PM PrepCast™ not only gives me the 35 Contact Hours Certificate but also helps me to understand the inside out of the exam syllabus. I make use of the PM PrepCast™ to clear my PMP Exam in first try.


Note: some of the above are affiliate links meaning that I will be able to earn a small income to sustain my website running with NO extra cost on you. Thanks for your support in advance!

Wish you PMP success !

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