Free PMP PDU for PMP Re-certification

Free Category A PMP PDU for PMP Re-certification

After the termination of the PMI Community of Practice website on the, all the previous available recorded webinars to earn Category A PMP PDU are nowhere to be found. PMP Certification holders may find it hard to earn PMP for their re-certification. Where can we earn PMP PDU for free now? The answer is!

Detailed step by step instruction on how to get PDUs in the correct Tangle Triangle (technical, leadership, strategic) areas for re-certification.

Earn Free PMP PDU at

When you first visit the, you will be able to find lots of webinars and resources with the red word “PREMIUM” meaning that the webinars are for “premium members” only. No, you don’t need to pay the membership fee at in order to enjoy the premium member privileges. If you are a paying PMI member, you will automatically granted the “premium member” status at!

If you’re already a PMI member, you automatically have Premium Access to! Just make sure you link your accounts. (source:

Privileges of being a “premium member” include (all materials with the red “PREMIUM” label):

  • Premium Downloads of project management resources
  • Project Plans from the online library
  • Online Training through recorded and live webinars
  • Project HEADWAY Project Management Process Suite

The most important one for getting PDU is the online webinars. By clicking “Education > Webinars”, you will be directed to a page listing out all the recorded webinars and upcoming live webinars. There are virtually hundreds of recorded webinars allowing you to earn the required 60 PMP PDU for FREE.

webinar section for PMP PDU

For the On-Demand Webinars, you can watch any time you want, by clicking the title of a recorded webinar, you will get to a page containing a brief description of the webinar, the webinar video player and nature of the PDU to be claimed, e.g.

Watching this video allows you to claim PDUs. NOTE: You must watch videos in their entirety and all the way through to the end for our system to record your viewing activity accurately.

For the Upcoming Project Management Webinars, you will need to go to the introduction and register for the webinar and attend the webinar as scheduled.

Where are the PDUs recorded?

All the PDU records as well as the certificate of attendance for the webinars (whether recorded or live) will be shown in the “PDU Awarded” section of your account. Simply by clicking the “Account” link under your name at the top banner (highlighted in RED below):

account link at

You will be shown a lot of info about your account. Scroll down and find the section “PDU Awarded” and click on it, there all the webinars you have watched are shown, categorised by the Category of PDU you have earned (either Category A, B or C). It will also indicated which PMI Certification the PDU is applicable.

PDU Awarded Info

The best part of this is that since your account is linked to your account on, PDU earned in Category A will be reported to PMI on your behalf. The PDUs earned through participating in the free PMXPO virtual seminar will also be there.

NOTE: All PDUs will be batched submitted to PMI on a weekly basis.

You will just need to wait several weeks before you will be able to see the PDUs in your PMI account. After your PDUs has been approved, you will receive emails from PMI stating how many PDUs you have earned towards which certification (if you own more than 1 PMI Certification (e.g. PMP, PMI-ACP®, etc.), you will be able to get the PDU for several certifications at the same time).

Earning PDU for your PMP re-certification has never been easier before!


By just logging in and watch the webinars (either live or recorded), PMP Certification holders will be able to collect the required 60 PDUs for their re-certification anywhere, anytime for FREE. Note that you must be an active member (by paying the annual membership fee) in order to enjoy the premium member status on


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Edward Chung

Edward Chung aspires to become a full-stack web developer and project manager. In the quest to become a more competent professional, Edward studied for and passed the PMP Certification, ITIL v3 Foundation Certification, PMI-ACP Certification and Zend PHP Certification. Edward shares his certification experience and resources here in the hope of helping others who are pursuing these certification exams to achieve exam success.

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3 Responses

  1. Ashwini Pingle says:

    Thanks a lot Ed for your research and the information on CCR from PMP.
    Good points from your blogs — Free PDUs – all 60 — from webinars of
    45 PDUs from Simplilearn/registered PMI training institute. This helps a lot!!

  2. Hi

    I understand that I can earn PDUs from, however how do I know which area from the knowledge triangle I am earning a PDU. Does guides you that the PDU you are about to begin belongs to this knowledge area of the triangle?

    Looking forward to hear back.

    • Edward Chung says:

      Hi, would report the PDUs on your behalf once you have finished watching the live or recorded webinar. They will help you to classify the PDU according to the domains of the knowledge triangle. Hope this helps.