My PMP Exam, PMI-ACP Agile, ITIL v4 Foundation Certification: Free Study Notes & Tips 2020 — through Online Self Study for Working Professionals

Updated for the new PMP Exam: I have painstakingly updated the free study notes as well as other learning guides for the PMP Exam for the new PMP Exam in 2020. Wish you PMP success!
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PMP Exam Experience Sharing

PMP Exam Lessons Learned from Aung K. Sint [Aug 2017]

I recently heard the great new from Aung K. Sint that he passed the PMP® Exam and he would like to contribute back the PM community with his detailed PMP® Exam lessons learned as below: My PMP® Certification Journey (project): It all began on 16 April 2017 when I signed up...

PMP Exam Experience Sharing

Getting PMP Certified: Sharing from a Loser-turn-winner

Though it is often said that failing the PMP® Exam the first or even the second try is NOT the end of the world considering the level of difficulty of the exam. However, it is really frustrating to received the “Sorry you did not pass” message at the end of...

PMP Exam Experience Sharing

PMP Exam Lessons Learned by Swati Sucharita [June 2017]

It is always great to hear from fellow Aspirants that they find my website useful for their PMP® exam prep. This essentially mean that I have really done something meaningful. I still remember many good guys had helped me with my PMP® journey and this website is a tribute to...

CAPM Certification Cost for CAPM Exam and Exam Prep Materials

CAPM Certification Cost for CAPM Exam and Exam Prep Materials

Getting CAPM® certified would incur a lot of costs including the costs of the required project management training, exam prep reference books, resources as well as exam fee. This article will discuss on the costs involved in getting CAPM® Certified with some cost saving tips. Note: For those of you...

What to Do the Week Before PMP Exam?

What to Do the Week Before PMP Exam?

After you have gone through the PMBOK® Guide, online self-study course for Aspirants(s), exam reference books and numerous mock exams, how would you spend the very last week leading to the PMP® Exam? By making wise use of the final week before the exam, you will be able to increase (hugely) your chance...

[Free PMP Resources] PMP Flashcard on Glossary

[Free PMP Resources] PMP Flashcard — Glossary A – Z

How to Use Interactive Flashcard Sorry for this obvious questions, many of you should be well aware of how to read the glossary definition of the PMP® terms by moving the mouse cursor over the grey box of the term. It would not hurt to include the instruction here in...

Are you Eligible for the PMP Test? Top 10 Queries Answered

FAQs on PMP Exam Eligibility — Myths and Misconceptions

The very first step towards PMP® Certification is certainly to determine when you are eligible for writing the Exam. The PMP® Handbook put the certification eligibility requirements as : A university degree plus 3 years (at least 4,500 hours) of project management experience OR a high school diploma plus 5 years (at least...

PMP Time Management

Tips and Tricks for Managing Time During PMP Exam

Note: This post is about how to manage the exam time during the PMP® Exam and not about Project Schedule Management topic. After you have gone through all the exam prep courses and resources and even getting over 75% in many of the recommended PMP® Exam simulator / mock exam questions,...